Today: Was Don Harman Involved in Missing Iowa Anchor Jodi Husentruit?

Since I was outted in the comments section by the first comment….

I’ll give you a brief update. I’m flying really low today with three deadlines and no iPhone. So I’m limited on my reporting time, but now that I’ve let the cat out of the bag, I suspect this thing’s gonna snowball pretty fast.

The law enforcement talk here is indeed that Fox 4 meteorologist Don Harman was spoken to last week by officers investigating a cold case murder that has recently been reopened.

To be fair, while that may be true, it certainly doesn’t mean that Harman was a suspect in that case.

The case of a missing Mason City, Iowa TV anchor Jodi Husentruit was reopened in September.

Huisentruit was an anchor at KIMT in Mason City at the same time Harman worked there before leaving in 1999 to come to Kansas City. Like Harman this week, Huisentruit failed to show up for work around 4 a.m. on June 27, 1995. She was never heard from again and declared dead in 2001.

Police found evidence of s struggle at her apartment along with her red Mazda Miata. Neighbors reported hearing screams. The case has been covered by "America’s Most Wanted" and "Unsolved Mysteries." It was unearthed again last February by Nancy Grace.

Three years ago copies of pages from Huisentruit’s personal journal were mailed to the local newspaper and then turned over to police.

What was in those papers? Good question.

But a recently fired Iowa police officer has made accusations that police may have been involved in the anchor’s disappearance. That remains to be learned, and police and the FBI are reportedly working on the case

That’s it for now.
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93 Responses to Today: Was Don Harman Involved in Missing Iowa Anchor Jodi Husentruit?

  1. Pokerhelper says:

    Same Story I Heard
    Except I heard he may have something to do with it.

  2. TRich says:

    I don’t know about Dan….
    Harman, but it would make more sense if we were talking about Don Harman.

  3. tiad says:

    The Heading Says It All…
    “Today: Was Dan Harman Involved in Disappearance of Iowa TV Achor Jodi Husentruit?”


    Since you are obviously not a real journalist, I guess you don’t know that a real journalist answers questions. He/she doesn’t ask them in their headlines.

    3 + 6 = n + i + n + e

  4. Goose13 says:

    Hearne, contact the Mason City police and ask the nature of the questioning and if he is a suspect in the case. The worst they can say is “no comment.”

  5. TOby says:

    Good lord
    If you’re going to accuse a man of murder (oh, sorry, “insinuate”) than at least have the courtesy to spell his name correctly and do a thorough job, not some half-assed on-the-fly update. Even Tony is throwing Hearne under the bus under this one, and his comments that “not many people go to this site” indicate all his tough talk about stats one year ago was just bullshit he was being paid to propagate.

  6. chuck says:

    Here is an interesting video
    from alady who says the Mason City Police Dept is involved in the abduction and death of Jody H.

    She seems sober and serious, its definitely worth a look, if this case is of interest to you.

    She does NOT mention Mr. Harman

  7. harley says:

    she’s already in town…lets see what she has to say. She’s big time gossip peddler.
    Can’t wait for national enquirer…us weekly…and other tabloids to jump on this.
    This is better than dr. murray and his drugs.
    Hearne…you are looking bad in eyes of your readers….get some hard facts and get
    back with us…..

  8. mark smith says:

    he was working in kc when baby lisa went missing
    Might as well associate him with that one while you are at it. I own research also Google. One site had a list of suspects and scenarios. Everyone from some local who named his boat after her, to Arab white slave traders. Seriously. What I couldn’t find was one single reference to Don or Dan harmon or harman. Maybe you know something nobody else is saying publicly. A missing person case from 1995 is colder than a gossip columnists heart. Maybe the cops gave Don a call, they do that often , contact co workers to see if they recall anything. Making a connection between a possible call and his suicide is a pretty big stretch. Can’t wait for your next entry. I hear some cattle got rustled in Iowa back in 95, maybe he was involved in that too.

  9. Lisa says:

    Mark, where’ve you been?? Miss your blog!

    Excellent post here! Couldn’t agree more.

  10. Larry says:

    “Hearne, contact the Mason City police and ask the nature of the questioning and if he is a suspect in the case”

    Didn’t you read the blog post? Our intrepid reporter has lost his Iphone. It will be impossible for him to call.

