Glazer: Where Was God When Penn State And The Children Needed Him?

When things like the Penn State child sex scandal happen in this world, it only supports my belief that THERE IS NO GOD!

Sorry for that, but once again a pillar of the sports world in America has fallen. Joe Paterno, Penn State’s head coach for like 500 years failed to turn in his longtime employee, a coach named Jerry Sandusky for CHILD RAPE.

By now most of you have heard the tale. Defensive coordinator, Sandusky is caught raping a male child around the age of age 10 in the locker room. The shower area to be exact. A witness, coach Mike McQueary sees it, doesn’t stop it but tells his boss Paterno. Paterno doesn’t call the police he tells his boss the athletic director.

What was done? Not much. Nobody called the COPS. Are you kidding? Nobody.

Worse yet, this was the second time Paterno was told of such behavior by this sick monster. The D coach retired but still was allowed on campus and to bring kids to games. The kids were stashed in Sandusky’s "Second Mile Foundation" to help at-risk youths. He sure did.

So why the cover up? MONEY,POWER, POSITION.

All involved didn’t want the stink on Penn State’s good name. So they covered it all up for this monster. After all, this kind of scandal would surely hurt the school’s reputation and the reputation of Paterno’s Penn State football program.

As we also know, many Catholic priests were guilty of raping kids as well. Chances are, it happens daily all over this country. Yet they are supposed to be as close to God as anybody. Speaking of which, Paterno has been treated with an almost godlike status.

Yet he still allowed all of this to happen on his watch and did nothing to stop it.

Where was God when these little boys were being raped, many screaming for help?

Sure, you can say, "Hey Craig ,you were in prison, too."  That’s true and I deserved it. But my gosh, my crimes were in an entirely different hemisphere from these. I was at war with other drug pirates, not little kids.

Had I seen something like this going down I’d have jumped in, stopped it, and beaten that man to a pulp.

I’m sure most of you men would have as well. There are hoods and then there are monsters and this man is and was a monster. He isn’t alone. Are these things more prevalent today than say 30 years ago? I think not, we just have a media that exposes much more today.

So Joe now leaves in disgrace. I’m sure he’s a great man in many ways. However to allow this horror crushes all the good he once stood for. How truly sad for all involved, especially all those children. Their lives were destroyed, you don’t ever recover from that kind of rape.

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  1. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Pedophile State University…
    enough said.

  2. smartman says:

    God Damnit!
    Nice, blame this on God. What about Buddha, Allah, Yahweh, Bodi Dharma, Siddartha, Joseph Smith, Michael Ovitz, Clapton or that fucking Xenu? How do they get off the hook?

    God was there! “Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers so you do unto me”! Stick to tits and ass. Unravelling ANY of the mysteries of life is well out of your intellectual capability. Maybe brush up on that spelling though.

  3. Jack Flash says:

    So you were there? You know all the facts about Paternos involvement or lack there of?… or are you just another idiot getting your info from Fox news jumping to conclusions and then spouting your athiest beliefs and your anti Paterno crap. You unworthy to say Joe Paternos name, let alone make accuations. Watch your mouth boy, there is more here than meets the eye. This is the same type of politics that is trying to take Cain down.

    There is nothing worse than a monster who that touches kids like that guy did…BUT IT WAS NOT Joe Paterno who did not do it, and fkheads like you spouting BS about Joe Paterno and going on wicth hunts….. you make me sick….. more everyday.

  4. Bob says:

    Really Jack Flash?
    You think JoePa is ok in this? He clearly knew something was happening and he did nothing. He let it happen and he let it keep happening. And he let the guy keep coming to the school, keep an office, and keep doing horrible things.

    He never called the cops.

    He did nothing.

  5. PB says:

    HUge Penn State/Joe Pa Fan
    Growing up in NYC, PSU was all we had as far as bigtime college football (Fordham and Columbia couldn’t quite compare) and I worshipped them as a kid with memories dating back to their Orange Bowl wins against Mizzou and over my eventual alma mater, KU. In fact, if I had remained back east, my ultimate goal was to attend Penn State. All that said, I was deeply saddened and then disturbed when hearing of this news, particularly as it pertained to Coach Paterno. While my initial reaction was to support the man, the further I’ve delved into this case made that scenario impossible.

    You might want to call it a witch hunt, Jack, but fact is, Coach Paterno, while perhaps not criminally culpable, is certainly moralistically at fault. This is clearly a case of him protecting a friend and/or his legacy and since this is far from a victimless crime, there is nothing that can excuse his and others lack of action in this matter. Read the Grand Jury probe (d’oh, wrong choice of words!) before making your own assumptions, Jack. As I did, you may find yourself thinking alot of differently about Joe Pa. I have included it here for anyone interested. Be warned, pretty disturbing read.

