Glazer: Get Ready for the Witch Hunts; Guilty Until Proven Innocent?

Now we’re into the children and sex scandal witch hunts era…

Trust me, there’ll be more – this is a great news grabber. Yes, the Penn State story with Jerry Sandusky seems to be tragically real. And it makes all of us sick. However, beware of the "burn’em at the stake" mentality that usually accompanies from these horrible events.

Yesterday came part two. Not to be upstaged, Bobby Davis has accused Syracuse assistant basketball coach Bernie Fine of abusing him over a 15 year period starting when he was 12 or 13  (he’s 39 now). This was backed up by his half brother who was abused years ago as well.

But unlike Penn State’s Joe Paterno, Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim came out immediately and said it was bullshit.That Davis had lied before and was just in it for the money.

Know what, I tend to believe Boeheim.

Because of the time line and the horrible interview I watched with both young men on TV. Both guys were all over the road, and few specific details other than Fine repeatedly touching their "private parts," Not altogether convincing.

Although the ESPN reporter who investigated Davis’ claims 8 years ago said the details of his story were "remarkably consistant."

Look, back in the day some little girls yelled, WITCH and several people got hung and burned at the stake. I should know. During the ever popular Drug Kings era, I was said to be the leader of the KC Drug Mob by two informants.


So I was indicted, became the poster child for cocaine use in KC and faced life in prison.

And 99% of the public believed the lies. It was sorta fun to listen to them burn the witch – the witch being ME.  I got no interviews with the feds for three months and meanwhile the media kept pounding me.

My crime was I snorted coke like 20 million other adults on the weekends. So "lets hang him."  

Finally, a good assistant U.S. attorney and my lawyers interviewed 35 people who did tell the truth. All of them said, I WAS NOT A DEALER..some admitted to using with me, some were big name people from sports and entertainment. They all told the truth. Finally the two informants, who gave them me to save their own asses, took lie detctor tests and failed.

See, they were the ones caught with coke and other drugs, not me. I barely knew them.

So what’s the point? Lets see what comes out first before we start hating on coach Fine. There will be more of these now and some of them will undoubtedly be true. However some may not be true.

So lets not start burning the WITCH just yet. We do have a legal system, let it go to work. Remember in America you are innocent to proven guilty. Yeah,, right.

Look, nobody wants someone to get away with this kind of crime, but when this becomes the "battle cry" of the evil do-gooders, laws change and innocent people can get jacked.

Remember OJ Simpson? Yes, he killed both of those people, that was clear to anyone who went to the sixth grade in school. Yet he was quitted. But because of that case, women now can simply point at YOU and say, "He hit me" and brother you’re under arrest. Simple as that, no evidence needed.

If a man says, "She hit me," good luck. Her word is golden yours isn’t And I don’t want to see that happen again. As we all know OJ got his later. Simpson will be in his 70’s when he gets out of the Nevada State Prison, where he’s doing18 years today for kidnapping and theft.

As for the Gary Pinkel DUI, well I think most of us have driven home a bit drunk before. He made a mistake, but nobody was hurt and he was not crazy drunk, so give the guy a break. He’s being punished and I doubt it will happen again.

Enough said.

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72 Responses to Glazer: Get Ready for the Witch Hunts; Guilty Until Proven Innocent?

  1. Downtown Davey says:

    Yes This Is A Strong and Valid Point
    Craig I was not that up to the minute on your situation. Surely that has soured your judgement on these current issues. Yet, your points are well taken. These things too often have a life of their own. Too many ‘nice poeple’ try to fly them up the flagpole to gain attention for themselves and not help anyone. So yes lets let the legal system work on this issue and not our imaginations.

  2. smartman says:

    Apples and Orangemen
    Unlike the State Penn situation the Syracuse accusations by all reasonable accounts were thoroughly and properly investigated with no improper conduct being found. Second, if they were true or had a whiff of guilt I don’t think Coach Boeheim would have retained Bernie on his (no pun intended) staff.

    I’m MORE INTERESTED in whether Robert Wagner or Christopher Walken WHACKED Natalie Wood.

  3. harley says:

    after being indicted….the 3 months of waiting…the media pounding on you…and then going thru the time
    when the 35 people were interviewed….how did you handle it personally…emotionally…and
    how did you keep going during that time. It seems like it woulod be hell on earth to have to face
    all that….how did you make it?

  4. Johnny says:

    where is harley hiding?
    didnt even read this pos articel…just wondering….


  5. Johnny says:

    you fucking hypocrite
    “”So lets not start burning the WITCH just yet. We do have a legal system, let it go to work. Remember in America you are innocent to proven guilty.””

    “”However, beware of the “burn’em at the stake” mentality that usually accompanies from these horrible events.””

    WTF????…you worthless fucking hypocrite!!!

    Just last week you were witch hunting and burning Joe Paterno at the stake BEFORE ANYTHING was known…
    5 words glazer…. FUCK YOU, YOU FUCKING HYPOCRITES!!!! You are guilty as sin… yet you casted the first stone….

    you are goona burn muthafkr….. no doubt……. your time is gonna come….