  11. chuck says:

    Here is a video refuting Ms. Ohl

    The worm turns.

  12. tiad says:

    Maybe he was involved or responsible for that nasty Pletz affair in Florida, too?

    Just asking…..

    8 + 1 = n – i – n – e

  13. chuck says:

    At the site of the abduction of Ms. Husintruit,
    the perp left a palm print.

    Just a little 411

  14. tiad says:

    Palm Print….
    … and they just now found it 16 years later?

    (Funny, but 16 is also the answer to my math problem for this comment.)

  15. Broski says:

    Somebody should investigate this one, too

    I have actually heard this rumor from a co-worker of Hearne’s at the Star well before this was posted. I’d love to see someone at KCC investigate with the same zest they are connecting the dots on this here Harmon story.

  16. Ozzu says:

    Suicide Is Quicker
    I read the column and the comments below it, and I can see why Don saw no reason to continue. Human nature is ugly, and there is no hope for our society. People are nasty and viscious, and every good thing is quickly destroyed, corrupted, or perverted. It too bad more of the nastiest people (like some of these commenters) are more prone to suicide to make this place more bearable for the rest of us.

  17. PLB says:

    Sad reminder for Don?
    If true that Don was approached by police about the Jodi Huisentruit cold case, then being reminded of her death might have pushed him over the edge. One more terrible thing. One more reason to get out of this world. Maybe he saw that life continued without Jodi, so why not without him, too? Maybe he feared being made a suspect. Don was emotionally ill. His reaction to almost any information would not be rational. Who knows? This will all come out in the wash . . . .

  18. Ann says:

    What a jerk you are!
    What a jerk you are! You’re just a lowrate gossip blogger. Even if the police did want to talk to him, did it ever cross your mind that they are questioning anyone who happened to work at the station at the same time she did? Don and the Fox4 team have far more class than you do. This world and lowlifes like you just may have been more than someone like Don, who was loved and a kind, giving person could stand anymore. And did it ever cross anyone’s mind that maybe he had been prescribed some of the pharmaceutical JUNK by some psychiatrist pushing drugs for the damn pharmaceutical companies and THAT led him to suicide? (Read MEDICATION MADNESS) I can’t believe what crap you’ve written. Oh, I know – you’re working fast with no IPhone. Someone should sue your ass.

  19. % says:

    Ann sounds like a Scientologist. Raving about psychiatrists in collusion with Big Pharma and salivating at the thought of litigation.

    Hip, hip, hooray!

  20. Ann says:

    Hey, 0% brains…..
    No, 0% brains, not a Scientologist – just a realist.

  21. % says:

    Ann Redux
    A realist who casts unknowable aspersions about others and concocts wild conspiracy theories. But a realist nonetheless…

  22. Scientist says:

    @ % and Ann
    It’s indisputable fact that many anti-psychotic and anti-depressant drugs cause “thoughts of suicide” in teenagers. It is likely that this side effect is experienced by adults as well. Sources below.

  23. Ann says:

    Thanks for your input
    Thank you for the links. Some people have just been brainwashed into believing otherwise, I guess.

  24. Scientist says:

    You are quite welcome
    It’s very ironic and unfortunate that drugs (SSRI’s) that are intended to relieve Major Depressive Disorder, have a side effect of suicidal tendencies. Seems to defeat the purpose.

    That said, RIP Don. You will be missed so much. Travel well.

  25. Hot Carl says:

    “Broski 02:21:36 PM – Thu. Dec 1. 2011

    I have actually heard this rumor from a co-worker of Hearne’s at the Star well before this was posted. I’d love to see someone at KCC investigate with the same zest they are connecting the dots on this here Harmon story.”

    You mean Hearne being gay is only a rumor? I just always assumed he was.

  26. balbonis moleskine says:

    the dead cannot sue for Libel
    Hearne would never have written this rumor about anyone alive…he would have been sued for it!

    Dead people cannot be libeled. Thus the story was written.

  27. D says:

    I can’t get the video clip at the top of the story to play!

    Do I need to update my version of Real Player?

  28. John S says:

    We Will Miss Don
    Don always seemed upbeat to me. Mark Alford said, in an interview after Don’s suicide, that Don had been in a different kind of mood Tuesday morning. There’s eveyday depression and then there’s “over the edge” depression. Sounds like something pushed him over the edge. Had he just begun a new drug therapy?

