Grogan / Donnelly: American Idol’s David Cook of Blue Springs Does the Midland

Hometown product David Cook returned to KC over the Thanksgiving weekend for his first local show in over two years at the Midland

You do remember Cook, right?

He won American Idol in 2008 and released an album that did pretty well shortly after that.  Since then he’s been kind of flying under the radar (as in fading), as evidenced by the lackluster attendance at the Midland, which was reported in the KC Star as being just around 1,100 bodies. 


Nevertheless, intrepid KC Confidential photographerKatie Grogan broke free of her turkey coma and made her way downtown to document Blue Springs’ favorite alt-rocker’s KC reunion.

Check out the sights.








Photographs by Katie Grogan

Words by Matthew Donnelly

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3 Responses to Grogan / Donnelly: American Idol’s David Cook of Blue Springs Does the Midland

  1. legendaryhog says:

    Ok, Matt, who cares..where is the Arnaud for Sinovic article
    Seriously….you know I want to leave profanity laden comments on it….please. Write it…write it now.

  2. Matt says:

    It’s on the way, hog
    You don’t care about David Cook?…

  3. Sam says:

    I care damnit…
    David is a great artist… Who cares whether it was only 1,100… he’s making a living doing what he loves to do and what he was made to do. I really like Cook and he is great live. Better than any other acts out there IMO. My understanding is some shows are sold out and some aren’t depending on the promotion of the concert. The other great thing is he is not some autotuned crappy pop star (Gaga, Rihanna, Britney, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, The Black Eyed Peas).

    He may not sell millions like the do because because people are to stupid to understand a real artist, with real lyrics and yes actual singing talent. How many records did you sell this year? He made $1 m last year without being on a tour and without a record out so I think he’s doing okay. I do think the idol stigma hurts him and I think waiting so long between albums hurt, but Fade Into Me is an amazing song and the video is even better so hopefully it will pick up a little steam. The problem is he is labeled as a pop artist on itunes and should be rock. If you have ever seen him live or heard his album he is definitely rock. I think because he is in this pop/rock genre he won’t get played on rock radio and neither will pop.

    I do think RCA handled him poorly because his talent is off the charts. Hopefully, Fade Into Me can help him get some more radio play. I hope he will be around for a long time.

    Don’t forget he is also a songwriter. He co-wrote Screaming on James Durbin’s new album, Stars on Arrows To Athens album, No Reply by Frankie Negron… he is seriously talented… I have all 7 of his albums on my ipod, all his covers and a lot of live mp3s… I also actually own all of the actual CDs except for Analog Heart (Very rare and the last one I knew of up for auction was up to $800)

    He really doesn’t get the recognition he deserves… and it pisses me off…

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