  6. Jack Flash says:

    You dont know all the facts. You know what Fox news told you to know. Joe Paterno was a football coach not a cop. From what (little) I heard Joe reported the incidents that he was told about… it is not like Joe was in a pedo ring….. I dont know what happened… or who knew.. and I withhold judging until I do…….. but not glazer….. of course not…..his article tells nothing more.. it is juts idiot glazer on his idiot box spouting idiot crap… sensationalizing…. typical glazer drivel.

    glazer is not worthy to say Joe Paterno’s name, let alone make accusations about things he knows little of, but does that stop him from indciting Joe Paterno, God and everyone else? No and it is BS hearne gives him a platform….. MORE BS….

  7. Jack Flash says:

    There is politics going on with this Paterno story…. as usual….
    ……. just like the politics to shut down KCIR…… Did you all see the “other side of the story?


    (Credit goes to a certain KC lawyer and avid racing fan. This was not written by me.)

    “Let me start out by saying that the “sale” of the track is not a decision that the owners want to make. They are not sell-outs, nor are they willingly abandoning the racing community. They are as deeply tied to racing, if not more, than anyone here.

    In a nutshell, this was a political move. It may be one person, it may be a combination of people, but there are only 3 major players who have the kind of clout around KC to force the sale of the track.

    1.Claire McCaskill. She owns approximately 27 acres (I believe) in the immediate vicinity of the track. My understanding is that she has been unable to market or sell her property for a significant profit because of the proximity of her property to the race track. That might make a good motive to lean on the city to force the track out of operation. And you can’t forget councilwoman Circo…who also happens to be a fundraiser for Claire McCaskill. Interesting how that works out, isn’t it?

    2.Christine Kemper. She owns one of the houses on the hill on the other side of Noland Road, across from the track. The bulk of the track’s problems started immediately upon her taking possession of that home. Many of you will recall the huge debacle involving the storage shed that Kemper and Porrevecchio tried to use as leverage to shut down the track. Huge hearing before the BZA. City Hall was packed. While she was successful in costing the track a lot of money in unnecessary “improvements” and attorneys’ fees and ultimately restricting the days and hours of the track’s operation, she could not shut the track down. But don’t for a second think she has let it go.

    3.Ms. Ulmer who owns all of the property up on the hill, east of the track. After her husband passed away, she has been trying to develop that property by herself. Rumor has it that nobody is thrilled about assisting in the development of that property because it’s right above the track.

    Now which one(s) of these people are behind the political pressure to force the sale of the track is anyone’s guess. But there is a jerk in the woodpile somewhere.

    Next, while what the city may try to claim is that this is a voluntary sale, nothing could be further from the truth. The city had been trying to buy the track for a while, but could never come up with any money. So the track entered into negotiations with another buyer (who would actually keep the track there, but would result in an infusion of cash for the track). After finding out that the current owners had found a buyer that would keep the track where it is, the city sent a letter threatening the condemnation of the land. Guess what that did to the sale of the property.

    While under threat of condemnation, the property is dead. You can’t sell it. You can’t rezone it. And it makes no sense to spend any more money on it, because it may be taken from you at any time. So that’s the first dirty trick the city pulled. Just the threat of condemnation crushed any chance the track had of selling to someone who could improve the place and devalued the purchase price to any other interested buyer.

    Then the city, through its codes administration, began really putting the pressure on the owners to “fix” certain alleged violations at the track. “You can’t have any electricity in your new outbuilding.” Ok. Then it was, “You MUST run electricity to the new outbuilding.” Ok. Then it was, “You have to repave the parking lot near the outbuilding”. Why? That wasn’t on the approved plans? “DO IT!” Then it was, “you need illuminated exit signs in the building.” Why? Those weren’t on the approved plans and this is a storage shed. It’s not a public building as defined by the codes. “Do it or we’ll fine you, etc, etc,”

    So the city started making it clear that if the owners didn’t sell, at a low ball price which the city could afford, they’d just come out there every single day and find something to ticket them for. Take away their vending permit. Something. The city very clearly sent the message, ‘If you don’t give us this land, we’ll make your life a living hell. And if you make us go through the condemnation process, we’ll make sure you are offered pennies on the dollar for the property and that after you’ve paid your lawyers, you’ll walk away with next to nothing.”

    Welcome to Kansas City politics. And you thought it was bad during the Cleaver days?

    And so far, the city has failed and refused to provide any assistance in finding another location for the racetrack. The owners even agreed to take less money in exchange for help finding a replacement property and some time to operate while they built the new facility. The city was NOT willing to give them another season, or even another day. The city is not paying what the property is worth, but it’s paying more for the property just to shut it down NOW and to not have to find a new place. If that gives you any idea of the real motivations behind this move.

