Glazer: Old Soldiers Like Frank White Never Die, They Go on Nick Wright’s Show

For some reason or another, Nick Wright and I no longer have that warm fuzzy thing going…

He’s got his own posse and is the Johnny Dare of 610 Sports now despite what some of KCC’s geezer readers may think. Who knows why we drifted apart?

However I call them like I see them and Nick did a fantastic job of interviewing Frank White tonight. Huge scoop. Frank was fired from the Royals TV post, as well as everything else. He was on live tonight to say how he felt about, the Royals "going in another direction."

Many of you know Frank White’s Kansas City story.

He’s one of only a couple of born and raised KC guys to make it big in pro sports and play for the home team.

Frank has spent nearly half a century with the Kansas City Royals and is a Royals Hall of Famer and a World Series Hero. He’s one of only a few who has his name on the outfield wall at The K. He’s been a coach and manager for Royals big league and Minor league teams.

Hey, the man is the Royals, save maybe George Brett.

But Brett also has backed away from the Royals front office and the team in general the last couple years.

Frank told Nick the front office felt he was too negative towards the Royals.


Frank and George were the last of the great players to exit from the Royals’ World Series Era. Frank was fired and George,well, what does he do for the team now?  Not much…

It’s a sad yet common thing that happens to many old sports warriors.

They don’t go away until the new guys – who don’t know, care or remember – dump them.

God were they good, White, Brett and some of those now old Royals. Frank was one of the all-time best second baseman. Many, including me, thought he should have been made the Royals manager. He tried but they said no.

So first they cut his salary. Then they made him fill in for Paul Splitorff (who passed away this past season) and never let him manage the team.

I guess you can say, THE ROYALS ARE CHEAP PRICKS, O.K?

Frank bled Royal Blue for years – too many to count almost. I remember him coming into Stanford’s over the years in Westport to eat lunch. Such a nice, kind man. Everyone enjoyed this Regal Royal. He was such a great PR man for this team and this city.

Dumped, at 61.

Frank asked to be kept on as a community PR man for a few more years until he could retire, but the Royals said NO.

Shame on you David Glass, you did a really bad thing here Mr. Glass.

Good work Mr. Nick. Wright had to hold back tears at the end of the interview as White said he was done with KC and done with baseball. A sign of the times, you get old and who needs you?

In the end happens to everyone, except maybe Clint Eastwood.

So sad, so bad. What’s happened to this franchise? My God. You are a good man, Frank White.

All the best, enjoy your retirement in Arizona.

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12 Responses to Glazer: Old Soldiers Like Frank White Never Die, They Go on Nick Wright’s Show

  1. harley says:

    or we’ll be hell on you. Better have a good team or when the all star game comes here
    we’ll be out with the worst signs you’ve ever seen. Better win some games dayton….
    clock is ticking. You have lost this town. We’ve waited..No more.
    Frank white is the kansascity royals. He was negative. Just like the other 1.7 million people
    in kc. Thats because you’re full of shit.
    We’re watching now. Clock is ticking. Hope you find success reall fast. I hope not to meet
    you in person ever.

  2. chuck says:

    Whenever I had to let anyone go,
    fire them, I figured, it was my fault.

    Why couldn’t I get them on the team? Why couldn’t I gett the message across? Where did I fail?

    Usually, it was my fault, I didn’t evaluate the person correctly, misunderstood what motivated them or overestimated their abilities.

    Many times, I could “Hide them in right field”. Get them out of the line of fire and still get some productivity out of them that justified their existance in the company.

    I gotta believe, that David Glass coulda found some way to keep Frank if he wanted to stay. According to other news sources he was very upset and emotional. That is, imo, unacceptable. Frank, even if he was too critical for management’s taste, coulda been neutralized by any executive with just a modicum of common sense. There IS a “Right Field” position in the Royals Organization for this man. Even if ya hated his guts from workin with him, the negative PR is a variable that dictates a different course of action in this case.