  29. Jaguar says:

    Thank you Hearne,
    I didnt mean to lecture before, I simply thought if you were going to “tease” about
    something, in this very sad time of a man’s life/death… then you might as well tell
    what you know, and get credit for breaking the story later and If it turns out to be
    nothing… you advised us of that too. Thank you. Good job.

    One fact you might clear up for us is method. So far rumor has been;
    hanging- yucky… seems like a hard way to go
    gun shot- fast….. but messy and maybe hard to pull the trigger
    helium bag- all the rage these days with people who want to check out, permanently.

    I have not yet decided which method I will use, but wouldnt it be nice if the government
    would provide people (who are sick of living) a painless, 100% success rate method of checking out?
    As it is….ONLY the government can legally kill people, people can not legally kill themselves.. How is that possible?

  30. Hearne Christopher says:

    And you can read?

  31. Hearne Christopher says:

    Work on your math, after you get through working on your journalism skills

  32. Hearne Christopher says:

    Obviously, but thanks. Like I said I was out of pocket in closed meeting all day until 5 p.m.

  33. Wow... says:

    This is some f’d up shit on here
    Story and comments. Jaguar, hope you are kidding. If you’re not, get help. If you are…..

  34. Hearne Christopher says:

    How about the police glossed over stories in Syracuse and Penn State. Have you not been keeping up that tons of cold cases have been reopened with DNA testing. How about Natalie Wood.

    And if you noticed, I included this line: “To be fair, while that may be true, it certainly doesn’t mean that Harman was a suspect in that case.”

  35. Hearne Christopher says:

    This story was written on the information available prior to going into day long meetings. One step at a time, Larry. One step at a time.

  36. Hearne Christopher says:

    A palm print was found in her Miata. Whether that was “the perp” or not remains to be known.

  37. Hearne Christopher says:

    It was found at the time. You just in it for the sake of making hip shot comments?

  38. Hearne Christopher says:

    I welcome that investigation myself

  39. Hearne Christopher says:

    Here, here

  40. Hearne Christopher says:

    Yep, it not only crossed my mind but I added the sentence that it well could have been just part of the investigation Try reading the story, not just the comments.

  41. Hearne Christopher says:

    Thanks, Carl. Flatterer

  42. Jaguar says:

    Get help??? huh? from where? This is not a short term depression thing, this is a life has changed thing. This is a fcuked uop world thing. Open your eyes, suicide rates are sky rocketing. From soldiers returning from meaningless wars to people who have lost it all. This world is not the great place it was just 20 years ago. The top1% have crushed the middle class, made sure to ship jobs off shore, raised food prices by 30-50% in 5 years, and more. There are strange things afoot. Congress can not pass a proper budget, but Congress has no problems pass a law that allows the government to lock people up without ever pressing charges
    read it here.

    1/5 of the country is on food stamps, 1 in 100 people in locked up in jail, mostly for harmless drug chargees.

    The greed of the top1% is ruining this country, and if someone decides to check out, that is not depression, that is sick of being sick of living in a fucked up world. It may not happen tonight, or next week…. or even next year…. but when things get too bad, then…. ….well….. then that is that. Some folks dont take governent welfare and they refuse to be homeless, fuck that existance. Who knows, maybe things will turn around tommorrow, and we will go back to the good old days. Yeah, thats the ticket, it will be all sunshine and roses.

    But if not then there should be a humane, legal method of checking out.

  43. mark smith says:

