Glazer: Scribe Steadies Himself & Prepares to Kick NFL & College Butt

There are not many college game weeks left…

Pretty soon the Bowl picture will start to unfold and that’s pretty much it. But it was a fun year. The pro’s have just over a month and then the Playoffs! That should be interesting. And while the Chiefs never really had a season to talk about (in a good way), other decent teams have and it should be a wild finish.

This week in college there are only a few games that I like.

My two favorites are Houston over So. Mississippi and LSU over Georgia. Houston has covered every game – all of them. Wish I had seen that in week three instead of week 10. Oh well, better late than never.  I think Houston, who has a somewhat soft set up, is maybe the number 5 team in the nation. Great offense, decent defense, I like ’em.

The NFL is about to shake out the pretenders for the playoffs. Are the Jets for real? Tim Tebow? The next two weeks should give us those answers.



OSU -3 over Oklahoma
Houston -8 over So. Mississippi (tease with LSU, must win both to win)
LSU -8 over Georgia (tease with Houston)
Bonus bet….Wisconsin -9 over Mich. State….

NFL Games:

Dallas 2 over Arizona (tease)
Packers – 1/2 over Giants(tease)

Chicago -1 over KC (tease)
Bengals 13 over Pittsburgh (tease)

P.S. Bonus Take Green Bay -6 1/2 over Giants…who are fading rapidly….

Oh yeah, my picks last week brought me back to 85% On the Pro’s I went 5 for 6 and in college 5 for 7. Pretty if I do say so myself. Very good.

Enjoy the cold weather and have a nice football weekend!
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13 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Steadies Himself & Prepares to Kick NFL & College Butt

  1. chuck says:

    Well, ok…,
    The Jets are favored by 3 in Washington. This is the time of year they come to life, they need thte game bad. Revis Island was hit with some bad weather last week. The Jets by 8. Take the Jets.

    Atlanta is in Houston and Houston is favored by 1. I know Matt is gone, but Julio Jones has a hamstring (They NEVER heal right during the year.). The best D in the NFL, will double R White and hold the Falcons to 15 points. Houston by 6.

    Detroit is IN New Orleans. New Orleans is favored by 6. Detroit can’t stop the pass ITH Ndomakong Suh and he is out for 2 games. New Orleans will wrap this up by the 3rd quarter and Ingram will get 50 yards and a touch down to boot. New Orleans by 12.

    Indy is in New England and is a 21 point dog. Sure, Peyton Manning is great, but that team is light in the ass for a purpose. Its a fast break team, that gets ahead, then their opponent can’t run the ball. There are still good and great players on Indy. 21 Points is nuts. The Pats will wrap up the game in the 3rd quarter and let off the gas. There is no reason to risk your best guys against a team like Indy, that is down and cant score anyway. Pats by 17. Take the Colts and the points.

    BTW– The over under for the Minnisota v Denver game is 37.5. Adrian Peterson is out. The Vikes can stop the run, not the Pass. The Broncos can run, but they can’t Pass. The over under should be about 12 on this puppy. Plus, if ya bet the under, you don’t piss off God.

  2. Kurt says:

    You are an idiot glazer, and anyone who would follow your crap advice is the same.. esp chuck the schmuck, but we already knew that

  3. chuck says:

    Kurt will be busy tomorrow
    with Lance Bass, they have season tickets to a synchronized swimming event.

    Check back here for the scores Kurt, it will help ya next week pickin up tricks at the truckstop.

  4. KU Forever says:

    Kurt You Are Stupid
    Followed the Glaze all year, the man has never had a losing week, never. Thats unreal. So why wouldn’t someone listen to what he says? You mean you are that good Kurt. Prove it. Pal I’ll wager you can’t have four winning weeks with ten games each week. I’ll bet you anything you want. Anyways I like your picks Glaze, I usually agree with most of them. You’ve had a nice year. Good work Glaze.

  5. Packers Nation says:

    I Agree With You KU Man
    Glaze is pretty darn good at this, better than me.

  6. Taco Time says:

    Hey Glazer
    Always found it interesting that the Glazer haters never say much on these pick sights, cause the guy is pretty on it. Doesn’t leave much to say thats bad, except wish I bet on those games. I never bet much, but i find the teams he picks usually seem to win.

  7. Kurt says:

    I have followed his front page picks, and he is usually wrong … Lost of the Chiefs, lost on Ku…usually loses, which should be expected, you know? becasue after all her is a loser, poser and over all roid raging idiot. who posts under mnay names to make it appear he is succesful. Isnt it interesting that raoi rage boy he is gambling on Football in a state where that is ilegal? do a line , shoot some roids, get drunked up, fk a prostitute (while the kids watch) bet some (lose some) football…go online tell everyone how great he thinks he is. Ah, the life of glazer….. what a goofball. fking degenerate gambler….. will gambling debts cost him his club?

  8. Craig Glazer says:

    Kurt, Moron
    I mean Bubba, I mean Johnny, if you can read, and you can’t I guess, I pick at over 80% wins….its all online here….come see me at my club Kurt, I mean Johnny, I mean bubba, whoever you pretend to be…first read a book though…..please and I mean this come see me…or you can call me and make plans to have a talk….is your mom and sister still hooking? Oh thats right they are on the porn sights having sex with each other and your little brother right. Thats you isn’t it?

  9. balbonis moleskine says:

    Glazer translation service
    Dear person who doesn’t like me,
    Im a very sucessful sports bettor. I will fight you on my home turf. Your mother is a prostitute of the lowest order who also will double up with your sister while you watch. I’ve seen it.

  10. Orphan of the Road says:

    Try and place these bets locally
    Can’t be done, nobody local is taking any tease bets. Friends who went to Vegas tried to place but couldn’t. IF the rubes can’t play it, what good are these select bets?

    Just pick the winners in every game for the rest of the season. Starting with next Thursdays game. No points just the winner, easy right?

    chuck, Jets seem to live for December. Sanchez seems to be a young Matt Cassel albeit with an arm. Washington is god-awful bad, the wheels are off the legend of The Shannahan. Of course he looks like Einstein compared with the red-head in Philadelphia.

    I couldn’t pull for OU to win even though it would but KSU into a three-way tie for the championship. OSU was just dominating, I think they ran out of steam at the end. RGIII certainly put his name out there for the draft in an old-time ass-kicking game.

    LSU, just give them the damn trophy and make ’em play OK-St. Which player has Clark Pioli fell in love with and will over-reach in the draft?

    Bad day on the college Glaze. Glad I couldn’t find a bookie to take the bets you offered up.

  11. NOTICE says:


    OSU -3 over Oklahoma

    Houston -8 over So. Mississippi (tease with LSU, must win both to win

    What the fk is glazer/people talking about? Houston did not win…
    These bets are just like glazer LOSER!!!!

  12. chuck says:

    With no tease, I am dead on the fuckin money.
    New England wins, but Indy covers.

    Houston wins and covers.

    Jets win and cover.

    Never bet against Tebow (Come on, that was a fuckin FREAK game.)

    Detroit and NO tonight.

    I gotta ask ya folks, where is the love????

  13. Hearne says:

    Where indeed?
    Not much holiday cheer in these here parts

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