Mermaid: The Summer of Love; Out With the Geezers, In With the Boy Toys

I had a glorious summer- one of inner peace, reckless fun, and lotsa dating experiences…

The age group of the dudes ran the gamut from 33 to 60 (and no, it wasn’t Craig). Through my long, hard journey of men, I found that the strangest myth I knew did not hold truth. The myth that older men were wiser, more refined, and stronger emotionally than the younger crowd.

I have believed this my entire life. Even in high school I never went out with boys my own age.

I went out with college boys. So when the rest of my friends were going to Winstead’s on the weekend I was going to Steak and Ale. Back then, I think I had it right. Now I am not so sure…..

When a woman is at a certain age and of a certain independence and no longer wants children, we suddenly develop a certain power. We don’t really NEED you but we WANT you. It takes all the neediness out of the relationship and leaves all the romance in it.

I actually believe after dating a few older guys that this actually turned them off.

They wanted needy, desperate,"I’ll put up with anything" type girls.This gives them an advantage of having all of the control and I took that from them. It also came to light that these older men like to play games and lots of them. This was another way to try and manipulate women to a lower level.

The 60 year old actually was playing head games with me by text! BY TEXT! When did 60 year-olds learn how to text?

Another guy around 58 did the same thing. At this point I’m wondering why even bother with these 1980s throwbacks? Don’t get me wrong I actually fell pretty hard for an older guy, but it didn’t work out, so I was really giving it a good, college try.

So I asked some of my other girlfriends and they said they’ve experienced the same weird treatment. Most of the older men they dated were still having issues with ex-wives, and were extremely hung up about it as if they weren’t quite sure how to move on. One date gave me a self-help book on relationships and asked me to read it before we saw each other again.

That day never came.

I was mystified by this odd behavior. Whatever happened to having FUN?  I’ll tell you where the FUN is and that is with younger guys! Guess what- they are honest, sweet, caring, never play games and like to have a really good time. They like to cuddle, snuggle, and play with my hair!

WHAT IS THIS? What have I been thinking my whole, entire life?

Forget the older guys- they have ISSUES – they are DAMAGED. And they really aren’t much fun. They take VIAGRA and CIALIS, for god’s sake. The younger guys are where it’s at.

Yes, I’m pulling what American men has been doing for decades- ditching the older for the younger!

HA, it goes both ways boys. If your 40 or older don’t come looking for me – I’ll be on Ashton’s couch watching a DVD.

Like the mesmerizing dance of light on water, the Mermaid’s wisdom is divine lunacy. What she knows, she knows from experience; wind tossed, salt-sprayed, supple, and visceral. She gains her knowledge from contact with life, from rolling in it, like a crashing wave.    ….Plato
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34 Responses to Mermaid: The Summer of Love; Out With the Geezers, In With the Boy Toys

  1. harley says:

    Mermaid..looking for love in all the wrong places
    When you hang with bar flys thats what you’re going to find. When I was single I did the bar scene but
    found that that’s a waste of time.
    Many great guys in their 40’s and 50’s without baggage to be found at charity events/house parties/thru friends
    that are very sharp.
    You haven’t said that you’ve ever been married so that problem may lie with you. I’m guessing you’re in
    your early 40’s and if you’re a woman and never married thats your problem ..not someone elses.
    Stop going to these bars in westport…downtwon…crossroads…etc…they’re filled with losers.
    Try another avenue. A friend of mine met his wife with a dating service…cost him $700 but he met an
    incredible woman.
    The bars that you and glaze hang out at are not the answer. Plus..we saw some of your photos in
    swin suits. Nice guys want classy women. Stop the heavy sex wardrobes and look classy. That’s what
    men want. You can look sexy without wearing those overtly explicit clothes.
    Contact me and I have many guys that would find you attractive. You seem very sharp and probably just need
    to redirect your efforts.
    Happy hunting!

  2. Rorey says:

    no name dropping needed.
    sweetie, there is no need to name drop… and especially dont name drop losers like glazer…..

    i was all ready to read you piece, enjoyed you previous one on Snow, but I did not make it past the first sentance. Now, please dont feel all gangsta insulted and dont get all worked up and start name calling…. just take it as an opinion posted. I look forward to your next column, and please keep it about tthe subject, no name dropping needed.