  6. devils advocate says:

    lay off glazer…hes just playing devils advocate
    glazer, thanks for giving a good side of a story that needs to be examined. personally, i think that sandusky is totally guilty (like most of us do and for obvious reasons). for him to not have killed himself yet is a huge surprise to me. i think he is so incredibly deranged that he might believe he has a chance to beat this. but if the penn state stuff happens to empower just a few people to feel it is okay to come forward and finally free themselves from the pain of this grotesque and disgusting apparent epidemic then i think it is great. but like glazer is saying some people are going to be in it for the $$$. it seems that it is instinctive for some to try to get theirs in the most psychotic ways. even if it means throwing someone to the wolves of the media, meanwhile disparaging their character and making us always think, even if they are found innocent, that they might be guilty. i don’t have much faith in the court system and it is for reasons that glazer pointed out like the o.j. thing. or the west memphis three thing. face it, this is a sick world and nothing really should surprise us. the pope and his ch$rch have been covering up things like this and worse for centuries. people still kiss his ring which is drenched in blood, and echoes the cries of children who screamed for help from his evil god who did nothing while they suffered the same as sandusky’s victims. mcqueary saw what happened, went to his superiors with the information, and they just did what the pope and other religious leaders do………..NOTHING

    great column glazer

  7. Gods Advocate says:

    no mercy
    IF glazer had EVER laid off anybody, or anything, at any time people might be inclined to lay off him….but the fact of the matter is that POS glazer deserves ALL of the shit that is thrown his way. MAYBE… if he quit being such a blow hard, bgragging, BSing piece of shit, then people would not be so mean to him… but as it is…. he reaps what he sows…. fk him.

  8. bart says:

    yer fulla sh*
    those of us that lived in l.a. know that asian and central american drug dealers framed oj.

    which makes me think that you were guilty, of peddling dope.

    and might be a child molester too…

  9. chuck says:

    “Here’s Johnny…,er…, Harley!!!”
    You have one hand over an eye, driving the crazy train to Harley’s house.


    You two fuckers are batshitnuts.

    Honestly, the both of you express yourselves exactly the same.

    You and Harley’s pathetic, predictable, peurile, provincial, panderings, relating to this subject, are an embarassment to both KU and MU, if in fact you two cretins actually attended college at all.

    In my opinion, you two mental doppelgangers should just get it over with and fuck.

  10. harley says:

    Johnny d…
    sorry thing happen I can’t control. Pinkel had a few drinks (we all do) and got stopped and arested. Okay its
    gonna cost him $250K…the guy makes 2.5 million a year….still a great coach…jusst got drunk…nobody was hurt
    thank god and thats not something i can control. He will be punished…j david…what can i do to further the
    punishment……..luckily noone got hurt…they stopped him and now he pays the price…much like all your
    friends in prison….could you control those people? You couldnt and they pay the price.
    I see you’re in a serious war with glaze. I understad you are in the italian restaurant family from downtown.
    Johnny D…good luck…hope you never run into glaze…because you’re ready for a major problem.
    yOU’RE disgracing your father….your brother ..your in laws…ssiter in law…your entire family by these comment.
    If you have a problem either go face it…but stop these terrible comments about “burning” and the hatred you
    are putting on here. This is not the place to rage your anger with comments like that. Get real and please
    calm down. This is not good for you or your family’s reputation in this town. Calm down. this is so not like
    a person like yourself….


  11. bschloz says:

    The guy is a dead ringer for Barney Frank, no?

    I’m so disgusted with the news flow right now..PSU,Sandusky,MU, Pinkel, Syracuse,Embezzlements, — I want to read the front page before the Sports page.

    Gas is $3.04 in KCMO while Oil busted thru $103 somethings gotta give?
    $GS $MS $BAC in total free fall— Housing and Construction in a depression.
    10yr trading and 2% — Italian – Spanish -French yields are blowing the eff out (All to big to bail)
    John Corzine and $MF another annoying swindle leveraged 40-1— $600 million of Joe Blow’s cash unaccounted for?
    Tip of the Iceberg?

  12. Johnny says:

    lmao at glazer and harley, the town drunks
    BWAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA… galzer and harley crack me up…… first they balh balh balh about how “certainb types of comments are bad” THEN…….. THEY MAKE THOSE EXACT TYPE OF COMMETS!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA SO FREEEKIN FUNNY!!!

    HEY!!!! HEY HARLEY ….TELL US ALL ABOUT YOUR HERO, YOUR DRUNKEN FOOTBALL BALL COACH from loser mu, juts like you loser harely…… are such a pathetic goof…… you have been balthering for 4 years …now you tell other what they can and can not post.

    both of you….. glazer and harley…… are a joke……

  13. Johnny says:

    glazer should fix his own house, before he witch hunts
    btw- notice how hypocrite galazer did not even comment about how he was witch hunting last week and this week he is crying like a bitch about how his drug dealing landed him in jail and turned him in to a snitch to get out early….. he has narced out so many mnay people for doing what he did. He turned in his friends….. fking POS.

