Glazer: Wave Goodbye to the Chiefs Matt Cassel & Todd Haley

MATT ”THE FRANCHISE” Cassel, was benched yesterday…

Chiefs coach Todd Haley came up with the hurt hand story. He might need an operation. Right. Matt has a sore hand, maybe a broken finger. Remember when Steve Deberg played with a stick in his finger with two of them busted?

It’s the beginning of the end for Todd and Matt.

Unfortunately for the Chiefs, it took too long in coming. I like Todd, it just didn’t work out. This team has been awful the ENTIRE TIME. They stunk last year too, if you’re being really honest. Matt has been below average the entire three years. It’s time to say goodbye.

Who is out there to replace Haley? Who will take Matt’s job? Maybe we get Kyle Orton from Denver for a year or so to train the new kid from next year’s draft.

Now if only we could trade Scott Piolli?

Hey, when will this team ever be good? Not soon. We have little talent almost none – two good receivers, an o.k. linebacker in Derrek Johnson and Tamba Hali, who can get a few sacks but isn’t good against the run or pass. Our secondary gets shredded every game. There’s not much there. We have no offensive lineman or D line. Wow, what a mess.

Just start over is all that’s left, I guess.

At least next year’s opponents won’t be so tough, huh?

I think we likely have seen the last of Matt Cassel. He’s a nice looking guy, just not a good quarterback.

Thank you for playing Matt and best of luck.
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10 Responses to Glazer: Wave Goodbye to the Chiefs Matt Cassel & Todd Haley

  1. Scott says:

    herp de derp captain obvious, duuuurrrrr duh.

    Some of us here KNEW, and posted here, that haleygirl…
    (daddy’s boy and peter principal promoted)( hey!!, you know all about that concept, doncha roidboy?)
    …… and this regime was doomed for failure (and should be replaced) 4 games into their frist season here in KC….but you just keep of babbling.

  2. Orphan of the Road says:

    He had part of his middle finger amputated so he could still play football. That’s the story I remember.

    Kyle Orton, Matt Cassel, it still means the Chiefs will again be two-years-away from being two-years-away.

    What coach would want to be a part of this fustercluck? Think Cower or Parcells would partner up with Pioli after the way he shortchanged Haley on talent?

    Maybe Gru-dawg? Yeah he is going to take the chance his unearned title “boy genius” being exposed by taking on a team not already playoff ready?

  3. Kerouac says:

    I remember
    the Chiefs team highlight film back in 1975 proclaimed by way the title, Chiefs are ‘Comin’ Back!’ , this aft Hank Stram was released and a new coach (Wiggin) and a new football head (Steadman) and new enthusiasm was trumpeted. Some four decades on now through a litany of successors, Stram is still the Man. Schottenheimer? A tease. Vermeil? No SB here. Levy? Close but no cigar.

    Time now for another try, appears.

    Patriot Way, Right 53, any 22 from off the street… gesundheit. As hailme goes, so goes the rumor mill: who replaces ‘the duffer’? (he was doomed from the start – wasn’t a Patriot Way ‘native’)

    And who would want to work for ‘Garbo’ egoli? (cross off Cowher & Gruden. Kirk Ferentz? At least he actually ‘played’ football once).

    Would be hilarious if it were Josh McDaniels (the guy who got ‘the duffer’s goat in DEN last year, post game handshake). Funny thing is, if ‘Pat native’ McDaniels was the guy, he by all reports likes Ca$$el so might just keep the $63 mill man here in KC under center.

    The rest the team? Charles, Moeaki & Berry will be coming off major surgeries… for a RB especially no guarantee he’ll ever be the same (Gale Sayers never was but for a tease / brief moment in time.) Berry is vastly overrated (he still hasn’t found Antonio Gates; psst! He’s behind you in the endzone – again.) Moeaki hasn’t made it through a season unscathed (college or pro) in years. Those guys aren’t locks to improve anything.

    Baldwin? egoli’s choice as #1 this year… between his butterfingers & growing up pains, can’t count on him. egoli’s first ever #1 pick Tyson Jackson is actually starting to look average out there… in his 3rd season; alas, may be ‘As Good as it Gets’ (he’s been more irrelevant than Succop.) The rest of egoli’s three-year draft haul to date? Hit and miss, moreso the latter, though it’s still early; things could get better of course… or worse.

