Glazer: Tis the Season…of Johnny Dare!

He’s everywhere…

I’m talking about Johnny Dare. Yes, on November 21st, a few days ago, our own Johnny Dare landed a very nice story in USA Today: RADIO HOST USES SHOW TO HELP LISTENERS AT THE HOLIDAYS.

Hope for the Holidays has a 15-year history of generating tears and acts of kindness on behalf of Kansas City people who are in need. Dare has listeners submit requests for assistance, which are then vetted by his team.

He reads the selected requests on the air, then waits for the calls to come in reports USA Today. The program runs up until Christmas and Johnny has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash, gifts and good will with this outstanding program. As most Kansas Citians know, Johnny also does BIKERS FOR BABIES. Both charities are powerful helpers for so many that are in need.

"It’s not a hand out, its a help up," says Dare.

He knows what its like to be in need. As a kid he had many days and nights where money was tight in his family, and he’s not forgotten where he came from. Dare just signed a new five-year contract with Entercom for 98,9 THE ROCK.  And there’s no argument that he’s the station’s anchor for the entire market in KC.

He’s Entercom’s  biggest star.

In another important move, Dare has replaced Coogan with Jennifer Johnson or DOUBLE J, as he calls her.

"It’s not permanent yet, but if she continues to do well, it will be at some point," Dare says.

So far so good, Jennifer seems to be a very nice fit for the show. Plus she’s nice to me, so that’s always a good thing. DOUBLE J has a background with Entercom, having worked on the Boulevard station years back.

Remember that one?

Dare is always on the lookout for where his brand is being mentioned and has recently noticed several talk shows and programs where he and his show were talked about. In the last few weeks stories on Dare and Craig tales have been played from the JIM JEFFRIES Show, "Talkin Shit"

"I think Craig is the middle boy, he used to rob drug dealers, went to prison, and well, he’s not even the bad one," Jeffries said.

"Yeah, we’ll be on the best show in radio, Johnny Dare but Christ, I’ll have to go on with Craig," April Macie said on her podcast. "Then he will perv on me all week."

Today Dare played clips of Dave Attell (Insomniac) and Joe Rogan (Fear Factor) both doing bad impressions of yours truly and saying, "Glazer makes you do like three days of radio, the cool show is that biker DJ, Johnny Blaze"

They both had fun at our expense, but meant well. These shows are out of LA. Hey, it’s nice to be thought of.

Johnny Dare may be the best known and most respected morning show man on a single, big channel anywhere in the country. While he’s not syndicated, he sure gets around. Oh and his TV show, FULL THROTTLE begins season three this winter.  Dare does the voice overs for 8 shows each season.

So Johnny is truly a man for all seasons.
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14 Responses to Glazer: Tis the Season…of Johnny Dare!

  1. Bob mcintosh says:

    now write a tory about his friendship with Chester Mc from the Chiefs now that he has died?

  2. smartman says:

    PSI KAPPA THI Seeking New Members
    Johnny Dare may be the best known and most respected morning show man on a single, big channel anywhere in the country.FALSE! NO EVIDENCE TO BACK THAT UP OTHER THAN YOUR OPINION WHICH FEW PEOPLE WILL RECOGNIZE AS FACTUAL OR CREDIBLE. While he’s not syndicated, he sure gets around.HMMM? WHAT DOES GET AROUND MEAN? THINK MAYBE THERE IS A LEGIT BUSINESS REASON HE’S NOT IN SYNDICATION? Oh and his TV show, FULL THROTTLE begins season three this winter.

  3. PB says:

    I Like Johnny
    And appreciates what he does for those in need. And I understand he needs to use his show in order to help raise awareness and the necessary dollars, but without being too callous, that kind of sap just makes for AWFUL radio and always forces me to tune out. Yeah, I get it…the boorish, white trashy, Neanderthal w/ a heart of gold tugging and tugging and tugging and tugging and tugging and tugging away at the heartstrings. Brutal. Just stick to the fart jokes and stripper references, filter yourself a bit on those charitable beatdowns of your audience and let you United Way save the world.

  4. Roger says:

    more circle jerking, I feel sorry for good ole STAN
    Does glazer have any idea how embarrassing it is for him/his family to continue this circle jerk?