    Disclaimer = kevlar for lawsuits
    Hearne, nobody has any illusions about your brand of reporting. You are the KC version of the Enquirer. I honestly don’t mean that in a deragatory way. Ask John Edwards if the Enquirer is ever right. They are. You write about gossip, heresay, rumor, with a heaping helping of speculation tossed on top. Most of the time you are a good read, unless its fiats, trader joe, or Jardines, not my personal cup O tea. Simply adding a single sentence like, “To be fair, while that may be true, it certainly doesn’t mean that Harman was a suspect in that case.” doesn’t really fool anyone. You clearly believe you are on to something, but you are smart enough to not go all in just in case it doesn’t pan out. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t curious to see how it all plays out. That said, the guy hasn’t even been planted yet, he has a wife, family, and people who are ripped apart at the fucking seams over his suicide. It all seems a bit too soon for speculative murder mysteries, especially given the fact that all the public info on that case never makes mention of Don. You want to lay claim to breaking the story, I get it, that’s your job. But, what if you are wrong? You cast a shadow over an already dark period in the lives of those he left behind. You know the risk, you know what kind of damage it can cause. You clearly are ok with it, or at least willing to go forward.
    But enough of the dark talk. Are you not going to respond to your former writers contention that nobody visits this site, he is glad to be rid of you, and you are, Im paraphrasing here, as sleazy as the anonymous commentors on his blog. We’ve seen you go for the juggler for alot less. Surely you arent going to remain mute. Blog wars draw traffic, and nobody is going to get upset with you for taking shots at Tony B. UNLESS….. oooops, I almost speculated that he must have some dirt on you.

  44. Yep says:
    check out the forum section of the website. It appears that when she was abducted that morning she was yelling the name of someone…….Jon, Ron, or ? Just sayin !

  45. Jaguar says:

    Good video on the helium bags. I thought they shut this old lady down, but I guess not.
    Last time I read, she was getting so many checks/requests she did not have time to cash them all.

    After watching the video it looks easy enough to make one’s own bag device.

  46. Smarter Man says:

    Have You No Shame?????
    My God-just when I thought I heard everything Hearne-you have hit a new low………..again. You would have made great attorney
    (if you would have had the smarts to pass the bar) capitalizing on the pain of others. I often wonder when you finally croak what slime ball
    will be writing about your demise and who you slept with or under. May a holy cow of India leave proof of his presence on your front lawn-

  47. One Hung Low says:

    You are nothing more than a blob of carpet bombing jism. Stay the fuck off of my carpet with your non-stop verbal vomit.

  48. bystandmom says:

    I sincerely hope anyone does not check out. No one knows what its like to die. It could be painful and also no matter what you believe in most of everyone believes in fate or everything happens for a reason if not a higher power or God himself. Regardless there is something coming, obviously someone very loved took his life and it hurt and affected a lot of people. Even our children. Don’t go out like that. We put down animals not people.
    I am grateful for this page and the report if it is true or not. The comments let you know there is speculation on how and I now understand more than ever why that is not necessary. There is a Google for that. But why is a heartwrenching question for a lot of people and the holidays raise the suicide rate. Donating time or checking on your friends you kjow have it rough and telling them what they mean to you seems like a good idea when you think about this. For whatever the reason he did it. But I see why the first article said it opened the door for the suicide zone. Thanks guy for working it. We are interested and what about this palm print thing?

  49. Jaguar says:

    Bad bad things
    There are things worse than “checking out”

    How about being locked up forever without ever being charged with a crime?


    “”WASHINGTON (AP) – Ignoring a presidential veto threat, the Democratic-controlled Senate on Thursday overwhelmingly approved a massive, $662 billion defense bill that would require the military to hold suspected terrorists linked to al-Qaida or its affiliates, even those captured on U.S. soil, and detain some indefinitely.””

    read the whole story here….

    You think it can not happen to you? Havent you eve gotten cross wise with someone?
    have you said some things that could be construed as ….whatever…. and if that person
    is connected…BAM!!!! YOU CAN BE LOCKED UP FOREVER….

    Thinking about being an OWS protestors??….Btter be carefeul or you will get “disappeared”.
    Being dead would be better than being locked up in a chain link cell in Cuba. Things in this
    country used to be so good….now things are getting worse and worse by the day…. who wants to live in thsi shitty world?

    The war on terrorism in the new war on drugs… it is a bunch of made up BS so you can be controlled.

    The U.S. is no longer a free country…… The worst part… Those fucking assholes can pass that fredom killing bill
    but they can not get our National budget in line with guidelines to prevent the next U.S. debt downgrades. We are fucked.

  50. Hearne Christopher says:

    Hard to imagine they would have DNA still all these years later from something such as that. Especially a small town police force. Don’t know if palm prints can be tracked, or to what extent. Or if they’re like fingerprints.