    So you, the tax payers, while still getting a deal on the property, could have had it even cheaper if the city would have given the owners more time and helped them find a new place. But the city would rather pay more to run a business out of town immediately. Feel free to be pissed aS fuark about that, too.

    So the city will have a completely worthless, non-income generating nuisance that it will have to take care of in place of a money earning, property tax paying business.

    But hey, at least some of the more powerful women in the city will be able to line their pockets with cash after it’s gone. And when it comes down to it, isn’t being a politician really about using your power for your own profit?

    Those are about all of the details I can provide at this time. I’m waiting for the press release to be issued by the city, to see how they “spin” this thing, but what I just told you is pretty dang accurate (other than my speculation about who is behind the string pulling). The city is RUNNING THE TRACK OUT OF TOWN ONE WAY OR ANOTHER.

    The track has been blackmailed, bullied and beaten into selling. HOWEVER, you can still lean on your elected officials to either (a) undo the deal and refuse to fund the purchase; or (b) at a minimum, assist the owners in finding a new location for the track.

    Those are the facts as I believe them to be.”

  8. kcfred says:

    Everytime I read one of Craig’s moral takes on life my IQ lowers by about 10 points. But, damn, it’s like a trainwreck, ain’t it?

  9. smartman says:

    Goodbye Joe, You Gotta Go Meohmiyo!
    Fuck Fox News. I have been a HUGE Jo Pa fan since I was 10 years old. I am sick that someone I admire(d) even idoloized in my youth was/is so fucking morally deficient. I’m FURIOUS!

    Just shatter my whole world and tell me Ronnie Regan and Teddy Kennedy were lovers. SHIT!

    Fuck 409 wins. JOE FAILED the ultimate test in life, protecting innocent children. No witch hunt, no quid pro quo. Just a SICK EVIL FUCK named Jerry Sandusky and a bunch of gutless delusional coaches and administrators who believed their own press clippings. NOTHING is worse than harming or allowing harm to come to CHILDREN. Can’t wait for the civil suits to BANKRUPT Penn State. I’d gladly rot away in prison for 30 minutes alone with Jerry Sandusky. I’ll make Pulp Fiction Medieval look like a game of Chinese Checkers.

    Time to man up Jerry and Joe. If you have a shred of dignity left .22 caliber into the head right behind your ear. There is a special place in that coaches box in hell waiting for you.

    And speaking of PUSSIES, Kirk Herbstreit is a gutless wonder of BIBLICAL proportions trying to PC his opinions on this fiasco. Fucking Jagoff.

  10. Craig Glazer says:

    Glad Most Us Agree On This One
    More today: Jerry was investigated by Campus Police in 1998 for CHILD ABUSE/RAPE…in a shower, wet hair and admitted he HUGGED THE child in the shower naked….he later resigned, he was forced or be arrested. JOE KNEW THEN…and did nothing later…he is even more guilty with that knowledge and more…simple as that….he did nothing, which makes him a coward at the very least….

  11. Orphan of the Road says:

    Esposito’s land
    The land owned by Claire was her late husband’s property. He was the original owner of KCIR when the track was moved from Front Street.

    The track owner says Claire is not involved in this action. She will benefit but she is content with her business on the land and KCIR.

    Otherwise Jack flashed the right hand on KCIR. Not so much on JoPa.

    Also look at the prosecuting attorney who declined to prosecute the first reported incident, a friend of Sandusky, went missing and was just declared legally dead by his family.

    JoPa has many felons among his men of honor, maybe as many as Tom Osborne.

    That Joe has chosen to finish the season says all about who controls Penn State.

    The grad student was a former player and he quietly left the room.

    The walls come tumbling down…

  12. Henry The Sports Czar says:

    Shocked, Sad
    Joe you let us all down. As some have said here, not for YOU doing the wrong, but for covering it up. This makes Watergate seem like a small time con move in Belton. Just so damn sad, nobody to believe in these days, except Glazer. Well he believes.

  13. Markus Aurelius says:

    Craig, God gives humans free will and some humans
    return the gift by making terrible, horrible choices. In short, we live in a fallen world that is corrupted by sin – as a result, bad things happen at the hands of bad people. God didn’t make this happen — Sandusky did. Paterno, the graduate assistant and the administrators all made it worse (and probably caused additional victims to suffer at Sandusky’s hands) by failing to report the crime and seeking justice when they were the only ones capable of doing so. Perhaps God reminded the graduate assistant to return to the locker room in hopes that the GA would do something to stop it, perhaps God spoke as Paterno’s conscience when he learned about what happened yet Paterno ignored Him.

    I don’t profess to understand why such things are allowed to occur but I do know that it’s unfair to judge Christ by his follower’s actions. For a couple thousand years, humans have unequivocally proven to be flawed and imperfect witnesses of God’s plan for humankind.

