Glazer: The Future of Todd Haley & Handicapping the NFL Playoffs

Chiefs coach Todd Haley seems like a decent guy…

He may even be the Chiefs future coach, but somebody needs to tell Todd the Chiefs were out of this race before game one. I tried to tell him that. Remember, I made my bet that the Chiefs wouldn’t win 8 games, before Eric Berry and Jamaal Charles got hurt. Oh yeah and that worthless tight end, Tony Moeaki who’s always hurt.

Local sports talk radio and Haley talk about Kyle Orton as if he mattered this year. Let alone ever.


Baltimore made it clear when they came HERE, and beat us into stink land.

So did Oakland and San Diego in the last couple of weeks last year by winning by 1,000 points.

So why pretend it matters? Haley’s job, attendance, team spirit, trying not to get killed on the scoreboard.

If we don’t win another game, the Chiefs may draft somewhere near 8-11, or better if some teams above us win. Maybe there will be a franchise quarterback there, maybe not. Hey, maybe there are none to begin with. You never know. We do know this however, THERE ARE NO VETS RIGHT NOW TO COME IN AND SAVE US NEXT YEAR.

So Orton is trying out for the starting job this year. That’s whats going on.

The division winners are nearly set now; New England, Oakland, Baltimore/Pittsburgh with the Bengals and Jets fighting for the wild card spot. It feels like Bengals to me. All these teams except the badly wounded Texans were my picks in September. I did not see the Bengals coming though, they’re always a sleeper. The Texans would have won the AFC if not for the injury to their quarterback. It would appear that after all the noise and barring injury to Tom Brady that – gee, shucks – New England goes to the Super Bowl.

In the NFC, San Francisco, Dallas, New Orleans and Green Bay looked locked in, save quarterback injuries. The Bears get screwed, it would appear, due to losing quarterback Jay Cutler. They still have a shot, but it looks like Tony G and Atlanta will get to go as a wild card.

There are no surprises in the NFC except that the Eagles and Vick stink. Wow who said that would happen? Oh yeah, me in September. Vick is a waste of time for the long run. He is what he was, a nut whack and a flashy failure at quarterback. That’s why Atlanta ratted him out and then dumped his butt.

So in the end, gee, it’s Green Bay.

So the Super Bowl is Green Bay vs. New England and the Packers will win again.

Upset spoiler possibilities would have been Detroit and the Texans. Now they’re the Steelers, Baltimore or the Saints. The Steelers and Baltimore seem like the same team these days – kinda boring and a step down from when they were really good.

The Saints have Drew Brees and he is outstanding, but the team is up and down too much.

So it’s THE PACK. ENJOY THE LAST FIVE WEEKS. And where is Brody Croyle?
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24 Responses to Glazer: The Future of Todd Haley & Handicapping the NFL Playoffs

  1. chuck says:

    New Orleans wins it all.
    Ingram is the difference.


  2. Jay KC says:

    I just stumbled upon this site yesterday. This is quite possibly the worst Chiefs “article” I have ever read.

  3. smartman says:

    @Jay KC
    Welcome to KCC. You picked a good time to stumble across this site. Previously your comment would have earned you a challege from Craig to show up at his office or Woodside so that he could beat the shit out of you.

    As for this being the worst article you’ve ever read about the Chiefs, you can do one of two things; browse the archives or wait for the next one.

    Again, WELCOME and Happy Holidays!