    NOW……. glazer witch hunts Joe Paterno for doing nothing…. while he pays whores to have sex while 12 year old kids watch, and who knows what else…… that is what too much drugs and booze will do to one’s mind……. fuck this fucking pevert galzer….. calling out others when he needs to look in the mirror, and I dont mean to snort another line…. glazer is a good for nothing, roid raged, drunken, doped up idiot.

    fix your own house glazer, before judging ANYONE else.. you worthless puke.

  14. Johhny says:

    hey look!!!! 4 more comments for glazergirl
    when glazer stops being a bragging, full-of-BS, blowhard, hypocrite (one week witch hunting Joe Paterno, the next week asking for sympathy for himself)(fk him) THEN I will back off pointing out the truth about him.

    In the mean time I might advise you to caution them (glazer and his butt buddy harley) about calling people out by name and describing people. If they are wrong, then they/you might be libel… but heck, I dont know how all that works, and as far as I am concerned, I could not care less…. I just dont want to see hearne get in trouble….. but glazer accosting and then punching the wrong dude??, sounds like something that idiot, roid raged drug addict would do. Fkg stupid punk bitch glazer assaulting (premeditated) an unsuspecting person, getting into a fight…. oh my… guess it is a good thing he is BEST buddys with the cops.

    anyway….. when glazer shuts the fuck up with his stupid BS, so will I.

  15. mermaid says:

    All of you scare me…
    I hope this Xmas party doesn’t turn into utter mayhem and chaos. Bullets, tires slashed, someone getting really hurt in a fight, and that is just what my imagination just thought. This is fire playing with fire and I happen to know who’s fire is stronger and someone is seriously underestimating the other. Robertoe – you can stand by me and take any stray bullets. Hearne you might hire Securitas for the evening to wand all incoming. I can see the headline now- “When blogging goes wrong- the serious side to an otherwise harmless pastime” “Local blogging site party turns deadly” or “Ten arrested last night when extreme fighting broke out at Jardines- turns out not gang related but all were local bloggers on a local KC site!” Funny, but not.

  16. Merle Tagladucci says:

    Hey Johnny, got a couple of questions for you. By now it’s clear that Craig kind of owns you. There’s a backstory here that we’re not all privy to but that’s neither here nor there. What’s important is how every time he posts a story or a comment here you start foaming at the mouth. There’s an obvious Pavlov’s dog reaction taking place. You’re unable to control yourself. So, maybe you could help the rest of us understand the man behind the man…the real Johnny. How about we start with a few basic questions.

    Are you currently on medication? What about mood stabilizers? Have you ever been diagnosed with panic disorders, experienced anxiety attacks or struggled with manic depression? Bouts of rage or battled anger issues? When was your last physical? Are you overdue for a checkup?

    Do you often notice black helicopters following you as you go on about your day?

    If you answered no to most of those questions, and if Craig gets your goat so badly, why then my man do you bother subjecting yourself to the anguish of reading what he writes here? And then spend so much time responding? If your thoughts were more well thought out and had a little more polish to them I’d think hey, this guy is lucid, sharp and seems to be trying to tell us something important. But that’s not what we’re seeing. So, a few more questions…

    Is someone forcing you to come to Hearne’s site? Have your children been kidnapped and the kidnappers are demanding that you read Craig’s columns every day? Or, are you perhaps a masochist? Do you enjoy inflicting pain on your body? Are you a cutter? Do you have an inordinate amount of knives in your house?

    I only ask because there seems to be real, true pain dripping from each sentence that you type. I feel it. I would be crushed if you were unable to get a handle on your situation, snapped one day and walked into a department store with a loaded gun, picking people off because you just couldn’t take it anymore. I have a lot of friends in this town. Everyone here does. Don’t let your condition affect our lives. We talk a little smack in the comments section from time to time but we keep it fairly loose. Nothing hateful. Poisoning the comments section on an internet blog site is one thing, if that’s all you ever amount to…but destroying the lives of innocent people is another.

    So just in case, here’s a link I want you to check out: – As the saying goes, “Only you can ask for help.” This is what they want you to know:

    “The decision to seek help can be a difficult one. Our staff is trained to assist individuals in crisis. We guide them in taking the first steps that lead to healthy, productive lives.”

    If you need to call, their number is 1(800) 225-8577. Even if you’re out wandering the streets at 4am and have no bars left on your cell, you can call that number from a pay phone. It’s toll-free. Their staff is available 24/7 to take your call. Write that number down on a piece of paper and put it in your wallet.

    Best of luck with everything Johnny. And don’t forget, I’m pulling for you.

  17. chuck says:

    Merle is right Johnny.
    Turn it down a notch.

    While the subject matter of some topics can be serious, this blog caters mostly to local dish and personality takes (Like The Glaze).

    Your like Harley on steroids.

    Really. Don’t take the stuff Glaze writes about so seriously. Of course, Glaze’s brobdingnagian egotistical takes will draw negative comments. It wouldn’t be any fun if it didn’t. Get it? FUN.

