Glazer: The Fall and Rise of Westport & the Impending Demise of the P&L

You heard it right, Westport is on baby, back on big time…

Hey, I’ve even pissed on them the last few years. NO WAY, NO HOW. But now Nigro and company are winning big time. For the following reasons.

First of all the crime is way, way down. Westport security is doing an outstanding job. KC Police have helped but with the ending of hip-hop in Westport and nationwide, its crowds are growing again.

I was there last Saturday and went to almost every bar. Even the former Stanford’s – now the Gusto Lounge – had a nice crowd. All hipsters and tech music with a live DJ on the old patio, and a redone, almost WW ll looking decor inside. They stripped most of the woodwork off the walls and now it has that bombed out look. Hey, its working for the new guys. More than 100 all-white hipsters were rocking, drinking and who knows what else. It looked like Westport in 1985 – big comeback.

We left and went to the old Blayney’s now called THE UNION and again, there were big hipster crowds, ages 23-38. The downstairs was wall-to-wall people, same as Gusto. People wearing drab, gray outfits, techno music and kinda middle class and clean cut.

And Kelly’s, led by Kyle‘s daughter Colleen, was packed with the same kinda crowd. Westport had tons of energy and appeared quite safe. When America’s Pub goes at the first of the year it will be even busier.

The older crowd was at Harry’s, McCoy’s and the Beer Kitchen, even the once dead Harpo’s was busy!


The Trolley was full and yes it has helped with the comeback and is working. The Trolley brings 500-800 people down on a weekend and THAT MATTERS.

In the meantime the Power & Light District is starting to really fail.

Most bars and clubs have already either closed or are very slow except Saturday nights. There’s no real leader and people hate the parking and corporate bar style. It’s more of a special occasion area than an every night place.

And since hardly anybody lives down there, t just can’t sustain the large crowds needed for success.

Westport and The Plaza still have better parking and are safer now.

The Plaza has three new hot spots as well, so they too are on the move up with nightlife.

Once Westport gets maybe two more good tenants to match the growing hipster movement, a little more cleaned up and dumps the Pub, it’s game on!

Westport will take the No. 1 spot back within two years easily.

Really, I’m shocked. You have to hand it to Nigro, the Kelly’s and James Westphal (McCoys). They stayed the course and now are about to win. It’s nice to have a positive story on KC for once. It sure was a great feeling down there two Saturdays ago. I believe all that hard work is going to pay off.

IT’S ON. Go check it out.

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17 Responses to Glazer: The Fall and Rise of Westport & the Impending Demise of the P&L

  1. tacitus says:

    downtown population
    “And since hardly anybody lives down there, t just can’t sustain the large crowds needed for success.”

    I’d mention that far, far, more people live downtown (31st street to river market). Housing demand remains reasonably strong downtown, considering the economy, and all. In any event, more people live downtown than in a 3 mile radius from the legends outlets.

    That said, I don’t care for P&L much, either. Except Flying Saucer … that place isn’t so bad if you’re a beer guy.

  2. Downtown Davey says:

    Downtown Davey No More
    My wife was mugged at gunpoint two weeks ago near the Power and Light at 8 PM. We are moving to Johnson County. I have defended downtonw for two years, no more. I’m not sure if Westport is coming back or not, and don’t care. I only know my wife almost got shot over 60 bucks and a watch and Glazer yeah it was two black guys about 17. Screw KCMO. Now I will be sothtown Dave.

  3. Westport Lover says:

    You See The Light Glazer.

  4. T says:

    Glad to hear your wife lived to tell. Take care.

  5. Dog says:

    My Sister Got Her Busted Into In P&L District
    My little sis got her windows broken and her jacket and all her dvd’s stole about six weeks back downtown. Called the cops, said really ‘nothing we can do, happens all the time’ man oh man. You never hear about it, just westport problems. Which I agree with Glaze are way, way down. Went down there in the early fall for an event, nice crowds in Westport, not any problems, kinda busy. So yeah lets get her going again. Screw downtown.

  6. KU Forever says:

    I Got One
    I don’t travel to the Power and White anymore. After an NCAA basketball game, not KU, went to eat over at one of the joints across the street from Sprint. My girl did not have her ID on her, she is 41, they wouldn’t let us in! I know its to keep blacks out, but my gosh, we sure don’t look under 21. Went back to the car got it, got in, hardly anyting was still open with food. Went to a rock bar, (I think they closed since, they all do down there) drinks were high thats ok, but talk about white trash, oh yes. Gets better, they lost my car tickets, to get the car back, after I moved it over there. Took an hour to find it. Someone keyed the car, NOT THEIR RESPONSIBILITY! I guess, we don’t go there anymore. I do go to Harry’s and the Plaza, always fun. Safe.

