Hearne: Karen Pletz Death Gives Appearance of Suicide

Here we go again…

With the seemingly obvious going unsaid. But the death of embattled former Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences head Karen Pletz would appear to be a suicide. The 64-year-old one-time civic leader was found dead in a Fort Lauderdale residence. Ft. Lauderdale police say no foul play was involved and that they are waiting to hear from the medical examiner.

Those full results, however, are not expected to be available for two to three months, says Broward County chief medical examiner Darin Trelka. Trelka declined to say whether Pletz left a note or address the issue of whether it appears to be a suicide.

However, one or both of the above would appear to be the case given that police say there was no apparent foul play and the medical examiner’s office is not making any efforts to expedite the examination.

This much is clear; Pletz was up to her eyelashes in civil and criminal court tribulations that at the least would result in years of expensive litigation and likely some serious slam time. There’s little doubt, based on the preliminary findings of a grand jury, the FBI and the hospital that Pletz had engaged in a series of embezzlement schemes that included ripping off the university, money laundering and tax fraud.

To the tune of bilking the university out of more than $1.5 million alone.

Money that was used in part on extravagances and to visit her parents in Ft. Lauderdale where she was found dead shotly after midnight this morning. Gone were her Lexus automobile and condo. Her bank assets were frozen – all seized as forfeitures. That after she was forced out of the university two years ago next month.

"Mrs. Pletz made a terrible error in judgment and no doubt will suffer for it," commented Kenneth D. Duff the retired Director of Physical Facilities on a local last month. "However, I must wish her my best wishes and want her to know that I for one do appreciate all of the good things that she did for the University of Health Sciences."

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17 Responses to Hearne: Karen Pletz Death Gives Appearance of Suicide

  1. Craig Glazer says:

    whatever that means. Sad. For all involved.

  2. Jim says:

    Sugar Coating
    An error in judgement? (notice I know how to spell judgement?) Stealing money has nothing to do with judgement. It has to do with character and morality. Any civic “good’ she did is overshadowed by the fact she was a thief and a fraud.

  3. mark smith says:

    Speaking of Judgement and Character
    As far as I know Jim, she was never tried or convicted. While you toss around words like morality, character, and judgement, you might keep that whole presumption of innocence thing in mind. Maybe she was guilty as sin, or maybe she was just a shitty record keeper. Maybe someone had it in for her. Whatever the case the biggest error in judgement, is rushing to it.

  4. Jim says:

    The Real World
    Read the indictment, Mark. I can connect dots. But hey, maybe you’re right. In your world, she was a bad record keeper. Of course, Jerry Sandusky just liked a little horesplay. In an ironic twist, the “innocent” woman killed herself. Lots of innocent people do that, I suppose.

  5. Robertoe says:

    good ridance
    I have an ex-girlfriend who had regrettable big money dealings with Pletz. She was a self serving biatch and a fraud.

    I know one shouldn’t be derogatory about the recently passed but social decorum has never been a priority here at KCC so there you have it. I think its very important and revealing about what the privileged do with it in this life. Karma.

  6. TIAD says:

    Here We Go Again….
    Jr. has declared this an apparent suicide, so we don’t need to bother waiting the 2-3 months for the official report.

  7. Robertoe says:

    Sure wish we had the capacity to edit our own comments. But then you all know what I think about lots of the technological shortfalls around here.

    Just wanted to clarify: my ex-girlfriend was stellar. Hearne knows her. Same Mission Hills blue blood kinda background. Beautiful gal- appearance and character. She’d get very high marks in terms of integrity and doing something positive with privilege. Maybe charity was why she went out with me. Smirk.

    I didn’t know Pletz but if my [ex] gal said Pletz was the opposite ugly end of the spectrum, then it was so.- so KCU Med & Biosciences wasn’t the only entity who was forced to deal with Pletz’s self serving underhanded dealings and interactions.

    For a vacuous gal like Pletz, glitz, glamour and excessive materialism was all there is to life. When that was taken away she probably saw nothing.

  8. Hearne Christopher says:

    I know exactly who that is and what that story was.

    Pletz purchased an expressive piece of jewelry – a wildly expensive item – kept it and wore it for like several months, then shipped it back to the merchant and told them to credit her American Express. Which to avoid a World War III legal tussel, the merchant reluctantly did

  9. Hearne Christopher says:

    There will be a preliminary finding next week, which combined with the evidence will bear this out.

  10. mark smith says:

    apples and oranges jim
    Plenty of people witnessed the fucked upness of short eyes sandusky. I’m not saying she is totally innocent, just not prepared to jump on the character assassination bandwagon before all the facts are out. As for her alleged crimes somehow negating any good she might have done, I’ve got to disagree. History is full of people who did some foul shit, yet are remembered as great people. I’ve heard from people that she did some real good.at kumc. Not sure how those things are null and void, especially absent a conviction.

  11. harley says:

    RRRROOOBBBBBEEEEERRRRTOwweeeeewwww….didn’t know you
    had girlfriends. I’m sure your ex was very classy…high society…hottie….but did you ever thnk that
    maybe glaze got to the parking spot before you did.
    I’m sure tht mission hills blueblood chic really loved it when the mission hills crowd saw you drive
    up in that $7300 taurus…..sure…buddy…..make a better story next time!

  12. harley says:

    Hearne…could you have found a better photo
    of the suicide victim. I mean shit hearne..if you’re gonna put a dead persons photo up here make sure the
    person looks good.
    would you do that to glaze?. When he kicks the bucket are you gonna post a pic of him sitting on a chair with
    a beer gut. Hell no….send the guy to glamour shots for a really nice pic so when he pases on he’ll look good
    in his final post on kcc. Show some sympathy for these people.
    And hearne…you might think about a photo too. I would hate to see some of your old pics have to be run
    on kcc when you go. Remember…you don’t get a second chance to make a good final impression!

  13. Bob mcintosh says:

    Another example that Glazer is a stupid shit
    She was neither young or good. Well maybe she was young compared to you?

  14. Robertoe says:

    drive me crazy…
    Harley, the car’s never a problem because I don’t go out with vapid materialists.


  15. Todd says:

    Hopefully soon
    Harley said
    “”…. a dead persons photo up here make sure the person looks good…..
    would you do that to glaze?. When he kicks the bucket…..””

  16. Hearne Christopher says:

    You have a point, Mark. But if you Google her and check out the speifics of how much she ripped of hospital off for, the IRS, etc., etc. there’s only one way she’s gonna be remembered and for a very short time is my bet.

    As the person who ingratiated herself with ripped off money for material goods and then checked out because she couldn’t stand the heat. I know that’s cold, but I’m afraid it’s all too real.

  17. Hearne Christopher says:

    Dude, the one of her PR pics that ran in other news stories about her. So what, she didn’t measure up on your personal hottie scale?

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