    At worst, the former regime’s players show up more often, one way or the other. CB Flowers is overrated (much as people diss Carr, Flowers is the one who more often than not shows up highlight films: occasional INTs offset by his being toasted again a seasoned pro or nascent type suddenly NFL unknown no more, like Eric (who?) Decker last Sunday)… game winner.

    Albert isn’t so fat any more but ever since hailme started messing with him/other players weights a couple years ago, Branden hasn’t been the same. It looked swell when they were winning against the NFL dregs in 2010 but playing an real NFL schedule in 2011 has shown the lean & mean Chiefs are out-physicaled weekly by the other teams – and now, the hardest part of the schedule looms (end of the 2010 season the Raiders & Ravens etc. showed the reality of said.)

    I could critique some more, but you get the idea.

    Even with the injured players on IR not included, 25% of this current Chiefs team is still made up of Herm Edwards & Carl Peterson players – which by deduction affirms that it is 75% egoli’s/hailme’s – so much for the geniuses deux, latter (“best GM candidate” and “best Head Coach candidate” in the entire NFL, according the screaming headlines & self-flagellation fandom time their hires 2009.)

    Carl: ‘I’m a pickin!”

    Herm: “And I’m a grinnin’!’

    Herm & Carl: “Hee Haw!”

    And what about the clerk, hunt? Just recently he said, “Todd has done a very good job since he

  4. harley says:

    an owner who won’t spend money. An owner who decided that this season was a throw away season and that
    despite the fact that the schedule was much harder he figured I’ve got my 70,000 per game…i save $40 million
    bucks and walk away with a nice priofit.
    Talk all you want about coaches…players…schedules…injuries…depth…the fact is that clark will not spend the
    money needed to bring a championship to this town.
    Its not just the qb…its the attitude…the players…the training…the coaches….and more importantly the inability of this
    entire staff to evaluate talent.
    Brian waters is starting at new england. Other cast offs are starting in playoff teams. We’ve given away a team of
    pro bowlers…including gonzalez…and we’ve never paid the money for the right talent. We’ve paid for talent
    …but who evaluated these players and decided they were worth the money.
    Cassell is just one piece…he has some good recievers but he can’t wait long enough for them to get open.
    Cassell doesn’t get the plays in fast enough..he’s always asking wheres the play.
    Haleys above his head. With all the winning coaches available to tap as head coach who brought him in?
    Who brought in cassell…obviously they didn’t evaluate casseell correctly.
    Haley goes thru o coordinators like they’re water…a new one every year…or every 6 months…and look at
    chan daily in buffalo…he’s a winner!
    But we can all moan and groan. why not bring in to or moss or any one of 4 or 5 outcasts…they are still
    great players and they’d love the chance to play on this team agin.
    Who picked this back up qb? Palko? who is he?
    But clark squeezed money on them this year and if you don’t have the players you won’t win games.
    It’s like glaze bringing in old comics like david naster and expecting to make big money…oh shout…he’s bringing this
    guy in…instead he should bring in big names with big buck so he can make more money with big name comics.
    shame on you clark…you should be fired. Oh…you’re the owner…well heck…thats the problem right there.

  5. kcredsox says:

    Deburg Injury
    Orphan of the Road I believe it was his pinky, and he had a rod stuck in there or something.

    And This Little Finger Goes to the Playoffs
    December 24, 1990|MIKE PENNER


  6. Merle Tagladucci says:

    That’s some killer old school stuff on the DeBerg pinky.

  7. Mark X says:

    …ah, Steve DeBerg
    … I liked DeBerg … as the article stated, he was THE master of the play-action fake. Best journeyman QB.

    Was sorry for him. He was replaced by 2 of the greatest QBs ever .. .. was in San Fran prior to Montana AND Denver prior to Elway …

  8. smartman says:


  9. theKCeye says:

    Can we at least spell the GM & players’ names correctly?
    Looks like Cassel WILL need surgery, Glazer. Oops.

    Check my blog on why Cassel’s injury may actually be a blessing in disguise for both he and Haley here.

  10. theKCeye says:

    No more html in the comments at KCC? This mean you’ll be switching to print soon?

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