  4. Craig Glazer says:

    “Glazer You Know Nothing About Sports”
    That was the battle cry last year, even after I went nearly perfect on playoff games and Super Bowl….and was even close on the scores, thats, well, nearly impossible! This year picking an average of ten plus games a week in college and pro…we are well over 80% that would likely be NUMBER ONE IN THE NATION, NUMBER ONE, NO ARGUMENT, thats with the spread…so anyone saying silly things about my sports knowledge is shown to be a CLOWN by my record as well as genius predictions. Example, you have heard my Chiefs thoughts before and during season, on target simple as that. I said they were one of the worst before the year: YOUR PROS, INCLUDING MY FRIEND NICK AND EVEN SHMO SOREN…had them as high at 10-6….insane and lame. I also put my money where my mouth is and was…few did. I told you who else would be good and who would suck…like my genius call on the Eagles and Michael Vick…that he is a whacked out fake…as with Atlanta and his team would fail….NOBODY ELSE SAW THAT COMING BUT ME, NOBODY…and today they are a stink pitt, last and out….I also said Vick would last but a few games and be out for the year, he is and I was correct…I can continue but thats good enough….so PLEASE DOPE DEALER GUYS LIKE Danny a.k.a Bubba and Derek a.k.a ten other fake names….take a rest, LISTEN, LEARN AND WRITE IT DOWN when it comes from the almighty, and I am…and its written and proven…you are all just jealous loud mouth punks who have nothing going in your lives, never did, right pill man Danny…who is barred from Legends…so again find an old cow to kick…when you can do 10%of what I do…o.k….WORST STORY EVER, really why? Cause its true? What part of this story is false? Haley isn’t fighting for his job? The Chiefs don’t stink? We have no exit plan, meaning who will lead this mess for years to come? ALL CORRECT…and thank you…do a pill…bye.

  5. Dog says:

    Glazer Is Right On Boys
    Have to say it, the boy has you all there. Like him or not, he’s right much more often then wrong guys. You all do sound crazy when you say he didn’t get anything right on these games. The boy has them online before they are played. I don’t bet much but I do look at his picks, he’s damn good, damn good. Might find another avenue to bitch about with the guy.

  6. harley says:

    among all the holiday gloom and doom…hearnes attempt to play csi…suicides and murders everywhere…
    your comment to jay kc made me laugh harder than i have in a week.
    Despite the fact thatv we comment against each other…you are one funny dude.
    Loved your comment. I’m smiling ear to ear! FUCKING FUNNY SHIT!

  7. HARLEY says:

    she’s hot with some nice fake tities. The guy with her looks like a real goober. You could move in and
    work that hottiee right when she bending over to take her biscuits out of the oven.
    Or is she too old (24) for you. Wheres that hottie jessica. Does she do bachelor parties…got one
    coming up next week and need some dancers. I know you provide dancers for parties so send me
    some pics on here of what your possee looks like. We pay $300 to show and all the tips she can
    get. If jessica shows we up that to $315 plus tips!

  8. Craig Glazer says:

    Harley What 24 Year Old?
    I don’t provide girls for parties. Yes I have gone out with some, but not my biz…not sure who you mean? Jessica is not a stripper, she is a gym rat, like me…always working out…have known her off and on for ten years….she has been a cocktail waitress, thats all….you can go to the Pitch andf find dancers.

  9. smartman says:

    We’re all just a bunch of guys who like breaking balls. I never take anything personally. The comments section at KCC is like ANAL SEX. It’s an acquired taste and not for everyone. And like anal sex it is best enjoyed when both the giver and the taker, (pitcher and catcher for the homos), can RELAX and enjoy the moment.

  10. bobrossfro says:

    It must suck being a bandwagon fan Glazer.

  11. Craig Glazer says:

    Who are you mean?

  12. Orphan of the Road says:

    Eagles and Chiefs in Super Bowl. First time ever SB winner is under .500.

    Been a tough year for the book, you look to have cashed in on it well. IMHO these are more tips than real knowledge of the game. But that’s what makes it interesting, your betting prowess is tempered by you wrong picks.

    Green Bay is the only team which can stop Green Bay. If the offense gets a chill in the playoffs, anything could happen. That bitch Karma rode with them last year and is still smiling on them.

    New England is highly beatable, several teams have showed their weaknesses. But they can never be counted out.

    Oakland and Denver slug it out for the AFC West. Winner flirts with being sub-500 on the last day of the season. It goes down to the 23rd tie-breaker and the winner is indeed 7-9. NFC East matches the futility by having winner end up 7-9-1.

    Where have you gone Steve Fuller?

  13. balbonis moleskine says:

    w teasers that exist only in his head
    Another thing Glazer will do is tell us to tease games that most books do not accept teasers on. If you wanted to do his bets, you could not. Almost all online books will not offer the teasers he wants you to take. He also doesn’t include the minimum 10% rake when calculating his profits.

