Glazer: Rising Star T.J. Miller Flies in to do Fundraiser for Fallen Glazer Brother

He’s already being compared to Tom Hanks

TJ Miller has done about 17 films back-to-back for the last five years. He either stars or co-stars in almost all of them. And Miller just finished shooting ROCK OF AGES with Tom Cruise. His scenes in the movie are with Cruise.

Miller’s still best known as "Stainer" in She’s Out of Your League but in the past past year you’ve seen him in Yogi Bear (as Park Ranger Jones), Unstoppable with Denzel Washington, Train Your Dragon Two, Get Him to The Greek and more. He’s taking time off from his new film, "MY IDIOT BROTHER" to fly to KC on tonight for one special show at Stanford and Sons.

TJ was a regular on Chelsea Lately but was not well known as a stand-up comic. He wanted to headline clubs to get his comedy groove on and Stanford’s let him headline in what would be his first full week at an A club as the main guy.

And guess what? He killed.

Even Johnny Dare saw how talented TJ was and had him on all week. Miller developed a deep friendship with all three Glazer brothers the past few years, including my brother Jack who died five weeks ago in an auto accident.

Miller was the first big name comic to fly in and give my brother Jeff and I his sincere heartfelt love. In fact Miller was the only big star to do such a thing. Sure, many called and sent flowers which was quite kind, but to fly in blew us away.

And TJ felt even that wasn’t enough. He said, "I want to come in and do a show for Jack. Can I do that? I will fly in for one day on my dime and do one big show for your little brother."

WOW, what an act of kindness!

So Miller will be on radio all morning tomorrow with Johnny Dare, the Mix, Q104, and Alice. He wants to raise money for Jack’s charities and to do the main room in his honor. So all of the door and donations will go that way.

I’ve been in this business 30 years, have never seen a star at Miller’s level do something this gracious.

He’s one of a kind.

I’ve worked with so many comics that have gone on to huge careers from Larry the Cable Guy to Lewis Black and TJ likely will be in this group, if he isn’t already. But as they rise to the top, they rarely do this type of thing. They’re too busy. I won’t forget that Lewis Black at the peak of his career came in and did a week at Legends for us in 2007.

TJ Miller is simply a great guy, a great talent and a good human being. What a nice example of kindness.

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6 Responses to Glazer: Rising Star T.J. Miller Flies in to do Fundraiser for Fallen Glazer Brother

  1. chuck says:

    That is very nice.
    What are the charities that will benefit?

  2. harley says:

    there are some good people left…
    some people remember the people they met on the way up. Some forget them.
    Those that forget them forget they’ll see the same people on the way down.
    Karma. It’s real.
    Good luck glaze…hope you raise $100,000.
    And a shout out to TJ Miller. Cool guy. Will watch his moves up the ladder.

  3. Pierce says:

    pathetic whoring
    The Sad, Desperate State of glazer using ANY exuse to self promote his Bull Shit club…. even a sibling’s death.

  4. harley says:

    come on pierce….lay off
    great idea to raise some money. Why rain on the parade? Let it go…its his family..his club and his
    charity e vent…hopefully they raise lots of money for a good cause.
    We don’t need negative vibes from idiots like you.

  5. Pierce says:

    Piss off harley, you raving lunatic, you are the LAST person here to give ANYONE advice.

    Wouldnt it be nice if everyone had a club to hold “charity” events to pay for funeral expenses. galazer has been whining/bragging about having to pay for this since it happened. What a public (publicity seeking) crying punk.

    The moral??
    Buy death insurance…then you wont have to hold sham charity events to help pay for funeral expenses.

    STFU about this already glazer, you puiblicty WHORE …move on.

  6. smith says:

    Totally agree with you Pierce
    What charity? Your out of pocket expenses charity? You are a pathetic publicity whore. No one likes you anymore Glazer- you are a complete asshole.

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