Donnelly / Grogan: Kid Rock Still On Top @ The Midland by AMC

You gotta give Kid Rock some credit

I mean, first of all, he’s still around. That’s saying something right there.
He’s still touring and selling out venues much bigger than the Midland, which he sold out a few days ago.
Where are the other rap-rock bands that broke through around the same time, like Limp Bizkit and Korn?
Who cares, really?
Kid Rock has remained relevant by morphing over the years from DJ to rapper to rap-rocker to rocker.  And when that genre was taken behind the woodshed, he shifted again. This time to dirty country hillbilly where he found perhaps the biggest success of his career by releasing his most mainstream album yet, 2010’s Born Free.  
Check out the trailer trash king’s court, courtesy of KCC photog Katie Grogan, after the jump…

Devil Without a Cause
Rock Bottom Blues
All Summer Long
Purple Sky
I Got One for Ya’
Midnight Train to Memphis
Wasting Time
Slow My Roll
Lay It On Me
God Bless Saturday
Roving Gangster (Rollin’)
Fuckin’ Forty
So Hott
Rock N Roll Jesus
Only God Knows Why
Born Free

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4 Responses to Donnelly / Grogan: Kid Rock Still On Top @ The Midland by AMC

  1. randyraley says:

    Music is very subjective
    …but to me, Kid Rock is the least talented person in the history of rock and roll. He isn’t even trailer park white trash, that would be offending trailer parks. But, since this is a country that makes the Kardashians rich, then I’m not surprised he sells out every gig. If Warren Zevon were still alive, he’sd get his ass kicked for using his song.

  2. smartman says:

    R&R NEVER Forgets
    Amen Brother Raley.

  3. chuck says:

    What Randy said…

  4. PB says:

    I’ll Give Kid Credit
    For doing the charity gigs, but not as a “musician” as I think he’s extremely weak. And define relevance. Because he still sells out to the LCD? Because he has a few lame crossover hits w/ flavor the month country singers? Great examples of rap rock acts that flamed out years ago to prove your point. As far as I know, 311 has been milking that schtick alot longer (before it even was a genre) and alot better and Linkin Park is still around and doing well, but they’ve evolved somewhat and unlike Mr.Ritchie, they haven’t lowered themselves yet to the point of taking the music of other artists and very loosely reworking it for their own gain.

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