    I really started reading, but lost interest at “galzer”…and dropped striaght to the comments here to offer my humble advice…… I will never have know what you wrote about…… oh well 🙁

  3. chuck says:

    “Plus..we saw some of your photos in
    swin suits. Nice guys want classy women. Stop the heavy sex wardrobes and look classy. That’s what
    men want. You can look sexy without wearing those overtly explicit clothes”

    Total bullshit Harley, any guy with a single molecule of testosterone still breathin wants to see Mermaid in her bikini.

    HARLEY: *checkin out the Mermaid at Woodside* “I can’t believe she has a bikini on, totally classless.

    cHUCK: “Harley, its mid July at a fuckin swimmin pool, whadya suggest, a full length wool dashiki?”

    HARLEY: *shakes head* “Chuck, your a moron, guys like me want chicks with class.”

    cHUCK: *shading eyes to catch a better look at the Mermaid* “For whatever reason Harley, some how, some way you are married, so its nothing to you right?”

    HARLEY: “The masses look to me for guidance.”

    cHUCK: *sucking in gut* “Yeah, the ones that didn’t catch a ride on Hale Bopp, *looking down* are those purple tennis shoes?”

    HARLEY: “No, they are Aubergine. Your an idiot Chuck, you don’t know what guys want.”

    cHUCK: “Well if ya gotta spend $700.00 before ya even pick ’em up for dinner, I’m fuckin out.”

    HARLEY: “Dumbfuck”

    cHUCK: *looking back at the Mermaid* “She looks a whole lot better in purple than you do.”

  4. Robertoe says:

    Such sweet sorrow
    This is like reading a Brandon Leftridge piece on the Chiefs. Its not what you want to hear but its good stuff! Speaking of this, I want to praise Hearne for bringing Brandon and Mermaid on board- both quality additions.

    I’m gonna look forward to the evolution of Mermaid’s writing and thinking when she comes groveling back and sees the vacuous error of her visceral ‘devine lunacy.’ (Mermaid dispensing Plato quotes!) These vapid youngsters are indeed only ‘a summer of love’ for you, Mermaid. In the Fall school will start. You’ll be back 😉 and your youngster summer flings of beach blanket bingo will have passed. It’ll be important for you to look ahead to winter.

    Hearne keep Mermaid happy and onboard here and your female hit count will go way up. Maybe you’ll be able to bring back some gals that Glazer scared off. Mermaid provides a good gender counterbalance. This should also bring an onslaught of sub-40 year old guys! I’m sure you all have noticed that there’s too much cynical unrefined older guy perspectives around here. This was a siren wake-up call call for us.

    And what’s new? The Chiefs lost ugly and Harley just doesn’t get it. Mermaid is not contacting you, and she doesn’t give a shit about the loon perspective on things. None of us do. For quality’s sake, please go start your own blog elsewhere.

  5. smartman says:

    Last Lecture
    As Randy Pausch stated in his Last Lecture; you will NEVER find happiness in a relationship until you are willing to put someone else’s happiness ahead of your own. You are in many ways a female version of Craig. Good thing that misery loves company.

  6. Robertoe says:

    A very effective ’80s throwback’ rebuttal!
    Oh wow Smartman! That hurt! With all the private conversations I’ve had with Mermaid I’ve discerned that few comments would zing her harder than being accused of being a female version of Glazer. So Mermaid zings us older guys and you really know how to nuke her back! zinnngggg! Take that, fish woman!