    I saw him claim that the Stardust in Vegas offers his teasers. But as anyone knows, placing a bet over the telephone to be placed in Vegas on your behalf is a FEDERAL CRIME. I guess Mr. Glazer must fly out to Vegas a whole lot, or may be due for another stay in Uncle Sam’s Farm.

  14. Hearne Christopher says:

    He does fly to Vegas from time to time for that very purpose

  15. Craig Glazer says:

    All same guy: One more than a mule brain moron….I have done this for years, YES online does do teasers, you are a broke pill pushing punk so you don’t have any money or have ever made a bet online or in Vegas, you are an idiot, got it, good. ALL MAJOR CASIONS DO TEASERS YOU DICK BREATH STUPID LITTLE FROG WHO COULDN’T CARRY MY WET JOCK….ALL OF THEM I EVER HAVE BEEN TOO, UNLIKE YOU I STAY IN MAJOR HOTELS the Stardust eith closed or is for white trash pukes like you and your mom.
    ALL MAJOR HOTEL SPORTS BOOKS TAKE TEASERS ALL OF THEM….I HAVE FRIENDS IN VEGAS WHO WILL GO MAKE MY BETS WHEN I AM NOT THERE…p,s. thats legal you piss towel. WHO IN THE FUCK EVER TALKED ABOUT THE 10% JACKOFF, WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH WINNING THE TOTAL GAMES…DID YOUR WHORE PIG MOM EXPLAIN THAT BETWEEN THE TRUCK DRIVERS SHE SUCKED FOR FIVE BUCKS…OR DID THE ONE YOU THOUGHT WAS YOUR DADDY DRAW THIS OUT IN THE MUD OUT BACK OF THE SHIT BOX YOU CRAP IN…ONE OR THE OTHER…DON’T WASTE MY TIME WITH YOUR STUPID COMMENTS THAT ONLY SHOW THE ONLY BET YOU EVER MADE WAS ON WHICH FAT GUY FUCKED YOUR PIG MOM TO HAVE MADE YOU….GOT THAT CLEAR…PLEASE FIND ME SOMEWHERE AND SAY SOMETHING TO ME THAT ITS YOU….LOVE TO SPEAK TO YOU….REALLY WOULD….I step on bugs like you when I can….and you are a smelly little bug….I guess some good bug spray will fix it….hey don’t bother to comment come see me in person, I beg of you…..I think you are lower than whale crap….lets see, have I made my point…if you were any kind of a man, which you aren’t, due to that second grade education he failed in….you would come and see me…show me how smart you are….otherwise stay off my website…there are free porn sites, you know, mom and your little sister are all over them….with each other…anything else I can help you with…all you fake name punk scum….good now that I made that clear, have a nice holiday.

  16. Craig Glazer says:

    PS Try
    theres one you can look at for free and see teasers… you have to have real money to bet though. so you’re out.

  17. Man Hater says:

    Glazer Speaks The Truth
    Teasers are common at all sports book, 6 points up or down, also on over under on scores and mulitple games, have been as long as I ever visited Vegas. As far as all that mean talk, well, I can see his point you guys are pretty dumb. Not him, you guys.

  18. Kurt says:

    Glazer is disgrace to his father and family. His mom didnt love him and now his dad is disgusted with him. The steroids are slowly driving him insane. It is just a matter of time before he snaps and does something really stupid. He has many mounting personal issues, and when all of his shit comes out he wont be able to handle it, because he is not a man, he is a little girl, a poor little lost girl. But that is obvious from her constant emotional outbursts, what a freakshow…. a steroided ouit of her mind freakshow.

  19. harley says:

    you said you hang out with strippers os i just thought jessica was a stripper also. No harm.
    So with all your hottie contacts you cant get us some white girls for a bachelor party.
    Where does she work? would love to tip her. She is hot and she seems pretty feisty and lots
    of fun.
    Call black barbie…she probably knows some hottie strippers for a bachelors party. This is bigt..
    groom is big money and we’re looking for some AAA talent. help us out…
    And i thought you weren’t going to use that language on this site…
    GLAZE…THESE STORIES AND your COMMENTS will eventually hurt your business. Stop it..
    the anger is so strong here that people get the wrong impression. Why endanger your
    business just to get as few bylines on such a site….people are starting to talk on the streets
    about your stories. Not good for business in tough times.