    I’m locked out of my new iPhone that I got at 5 pm today, so I’ll be at the Apple store first thing tomo trying to sort it out and get back in action

  51. Hils says:

    Good grief
    You people are rude! Quit attacking the reporter.

  52. Hearne Christopher says:

    I wrote what I had, what local cops were talking about and the interesting timing and connection of Harman to the reopened case involving a woman he worked with.

    The addition of that sentence was for the clear purpose of saying that it could have been merely that the police were contacting everybody in their investigation.

    I was the only one and first yesterday to report that Harman had severe depression, which is one of the primary causes of suicide.

    Yes, I believe I am onto something but I’m not sure exactly what that is. This is a process. One that I’m sharing with readers as I go through it.

    This was a high profile individual and that’s why – not just me – but other local media are all over it. It took the Star until nearly 10 pm last night to pin down and report even that it was a suicide. You don’t think they’re out following up too?

    I’m just sorting out the tea leaves with you guys as eye witnesses. Let’s see where it all leads.

    I email chatted with Mr. T and frankly, I don’t know exactly where he’s coming from but he is who he is. He knows almost exactly what our readership is (although we’ve been climbing in the past two months since we’ve discussed it.

    Look us up on Alexa, Tony’s favorite Web traffic guessing site, Then check out bottom line and greg hall’s site and see what it shows.

  53. Hearne Christopher says:

    My understanding is that he was being treated for severe depression and I reported it first with the news yesterday Harman had taken his own life. So first and foremost, that’s the obvious red flag.

    The information about the Iowa anchor came to me late yesterday and I had to be in closed meetings today, so I wanted to share it with readers until I could probe for further information Friday

  54. bystandmom says:

    What does that have to do with this story at all? I get raising awareness for something you believe in but Dang. I don’t understand any move that constitutes giving up especially when you do have a lot going for you. I have hard times and thank God (personally) and usually see a worse picture somewhere else and try to be thankful for what I do have. Hello we all have internet here. I am sorry I don’t want to offend or fight just wanted to say thanks for the story and hopefully some follow up soon. Jaguar don’t check out I’ll bet there is someone that will miss you too

  55. Jaguar says:

    Hugs and Kisses to bystandmom 🙂

  56. bystandmom says:

    Aww. Thanks Jaguar. And I saw a reply from Hearne above just wanted to say yes from years of forensic file watching palm prints and feet prints are like fingerprints, I believe cops touch a trunk with their whole hand when approaching a car for that reason. Hopefully it was some sort of follow up for coworker thing but does raise question. And I’m sure there are other speculations but no proof. Hopefully a why does come out.

  57. Sailor says:

    How it went down
    I have heard it straight from the cops, he hung himself. There was no bag or gas. The guy stepped off the step-stool. Period. I could say more but you’ll find out soon enough. As in, why he was depressed? Hearne is a smart man. So he leads on the story of Iowa and he gets attacked by some fuck named Broski for being gay. I sure hope it’s not the real Broski because have I stories to tell.

  58. Robert says:

    My 2 cents
    OK, My friend works at the corners office that picked up Mr. Harman, and here’s what happened (correcting sailor) He put a bag over his head, put helium lines inside it, and sealed it off. They said this is becoming “the new thing” involving suicides. It’s extremely sad to see such as big part of Fox 4’s morning show take his own life, but when your severely depressed, who knows what might have pushed him over the edge. As far as the connection between the Iowa reporter missing in 95… sucks it happened, however, ANYONE could have been a suspect. So to say it was Harman, is ridiculous unless YOU HAVE PROOF!!! even the police don’t have proof, why do i say that, because that person would be behind bars. end of story. So, if the authorities don’t have proof, then how do you have proof. I’m just pointing out the obvious.

    and honestly, it doesn’t matter what you say, or do, or who you point the finger on stuff that happened in 1995, it still isn’t going to bring either one of them back, so why waste your time writing dumb stuff up like this, wait, i know why… it’s a publicity stunt. To get people like myself, and all the others before me, to comment on how dumb this prick (talking about the “journalist”) is.

