Hearne: Rapscallions of the World Unite; KCC Wishes You a Happy Thanksgiving

In a universe where few holds go unbarred, it’s hard to come up with the words to express what passes for the gratitude of the KC Confidential family to our readers…

Especially given the vast majority of you have the decency, good sense and good taste to steer clear of the hardscrabble world that is the comments section.  You’re a silent majority of sorts, albeit a very important one.

Is it halfway safe to assume that the 99 percent-plus of you who never comment are ardent admirers and true  believers in the words set forth by the scribe-otherwise-known-as Craig Glazer? Or that your fondest desire would be to hug it out with me while professing that I can do no wrong?

Not likely.

Or that so awed are you by brainiacs Brandon Leftridge, Kelly Urich, Larry Hovick, Tony, Brian McTavish, Matt Donnelly, The Mermaid and Jack Poessiger that you dare not lift your voices? Even in praise.

OK, well, maybe.

More than likely though, it’s simply because you’re halfway normal and choose to take or leave our lunatic  ramblings and move on with your lives after being entertained and/or enlightened or enraged.

Hey, who wants to get called out in public for a fight anyway?

All of that said, let the word go forth that we do very much appreciate your patronage. This is far more a crime of passion than a get-rich-quick scheme, therefore your readership matters to us greatly.

So on behalf of all of us (and the punching bags that have gone before), a very sincere thanks. For your interest, your patience, your understanding, your misunderstanding, your anger, you-name-it.

As for your part in this prickly equation, remember, no duty is more urgent than that of your return.

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5 Responses to Hearne: Rapscallions of the World Unite; KCC Wishes You a Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Johnny says:

    Come to think about it…. I dont think The Late Late show’s Craig Ferguson and Hearne
    have ever been seen in the same place at the same time……could they be one in the same person? hmmmmm?

    And as far as all of those fucking pussies who never comment here??…

  2. Johnny says:

    And geeeezzz hearne, how many times do we have to say it….
    Lay off all of the “stupid couples pictures”…. woof woof…. what a dog. 😉

    Happy Holidays

  3. J says:

    h, feel free to delete those comments, I was kidding 🙂 except about the Happy Holidays part

  4. tiad says:

    Jr., You Are Looking…
    …very “rapscallion-ey” (or “rapscallion-esque” or “rapscallion-like”) yourself. Lay off whatever Glaze stuffed inside that turkey, OK?

    3 + 6 = n -i-n-e

  5. Me and My Girlfriend says:

    6+9 =
    6 + 9 = 69 ummmmmmmmmmm sixtynining

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