  7. harley says:

    roberto…stfu chuck=bald old geezer
    you already caused problems when you tried to push yourself on mermaid (according to glaze).
    I classify people who throw themselves on others as a predator (see definition) so don’t become a lecturer about morals.
    You have no reason to talk about anyone and women…you showed your true colors according to
    mermaid and glaze!
    It appears from the commets by mermaid and glaze THAT mopst women would want nothing to do with a man
    who is like that.
    Please address the comments made by glaze and mermaid and then you can insult others.
    KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF….words to live by!
    YOU LOOK LIKE YOU’RE 80 YEARS OLD…AND NO WOMAN WANTS an old looking man…and also roberto..
    don’t hustle girls on the internet…it makes you look and seem creepy…
    CHUCK>>>>read the post old man. Your old lady is out geting it while you’re posting on kcc…wake up.
    I said that men don’t want whores (well maybe you do…based on your posts)….they want classy women
    who look classy. Obviusly you don’t get out much…you say you don’t and i imagine you are alseep by 9pm on
    friday and saturday (based on the times of your posts)…so go back to bed old geezer…your posts are pure crap..
    so chuck…you’re an old bald headed old washedup loser…so don’t interrupt intelligent people when they are
    trying to make a point.

    SMARTMAN…EXCELELNT POST….you are so right…I learned it…maybe mermaid will learn it…i doubt it..
    she’s too dependant on glaze and his crowd. Hopefully she will listen to what i wrote and get her life back
    in line. I know she’s had some very tough pesonal times and i wish her the best. I said she look very good in her
    photo on here at snow and i’m sure she’s got a great personality and smarts…many men would love to
    have her…she’s just got to change her aveneus…of course she already saw roberts ilk…and that would
    scare any woman.

  8. harley says:

    CHUCKY loves the internet porno
    its all the guy gets. so i can understand it when he says all he cares about is seeing mermaid
    in sexy clothes. I think she looks sexy in natural clothing.
    But for old guys like chuckie who ain’t getting it from the old ladies…i understand that jacking
    off to pics on the internet is as good as it gets.
    chuckie….guys who are getting “it” don’t need all those “girlie” pics like you do. We get it regularly
    and we get it often. We don’t need to fantasize about women…me and glaze are getting it all the time.
    don’t have time to waste on the internet!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Hawk says:

    Mermaid Rocks
    A female Glazer. OK, thats not so bad, he’s fun, yes.

  10. Brooke says:

    You had me with the cougar pic!
    And then the rest is golden, no pun intended on older golden men.

  11. Merle Tagladucci says:

    Let’s date.

  12. Craig Glazer says:

    Mermaid The New Star
    Debbie will be the new ‘star’ on this website…I love it…she is gonna do great, has already

  13. mark smith says:

    todays 38 d is tomorrows 38 long.
    Enjoy the cougar thing, but don’t overstay your welcome. Nobody wants to end up pushing 60, basically paying for sexual partners young enough to be your grandchild, driving a sports car, wearing a weave, and juicing on roids in a vain attempt to look young and failing miserably. Ooops , I just described glazer. I’m still trying to figure out why you two were a thing, since you were both clearly too old for one another. Must have been a moment of weakness in the shallow end of the pool.
    Side note….Harley waxing philosophic on class, is like Ronald mcdonald talking about being a serious actor.

  14. Butler says:

    no need for nasty name calling
    “”Hawk 09:48:09 AM – Mon. Nov 14. 2011”

    “A female Glazer.””


    mermaid seems ok to me,,, give her a chance….. and stop name calling like that, geeezzz

  15. harley says:

    mermaid…be careful…these old guys are strange as shit. they’ll stalk…be specially careful of mr robertooooooooooooooooooo,

  16. harley says:

    rrrrrrrrobertoooooooooooooooooooooooo (roll the r’s)
    hair club for men…or try spray painting that bald dome of yours. Maybe then mermaid won’t think
    you’re 80 years old when you try to work it! hahahahahahahahahahah.
    Mark smith critiquing anyone about their thoughts is the same as a monkey trying to wipe its ass with
    a bannana. Impossible and hilarious.