    In conclusion, may Harman rest in peace, let this crap die off, let his family get some grieving done, and put facts out there, not dumb shit like this. -Rant, done-

  59. mark smith says:

    And another shot fired across the bow from BLC
    ” Tony Botello of, the most read blog in greater Kansas City, has come out swinging against some of the hateful and incorrect speculation on another blogger’s site concerning the recent death of WDAF-FOX 4 morning meteorologist Don Harman.”
    ” The site operated by a former gossip columnist at the Kansas City Star has erroneously reported the suicide of the beloved media figure as “hanging from the rafters as his family slept.”
    It has even insinuated that Harman may have been involved in a crime at a former station.
    Media insiders and friends of Harman are furious with the ugly reports.”
    When Tony can claim the high road , you know you may have stepped in a big pile of something nasty. To be fair, it’s more than a little laughable to use TKC as a benchmark for ethical reporting. I think the lesson is to let your commentors say the real ugly shit, then claim a moral superiority.

  60. harley says:

    Especially john and mike.

  61. gully says:

    It is no doubt foolish to jump into a thread like this so late, but I have a few quick comments.
    First, Hearne, ignore the haters. You are providing a valuable service, providing both information and a forum for its discussion. This will be viewed, from a historical perspective, as a transformational time in whatever journalism evolves into. Oops, should be into what journalism evolves. The world is gaining info from blogs, and as one poster pointed out, even the National Enquirer is breaking major stories. Thank you for judiciously wording your original posts, although the histrionics that follow in the comments section is truly disappointing.
    Secondly, among the histrionics are two dead certain posts that are totally at odds with each other. Do you suppose the incorrect one will offer his mea culpa when the truth fully emerges? No, I didn’t think so either.
    Lastly, anyone with their head out of their butt knew this was going to come out. Or at least anyone who knows what a big deal this was and continues to be in Mason City His name often comes up as speculation ebbs and flows, among those in or from Mason City.cI know of a family discussion over Thanksgiving in which it was discussed. In additiion, the recent dismissal of a Mason City police officer for offering vague insinuations about the involvement of the Mason City police has this on the front burner there.

  62. Hearne Christopher says:

    It’s possible Harman died differently from the way described by the source, But the reporting of the suicide, that Harman suffered from depression – the likely reason – stand.

    There was no need for “proof” genius, because if you’d do more story reading and less comment following you’d see that I wrote Harman may merely have been interviewed because he worked at the station at the time.

    Saying it doesn’t matter because it happened in 1995 is beyond stupid. Why do you think the police reopened the case in September? Why do you think Syracuse coach Bernie Fine was fired? Penn State Sanduscky?

  63. Hollister says:

    The only cold case I know of where someone was contacted by police and attempted suicide shortly thereafter – unsuccessfully, by the way – was because that person was asked for DNA. And guess what? He had good reason not to want to give it up. It matched that at the crime scene.

    Over the years, through exposure to the criminal justice system, I have come to believe less and less in coincidence. That he was just contacted by cops (and probably asked for DNA) is a mighty big coincidence. Not. Some type of stress took his depression that he had learned to live with through thefloor. I liked the guy, but everyone liked the guy I refer to above as well.

    I am anxious to hear where this ends up. I’m not sure what to think at this point.

  64. Hearne Christopher says:

    I’m with you on the depression angle but you’re right, who can say at this point. It is a very interesting coincidence on the timing but maybe that’s all it is.

  65. chuck says:

    Ya gotta love Tony Botello raggin on Hearne for bustin through some imaginary line in the sand where all God fearing bloggers fear to tread.

    I stuck this on his site.

    chuck said…
    Tony taking the “High Road” is an inspiration to us all.

    Propriety, decency and grace, the thoughts of us all when perusing TKC and the pearls cast before we swine from on high.

    Maintain those high standards for all of us Tony. Not just here and now, but for all time, so generations of children will grow up with TKC as an intellectual cairn that will be a guidepost for we travelers who sometimes get caught in the muck of internet blogging.

    Thanks for being there Tony, from all of us.

    12/2/11 7:00 AM

    I think this was between pics of Denise Milani and London Andrews, heh, heh…

    I guess it is good to know, that Tony is watching over the local players in the 4th estate and keeping them in line.

    Example, example, example.

  66. Hearne Christopher says:

    To your point about 1995 being water under the bridge, I would point you to a story in today’s Star headlined, “After 30 Years, Justice…Man pleads guilty to second-degree muder after police matched DNA…”

  67. Cliffy says:

    I still think Hearne is lazy but I have no problem with him writing about this. I will never refer to him as a reporter.

