Glazer: Scribe Scratches His Hairy Mop & Hatches Another Slate of Gimmies

What now is clearly another wasted three years for the Chiefs now needs fixing…

The Chiefs haven’t really had anything since Marty Ball but let’s skip the crying towel actio and get on with this week’s. They look nice and juicy, so lets see…



WISCONSIN -8 (tease) over Illinois

Georgia -24 over Kentucky(tease with above, must win both)

Arizona State -5 over Arizona (tease)

Oregan -8 1/2 over USC (tease)

Now on to the pros…


Jets -6 over Broncos (Thurs. night)

Green Bay -8 over Tampa Bay (tease)

New England -8 1/2 over KC (tease must win this and Packer game)

Chicago -3 1/2 over San Diego

Dallas -1 over Washington (tease)

San Fran. -3 over Arizona(tease)

Go Chiefs, go – and take the Royals with you wherever you’re going….enjoy!

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8 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Scratches His Hairy Mop & Hatches Another Slate of Gimmies

  1. ritchey says:

    Ritchey here, might want to look at the USC again. Hiw you hanging in there, Jeff and dad? Mort is pretty upset,.call you later this week, have a couple of things to run by you.

  2. chuck says:

    I agree that Chicago, Dallas and Frisco will Gore their opponents (Poor Kerowhack, Rivers is shot.).

    Kerowhack, don’t come back and tell me how bad the Cheifs are. The Chiefs defeated a thousand sheep, to die at the feet of a dozen wolves. I get it. The Chargers are a better team (Fuck Darren Sproles, who needs him?), for the moment, barely. The long descent into AFC mediocrity is at hand, and your GM is modestly qualified to comment on the Herschel Walker trade at this point.

    The Giants will let down against Philly (Vick’s Rib, what do ya think God coulda made outta that?) Vince Young will give them a scare and Philly might even win (If Eli, as he said, thinks he is “In the same conversation” as Tom Brady, it is only when the two of them are talkin about their wives, Mrs. Mannning is pretty hot.). So, I would take the underdog Philly and the 5.5.

    KC is minus 12.5. I betcha the Pats have this game in hand by the middle of the 3rd quarter. They sit Brady and the Chiefs close to within 10.

    JMO 🙂

  3. bschloz says:

    According to my dead tree media…IA ST. 37 – Okie St 31 WOW …this time of year is kind of a new season. Lot of break downs.

    I read Denver fans are buying Tebow jersey’s with JESUS on the back. Go ahead and fade that kid (ratings thru da roof)

    Looking forward to watching the Klein kid take on the Horns tonight. Odd #– KS State catching 7.5
    Bill Snyder AKA The AX Murderer has owned TX.

    Super Bowl Winner ….. Da Bears Time Stamp that shit.

  4. Orphan of the Road says:

    Looks like you hit the wall this week in college games
    But you have made enough to take this one in stride.

    All in all it appears the bookies have taken a beating this year in college games. Favs early on covered big spreads, now the antelopes are having a little lion on their plates.

  5. chuck says:

    Wow, imagine that, I am dead on the money.
    Ya gotta love my New York Giants/Philly take.

    Oh Yeah!!!

  6. Craig Glazer says:

    Another Poor Week For THE KING
    Well sports fans, horrible college week, like Zero picks, wow, Pro was good again, but missed one…so overall about 50%, not very good for the kid….bringing my yearly numbers down to the 80% level. We don’t like this drop off. Too many upsets…but thats life in the betting world…I will be ok if Pats beat Chiefs by 9 tonight….they will.

  7. Kerouac says:

    The REAL Patriot Way meets the knockoff
    Bernard Pollard has taken his ‘Bonecrusher’ heavy hitting ways away. So it is that I wonder as I wander: how bad will it be… only thing standing ‘tween an NFL-record setting 74 point offensive output by a finely-Krafted team will be demigod’s- I mean, Belichick’s mercy upon the soul His former java porter, egoli.

    New England Patriots: 999 (Brady’s NFL record-setting passing yards in tonight’s game too?)
    kcindy: 22 (as in any from off the street, 53 (as in right) & 6 (as in # of games left, this regime)

    Or maybe just 45-10, REAL Patriot Way

  8. Kerouac says:

    I, prophet
    Kerouac nails another! A 30+ point REAL Patriot Way win differential my pledge – a 30+ point REAL Patriot Way win differential the result!

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