    Can you imagine old ass joany dare and goofball glazer sitting aorund telling each other how
    great they…. “Oh man you are so great”…NO NO NO… YOU ARE SO GREAT” “OH STOP YOU SILLY….
    YOU ARE SO GREAT” …..and shit like “No matter how old you really are, you look young to me”….
    “oh yes yes even if you are 62 and over the hill I will never say that, you look great, steriods look good on you”.

    C I R C L E J E R K …when old fucks do this, it is especially lame.

    Someone day these circle jerkers will sober up and hang their heads in shame that they
    did this shit out in public. 60 year old has beens, trying to stay young and hip…writing their
    own press…..then reading and believing it??…. very very sad. I wonder how long joany dare will try
    to keep up his young guy schtick? He was over the hill 10 years ago….. cut the act glazer, you are embarassing yourself and your family.

  5. chuck says:

    Joe Rogan is pretty funny imo.
    He is in the documentary, “The Union”, which I think is a great take on “Hippy Lettuce.”

  6. Allan Graftman says:

    Dare and Glazer Cool Dudes
    Why the hate? Dare and Glazer rule haters. Johnny as this story explains along with USA TODAY, is a guy who even gets national attention, in a positive way. He’s 40 something, thats old? Glazer also gets tons of press, usually good, so he’s a dick cause he’s over 50. I am 29, I hope I can do half what these men have done in the next twenty or thirty years. Dare love your show, you two are the funniest most entertaining people in this town. For real. Who is that redhead, sweet jesus, nice boobs.

  7. Maggie May says:

    Was on with Dare about 7 years ago, yes I took my top off, tickets!!!! I was young and dumb. Glazer was there. Whatever they are girls, both are babes. Johnny love the long blonde hair. Want back on one day. Listen everyday, “Little ‘dick’Bitch” is the funniest thing ever.

  8. Dog says:

    Hey Johnny Is The Man
    I confess I am a 98.9 fan. I listen to Johnny Dare almost every day. Love the show, its funny as hell. Glazer is also God Damn funny. Him and his girls. Chocolate Becky is off the chain funny. She either loves or hates the Glaze. That song made me pull over to laugh. Hey Johnny please play it again sometime. As far as Dare getting old. I’m his age, and he looks ten years my junior. I don’t think a man just over 40 these days is old. The man looks fantastic. So I guess some of you people are just jealous, not much left to think. Dare is one of our towns best. You rock on Johnny Dare.

  9. Black Barbie says:

    Johnny Why Not Me Honey
    I wanted to do all those commercials. I am much hotter than that skank Becky. One of Craigs little bitches probably. He’s a cheap ass with her I bet, not me. Tell Craig and I will come in and do whatever to be on with you guys. You two ain’t old, you sexy babes.

  10. Radio Man says:

    Johnny Blazer, Love It
    Now thats funny dude.

  11. Todd Harrington says:

    old man dare needs to hang it up
    So sad about these 2 over the hill grandps still trying to act like they are 22. Dare and Glazer have no idea how many people laugh at them for being” the old guys still hanging out at the bar, hitting on young kids” Pathetic.. Glazer is 64 and Dare is 58 and yet they still act like they are 21? So sad to see old guys getting laughed at like that, they are clueless.

  12. Westport Lover says:

    Dare Ain’t 58
    Johnny is 43 or 42, Glazer is in his 50’s…both guys look great. Todd bet they can get better ass now than you ever did in your life, so walk softer man.

  13. Danny Juarez says:

    Fuck these guys
    Fuck Glazer and dare! They think being successful makes them happy, idiots.. Just because they’ve been able to earn a living doing what they like they think that means something, just read the comments above to find out what people in THE KNOW have to say… It’ll never go another 20 years for them..Jesus Christ I cant wait for the rest of the world to figure out what we the few, the intelligent, the real players know.

  14. B - Free Man says:

    just because some ppl on here are unhappy with life, they feel the need to bash two guys who, in all honesty, are fucking hilarious. I think its awesome that they are doing what they love for a living, and normally its a GOOD thing to score hot young women… on that note, double J – yes

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