Hearne: Costly, Dull, Freaky Michael Jackson Tribute Coming to KC

Fake Michael Jackson concert tix, anyone?

Visit the Star‘s main page and chances are you’ll get one of those delightful pop-up ads hawking $25 discounts on tickets to the upcoming MJ tribute show at Sprint Center.

That’s right, a tribute band headlining Sprint, for two nights, no less. That’s a feat the creepy, gloved one himself might have have difficulty pulling off, were he not immortalized in death.

"That’s so lame," says one 30-something local MJ fan of the show. "And a little creepy."

Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour with Cirque du Soleil will play here February 21 and 22.

Speaking of creepy, check out the review of the show by Williamette Week in Oregon.

"It was around the time the human-sized dancing glove showed up that Cirque du Soleil’s Michael Jackson show got kind of weird," it begins. "Don’t get me wrong, there was a lot of strange stuff happening before then, not the least of which being the appearance of an actor dressed as Bubbles, Jackson’s famous pet monkey, who later ascended a platform to DJ above the crowd. But that’s almost predictable. Of course there would be a guy in a monkey suit wearing overalls and a striped shirt running around, pounding his hands on the stage like a French-Canadian circus version of Andy Serkis. A big, sparkling anthropomorphic glove, though? That looks like the Hamburger Helper mascot gone fabulous? Well, that’s a special stroke of brilliant weirdness. And that’s not even mentioning the dancers who leaped out of a pair of giant shoes seconds later."

That said, the review characterizes the show as boring.

"And that, really, is where the Immortal Tour becomes an affront to Jackson’s legacy," the review continues. "He would never want his name attached to something that wasn’t top-drawer entertainment…All the chaos just sort of blended together into an incomprehensible swirl of noise and light and tumbling and mimes and LED costumes and robot dancers—which has it’s charms, to be sure, but for the most part just made my eyes glaze over." 

Tickets for the MJ trib shows range from $50 for nosebleeds to $175 for the really good seats, plus of course facility and convenience service charges of $19.60 per.  So try and snag the $25 discount which basically basically covers the service charges.

Or check out the $250 VIP package that includes a "premium ticket located in the best rows of the floor," a souvenir lanyard, program and "exclusive gift."

As Michael might say, don’t stop til you get enough!

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3 Responses to Hearne: Costly, Dull, Freaky Michael Jackson Tribute Coming to KC

  1. chuck says:

    Are they serving “Jesus Juice?”
    The weirdo named his kid, “Blanket.” WTF???

    The only way I would go see this, is if the back up dancers all had tin noses, looked like Lee Marvin and Elton John sang the intro, “Don’t Let Your Son, Go Down On Me.”

  2. la_story says:

    Off Base?
    Hearne, I think you are off base and misunderstand this event. If not, then your reporting/opinion is unfair. It is my understanding that this is a traditional Cirque Du Soleil show. Surely you are familiar with those and have probably even seen one. This isn’t a tribute band (and if it is, then I am the one off base).

    Cirque has their unique way of combining music, dance, theater, and gymnastics to provide approximately two hours of entertainment. While most of their shows do not touch pop music, their highly successful Love show in Vegas is built around the music of the Beatles. I believe that is the template for this touring show built around the music of Michael Jackson. I grew up with Michael’s music, and I am very excited to see how Cirque uses their immense talent to bring his music to life in a new way! Check out the website with a “preview” of the show and see for yourself:


  3. tiad says:

    Hearne? Off base? Misunderstanding the event? It’s all over bar the shouting on the Pletz suicide?

    You, sir or madam, la_story, should be barred from this site!

    Three plus Ate = A dinner table for 3 souls

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