    If you are open to such things, I would suggest checking out or purchasing Wrestling with God: How Can I Love a God I’m Not Sure I Trust? by James Denison — — as I think it can provide greater depth to the answers you seek.

    Indeed this is a sad, sad story.

  14. Jack Flash says:



    The facts are not completly out on Paterno, but that does not stop the witch hunt….



  15. Jack Flash says:

    OH … I SEE…


    There is so much shit in this world…so many horrible fucking things going on…. but you focus on this partial story?
    and one of you assholes wants Joe Paterno to shoot himself? FUCK YOU!!! Let all the facts come out… no fucking witch hunt

  16. Jack Flash says:

    smartman said….
    “”Time to man up Jerry and Joe. If you have a shred of dignity left .22 caliber into the head right behind your ear.””
    You say that before all the facts are out??….you are dumbass…not a smart man.. fuck you.

    Go tell your ..22 caliber story to some Ctaholic priests…….

  17. Gerald Bostock says:

    News flash, flash. I think there have been plenty of articles about Catholic priests’ molesting boys. You’re aware the current bishop is under indictment for not doing even as much as JoePa–it was in all the papers and the TV news.

  18. smartman says:

    This is going to be one of those classic Nathan Jessup, Danny Caffey moments where “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH. This scandle has more dirty hands than a gold mining village in South Africa. Penn State is more toxic than Three Mile Island. This scandal may become the textbook illustration for Power Corrupts, Absolute Power Corrupts ABSOLUTELY. This is going to have tentacles that reach all the way to Harrisburg. No fucking irony that many from Penn State will wind up in the STATE PENN. Can’t make that kinda shit up. And yeah, I stand by my call for Jerry and Joe to whack themselves. They’ve lived lives of luxury all with no honor or integrity. With the lives they have ruined and in the manner in which they ruined them, they don’t deserve to live. There’s a reason that pedophiles get KILLED in prison. It’s called JUSTICE!

  19. harley is sad! says:

    bring them into the stadium at half time to explain what this was all about. Then string “jerry” up on a goal post.
    Hang em high. NO need for attorneys and Nancy Grace to telecast this trial.
    Then take joe paterno and take him to mid field and disgrace this old man. I can’t understand how a teacher
    could sit back and not get this to the right people to finish it off.
    don’t bore us with the evidence…find out who’s guilty and lets exact the “sharia” law ( i think thats where they
    behead the guilty).
    I am disgusted. There’s no debate here. Fox new and MSNBC are both reporting the facts…its not a question of
    liberal versus conservative…or right versus wrong.
    I would pay $1000 to see nebraska just beat the living shit out of penn state this weekend.
    Shame ful….I am disgusted.
    Say a prayer for those kids….and all the kids who suffer. When a society can not take care AND PROTECT it’s kids it ceases being
    a society. WE CAN ALL AGREE ON THAT!
    i’m done with this shit!

  20. Hot Rod says:

    Jack Flash/ Jackoff
    I feel sorry for your family having to claim such a moron as you in their tree. I admired Paterno as a coach, competitor, and a leader of men. When it was released that he knew in 1998 what was going and passed it up the chain of command and thought no more of the incident I was astonished. This man is a grandfather! You don’t fuck with kids. Taking advantage of “at risk” kids is even more despicable because of their situation it would seem to make them easier pickings. Who are they going to tell? Who would believe them against the word of the ” pillars of the community”? No witch hunt here dickhead. Dead to rights. Fuck JoPa. Fuck Sandusky. Fuck PSU. FUCK YOU. Why don’t you take Smartman’s advice and join them at a suicide party prick. Child predation is the most vile act one can do to another human. Those who stand by silently and know what is going on are as culpable as the molester himself.

  21. Bob says:

    Jack Falsh, what is your problem?
    You seem to think people are going after JoePa because he is JoePa. We are all angry because people allowed a guy to keep molesting children. I don’t give a shit about JoePa, he is just another guy in this story. Multiple people knew Jerry was molesting kids and they did the bare minimum the law required as far as reporting it. All of these people should be immediately terminated (an publicly shunned in my opinion) because their actions are morally wrong.

    Not sure where you got all this Fox news stuff and “the other side of the story.” Grand Jury testimony shows JoePa was aware this guy was messing with kids. I don’t care what the rest of his story is, his failure to report this guy to the police, and him letting the guy continue to come on campus is a complete moral failure.

    Which part of this is OK with you?

  22. Jack Flash says:

    Why not point all this outrage at the Catholic church?, they are far worse than any other organization as far as molesting young boys. You fkn “internet tough” guys wanting to beat up an 80+ year old man make me sick. Joe Paterno was not the cop on the beat, he was a football coach…who knows what he knew for sure, but he sure as hell wasnt the one raping boys like a catholic preist…….. it is unclear what Paterno knew, but that does not matter to the angry mob hunting witches…does it ? nevermind that so many others were involed, but you buttholes are going for HEADLINE, SENSATIONIZE IT..THAT IS MORE FUN, MAKES YOU FEEL LIKE A MAN!!!!