  68. skedaddle says:

    2 cents
    Just to add to the comments about anti-depressant (SSRI) drugs like Prozac, etc. Years ago my husband took them and the first 2 weeks were amazing, then he began a descent into hell. He became angry, unreasonable and violent. The doctor then upped the dose which made matters worse. The doctor never admitted the drug could be a problem. I secretly began to wean him by dumping out part of the capsules, lowering the dose weekly. My husband was so paranoid about those pills and sure he would die without them. When the dose was finally 1/4th of the original, my husband’s brain and personality came back. Then, and only then, I told him what I’d been doing. He weaned the rest of the way and never took them again. My husband doesn’t remember being angry or much of anything about the bad time on those pills. I’ve known people who were helped by SSRIs but I can’t stress enough how dangerous they are for some people! Whatever the truth of Don Harman’s situation is, it’s a sad and cautionary tale.

  69. tiad says:

    This is a team effort. You write the hip shot stories. We provide the hip shot comments. This is what helps keep your “unique web hits” numbers up. That is all that matters, right?

    4 + 8 = fore + ate

  70. tiad says:

    I have it on a good authority from a well-placed Verizon employee that Hearne will be switching to an Android phone. This story will get very interesting as it develops….

  71. bjhawk says:

    Keep up the investigation man!
    Just because this is a potentially dirty, sordid story, doesn’t mean we should hear about it. If it proves to be false, there hasn’t been any claims made against Harman. There are certain FACTS that are being reported here. We shouldn’t squelch the search for the truth no matter what it might end up being.

  72. harley says:

    is reporting that the guy walked in on his wife having an affair. Wow. More rumors. More
    Come on hearne…get out of that day long meeting and get us the info asap.

  73. Sailor says:

    Info update
    He left a short letter to the morning team in which he basically stated, “The laughs are over guys.”

  74. Sailor says:

    Info update
    He left a short letter to the morning team in which he basically stated, “The laughs are over guys.”

  75. Markus Aurelius says:

    I understand that some people believe there is a reasonable
    expectation of privacy for Don Harmon and his family; however, he was a public figure in Kansas City and his choice in being such a figure significantly reduces what is considered reasonable privacy for him. Any facts surrounding the untimely death of a public figure become legitimate news reporting.

    I understand that a lot of people loved Don and what he brought to Fox 4’s morning newscast, but reporting on the facts and circumstances surrounding his death are at least as newsworthy as the death or disappearance of any random Kansas Citian.

    Tony Botello chastising another writer for a lack of ethics or empathy is like a turd complaining that the rotting potato next to it smells bad. He lost the ability to take any form of (moral, ethical, emotional) high ground long, long ago.

  76. Josh Benson says:

    The case was always open
    Jodi Huisentruit’s case has always been open. To say it was ‘reopened’ in September is simply not true. Mason City Police Department has had an officer assigned to the case (several over the years in the position) since she disappeared.

  77. chuck says:

    @ What
    Ok, that is pretty interesting.

  78. Painless says:

    more to come
    For the second year (2010) in a row, more US soldiers killed themselves (468) than died in combat (462).

  79. joe shit says:

    What’s Glazer’s opinion??????

  80. knowing says:

    The right answer is usually the simplest one…
    I can’t believe what I’m reading. This is stupid. Don learned to cope with his depression because he was on medication. He went off his medication. Depression won. End of story.

    I wish Don could come back from the dead to sue you for libel, Hearne.

    The headline alone is sickening: Today: Was Don Harman Involved in Missing Iowa Anchor Jodi Husentruit?

    Hearne worked in KC when baby Lisa disappeared…. So I guess the title of my next blog should be: “Was Hearne Christopher Involved in Missing Baby Lisa Irwin Case?” I heard that he’s had lots of conversations with police about it!!! Oh but don’t worry… in the story I’ll be sure to say “To be fair, I have no reason to believe he’s a suspect…..”

  81. Hearne Christopher says:

    Coming soon. I spoke at length with some of the players today and am waiting to hear back from the police.

  82. Hearne Christopher says:

    That’s basically true. I was told all cases stay open but I also confirmed that if there was a stepped up investigation going on, the locals – outside of the cops – were unaware of it and asked me to relay whatever information I find.