    It takes all kinds to fill up the freeway, and thats why its such an interesting world. Pull off at the next exit and catch a nap. 🙂

  18. chuck says:

    Does anybody else think
    that “Johnny” might be one of Harley’s personalities?

  19. mermaid says:

    I have noticed..
    That both Johnny and Harley tend to skip letters and get letters dyslexic alot. If they are the same then Harley is even more mental than I imagined. I would like to get a glimpse of this guy at the KCC party. Like waiting around for the bigfoot creature or the lochness monster- will he show up and will we get a picture!

  20. Johnny says:

    just trying to help make kcc better
    I did not read most of that drivel…. but I get the idea…anyway..

    I only resemble harley when I am copying his style…trying to show him how it llooks to rant is all caps…. and it has helped him, take notice foilks…there is mnore here than meets the eye.

    I am not simply ranting…… I am trying to do some good…. esp with idiot boy raidrage glazer..that fkn worthless drunkard

    No I had no issues with glazer until he started blathersing hsi bullshit here on KCC. It was one thing when it was only in comments, it is anothernow that he makes makes threads only to balther on and on and on and on about his drivel. I just call it like I see it… and he is a blow hard asshole. If he wrote informative interesting posts then I would not spend so much time making fun of what an idiot he is.

    Combining his child like brain with too much booze…. add in all the coke/meth he does and then he shoot up some steroid??…and viola you have this roid rage insans person…it is easy to spot. ANYWAY ….when he starts going crazy in public and hitting people the evidence is here that it was premediatated and it shows that he has some anger control/management issues….. so now, we are just waiting for the fireworks to go off.

  21. Johnny says:

    btw- you guys better watch out, if you keep giving me (unwanted) attention, you might anger galzer even more than he already is, and who knows what the roidrager will do to you… beware… keep th foucs on galzer, or he will throw a tantrum

    mermaid, hmmmmmm as I was reading above… and ummmmm…. looked at you comments hoping for mayhem and bodily injury, cars damaged, people shot and stabbed?….. sigh :(…. that really speaks volumns about you and how you think… kind of sad.

    I have NEVER threatened anyone here, I only post my opinion. Ya’ll wanna be careful about making threats… just sayin.

  22. mermaid says:

    Not at all hoping for anything of the sort. Just saying with all this anger we are going to be like sitting ducks in Jardines. I don’t want to see that was the point. Read it again. I was a little serious about security though. What if some weirdo decides to go awol on us?

  23. Merle Tagladucci says:

    Mermaid, ever notice how harley and johnny…….are both in love with the overly long ellipsis…….always shows up in both their posts…….keeps happening…….over and over……….

    It doesn’t take a professional to diagnose harley/jojo/johnny. He wants to be friends with Craig and needs Craig to acknowledge him here but he also hates Craig for being successful and living a lifestyle he’ll never know. Desperation is a stinky cologne. Loneliness is a keyboard’s best friend.

  24. mermaid says:

    Think you are probably right. Only difference is Johnny has more hate involved for Craig than Harley ever did. So if this is Harley’s way of depicting hatred on Craig than I say time for Harley to check in to nearest mental ward soon. Oh well keeps me entertained as well as the rest of you so I will keep reading it because I find it humorous and depraved.

  25. Johnny says:

    There is no hate, or anger, I am only posting as a fan of KCC and posting my opinion that glazer is bad for the site. He can not make a post or write a stroy without shoving himself to the front of it. He turns story of Smokin Joe into a glazer story…he turns a Penn state story in to a glazer story he turns a Pinkle DWI into a glazer story… that stupid self-centered douchebag thinks he is the greatest, and I am here to inform you that he is not. He is a drugged up, roided up, boozed up blow-hard. It is easy to see from his stories what an insecure little puss he is. I guarantee someday when he sobers up he will regret what he posted here. I ahve seen it many many times

    I amnea, come on, His only reply to critics is to want to meet after school for a fist fight?….. and you people admire that? really?

    In the beginning KCC was a classy site, and it can be again….. but not with stories by, for and only about glazer.

    I dont comment on his every story..juts one where he is pathetic…like this one…where he is saying dont do witch hunts…where just last week he was wicth hunting Penn state…. what an idiot,,,,, Iguess all the drugs and booze are fucking up his memory

    I assure you I am not jojo or harley….but he is another hypocite…..balthering on and on and on and on…IN ALL CAPS…and then telling other not to do that,,,,, wtf?

    Oh and mermaid, I did reread you comments, they were not as inflaming as I thought, I was wrong, I am sorry.

    May i offer a tip to you?. Dont come at people you dont know.. dont insult them,, dont insult me. You dont know me. I have been very polite to you, I have not insulted you. I liked you first story about snow…,BUT I stopped reading your second story the moment you started name dropping… Sweetie, try to avoid glazers mistakes. Write the story about the subject… keep the focus on the subject….dont start telling us how it relates to you, or how you did….or you you you…. I liked you story about Snow, you told us something we did not know….. I would love more of that. Tell us about places we may not know about. Keep it professional, dont be a glazer. good luck to you darling….. lets keep it real. xoxo

    as for the commenters….. sorry you are not worth my time

  26. chuck says:

    This is the creepiest thread I have ever read, on ANY site.