  23. Jack Flash says:

    and the morons reply…

    “”but …but …Jack, the nightly news is not telling us to be mad at the Catholic Church.
    We only are robots, doing as we are told. We dont think for ourselves, we only listen and obey….and today the news told us to be mad at Joe Paterno, so we are. Never mind that the Catholic Church has been molesting little boys for 400 years, the news is not talking about that.””

    Yup that about sums it up. You fkg idiots. Try to have an original thought FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE.

  24. Bob says:

    What does the catholic church have to do with this? Yes, they are a bunch of sick f*cks to and they surely will rot in hell. But, this is a discussion about what is currently happening at Penn State, not the overall existence of man. There have been thousands of articles about the catholic church, that has been going on for years and people have been discussing it for years. This news just happened, which is why we are discussing this news.

    I am still baffled as to why the media is part of your argument, can you explain that to me? A news story is happening and they are reporting on it. How exactly is that telling us what to think in this case?

  25. Jack Flash says:

    Becasue there are plenty of other HORRIBLE THINGS going on, and you are all worked up about ONLY THIS….You only care about what you are directed to care about. Try to expand your information….. and be able to seperate the DISinformation….. seperate fact from specualtion. Try to have an original thought.

    You wanna do some good??? THEN GO DO IT.
    Telling Joe Paterno to kill himself wont do any good…
    Telling him to step down ????….. Uh…. He already said he was stepping down….

    Calling me names wont doing any good.

    If you are so concerned…..go solve a real problem…and then keep it to yourself…
    Be a man, dont brag about it. JUST DO IT….. because it is the right thing to do.

  26. Hot Rod says:

    Jack Flash/Jackoff
    The fact is he has known for at least 13 years. How long was it going on before or after the “shower incident”? By the way, as I have stated before I am easily found in Westport if you would like to make your point in person. Just ask around. I don’t hide, run or bury my head in the sand. Starting to think you are just another “internet pussy” defending these people. Man up, put up or shut up.

  27. smartman says:

    Growing up I could have been the poster boy for Catholicism. Altar Boy, Choir Boy, Boy Scout, hell I even wanted to be a priest. It took me about 12 seconds to bail when the first wave of pedophilia claims hit. No more church, no more money. Many others have done the same. Last time I went to confession I said “YOU FIRST!” I don’t need to go to church to talk to God. He and I have an agreement. He won’t start a remodeling business. I won’t start a religion and we’ll do whatever we can to help each other. Last time I checked he’s done more for me.

    I’m pretty much a Libertarian but I’m crystal fucking clear on a few things. DON’T DO ANYTHING TO HARM A CHILD. NO MEANS NO. DON’T LIE. TREAT OTHERS AS YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE TREATED.

    Based on my 4 guiding principles Jerry, Joe and their pals in Happy Valley FAILED MISERABLY. Fuck all the spin and excuses. These miserable pieces of flesh deserve NOTHING. I’m sure God will forgive them if they ask for forgiveness but I’m not in that league. They stole the innocence, dignity and lives of the young men they molested…YES THEY! No amount of money can buy that back. When it comes to PURE EVIL these motherfuckers make Osama bin Laden look like Danny Thomas.

  28. Brandon Leftridge says:

    Well said.

  29. Craig Glazer says:

    Nobody Said For Joe To Kill Himself
    Look he made a horrible mistake, he didn’t rape anyone. He has done many great things in life, too many to count. Likely this guy was close to him a former player and friend,maybe, just maybe he either didn’t believe it or thought the man would change. Who knows. None of that is ok, or an excuse, but Joe doesn’t deserve to die, Jim the monster will in prison. He is a sick dog. Paterno got caught up in being a living legend, his legacy, the schools, the program, he lost sight of what matters most….the steering of young men and woman to be good and decent people…he forgot that and it killed his soul.

    I would imagine Joe will not live very much longer, this shame will weigh too heavy on his heart. That is surely not a good thing. What a terrible end for what once was a great man. Yes I do feel sorry for him, he was wrong but he just didn’t see why. He was lost.

  30. Jack Flash says:

    what kind of name is “hot rod”?
    With a name like “hot rod”…. who knows what kind of homo shit you are into, you fkn perv…. thanks, but no thanks “hot rod” …but I am sure you can find whatever homo action you are looking on your drunken nights, EVERY NIGHT IN WESTPORT …so easy to find.. YOU FKN WORTHLESS DRUNKARD.