  7. Trolley Guy says:

    When was the photo taken? I’ve seen this pic floating around since I started working in Westport 13 years ago and heard that was a guy called Wolf (nick name.. I think) climbing the pole. As for the topic of the article, it warms my heart to hear my favorite spot in town has less of a chance of being the end of me, or going out of business.. I remember the inception of the P&L bill and its curious timing in relation to the smoking ban… *nod… I’m still curious as to how much $$$$$ Cordish has taken from our city!

  8. smartman says:

    Follow the money!
    That’s what the mooleys’ do. Wherever the crowds go that’s where crime will pick up. The laws of supply and demand are universal among the law abiding and the lawless. Wherever you go conceal carry is the only way you can control your fate. The LAST thing the off duty coppers or private security want to do is get involved in close quarters combat with some gang bangers. You can only rely on yourself for your own protection.

  9. Orphan of the Road says:

    KU Forever
    You might want to check into the damage to your car. IF the parking lot kept your keys and parked your car they are responsible for damage to it. Don’t infer it was keyed but it was damaged while in their lot.

    The law says if they park and keep the car keys the customer has an expectation nothing will happen to the car.

    I sure hope they got the smell out of the former-Blaney’s. We were one of the last bands to play and we were glad we were on the patio (even though it was 90). The place smelled like someone had died.

    How long did it take the landlord to fix the roof? There was plastic over the bandstand/dance floor to catch leaking water. Noticed the night we played the plastic was gone. Bob Walkenhorst told me the jerry-rigged fix had been there since The Rainmakers’ days playing the club.

  10. HARLEY says:

    downtown davy comes to his senses!
    Its about time you moved out of here. The entire city of kcmo is getting trashed. Its just amatter of time
    before its all a war zone. Westport will soon become the same way…and nothing will stop the
    Wait ti l this summer…the rage will spill over to every part of kcmo. It’s coming. Its going to engulf
    all of that city.
    I don’t travel to kcmo. No reason to. I have all the things in joco I need. Great restaurants…nice civilized people…
    friendly neighbors….kcmo is dieing…sorry people its a fact.
    As for the power and light…it needs a serious face lift. Wait til tuesday night with kid rock and
    jay z performing on the same night.
    when will the people of kcmo realize they should not schedule hip hop in the pand l. Brings a bad
    group of people to the area. thank god it wasn’t a weekend.
    Legends…westport…plaza…the clock is ticking folks. Its just a matter of time before the trouble lands
    in each of these areas.
    The pic of westport was taken in the 90’s. Red at kellys has it. Its from a saturday when it was
    a bout 90 degress on st. pats day. Think maybe 92 or 93….the crowd was incredible…the3 people were
    massed on the streets. and no problems…no crime…no robberies…just everyone having fun.
    If you look real hard..i’m the second from the left next to the girl wearing the white shirt in the bottom
    left hand corner.

  11. J.P.Connolly Show says:

    Too Positive Craig Glazer
    I find it odd, funny even, where are the haters when you give them some positive news on your city? Hey I loved Westport when I worked there in the 90’s glad to hear that its on the upswing, happy holidays.

  12. ribman says:

    Nice to know the racists are alive and well hiding in JOCO
    what pathetic people- yes JOCO is paradise- get over yourselves , what a bunch of ignorant tripe

  13. Dog says:

    We Moved There To Get The Hell Away From Your Ass
    Hey ribman, oh now we are racist cause we don’t want to live by uneducated people who kill each other daily! Rob us! Screw you, have your people go to school and get jobs and maybe we can live together until that happens we will be racist, you bet.

  14. chuck says:

    I thought Harley was the guy in the window at Kelly’s
    ribman, thanks for your comment.

    It changed our lives.

    Power to the people!!

    Free Huey!!

    I will have a large helpng of guilt with my left over turkey.

    I will need a lot, because I have been fed so much guilt over the last 30 years, that it just doesn’t seem to have any flavor anymore.

  15. chuck says:

    The foreskins at Blaney’s
    Orphan, remember that band?

    We loved ’em.

  16. Orphan of the Road says:

    Only saw the Foreskins at their farewell. Guido is one wild dude. Pat Tomek is a hell of a drummer too. Thirty-three years in Philadelphia left me out of a lot of KC music. When I left White Eyes was the best local band (RIP Jimmy) and Ozark Mountain Daredevils had just went national.

    Funny Blaney’s story, guy walks up to Dick at a jam and asks if it would be OK to sit in. Dick kinda gives the guy the eye and asks can you play? Guy says you might have heard of me, John Foggerty. LOL

  17. chuck says:

    Heh, heh…
    Dick Schulte’s sister, back in the day, way, way back was hot.

    Just sayin…

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