    Goddamn Harley is NUTS!!!!!!

    Dude is unraveling right before our eyes. A descent into madness and chaos. Wow.

    Harley’s brain is made up of Pin*Bot Pinball machine parts, screwed together at random and all the fuckin balls are in play all the fuckin time.


  27. Merle Tagladucci says:

    No time for the commenters? You just typed 500 words in response to one. Come on kid. Give us a reason to think you’re not just really, really lonely.

  28. harley says:

    NO WAY…this guy is off the hook. Glaze knows that. He says its someone he shared a girl with.
    I m not jhnny….he’s been outed as a family member from downtown.
    glaze knows it. I am not that nuts to put those kind of posts up here. and johnny goes after
    me too…attacking me consistently as much as he attacks glaze.
    Glaze out this guy and get hearne to stop his comments which are exactly what hearne
    said was gong to be stopped.
    I have nothing to do with this nut job. I comment with facts…and some fun but I’ve never
    talked about the crap this guy is talking about.
    As far as mermaid…your attackas against me will stop or I will tell the truth about you and your
    past…no lies…I know you have issues lately but you are also steppign out of bounds here…
    chuck…you’ve been an instigator on this stie…i can find out who you are very easily so its
    best you learn to control your threats.
    I ‘ve never threatened anyone on here…including glaze. We will agree to diagre buty thiese
    comments are getting too much for everyone. Hearne stop them now or you will be in
    trouble…serious trouble.
    I know many people vin this cty…i have many friend with many of these people…know lots about
    glaze…but the comments by johnny are just way out of line and cross the boundary of civl ad
    I like glaze..have been his fan and also his critic…but i have never gone off like this johnny guy.
    Glaze take care of this or give us the guys name…we can take care of things from there.

  29. Shirley Ardell Mason says:

    This Harley guy is very scary.
    Call Dr. Wilbur, now.

  30. Bob mcintosh says:

    Its always all about Glazer no matter what the story. And Glaze is a punk and and has had his ass kicked many times. So stop as you do in all things….PRETENDING to be a tough guy. U aren’t. Puss

  31. Johnny says:

    Well good mermaid 🙂 I actually suspected that, belive it or not. It seemed out of place. After you first story was so good, I knew did not need a crutch of name dropping to make your stories. I really would like to read more from you, and I bet all us cavemen here could use (NEED) more of a womans perspective…Hell I could use some fashion advice…. I am not kidding. Give us some tips on how to stop being heathens. Fashion changes so much I lost track…. Or maybe tell us a good place to take a date that we might not (as in NEVER) think of … I have no idea, I dont even know what I dont know……. maybe ask some of your female friends so it is not too narrow.

    Good luck mermiad, I look forward to reading more from you… Cheers!

    I swear, I have an objective with the galzer bashing… it is to get him to write NON glazer stories…. if he is so smart, I wish he would tell us something besides how great he thinks he is. .,…….. if that happens, I stop bashing…. it is not personal it is about helping KCC

    sorry the rest of you heathens… no time for you…. 😉

  32. Johnny says:

    wanna see a harley impression?
    OK OK…cant help myself… gonna do an impression, ya’ll like impressions?

    Here is my harley impression…..(from his last post)(using Edgar G Robinson gangsta voice)

    OK, see… lemme tell ya all how things are gonna be, umkay…. ya see??
    yerall gonna fall line, see? ya see? Im in charge here, me an glazer…ya see?
    Chuck…. oh Chuck……. yer in trouble …see? youve always had it out me…Oh yeah , I could
    find out who you are…and we could let ya have it….on a dime ..ya see?… you better walk a chalk see?

    and ….oh mermaid sister, yous better starts acting right, see? Yous always had it out for me, see?
    you better stop yer instigatin…. or I’ll find out who you is… and tell everyone!!! see?

    and then ole Johny …. oh Johnny yous in big trouble…me and glaze gonna let you have it …see?
    we goona find out who you are…see? We knows people!!!!! wez gots friends in this town, ya see?
    ya see?….. we’re gonna take care of ya see?….either glaze or me….. wez a gonna get ya….
    and then we’re gonna clean up this whole website….

    hehehehehehehe… oh harley harley harley….. just be a good boy and stop being such an ALL CAPS freek, and it will all be ok…. ya see?…. even if you are a mu moron… we can let that slide…cuz the ass kicking you have coming from the SEC… you will be begging to come back home…acting all humble…. and as mean as I am, I dont kick a man when he is down…..

  33. chuck says:

    Coo Coo for Cocoa Puffs.

    Coo Coo for Cocoa Puffs.

    Harley’s not here Mrs. Torrance.

    HARLEY/JOJO/JOHNNY: “You talkin to me?”

    TRAVIS BICKLE: “No you fuckin whack job, I am NOT talkin to you!”

