Leftridge: What to Watch This Weekend; Double-Dose of Bears & Retro Beat-Down


After getting pretty thoroughly handled throughout a majority of the game, a fourth quarter comeback was thwarted at the hands of the Tigers’ Lorenzo Williams, who drove Reesing into the cold, wet endzone for a safety.

Missouri went on to win the game 36-28, claim the top spot in the polls, and promptly mess themselves against Oklahoma in the Big 12 Championship. They rebounded with a win over Arkansas in the Cotton Bowl later, but it was only half the tale their season could have been.

Kansas, meanwhile, dropped to seventh in the AP poll but still managed to procure an Orange Bowl win— in their first BCS bowl ever—against the Virginia Tech Hokies. 

Still, nothing compared to that one night in Kansas City in front of 80,000 screaming fans, and under the watchful eyes of a nation. A week away from the next—and perhaps final—installment of the classic rivalry, treat yourself to a replay of that spectacular night… well, if you’re a Missouri fan. If you’re a Kansas fan, maybe you should… I don’t know… watch highlight reel footage of Bill Self combing his rug or something.

2007 Border Showdown, 1 PM Sunday, MeTV

This weekend’s spate of NFL games is really pretty awful. No, seriously. Look at the schedule.

Jaguars at Cleveland? Um, okay.

Buffalo at Miami? Yeah, I suppose you could watch that… if you’re Matt Moore’s mom.

Dallas at Washington? Lame.

Seattle at St. Louis? I’d rather home-neuter my cat.

Arizona at San Francisco? Dud.

The only game that seems to be of reasonable intrigue (well, maybe aside from the Eagles at the Giants) is the San Diego Chargers game in Chicago. And really, it’s merely of interest because both teams seem to be a bit fraudulent. Allow me to explain.

The San Diego Chargers are bad. Phillip Rivers is having an awful year, their running game remains inconsistent and yet somehow, they’re still madly in contention for a playoff spot, even after pissing away their last four games. Ladies and gentlemen, your AFC West!

And while I generally happen to think that the Chargers are ALWAYS overrated—Norv Turner is probably more of the putz he used to be thought of as, and less of the guy who people now think he is—I’m still having a hard time believing that they’re this bad.

Da Bears, meanwhile, are on the opposite side of the spectrum. They’re winning with RB Matt Forte (whose suddenly outstanding performance lends credence to the “contract year-play” arguments) and an interception-happy defense that has an average age of 62. They’re really riding high on a tidal wave of turnovers at the moment, though, which can’t last forever.

So what gives? The quarterback who leads the league in interceptions, or the team who’s second in intercepting? I know that sounds funny, and obvious, but I don’t think there’s anyway Rivers plays as bad on Sunday as he has so far this year. He’s bound to start putting it together at some point.

Still don’t think they win on Sunday, in Chicago, though.  But they could still easily win the AFC West.

That’s right… once again, ladies and gentlemen, your AFC West!

San Diego @ Chicago, 3:15pm, Sunday


Oklahoma is hoping to rebuild their national title hopes, but it ain’t gonna be easy without the NCAA’s career receptions leader Ryan Broyles. Broyles, who tore his ACL in the Sooner’s win against Texas A&M, had more than double the number of receptions and almost twice as many yards as Kenny Stills, their number two receiver.

In a word, devastating.

In more words, though, it’s worth noting that:

A)        Oklahoma has NEVER lost to Baylor, Saturday’s opponent

B)        Landry Jones is pretty damned good, no matter who he’s throwing to

C)        Baylor barely eked out a victory against a terrible Kansas team last week

D)        Like him or lump him, Bob Stoops knows what he’s doing


A)        Robert Griffin III is better than Jones

B)        Baylor is sick at home, averaging 49 points per game.

C)        Robert Griffin III

D)        Robert Griffin III

Yes, the man who I’d be ecstatic to see in a Chiefs’ uniform next season is a remarkable talent both through the air and on the ground. He’s completing an amazing 74.2 percent of his passes and averaging 4.1 yards per carry. Simply put, a super-human beast.

It’s a team sport, however, to gangbang the shit out of a tired (but true) cliché, and I’m not delusional enough to think Baylor wins this game. It should be a barn-burner, though, and a helluva lotta fun to watch.

Oklahoma @ Baylor, 7pm Sat, ABC

Happy viewing, everybody. 

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