Glazer: Penn State Scandal Nothing More Than a Media Circus

It’s the worst scandal in college football history…

Sex with children, he’s being called a monster and football coach Joe Paterno and eventually the entire staff around him has already or likely will be fired – all of them. Remember the KU ticket scandal and Lew Perkins?

Some will be convicted of crimes.

YET JERRY SANDUSKY is free on $100,000 dollar bond.

What? Bonds are given to low level drug dealers, maybe an unarmed bank robber. So why is all of this more about being a media circus than something of genuine public concern? Because that’s all it’s been thus far, a media circus.

"We pray for the children," say the media and people that they interview on the Penn State situation. Do they really? Or are they really just praying for higher ratings? Do they walk off camera and wonder what the next big story will be? Another Herman Cain sex scandal perhaps?

Now calm down, many people do care. But most people in the media and their "guests" see this as THEIR OPPORTUNITY. It happens today in all big scandals. They want to be the next Greta Van Susteran.

Speaking of which, O.J. was really the biggest media circus of all time. Similar to what’s happening now, about 20 or more people became millionaires over the case. The judge and district attorney wrote books, became guest speakers and/or got TV shows. So did the defense attorneys. Many will see the Penn State situation as THE SAME DEAL.  So yeah, they all sit around and plan on it once it happens.

Meanwhile, around the nation a boatload of prosecutors are thinking, "Damn, why can’t I get a case like that?"


Again, MONEY,FAME,POWER,POSITION. That’s what all this comes down too. On both sides.

You’ll see child abuse experts on TV to no end. Again, some will really care, but most will see it as their chance to be SOMEBODY.  This is the world we live in today and it isn’t right. It isn’t fair, but that’s the way it is.

No explanation needed, Marsha Clark. Thanks but no thanks, you did a crappy job and lost the Simpson case. Then you made millions doing books, TV shows, speaking tours and who-knows-what. Please. I worked on that case for Hard Copy. The truth is we had a boatload of evidence that showed OJ was a drug addict, simple as that. That he killed them because he was blown on coke and speed, something he did daily. He was out of his mind. But Clark didn’t want that in, because it would have dropped the charge to NOT GUILTY DUE TO INSANITY or MANSLAUGHTER and they wanted MURDER ONE, it was ‘cooler.’

So she lost.

Jerry Sandusky will likely not stand trial. I said Joe would be fired and he was, Jerry will eventually take his own life. He really is too old for prison. it will be 50 long sentences all meaning LIFE and he will go to a bad prison. They hate child rapers in the slammer. So as his trial gets near he will take himself out.

In the meantime, this guy out on bond might just decide, "What the hell, one more time, it’s over anyway."  I know low level punks in KC that have either no bond or high of ones due to the old "flight risk" b.s. Or danger to the community…

Which is is Jerry? Now its’ all about television and the media, not much more. Sorry.
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10 Responses to Glazer: Penn State Scandal Nothing More Than a Media Circus

  1. Gerald Bostock says:

    my brain hurts
    Wow, that was especially incoherent, even by Glazer’s standards

  2. harley says:

    GLAZE/HEARNE….answer the questions
    You were part of a situation that included a child (you have never proven the childs age. Hearne made an unsubstantiated comment
    about the childs age. You pegged him at 14.) and two other women who you performed oral sex on (according to your
    story) while you told the child to wait outside. The child came in…made a serious statement to you and you did nothing
    …you acted like it didn’t happen and just sent the girls and the son on their way.
    chuck/myself/hollister/can’t say/and many others called you out on this episode. You failed to act when you saw what
    could be a serious situation. go back to your 3some article for fact checking.
    Now that other media are covering this you need to answef questions. You have found it convenientto answer everyones
    negative attacks by calling them names which i consider to be far worse than simple name calling. You have answerded your
    opponents with threats of violence…act of rage…conflict and hate. So why is this any different.?
    I pray for that child who came to your house that night…i pray that someone with morals will save him. You did not but used
    the child and the horrible episode as just another backdrop for your life.
    “Can’t say” said it so well….so please answer the questions and tell us why it is different.
    Ihave defended you in the past…this is beyond belief!
    And to those who will attack me…look inthe mirror…a childs life is being destroyed! cAN ANY OF YOU

  3. Wrongo says:

    It’s about raped children.

    Nothing else.

  4. chuck says:

    I swear, I need an amanuesis
    to figure out what the fuck Harley is talking about.

    Paterno was part of a threesome?

  5. Bob says:

    no chuck…you need a brain transplant
    Pay attention

  6. Criag Glazer says:

    This Was Covered
    The guy was 18, did no sex, I didn’t know him or her, he saw nothing…18 is legal anyways. End of game. Thanks for playing.

  7. Orphan of the Road says:

    This must be the clown car of the media circus
    This is just the tip of the iceberg to all the illegal activities involved in college athletics. All that money, all that power.

    If there is a just punishment for this horror it is the Death Penalty for PSU athletics. They had a scandal in the women’s BB program involving sexual preferences. Handled the same as this started out.

    chuck, I think harley is turning Glazer in for illegal gambling or failure to act out a fantasy something or other.

    PA governor happens to be ex-Attorney General who got this ball rolling. Amazingly he isn’t a Penn State grad, probably why he stuck with it.

  8. Hot Carl says:

    “I said Joe would be fired and he was.”

    Yeah, nobody saw that coming, Craig. Let me know when I need to buy that lottery ticket, Carnac!

  9. Can't say says:

    Craig u know
    it was an underage kid that was watching you. Now you are just scared shitless and trying to cover it up. Stop lying.

  10. The Riciprocal of Glazer says:

    Glazer to Produce Penn State Documentary
    “But most will see it as their chance to be SOMEBODY”

    You talk about the Glaze calling the kettle black!!!!! See my posting (its cuurently the last one) on Glaze’s “Joe Frazier is Dead” } story. In that case, Glaze sees a chance to be “the Producer”, when he was actually the assistant to the assistant to the Producer.

    Glazer is a nobody. albiet a LOUD nobody, but following in daddy’s footsteps, a nobody never-the-less.

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