  34. chuck says:

    Excuse me?
    “chuck…you’ve been an instigator on this stie…i can find out who you are very easily so its
    best you learn to control your threats. ”

    Harley/JoJo/Johnny, I havn’t made any threats.

    I have, and will continue to enjoy and lampoon your many personalities, all of which are bipolar, unpredictable and in need of heavy medication.

    I assume your intent on “finding out who I am” is to give me good thrashing.

    I am sure I deserve it.

    I am at Coaches 4 or 5 nights a week.

    It will be fun to see which of your personalities shows up.


  35. mermaid says:

    I like writing…
    But this blogging is too much fun sometimes like right now. Chuck you are funny. Travis Bickle as Harley – “Here is a man who would not take it anymore. A man who stood up against the scum, the dogs, the filth, the shit. Here is a man who stood up.” Lol!

  36. chuck says:

    I am hoping Harleys next incarnation is female.

    Now THAT would be a hoot.


  37. Nurse Ratched says:

    You all are so mean. Just imagine poor harleys head right now. In a vise, squeezing tighter and tighter as his eyes start bulging and his brains slowly start to get squeezed tighter and tighter and then, and then, you talking to me? you talking to me? and then BOOM!!!!!!!

  38. mermaid says:

    Where’s Craig?
    Now I know when you are at work you always get on the computer so why no blogs from you- maybe you are Johnny or Harley? I just don’t know anymore. It can boggle one’s mind trying to figure out who’s who. Quoting movie characters? Sounds like Craig to me. Has anyone ever thought that?

  39. Johnny says:

    what topics next mermaid?howbout great,affordable Xmasgifts?
    LOL, only the people behind Jonnny glazer and harley know for sure….. and you can take it from me, those 3 profiles are 3 different people…. I mean glazer is a nut job…. but to portay Johnny and then threaten Johnny like he has, yikes that is too crazy to blend in.

    Now, sometimes “othes” will use these names , but one can generally tell it is identifity theft based on the uncharacteristic post…for instance glazer admitting he is an asshole or harley saying something sane (he is too crazy to blend in)…. the one thing/person you can depend on is Johnny, me, is the good guy of the bunch. Fighting for truth Jusice and (what used to be) the American way

    So inconclusion…It was Col Mustard in the Kitchen with the pip wrench.

  40. Merle Tagladucci says:

    Why do I hear Gene Gene The Dancing Machine’s music every time this clown posts something?

  41. Johnny says:

    another idea(s)
    I would also like to hear some great “opening lines” / ice breakers / unusual things / unusal places…. things like that….. we need some more mermaid threads, so we dont have to keep posting here, it kind of a bad part of town…errrr bad part of KCC

  42. Harley says:

    I melt with you.

  43. Johnny says:

    That is a great example of identity theft… uncharacteristic post…. oh well, boys will be boys

    ya’ll watching this Edwards Vs Stewart race?

  44. mermaid says:

    You all are just going to have to wait till Tue because I have been under the weather. I’ll have 2 stories this week.

  45. Johnny says:

    Sorry to hear you are not feeling well mermaid.

    Try to get your rest, drink your orange juice, eat you Campbells veggie soup
    and when you feel better, come on back and share some your wisdom. Get well soon.

  46. Not Another Fool says:

    Where More Than Two Fools Met
    Y’all are idiots, each and every one of you who actually gets mad at the Glaze or defends him. Glaze is the head, the top, the branch-manager; ya’ll’s fools working for the King of Fool. Consider the following comments:

    1) Rumor has it Glaze, that you were guiltier than hell in your most recent bust, and you narced your way out of a long jail sentence. Advice for the rest of you; if the Glaze stridently disagrees about this, then you can safely bet the rumor’s true (see comment 4) ,

    2)Glaze, only trite know-nothings think we’re all “innocent until proven guilty” in this country. “Probable cause” is the standard for an arrest, and “probable cause” in this context means the opinion of law enforcement is that you “probably” committed the crime. You either are guilty or you’re not….You don’t start out innocent and then magically become guilty.

    3. Here is the correct interpretation of “innocent until proven guilty”; In a CRIMINAL TRIAL, the judge and jury are supposed to TEMPORARILY treat Glazer as if Glazer….. whoops! I mean “the defendent” … .. is innocent until and unless the prosecutor proves guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.. Anyone else in the world has every right in the world to conclude the guilty person is actually guilty, which is often obvious.

    4. A good rule of thumb when trying to ascertain the truth about an incident involving the Glaze is that the truth is the opposite of what ever Glaze says it is. A case in point; Glaze says the truth is that he produced a boxing documentary. If you then assume Glaze did NOT produce the documentary, you’ll be correct. In this case, Glaze was one of several ASSOCIATE producers, which is as close to being the actual producer as a gas pumper/bug scrubber is to being the President of Exxon.

    4. It’ was fun to have grown up around the Glaze….. We who did learned not to believe a word he said, but still we could enjoy some fine entertainment, provided from this modern day joker/jester. Comic relief can be provided by a comedy club owner in more than one way…….