    Which may or may not amount to much. I do have the makings of a story that will be of interest to local readers though. Trying to get one more source on it.

  83. Randy says:

    Media Coverup
    The media in KC is really doing a great cover up on this story. If it were anyone else it would be plastered all over tv and in the papers. The more we learn about Don’s death from outside the media the more I think they know a lot more than they are telling. This infuriates me to no end!!!

  84. Hearne Christopher says:

    Well, look at what the Syracuse newspaper knew several years ago. They had the phone call tape between the man who was allegedly abused and coach Bernie Fine’s wife basically confirming her knowledge of her husband’s misdeeds.

    And they didn’t they not breath a word of it for years. Yet the minute the tape went public Fine was fired based on what was said on the tape. Sometimes information leads to a given conclusion and sometimes it does not.

    Fortunately in Harman’s case it appears to be the latter

  85. Mason City Resident says:

    Corruption and Suppression in Mason City
    Hey Hearne – I live in Mason City, Iowa. I am in a unique position of knowing what the police department here has and has not done in regard to the Huisentruit case, and I can tell you it is a total disaster to say the least. You would be stunned to know what I know and what has and is currently taking place among among those who “serve and protect” us up here. There is a lot of the proverbial “circling the wagons” taking place right now, and it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if some of this hits the fan real soon.

  86. Hockey fantom says:

    What an f***ing disgrace.
    Wow~ way to try stir up drama, there, especially when the family is already saddened. But, hey, jump on the lines of other local stations who reported the death before family was even notified. That is, if anyone in KC (or anywhere else for that matter) may call you a LEGITIMATE journalist. I hope the family comes out and denounces these “rumors” as I’m sure it would be easy to disprove (ie- discovering when Harman was at the station that day). I mean if he had been implicated, he would have been implicated YEARS ago. Idiots. What a disgrace to KC and people who felt that Harman was an amazing addition to KC.

    Get a real job and quit being a gossipmonger. Hey, tomorrow you can post about the Kardashians!

  87. Hearne Christopher says:
  88. Dave says:

    Hearne can’t handle the truth
    Rumor has it that Hearne Christopher kidnapped Baby Lisa! So he could eventually impregnate her and use HER baby’s stem cells to firm up his sagging scrotum! Stay tuned! (Hey, it’s just a rumor …)

  89. Just Speculating says:

    For Don’s sake, can we ask a few questions?
    When did our beloved Don first show signs of depression?…..after leaving Mason City, IA?

    What would make any one ill and depressed…Knowing something so terrible that we couldn’t tell any one else?

    Conspiricy?…If a group is “circling the wagons” and they know more than what has been published; who might know their secrets?… someone who knew Jodi Huisentruit?

    Was there an attempt to “hush up”?

    Why isn’t there a 911 call report posted for the night of Nov. 29th?

    Was there some speculation that it was not suicide?…Is that why there was an autopsy conducted?

    Because I loved him too, I think we should not let it rest until all questions are answered. Only then can we have closure.

    I’ve seen the many faces of depression and Don didn’t have that look.

  90. Katie says:

    Mason City Truther
    Don Harman was depressed before he came to Mason City, according to people who knew him here. He and Jodi were just friends. He and the KIMT group of friends were out dancing at Lu’s one night when my step-daughter was also there, Don asked her to dance and then asked her out on a date, but she declined. My husband occasionally talked on the noon TV show and when he came to the studio, Jodi would tease Don by saying, “here comes your future father-in law”, as she knew Don had asked his daughter out. Don and Jodi were pals and the KIMT anchors all socialized as a group. If Don had had and ANYTHING to do with Jodi’s death, he would have left a note and confessed. Please stop this silly speculation. It’s nonsense. if Don was contacted by LE again, it just opened the old wound again and made life seem more senseless all over. You had to be in Mason City on june 26, 1995 to know how all of us felt when Jodi disappeared. We all went into shock. We all became detectives. We were all terrified.

  91. Wendy says:

    I happen to work for a behavioral health facility, and I work with a LOT of people who are depressed, PTSD, manic, etc. I have NEVER seen a client with a certain “look” that would indicate they are depressed… That’s like saying you can tell someone is schizophrenic because they have that “look”. Get a clue!

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