  17. harley says:

    mermaid…when the young boys finde out how old you are
    and they dump you…there’s always rrrrrrrrrrrrrrobertoooooooooooooooooooo (roll the r’s)….
    god forbid.
    Try sullivans …perfevt place for cougars to hang out at. Young guys go there looking ofr
    old stuff. But they ” just use you for a few weeks until their young girlfriends with the
    tight bodys and big breast come home….stick with old guys like rrrrrrrrrobertooooooooooo
    and chuck (lol)….they won’t always want to play the video games and they’ve got money to take
    you out to pizza on saturday nights and neither knows how to text!!!!!!!!
    … hahahahahahahaha

  18. Craig Glazer says:

    Mermaid Is Hot
    Debbie is going to tell you why she is the Mermaid soon…great story….and Mark and other old guys…I am 58, by far, and I mean this by far the best looking over 50 guy in this town, well I will give Chiefs former star Art Still a nod, he looks great and is about my age….

    Why, I work out 4-6 days a week, have for years, use legal roids, test and hgh…two years, been great, in fact have turned over ten people on to it and they all love it, men and women…I do drive a Lotus, black on black, very cool only one in KC….I do date younger hot women, you don’t, sooooo….and I am a very cool guy….most of you are not….sooooo…instead of hating me, learn from me….that would be wise…hey you don’t have to be like me…but at least be cooler and wiser…maybe you too can be youthful in look and actions…Debbie and I are tight, very tight, she would make a top notch girlfriend….we have dated but now she is looking for the ‘right man’ I dont blame her, she wants to date around and see what is out there….no harm in that…she is a catch…..bulit, sweet and has $ now….great body too….so hey she is entitled…I had my chances and she wants more, don’t blame her…I want the best for Debbie…

    as for you haters come on now, you got beat, I am too good, be more like me and you will smile more…..I promise…so LISTEN,LEARN, WRITE IT DOWN….BYE

  19. chuck says:

    The Harley is all fired up. 🙂
    “chuckie….guys who are getting “it” don’t need all those “girlie” pics like you do. We get it regularly
    and we get it often. We don’t need to fantasize about women…me and glaze are getting it all the time.
    don’t have time to waste on the internet!!!!!!!!!!”

    What? Are you guys in a club? Ya gotta treehouse? I swear Harley, if you post something with Nah Nah Na Boo Boo in it and then call me a bald douchebag again, I will shit myself from laughing. Lets go ring some door bells and run!!

    DOCTOR: “Well Harley, it ain’t good news.”

    HARLEY: “Am I goin blind?”

    DOCTOR: “What?”

    HARLEY: “You know, from whippin my weasel.”

    DOCTOR: “No Harley, you will NOT go blind from masterbating.”

    HARLEY: “Thank god, I gotta call my mom.”

    DOCTOR: “NO!!! I have bad news. Your Pre Op Transexual application is denied!”

    HARLEY: “Why?!?!?!”

    DOCTOR: “You are bipolar and have dissociative identity disorder.”

    HARLEY: “Damn! I hate it when people disassociate themselves from me.”

    DOCTOR: “Well, thats not exactly it. Your psychological problems manifest themselves through seemingly different personalities and mood swings that make Gary Busey seem as sane as Ben Bernanke.

    HARLEY: *shoves hand down his pants*

    DOCTOR: “Looks like another day covered in glory Harley.”

    HARLEY: “Ya wanna buy some assless chaps?”

  20. Kanega says:

    harley and glazer roids/coke/booze….then raging online, calling others stupid? really???
    It is so obvious…. they snort some coke…. shoot some roids….. hammer some booze……
    and then blather on, telling us how great they are and how lame everyone else is, and of course, using all caps……

    It is actually kind of sad.

  21. kcfred says:

    You get what you attract..
    ..and that’s the truth. So Mermaid has decided to become the Craig of the female set…”it’s all about me…me!”
    Too bad also that you’ve painted all of us “gentlemen” with a nice, broad brush.
    I was raised with manners, style and chivarly. I don’t NEED anyone and neither does my lady.
    I treat her as an equal and enjoy opening the door, pulling out her chair and making her come first.
    Too bad you’re wasting your time with the boys.
    I wouldn’t date someone that much younger than me.
    I’ll take technique, enthusiasm and talent over youth anyday.
    What a small vain person you are.
    You remind me of Craig. I guess that’s why you all hit it off.

  22. Kerouac says:

    It’s gettin’ ugly in here… and deep; I’m gonna have to break out some hipwaders after wading through all this ‘stuff’.

