Glazer: Fire Todd Haley? No Way! The Alternatives Are Far Worse

Yep, I am reversing my position…

Chiefs coach Todd Haley should not be fired. He’s a rebel. He has the right idea. Todd is a tough sunnavabitch. Especially for a guy who once played too much golf. I think players respond to Todd.

The problem is Scot Piolli not Todd Haley.

I know I said Haley would be fired, and likely he will be mostly cause Scott hates his ass. Remember, I reported that before anyone else? Some comment folks even said I could be sued for saying that….right. Look, don’t question the scribe.

Now its common knowledge that the two boys are on opposite sides of the room. Todd is hip (or at least tries to be) Scott is withdrawn and Carl Peterson-ish. Whatever you do, don’t get on Scott’s hate list. But Todd is on it.

Maybe that’s why he and his wife quit Woodside together and the Piolli’s didn’t.

Lets face it, the team was on life support last year and won 10 games mostly because of Haley’s moves on and off the field.

And just to clue you in, Nick Wright‘s Godly running back, Jamaal Charles is not so Godly. He looked horrible in preseason – maybe that big money went to his head – remember he has like a third grade education. He can’t even talk. Sorry but it’s true. No speed back comes back from an ACL surgery. Remember Charles counts on speed, not power like a fullback, tight end or even a quarterback like Brady. Those guys don’t need as much speed.

So Todd has had little talent to work with, poor draft picks by Scott, and he inherited a talentless football team.

Even today the best three guys came from the Herm Edwards era; Dwayne Bowe, Tamba Hali and Derrick Johnson. Eric Berry would be on that list but he is gone, and also may not be back with a torn ACL, at least not like he was.

More importantly, who do we replace Todd with?

The best guy is Bill Cowher but that’s unlikely. He is now four years out of the NFL and the game has changed.

Cowher is comfortable being on TV making four or five million a year. No pressure anymore. Maybe if you make him GM and head coach and throw in prez and $15 million a year…maybe. I still say no.

The Chiefs are a mess with no quarterback and none in sight and that’s not good. Maybe "Chucky," Jon Gruden? Same deal, he loves Monday Night stardom and $5 million a year, no pressure.

Marty-Ball? Getting too old, game has passed him by. And he’s pretty rich, hates the Chiefs and KC. So no.

There are slim pickings out there, Scott.

So what do we do? Keep Todd.

Next draft hopefully high enough for one of the four college quarterbacks from Baylor, Arizona State or maybe USC. BUY the best veteran out there this summer. Dump Matt, he’s worthless – he just doesn’t have an NFL arm and is too slow. Trade him for a 3 or 4 pick, that’s all you’ll get.

So Todd, you convinced me to give you another shot, brother. I’m not saying you’re good, but I see some potential. Hey you are the best of the worst for now. Who knows? maybe you will get something done here in the next three years, nobody else has. Why Not?

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5 Responses to Glazer: Fire Todd Haley? No Way! The Alternatives Are Far Worse

  1. tiad says:

    I Think…
    …that Jr. needs to start issuing field sobriety tests to the Glazey-Eyed one before he writes his next columns.

  2. Kerouac says:

    Fire them both
    … it only seems like yesterday that ‘Herm & Carl are gone – we are saved!’ was the clarion call a new tomorrow KC football. Alas, it was three years ago, and now find ourselves once more back at square one.

    What was it attributed to that Al Einstein fella: ‘Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results’.

    Talk about badly-yoked if not incestuous football relationships, it took the DET Lions Owner forever to replace Matt Millen & Lamar Hunt forever to replace Jack Steadman – what makes anyone think clerk hunt would so quickly confess his own original sin, egoli?

    This is one long-running soap opera: clerk cleaves unto egoli as egoli cleaves unto ca$$el & kcindy fans cleave unto the tattered memories of the late 1960’s/early 70’s era when football was played in KC… it’s one big gooey mess nowadays, ad nauseam.

    Wasn’t it that egoli fella that promised “we’re going to build a big, strong, smart football team with like players” (or something along those lines) upon his election as Savior? (I note circa 2011, his kcindy model has the smallest offensive line in the entire NFL, just saying.) That the defensive line gets pushed around by the rest the NFL only slightly less is spare comfort. Smarts? It too is found wanting, example the departure Brian Waters who came to the conclusion was more intelligent to play for the Patriots, than egoli.

    Will clerk’s apple fall far from the tree re: the Head Coach/duffer? Interestingly, despite Lamar’s affinity for GM Steadman, Hunt fired Hank Stram after but one losing season (1974) in his previous 11; declining fan intere$t was the impetu$. Former KC Athletics MLB owner Charles Finley turned over rocks looking for gimmicks & fans alike and he fired everybody: GM’s, Managers, play-by-play men and batboys, left & right – that didn’t produce a winner either so Charlie moved his team elsewhere – naturally they won in short order their new home, 3 straight World Championships (Finley did not sign a long-term lease back then like clerk et al did recently football stadium… maybe Charlie would’ve if he could’ve.)

    Anyway, it was back in the fall of 1965 that the (shortly thereaft fired) former Chiefs Talent Head (the egoli of his day) Don Klosterman said “KC is not so much Heaven or Hell as Purgatory”… 45+ years later, fandom must concur.

  3. newbaum turk says:

    I know it’s off subject but thanks for bringing David Naster back.

  4. Rick in PV says:

    Todd is a jerk, but not the main problem. Pioli’s poor drafting (Tyson Jackson??!!#$%^#%^^) is. Lay a turd for Robert Griffin the Third.

  5. Craig Glazer says:

    David Naster Is Great
    Yeah fun show wiht all the original comics, David Naster, Elliot Threat and Tom Burgoon(magic comedy) and the newst star 16 year old Aaron Branch….should be fun…David only does Stanfords once a year now, holiday, due to his travel and corp work, he doesn’t do clubs much anymore, glad to see him again…the man who started it all…

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