  20. harley says:

    Won’t go to pitch for dancers
    but since your dad was caught on independence avenue he might have some good names in his
    wallet still. Had to do it glaze….laugh…lifes too short.

  21. balboni's moleskine says:

    actually glaze, ordering a proxy to place a bet
    over the telephone is a federal crime, unlike what you stated earlier.

    18 USC section 1084

    (a) Whoever being engaged in the business of betting or wagering
    knowingly uses a wire communication facility for the transmission
    in interstate or foreign commerce of bets or wagers or information
    assisting in the placing of bets or wagers on any sporting event or
    contest, or for the transmission of a wire communication which
    entitles the recipient to receive money or credit as a result of
    bets or wagers, or for information assisting in the placing of bets
    or wagers, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more
    than two years, or both.

    Im not KCFred or anyone else you don’t like on this site. You should know that if you have IP info like you claim, Roid Boy.

    BTW nice job on the picks this weekend, chumpy.

  22. Craig Glazer says:

    Hey Copper
    I am very good at picking games as my record shows. This week was the worst of the year and for the first time below .500, happens. For the last time, teasers are done all the time. Someone mentioned the Stardust, I don’t think its open anymore if so, its a low level casino at the end of its days. Major casinos/sports books at the Venician, Ceasers,Rio, etc…all have teasers at the sports book, its common and normal. Most websites do the same, though tech. those are not legal, even though millions use them. If a friend in Vegas wants to place a wager for you thats fine. Casino’s do not take phone calls on bets or betting information. So pretend guy who wants to be an asshole, in a way you are right, over the phone is not legal. However if someone lives there and bets for you on there own its fine. The best way to do this is be in a legal sports book. You and other fake name guys mentioned bookies, they are not legal so what they do who knows…I am going by the legal system in Las Vegas…teasers are normally taken daily. I do this you don’t, so LISTEN, LEARN,WRITE IT DOWN…you of such high moral values….

    Gambling has always been an accepted vice, the people love it and it is swept under the carpet, i.e. those local house poker games, those too are not legal…unless you yourself are a bookie or run an illegal betting post…I think you will be ok…I do neither, my pick is like on NBC or CBS TV who I think will and won’t cover, thats all….send Frank Calendo an email on his illegal picks…too…help him out…

    Look haters just want to hate, they have no reason other than their own little lives suck so they dump on those who are doing well…in life, cause they are not….there are about two or three people on this site who use several names to go after me with the same hate comments…your mom hates you(she is dead), everyone hates you, glad they took a pole….hey I am a popular guy, some like me, some don’t…most who don’t never met me….oh yeah my favorite new one is my book is untrue…really….guess I fooled everyone, today I speak to a college class who has it for this semesters required reading…in Ca. I am going to do a story on that in the next couple days…that was an honor….I will speak over a speaker phone to them from here…KC….I have given many talks on the book, but this will be the first college one out of KC area…kinda cool…keep you all posted…

  23. balbonis moleskine says:

    of how awesome you think you are and how people are studying you in college (lol), calling a proxy and having them place a bet for you that was communicated over interstate telephone lines is a federal crime, whether he is a ‘friend’ or not.

    You’ve already ended up in the farm once, and your everybody does it defense didn’t work for the blow.

  24. Craig Glazer says:

    Wrong Balbonis Ballboy
    My 2001 indictment wasn’t about ‘everyone does coke’ it was a false accusation that I was heading up some big time crime crew in KC of drug dealers and the like…none of it true…the ‘court’ was aware that just using coke was not a federal issue…thats all I did, the judge wanted to let me go, but by Fed law I had to at least do a probation so I did. Just to clue you in I was on probation for nearly five years, fed drug tests weekly, so NO DOPE, NOT EVEN WEED OR BOOZE ALL THOSE YEARS HATERS…03-08….clean time my brothers…

    My other case was in 84…I robbed drug dealers, Columbians and also laundered their money…didn’t, just stung them…turned out they were FBI TAsk force, I took their dough, it was not about me using or selling coke…I got 7 years and did 4 1/2….end of story…

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