  47. jim says:

    lmao, you are the biggest fool to post here yet. here is tip for you, stfu, you fool.

  48. Ranger Danger says:

    The Real Story
    I been hearing lots of tales about Glazer’s last bust. They say he narc’d his whole crew to get a “deal”. Is that true or legend? Can some good soul direct me to the solid facts? Kinda tired of rumors, and can’t form opinion without facts. Thanking you in advance!

  49. Craig Glazer says:

    Look Rats and Dealers
    There was no crew, the KC Star and all media covered the phony bust, ALL OF THEM REPORTED THE FINAL STORY, UNLESS THEY WERE IN MY CREW TOO..when you cooperate thats not a secret. I also went on all media the day of the NOT GUILTY OF DEALING but just using…and NOBODY NOBODY NOBODY CALLED IN AND SAID CRAIG GAVE ME UP OR MY BROTHER OR ANYTHING CLOSE. Furthermore dealer Bubba, Johnny and Ron….I only wish there was a way to have locked you up….pill dealing punk. I have sworn not to threaten violence anymore so I won’t….


    Its funny in prison we had RAT FINDERS like these guys…one thing we were taught, the rat finders usually are rats themselves…more often then not that was true….

    So in conclusion, nobody from the FBI asked about a crew, there was none and they knew it, the Feds admitted a mistake was made in open court, that Glazer had only used coke and shared with his friend or friends….nothing unusal there…the judge said and I quote, also was in KC Star, “Mister Glazer if it was up to me I would set you free, from the letters and your own testimony at sentencing I believe you and so does the government. The evidence shows you to be NOT GUILTY OF ANYTHING BUT POOR JUDGEMENT using cocaine yourself, YOU ARE MUCH MORE VALUABEL IN THE COMMUNITY THAN OUT OF IT.” She gave me the minium by law a three month half way house and a three month house arrest….END OF THE TRUE STORY AND ALL ON THE RECORD UNLIKE YOUR PRETEND LIES AND MADE UP COWARDLY STORIES…..go find an old cow to kick Bubba and pals, your day will come. The only rat is you.

  50. harley says:

    enough of teh war storys glazer
    you are old lets face it. you pay hookers and bang them in front og there kids. you are scum. so stick to woodside hottie stories and leave the morality to someoen else. Mermaid I might come to the jardines party just to give you a dance or two. Show you what a real man looks like. Maybe i will bring my woman we swing. wink wink.

  51. Craig Glazer says:

    Harley Pick A Side Boy
    WTF, now you are being a wacko! Just chill ok? Stay out of the way of these other monkeys huh. I have seperated you from them. I know its one or two guys, not you, I hope, that are nut jobs. Don’t you be one. Ok…thank you.

  52. Piper says:

    It is one or two guys, see? all I gotta do is get rid of one or two guys, see? then it will all be ok, see? just one or two, maybe three…possibly four, but once they are outta the way, then it is clear sailing, see? and if anyone else comes, we will get rid of them too, see? Dont need no one posting other opinions, see?, there is only one way, my way or the highyway, see?

    so harley, you better stay outta the way, see? or there is gonna be trouble, see? there is only room here for one opinion.

  53. Jeff Spero says:

    Worked With Craig For Decades
    I was with Craig in Arizona. Roomate. I was also an agent in Kansas with him in the 70’s. I never comment but I am so angry with what I read here from sometimes from these insane people. Craig NEVER gave up anyone. He didn’t have too, he was a cop, like me. In his recent case, which I attended all hearings, recent being 2001, he was never asked to do that, nor would he if asked. Craig simply was a target cause he was high profile and anounced he was running for mayor of Kansas City agains Kay Barnes. They, the Barnes camp, wanted him out, so they used this method to stop him. Simple as that. Craig’s father, Stan replaced him in the race and nearly won. That means Craig may have won, he had more media attention and was younger than Stan. He helped Stan at that time.

    Known Craig and his family for 40 years plus. Went to high school and jr. high with Craig. We were best pals, still are good friends today. I long ago left the crazy world Craig lives in, but still see him and sometimes go to the comedy club. I can tell you two things about Craig Glazer. One his bravery is beyond question. I was in two fights with him against others, one in Arizona one in Kansas City. He is a tough guy, who won’t back down to anyone, ever. Craig has a big heart, he helps many people, always has, always will. I realize none of this matters to some of you gentlemen, but its simply the truth. He’s not perfect, he does have an ego, he does date young women and he sure has had a wild life. I have testifed for Craig more than once. I have not been in this ‘world’ for three decades, I have two grown sons who I love and they love me, for what its worth, he is a pretty damn good person. I wouldn’t be his friend if he wasn’t. So fire away, but all your mean comments are bs. I doubt any of you are half the man my friend Craig is or was.

