Glazer: Haley’s Last Stand Insures More Mediocrity, Poor Draft Pick

The clown act paused for a few moments to show off a great defense against a superior team.

Even though the his team lost 13-9, Chiefs coach Todd Haley made another move in the direction of NOT being fired. He did everything he could to keep the Chiefs in the game. By far it was the team’s best game of the year. They have little offense so it’s hard to compete, but Haley found a way to, so he has earned another shot.

Remember our clowns only have three talented / name players – D-Bowe, Derrick Johnson and Tamba Hali. That’s it. They’re 4-7 has them on the way to a 5 or 6 game win season. Of course, it would be wise to lose all the remaining games but we aren’t that smart. Haley will continue to fight for his job and he likely will win just enough games to NOT be able to draft a top notch quarterback.

It’s all about fighting for Haley’s job.

Pittsburgh had many chances to put this one away, but the Chiefs defense kept them from scoring. And a home game that normally would have drawn a sell out crowd, had maybe 50,000. It’s likley that from here on we’ll see less than 40,000 fans – other than maybe the Green Bay game. The Chiefs have 5 games left, three on the road, so their season is over, at least as far as playoffs.

At some point we’ll see Kyle Orton, but it’s too late for him to matter now.

To win this division it will take at least 9 wins and the Chiefs can’t do that with 7 loses already. That means we would need to win all our remaining games and that’s not going to happen.


This is just an extremely poor organization.

And it’s been that way for way too long. Unfortunately it’s a trend that’s likely to continue because this team has very little talent to move forward with next year.

So while it’s unfair to the fans, expect more of the same.

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8 Responses to Glazer: Haley’s Last Stand Insures More Mediocrity, Poor Draft Pick

  1. Orphan of the Road says:

    Chiefs got a break
    When Troy Polamalu was injured and had to sit the rest of the game. Their defense is built around him.

    I don’t understand wanting the team to go out and lose on purpose. Like they can turn it off and on. The difference between a fan and a fanboy is wanting the team to win them all. This would be akin to you running in a bunch of no-name comics because the people would really show up when you brought in the big guns.

    Answer this one Craig, what gives you hope this organization can draft? Especially with their higher pick?

    Stick a fork in the Chargers (who said they were frauds from the beginning?), Still a good chance the AFC West winner will be 7-9.

  2. smartman says:

    Turd and Long
    Those were the STALERS not the STEELERS that showed up last night. Play that game 10 times under identical circumstances and the other 9 are gonna be blowouts. Pittsburgh was obviously still feeling the lingering effect of the tryptophan from the Thanksgiving turkey.

    REALITY is that WINNERS find a way to WIN and losers find a way to lose. See Denver over San Diego for more evidence of that.

    The team and organization are in complete and total disarray. At this point a 5 YEAR PLAN would seem reasonable.

    Given the choose of who needs to go first I’d say Pioli. With the right talent I think Todd can coach. Given his track record in KC Scott Pioli doesn’t know how to draft or trade.

  3. Kerouac says:

    my guess now is they’ll not win another, so 4 it will be… another quatro – their second in three seasons – courtesy the guys who brought you the Patriot Way, the Right 53 and any 22 guys from off the street (stop snickering Herm, Carl); in the parlance, this be known as treading water.

    Two seasons worth of double-digit losses is what got some other guys fired in 1988 & in 2008; the duffer & garbo 2011?

    “Wait till next year, we had injuries” ~ 2011
    “Wait till next year, we had rookies” ~ 2008

    Six of one half a dozen the other…

    “a great defense against a superior team.”

    – ‘great’ defense? I don’t see it that way… they had their moments, but moreso were ‘spared’. A flat, unmotivated Pittsburgh team [ they had already seen palko up close as was once a member (for about 5 minutes) of their team ] still averaged almost 5 yards per play & the Steelers dropped A LOT of passes too… 2 of which were tds lost, and another td was lost on a running play (fumble) near kcindy’s endzone, final score 34-9 by any other. kcindy played great in the same way they did vs a superior San Diego team a few games back (here in kcindy we spell not losing f – o – r – t – u – n – a – t -e.)

    “This is just an extremely poor organization.”

    – oh no it’s not… you just wait till clerk, eg & ha set us straight season-ending press conference.

  4. Orphan of the Road says:

    That bitch Karma
    She’ll put in her 20-cents and Chiefs will piss on some playoff hopes.

    Keurouac, don’t see SD as a superior team. Sure they have better components but they operate the same as the locals (OK, they can score a touchdown, just not a winning one).

    Pittsburgh was averaging 1.5 per carry before the came. I thought they were rotating Jim Brown, Emmitt Smith and Jim Thorpe they way they ran over the line.

    Difference between Herm & Pioli is Herm took someone else’s legitimate playoff team and ran it into the ground while Haley took over a beaten, down team and got beaten down.

    I’ll wager Haley gets another head coaching job before Herm. And that’s not saying Haley is a good coach.