    “Time to man up Jerry and Joe. If you have a shred of dignity left .22 caliber into the head right behind your ear. ”

    “I would imagine Joe will not live very much longer”
    ….. …same has been said about you.

    As far as all this supposed contempt….. yeah right, go solve a current problem….
    because right now, there is probably an innocent kid being molested by a Catholic priest… while you whine about 1998.



  31. Jack Flash says:

    Rolling Stones based
    And before any mentally challenged idiot says “What kind of name is Jack Flash”… it is from a Rolling Stones song.

  32. job jr says:

    Oldest story known
    If any of you putrid imbeciles had five minutes of religous study under your smegma crusted hats, you would know that the answer to the idiot glazer’s question can be found in a 3000 year old story, the oldest in the old testament, Job.

    When God finally bothers to answers Job’s wailing cry “Why did all this bad shit happen to a good guy like me?”, God simply said “Its over your head to understand my nature… I’m God, you’re not”.

    If this was all God was willing to devulge to his pious servant, I’m sure God wouldn’t bother explaining any better to the likes of glazer and the rest of you even lesser morons.

    Not bad for 3000 year-old lit. Little has changed since then; most of the fundemental questions dealing with our existence have not been answered, but be careful…… If you point out how much ISN”T KNOWN to the glazers of this world, you’ll be eating hemlock soon.

  33. Craig Glazer says:

    job jr.
    Love when the “God squad” pulls out the bible to defend the big lie. Remember Christian beliefs are just that a group who believes in THE BIBLE THAT A COUPLE OTHER GUYS WROTE BACK IN THE DAY…it didn’t superseed all those other 100,000 beliefs did it? How about the sun God, the American Indians Gods, all those sure things in Africa Gods and the middle east Gods….see I agree with Jim Jeffries on this one, there are way too many sure thing Gods’ why is ours the one! Cause your folks got brainwashed to believe the ‘tale’ or some guys with today less than a third grade education wrote a book, the bible..a few years back….and people back then thought the world was flat, the sun circled the Earth and more recently under the name of THE BIBLE AND GOD BURNED WITCHES in the northeast cause they were evil. Maybe its THE EVIL DO GOODERS WHO ARE THE BAD GUYS…people that admit they are human may be the best ones to follow…not people like you…oh yeah I forgot you are going to heaven…me and a billion Indians are all either in hell or going….my bad.

  34. harley says:

    Just sick adults preying on young children. Pretty simple. It happens every day in our
    city and in our country.
    But we don’t scream loud enough or fight hard enough to stop it.
    NBC made millions of dollars with a whole tv series outing these sick fucks.
    And they mostly got probation.
    As for jerry there isn’t enough words to describe this monster.
    As for joe…hes just another guy who thought “its not my problem”…
    As for soceity…its the prevailing attitude that “it’s not illegal unless i get caught”…
    as for me…these disgusting animals who raped these kids and the scum who never took action need
    to be punished…if not by the law then by whoever you pray to (ie: god)…
    Can you believe these worhtless students rioted last night because their coach was fired. Have you ever
    heard anything so fucked up. Especially with the stories swirling around about joepa.
    My prediction and my hope
    NEBRASKA 60 PED STATE 0….just a little justice might be left.
    It makes me sick

  35. HARLEY says:

    jack flash is really johnny again
    stfu johnny

  36. smartman says:

    To Believe or not to Believe
    Any rational philosophical discussion about the existence of “GOD” has to begin with a separation of that idea from all religion. Even the most pronounced aethiests like Richard Dawkins admit that there are still too many things that science alone cannot explain, predict or validate. Dawkins even goes on to state that if technology continues to expand exponentially over the next 100 years as it did in the previous 100 many things will still remain unexplained.

    No doubt that religion(s) acting in the name of GOD have fucked things up over the centuries. Christopher Hitchens covered that well in his book God is Not Great.

    As for the question of how an allegedly perfect God created such an imperfect world the answer is simple. Jobs.

    But as the gambling man you are Craig why not accept Pascal’s wager? It’s one bet where you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  37. PB says:

    Didn’t riot out of any loyalty to Coach Paterno, they rioted because they’re narcissistic fucktards that treated this situation as a social gathering which in turn led to a mob mentality taking over. They’re COLLEGE STUDENTS, so for many, I’m sure booze was involved as well. The power of Twitter (@brandybangs – get to the Quad quick…Chad and Hot Carl are throwing rocks at the PoPo!!! LOL!!!!) and the old standbye TV Eye drove those kids to this madness. When I first saw them all gathering downtown, I told my wife it would lead to some destruction as it usually does. Not surprised in the least. From Sandusky, to all the enablers, to those clueless students…what a microcosm on how fucked we are as a society. Sad.

  38. Orphan of the Road says:

    God answers every prayer
    Often the answer is NO.