  23. bschloz says:

    Thats What She Said
    “Through my long, hard journey of men, I found that the strangest myth I knew did not hold truth’

    I love this web site….

  24. Robertoe says:

    I’d like to report I have a full head of hair. I’m also on good daily communications terms with KCC’s new Sex in the Cowtown Carrie Mermaid Bradshaw. In fact we are actively discussing captivating social outings. So can you believe it? Harley’s facts and perspectives are all F’ed up! What a surprise!

    Go Mermaid go! Its really gonna be fun reading your reviews and dispatches. But I’d forgo trying to top CG’s stories!

  25. balbonis moleskine says:

    Sometimes I feel like Im the only commenter that isn’t Glazer, a sock puppet of Glazer, or one of these people who apparently have axes to grind with Glazer for decades.

    You might as well go for younger men. Men your age either have wives or want a younger women with more tread on the tires who can provide them a child or keep them young.

    Just remember your relationship is transactional. Once you slow the supply of xbox360 games and american apparel clothing they won’t want you as much. Same boat as a middle age divorced guy paying for his 25 year old pussy one coach bag and plaza dinner at a time.

  26. Hearne Christopher says:

    Here’s a tip, K Man.

    I’m cleaning up the comments section. Needlessly tasteless F bomb-laced and/or crude, demeaning, arguable libelous postings will be exorcised. Along with the ‘meet me after school” challenges. Not saying comments have to be totally clean cut, just that the mindlessly depraved ones are not long for this world.

  27. Hearne Christopher says:

    Oh yeah, cheap shots still gratefully accepted

  28. Merle Tagladucci says:

    I don’t know who Randy Pausch is but he sounds like a guy who’s never enjoyed the pleasure of a no-strings-attached, purely physical and completely fulfilling relationship with a 21-year old nymph who asks for nothing and expects nothing in return other than a little bit of fun every week. He should try it sometime. Might cure him of those holier-than-thou proclamations on relationships he subscribes to.

  29. Kerouac says:

    Keroauc as DiNiro, ‘Taxi Driver’
    “You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to ME?”

    Jeezus Christ(opher), now I’m @%&*# confused. Maybe I should’ve been a little more ‘direct’ my narrative like some the other posters? Glad I didn’t comment on the ages anyone: like the 47 F, and the 58 M. Oh well, ‘Golden Rule’ applies: he who has the gold makes the rules; let thy red correction pen prevail as it must…

  30. Hearne says:

    Just using you and this posting as a springboard to let people know that the classless, tasteless, profanity-laced comments devoid of any legitimate points are now on the endangered species list

  31. Kerouac says:

    OK HC, that’s better
    now I feel honored … sort of. Reference the subject matter this story, I’m reminded of EM Cioran who suggests “What I know at sixty, I knew as well at twenty. Forty years of a long, a superfluous, labor of verification.”

    Dating or otherwise, is he suggesting we only delude ourselves in imagining younger days as “good old” – or that people learn nothing in the process trying to stunt their vanishing youth?

    It is no doubt a question that makes the minds of men (and women) itch…

  32. Robertoe says:

    Thumbs up, Hearne
    This wide open no registration, no editing, no nixing of any comments doesn’t work. Glad you’re gonna start cracking down. Would love to see even more of it. Thumbs up.

  33. Hearne Christopher says:

    Well, it’s just gotten out of hand and frankly, a little boring. On the other hand, some people undoubtedly are turned off by some of it. We can still be pretty dang free form and I half expect to end each day picking the arrows out of my you-know-what.

    Oh yeah, I’ve asked Craig to refrain from beating anybody up after school

  34. Scott says:

    Good for you
    Good for you. Glad you had fun.

    I sure am glad not all 40-something women are like you. I’m 45. I’m not interested in 20-something women. I want to date my own age — women that don’t think R.E.M is an oldies band.
    I also don’t play games, which is why I met a great woman over the summer who is 42. It’s FUN AND we have a lot in common.

    Keep trying…though you may want to start thinking about not painting with such a broad brush…

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