  54. Karl says:

    doth lady protest too much me thinks

    Everyone has to do something for a living and glazer was narc who gave up his friends to shorten his jail time. To this day he works with law enforcement and is not to be trusted. He uses C.I.s to earn favors with LEOs which he trades for all sorts of things. e.g. favors comes in handy when it goes puiblic that he pays for whores and wants their kids to watch while they have sex. When the Police do the interview, there is “nothing to see here”, “move along, nothing to see.”

    Just drop the act glazer, we know the score. you are scum, deal with it.

  55. Karl says:

    and by the way,
    There is nothing new here, glazer has admitted to all of that, numerous times, right here on this blog, then he denies it? talk about being a schitzo. All one has to do is read here to see that glazer is a crazy bunch of guys…. but I guess that is what hanging out at bars (Jardines) every night, binge drinking and shooting up sterroids will do to a person.

  56. harley says:

    not my posts glaze…..
    11:16 am comment/2:58 post on sunday are not mine.
    the real harley….
    glaze…i don’t know who’s putting up all this shit about you…but in terms of this site it’s
    not needed nor wanted. we have all had tough times in the past and to use this site
    to bring them up should not occur. I don’t know much about your past besides whats on
    here so any comments are not mine.
    Should i continue to be attacked and my name used wrongly there will be one fucking incredble
    expose about all the fuckwads on this site…including chuck(we traced you to butch…know what i mean)…..johnny d…merle….etc.

    we have info….stop harasssing glaze or the others on here with this garbage. stick ot the subjects need to get
    all tight over things that don’t pertain to the story you are commenting on.

  57. Tips says:

    Maybe the best idea would be for glazer to stop drawing so much attention to himself. It seems like he is just begging for trouble.

  58. harley says:

    chuck you’re at coaches 4 times a week?
    You’re a drunk piece of shit loser. Whats even more surprising is that they let that pig you call your
    girlfriend into the bar. Heard she smells like shit! Owner said they’ll refuse that hog of yours service next
    time she tries to come in. Please give her a bath before you let her out of the pigpen!

  59. Downtown Davey says:

    Well Done Mr. Spero
    Yes, I believe you sir. I don’t know Craig like you do, but some of the super mean comments from these people would make anyone upset or mad. Hey its just a bunch of people with little to do with their time but jump on others who they likely don’t even know. I really don’t know Craig, but like you most of what I hear is good on the guy. Knew his father. So glad you jumped on and made some strong statements.

  60. chuck says:

    Mike Darby owns Coaches
    I have known him for 35 years. Used to work with his brother at Walter Mittys. The Darbys are a great family.

    I have probably put his kids thru college with the cash I burned down there.

    I don’t know anyone named Butch.

    Sounds like you really hate me. That would be a fundemental attribution error.

    I’ll drink to that.

  61. mark smith says:

    dont go from one extreme to another…
    WTF now you are going to go and change up? Look, you happen to be a major douche nozzle with an over inflated ego. Up until now you embraced that shit, wallowed in it like a hog in shit. If you are going to go all nondefensive and reasonable, Im gonna have to find another comment section to troll. Hearne makes a good point, you probably shouldnt name names when you threaten readers. But If you are gonna start acting like a mature sensible non ballistic rational human being, I’m done reading your tripe.

    c’mon, tell me to meet you in jardines parking lot, where you will set upon me and beat me about the head and neck. We’ll all feel better.

    ps harley
    . stop sweet talking chuck.

  62. Hearne Christopher says:

    I’m watching him. He’s right on the line.

  63. Hearne Christopher says:

    C’mon, Johnny. Try a little harder to stick with the facts. Glazer wasa user, not a dealer.

  64. Hearne Christopher says:

    Relax, Merm:

    Don’t believe anything you read and only half of what you see.

  65. Hearne Christopher says:

    I do not

  66. Hearne Christopher says:

    I agree, but things have changed

  67. Hearne Christopher says:

    Craig has no idea who Johnny is. He was convinced a commenter named Nick was Nick Wright a couple months back until he ran into Wright at Entercom

  68. Hearne Christopher says:

    Hate to blow your image, Karl but when it comes to drinking, Craig is a lightweight. And I don’t think he’s been to Jardine’s in over a year

  69. Hearne Christopher says:

    Trust me, if Craig had been dealing he would not have gotten off with a wrist slap and a buncha bad PR

  70. Hearne Christopher says:

    There are no such rumors and you know it, but nice try

  71. Hearne Christopher says:

    I thought you valued your credibility, H Man.

    Then why write something dumb about the kid story when you know it didn’t happen?

  72. Johnny says:

    You should be sure to sometimes also comment on kind, compimenting, good words posts, not just the mean SCREAMING ones ;). I make an effort to be sure to say kind/good (Yin the yang) things here too (maybe under various names)(gotta keep up my Johnny Bad mage) but you only ever seem to notice/respond to posts which are… well…. not so nice.

    I am here to make it better, really.

    Lets see if we really convinced your buddy glazer to write some articles which dont mention himself or his club or some other fking self promoting BS……. and lest see if maybe your sports guy will expand what he consdiers worthy to be told…. and it seems we all are excited for mermaid’s next offering…..

    hearne keep expanding…the more the merrier….

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