    Wrap your self in a flag, hide behind a religious document. First refuge of cowards.

    At least the trustees did the right thing and threw them all out.

    Fucking Walt Whitman Bridge is blocked by PSU grads jumping into the river.

    Wait until this puss sack bursts open…

  39. HARLEY says:

    didnt paterno
    know jerry took retirement against his wishes…yet paterno knew this guy was child molester and yes
    paterno had to have seen this guy over 10 years using athletic facilities at some time…
    jerry and joe were close…so how could paterno keep having contact with jerry after he was told
    of the child rape?
    wow…and they’re going to let the coach who witnessed this shit orginally go be a coach on saturday…

  40. Craig Glazer says:

    Penn Fires Joe, Right Move
    All staff involved including the asst. coach who saw the rape need to go and today. I knew Joe would be fired, they had too. Anyone on that staff KNEW about this, they all talk and especially on something like this: they all have to go. However the players are innocent and should not be punished for what others above them knew and did nothing about. Guy who saw this happen is a big man, should have jumped in to stop it. Now instead of being a hero he is a fool.

    Joe is not evil, he just got caught up on what America wants…wins, money, power, reputation, lie if you have too mentality. It is now what this nation is built on…my favorite line “behind every great fortune there is a crime.” That is 100% true…just can’t get caught..that also applies to our govenment..Well intending leaders lie and cheat to hold on to the myth of ‘family values’ b.s…..give me a real guy like Bill Clinton or those who dare to be normal, make mistakes but learn and bounce back…I should know…these men and women usually make the best leaders and are not full of shit…it all came out of them earlier…now they get it….we are all fallible…all of us.

    Paterno meant well likely his entire life, in the end his greatness took him down…he made a terrible call…he tried to cover his own staff, friend and ass by allowing child rape and pretending he didn’t know, wasn’t sure…he believes that…I’m sure he believes that…he will never see what he did as wrong…never. He is a product of the worst kind of people…Evil do gooders…they run the nation..always have always will…ask an Indian….an American Indian….

  41. Henry The Sports Czar says:

    Glazer This Is Your Best Work
    All kidding aside Craig, this is well put and right on the nose correct. All of it, you are a smart man. Might want to show this side a little more in the future.

  42. Tex says:

    Oh yeah… Nothing rednecks love more than a good old fashioned witch hunt, except maybe a lynching.

  43. Can't say says:

    Wow you would make a great Christian Craig. You got being a hypocrite down. Craig oh humble one you recently shared with your readers about your sexual escapade as a minor watched. Tell us about the 911 call you made to report this??? Tell us about the call you made the next day to child welfare about your concern for this young man and his parent engaging in sexual activity with him close by?

    You didn’t do any of theses things. This just became fodder for another of your sexual stories to share. Is Hearne going to fire you for not reporting to the authorities about this? Do you think this was just a one time incident or is it possible the mother takes her sons on a lot of her “dates”.

    Craig you hit a new all time low for scum like you. You DISGUST ME!!!. I join a long list of former readers. You should be in the same boat as Joe Paterno and all those others who knew of sexual abuse and did NOTHING. You are no better. You not only allowed child sexual abuse you used it to tell your readers about your “wild date”, You are a pig.

  44. harley says:

    can’t say…wow
    pretty tough stuff to put on here!

  45. Hearne Christopher says:

    He found out that the kid was supposedly 18 and remember, told her to leave after he’d sent the kid outside to the car. Oh yeah, he didn’t have sex with the kid either

  46. harley says:

    and here’s what hearne said about that story….cant say:
    the kid who tagged along with his prostitute mom…here’s what hearne had to say about glazes story in his comments:

    “You’re cool, but try not to put words in my mouth. I asked him for a change up because I thought it was an odd story and would provide a break.”
    what did you mean by “odd story” hearne..and what type of “break” does this type of story carry.
    Chuck pointed out the story was disgusting and he wanted to help the kid. I said the story was false.
    Some people felt better about reading the story. I guess to each their own.

  47. harley says:

    wait hearne…be truthful…lets check the story….
    you posted the story.
    the story went that glaze sent the kid outto the car then proceeded to go down on the ladies. He knew the kid
    watched his mom because he told glaze that. So glaze knew the situation the kid was in….was he wrong to
    do nothing…i want to know what other readers think…i may go both ways…
    go back and fact cehck the story for your readers. I may be wrong but i doubt it.
    And chuck and i were the only ones crying foul along with hollister….
    go back and check everything hearne!
    what do you say can’t say?

  48. harley says:

    also did glaze know the kid
    was 18?…was that mentioned in the story…i didn’t see it…just fact checking!

  49. harley says:

    hearne…fact check please
    your account doesnt match glazes story….kid came back in from outside to use restroom and said he’d seen mom do this before…then
    glaze kicked them all out….just fact checking.