    Glaze is right, Frank was a fixture, a constant in this city, which reminded fans of the glorious old days of yore. Hey, Glass, you dumbfuck, thats all we got!

    Frank was Ozzie Smith at 2nd base. Remember how deep he played on the outfield grass? Nothing got thru.

    Greg Hall had this, and I think he missed the point imo.

  3. Merle Tagladucci says:

    “He’s the Johnny Dare of 610 Sports now”

    You mean good looking, funny and surrounded by hot women? When did all that happen?

  4. Kurt says:

    “”For some reason or another, Nick Wright and I no longer have that warm fuzzy thing going…””

    Probably because, like a lot of people latley, he realized that you are a pathetic, name dropping, self promoting waste oif time.

  5. Orphan of the Road says:

    Long gone long
    I used to watch Chiefs’ games from the Lincoln HS stands with Frank and his father back in the late 50s/early 70s. Long before he was a Royal. Nice people.

    Frank was a decent enough announcer, no homer for sure, but his best talent was explaining how a play was made, breaking it down for the listener.

    Royals only want homers on their broadcasts. Most teams want it to be all warm & fuzzy. Impossible to listen to those broadcasts.

    Not too many owners are going to allow a broadcaster to talk freely. Ruly Carpenter kept Richie Ashburn as a broadcaster and allowed him to offer his opinions on the team and players. Richie died in his sleep on the road, still broadcasting Phillies games.

    The Royals take another swing at their fan base. They don’t care about us silverbacks, they are after new fans, younger fans.

    In the end it is the same from every company, they demand absolute loyalty from their employees while giving them little or none in exchange.

  6. Downtown Davey says:

    Like Frank, But Not Good On The Cover
    Frank was a great ballplayer and seemed to be a good person, but was out of his game on the telecasts. Not a good speaker, still a poor way to hanlde the end of his long career with this hometeam. Kinda sukced.

  7. Craig Glazer says:

    Fake Kurt Coward Punk
    Call me at 913 400 7500 anytime….lets have that chat…roid rage isn’t needed to handle a worm like you. I could just step on you with my shoe. If you hate me so much why don’t you really do something about it pretend guy….know why? People like you are low life cowards, always are, a real man would confront his enemy. Why don’t you? Cause you are a coward, and thats putting it mildly.

  8. Dog says:

    Glazer Is Correct
    Kurt, what you say makes no sense, he is right most of the time. If you hate the guy, he’s invited you to see him. Since he is such a nothing go go so, I would. Glazer I got nothing against you man. I like your stuff, you are funny and I think a decent sort. These crazy people ain’t gonna stop, we know they are nuts, don’t trip on it.

  9. Cat says:

    Kurt is correct
    It is just a matter of time before glazer’s mounting personal problems become public information. His steroid abuse has obviously started affecting his mind, thus his serious anger managemant problems. It is just a matter of time before he explodes.

    Poor glazer, I almost feel sorry for him, but then again. he brought this on himself.

  10. BarKeeper says:

    Frank White: All-around Royal and good guy

    Royals Front Office: Steaming, peanut-encrusted turds.

  11. RickM says:

    Next Season
    It’s June 30, 2012. The Royals are in last place, 20-some games below .500. What is FW’s replacement expected to do, keep giving us mindless happy talk? Does anyone in the Royals organization believe he’s going to be credible or someone so afraid of losing *his* job that he’s effectively muzzled from giving valuable analysis of the team or any individual player?

    To the author of this article: Leaving your phone number and itching for a fight on a forum full of hotheads isn’t the most prudent way to press your case. I realize you didn’t give your private digits, but poking the snake like this will only motivate some tech-savvy guy with a grudge to dig that info up along with your home address.

  12. Pokerhelper says:

    Glazer and his Private Digits
    I heard from a reliable source that Glazer’s private digit is under 2″.

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