Glazer: This Just In…Chiefs Are a Clown Act; My Bet Is Safe!

It finally happened…

Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos put the Chiefs out of their misery. It’s over folks. The Chiefs who in – get this – 25 regular season games HAVE PLAYED AND BEATEN NO GOOD TEAMS…WOW. Only the Baltimore Ravens and the Colts, who both beat our CLOWN SHOW, were playoff teams.

The Colts were seeing their window close and Baltimore crushed one of the NFL’s worst teams in the pretend play-off post season last year. Only the failing Chargers took a loss to the lowly Chiefs. This year we lost badly too two rising teams the Bills and the Lions. And neither of those teams are gonna smell a Super Bowl this year.

So yeah, we are a CLOWN SHOW.

With this loss the Chiefs now face five real teams; New England, Steelers, Packers, Jets and Bears. It’s likely the Chiefs will go 0-5, or maybe if one of them takes them lightly (which most teams do) win one of them. one

It’s not a bad bet that the Chiefs will not win another game.

It’s also now likely, barring another miracle of a team losing a quarterback or something crazy, coach Todd Haley is gone. A record of 4-12 or 5-11 will likely end his career in KC. He’s already dropped out of Woodside.

Look this team was lucky. It had its little moment this year. We were a two and forever team posing as an average team until Miami exposed the CLOWN SHOW, followed by the Broncos who are also bottom feeders. You can’t win with a quarterback who can’t throw. Yet Tim T hit one of two, a bomb for the winning touchdown. Even when it was totally clear that he would go deep, he still beat our defense.


Oh, by the way – that ends my bet worries. I need four more losses and should get them in the next five weeks, even with one upset.

Thanks, KC Clown Show.
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5 Responses to Glazer: This Just In…Chiefs Are a Clown Act; My Bet Is Safe!

  1. Xmas Boy says:

    Earl Xmas Gift Glazer
    Good call. You were right. 25 staight bad teams except two, and they smashed us. Man what a bunch of punks.

  2. MMole says:

    Chiefs Suck
    So do you

  3. Dog says:

    It’s Your Team Too Glazer
    I like you man, but always putting down our own teams, Chiefs, Royals. We need to pull for our guys Craig.

  4. Orphan of the Road says:

    Clown Show
    They all float down here. IT which appears as your worst fears. The Chiefs.

    Can you imagine yourselfness winning the over/under bet and seeing the conference winner going 7&9? That bitch Karma starts hacking up a few hockers and the whole AFC West could be 7&9.

    But the clown act is run by Andy Reid. He’s get the weapons but he manages to misuse them. That NFC East is looking like a Least contender now as well.

    What should-be-second-rounder is Pioli falling in love with this draft? Be still my heart…

  5. Big Bob says:

    hey idiot
    You already lost your bet about two wins ago!

    Also i heard you call into 610… freaking douche. You had to tell me “it’s me Craig Glazer”. then among the many stupid things you said was that the Chiefs had a weak schedule. Damn you are an idiot. U are aware they play both participates that were in the Super Bowl right? What a dipshit.

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