  5. KU Forever says:

    Bye Bye Turner!
    I was glad to see Turner Gill fired. He gets another 6 million, damn. Like the Chiefs, he had no talent to work with. Haley was forced to use Matt Cassel. Matt was a bust. Not Todd’s fault. Without a quarterback you are dead in the NFL. Todd has shown some moxie with a few moves, we didn’t win, but he showed he gets it. If he had a strong quarterback, he would be a winner. I agree with Glazer, no use firing Haley, we should fire Scott, but Clark is a ‘poor rich kid’ with no backbone. We should have considered Carson Palmer for two first round picks, worked for Western Division Champ Oakland, now 7-4, they will win at least two more. Denver has an outside shot. Chargers and Chiefs are done.

    Its a bad situation, there are no quarterbacks out there. The Chiefs must draft one and develope him. Looks like you fire Matt and keep Orten to start next year and train new guy.

  6. Kerouac says:

    The faux discrediting of the facts in evidence continues
    “Difference between Herm & Pioli is Herm took someone else’s legitimate playoff team and ran it into the ground while Haley took over a beaten, down team and got beaten down.”

    – the same lies recylced ad nauseam do not make them so nor do they change the facts…

    Herm took over a NON-PLAYOFF team that hadn’t been to post season for two straight years, under the overhyped Vermeil. Herm took Vermeil’s inability & his aging relics and took the Chiefs to post season – in his very first year, the only Head Coach in franchise history that has ever done so. Herm’s Chiefs ‘won’ their way in to post season by winning, while other teams ‘backed out’ by losing their final games that season, 2006. Herm even had the team with one score at 16-8 well into the 4th quarter, in Indianapolis before losing.

    In 2008, he was finally able (after asking for two years) to ‘start’ a rebuilding effort & fielded a team of more rookies than any other team in the NFL. The Owner said “I expect no less than a playoff appearance” (though just recently the very same Owner admitted (paraphrasing) “we were really lacking in talent”. Forked tongue much? Herm (Carl too appears hindsight, tho his 20 years here earned him his exit) Edwards became a scapegoat for the Owner, new wunderkind GM & duffing HC, a troika now stands at 18-26 their three years of post-Herm/Carl rescue…. nuff said.

    For the record, Herm did the same thing in NY, where the overhyped Parcells missed the post season for TWO STRAIGHT SEASONS along with Al Groh; Herm took the Jets to post season in his very first season there. In his second season, he took them there again, and won a game post season then too.

    Those are the facts, as compared the revisionist history/small minded local fandom kcindy who likewise extolled the virtues of ‘walk on water’ egoli & hailme when they were coronated as Saviors deux… how do they look now, three years in?

    “I’ll wager Haley gets another head coaching job before Herm.”

    – maybe head golf coach at a 1A school, but I wouldn’t even bet on that… Herm turned down offers/interviews in college and the pros, as Head Coach the former and as Defensive Co-Ordinator the latter. Seeing as how he was getting a reported $4 mill per year from kcindy for his final year here (that he didn’t get to fulfill), and then also went to work that same year for ESPN and earned even more dinero suggests Herm is also smart…at minimum, the duffer’s football faculties are still a matter of debate, though I’ve seen enough to make up my mind.

    “And that’s not saying Haley is a good coach.”

    – clerk hunt said so, so he must think he is… just a short month ago he was extolling the kcindy coach.

    Blindness/traumatic head injury?

    Insincerity/kiss of death NFL?

    Maybe just ‘The KC Way’…

  7. Orphan of the Road says:

    I had to put up with Herm when he was in NY. When he yelled out the door on his way to Kansas City he was a Jet forever. And this after he was my football god for his Miracle in the Meadowlands (years of sitting in the 700-level may have warped my senses). Herm was an over achiever who read his press clippings over and over. His post-coaching TV work makes me wish he would get back into coaching so I won’t accidentally hear him.

    He was using players in NY & KC which weren’t his “guys”. That is a tough job. How much his drafted players were his or Carl’s is unknown.

    I got to sit in the stands through Vermeil years with the Eagles. He always drafted the best player available. Even if all 17 picks were linebackers. I get that part of your response too well.

    I give him credit for proving, albeit at a very high level, the Peter Principle. I respect how he has been self made. Irrational? Probably.

    As so many have pointed out, and I agree, it is mainly Herm’s guys making a difference here. Pioli hasn’t done his job and bears the brunt of the blame.

    I am glad Haley is here rather than Pioli’s one-that-got-away-to-Denver. Like putting a million monkeys in a room a million typewriters, I guess.

    I lived through the bad Eagles years, I’ll live through this mess as well.

  8. Kerouac says:

    “I’ll live through this mess as well.”

    – one thing is certain/this I know: if by chance anyone missed this current ‘mess’, can rest assured – a new one will be born just as soon the present one is swept out… we’ve tradition on our side, at least.

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