  50. Zebra says:

    and uh…last time I checked prostituion is illegal in Kansas City,,, glazer was buying prostitutes????? THE HORROR!!!! you all better call the cops and report this whole thing, dont just tell hearne, it is your obligation simply by hearing/reading this story that you call the police… you all say anyway…. you fucking hypocrits is right….

  51. I heard says:

    Craig will be getting a call????
    Zebra. If it makes you feel better my understanding is that Commander Mark Folsom of the sex crimes unit has been advised of Craig’s activities. Just think Hearne this might get you a whole lot pf press just like Penn State.

  52. Zebra says:

    Well of course he should get a call. By his own words glazer has told everyone that the best thinbg to do whne you see someone breaking the law is to call the police and tell them everything about it. Those are glazers words. It is how he feels.

    Me, myself?… I think there is grey areas in the world… not everything is black and white, I give people the benift of the doubt, I will listen to the all of the facts before casting judgement… and if after the facts are out. it is a fact you have been molesting children for a fact, you are fkd….. to be very clear, in my opinion if anyone, outside the age (within 2 years) group, touches anyone under the age of 12, in a deviate sexual manner, that humans should be killed. dead. end of story. Anyone over the age of 18 touches a kid before they reach puberty, then they die. One law-FOR ALL, NO EXCEPTIONS, NO 2ND CHANCE. The same rules applies no matter if you daddy is governor or rich or a Dubai prince…fk you you die. Stop the chain of sexual abuse. period

  53. Zebra says:

    btw- it does not make me feel good bad or indifferent about what happens to glazer. It makes no difference to me. But if the boot comes down on him (and it wont, becasue all of his cop buddies will let him off)(and they all stick together) then he brought it on himself with his high and mighty, “holier than thou” attitude about Joe Paterno.

    This is why I am more easy going and why I am willing to let the facts come out before judging. I think easy going is a better way, until all the facts are out….. but as I said..glazer has stated how is is wired in with the corrput system, buddies with the Chief of Police, helps them with C.I.s etc etc ….. Nothing will happen to him, he knows , you it, the cops knows it. Why do you think he is such an arroagnt asshole, blathering all this BS on a public blog?…. that is what happens when you buddy with the boys in blue.

  54. Craig Glazer says:

    Haters Don’t Feel Bad
    Look being a coward or in your case a gay man is nothing to run from. It is what it is, I don’t look down on you cause you are gay…thats life. As far as you having been C.I.’s or snitches like the ones who worked for me when I was a special agent fo the Attorney General, hey some guys can’t take being locked up, its hard, I know I was in prison. So hopefully you will get some help with your issues and get out in the world and find some happiness. Meet each other that would be a start, you can all date and find out which of you is matched to the other gay man. Good idea…all the best on that.

  55. Carl says:

    same old story, it gets old
    Wow, how sad is it to watch crazy glazer swipe at air, babbling his bullshit.

    Dude you really need to start need laying off the roids, illegal drugs and booze, it is rotting your brain. Someday, when you look back at your crazy rantings, you are going to wonder “what the fk was I thinking”… then you will attribute it all to the drugs/booze/roids you were doing “back then” (now) and you will say you are sorry…and blah blah blah….and you will ask for forgiveness ( do you know how many times have we seen this same shit from assholes like you?, it is obvious, easy to spot)….. but no, you will get no forgiveness. You are an asshole, you appear to be mentally ill, you have been informed, your superior has been informed, yet you dont shut up, you dont care…. you just keep on blathering, swiping at air. It is sad.

  56. harley says:

    hearne..please answer questions
    that were presented. give us your take on that story now that the penn state scandal has broken.
    It also would be interesting to see how other readers/commenters/writers feel about this.
    Thanks in advance for fact checking your writings.

  57. mark smith says:

    I love the smell of an imploding moron in the morning
    Some subjects are too deep to be attempted with your limited ” It’s all about me” self promoting style of 4th grade level writing. You should stick to the shallow end of the pool. When you get over your head it inevitably leads to a bashing gangbang in the comment section, which in turn leads to you saying something even more retarded than the horse shit that got you in trouble in the first place. This isnt high school, calling people gay like it’s 9th grade gym class, isnt a good rebuttal. In fact, it’s highly detremental to what I assume Hearne is trying to accomplish with this website. If the number of visitors to this site is 250k a month, and Im not saying it is or isnt, just taking Hearne at his word, then you probably just offended a fair number of readers who are either gay or have gay friends or family. For a guy who is constantly trotting out his supposed accomplishments, books, movies, pirate adventures, one would think you would know better. Fortunately you have the thinnest skin in North America, and you take the bait EVERY SINGLE TIME. There is no denying that you have managed to have some success in life, in spite of yourself. So kudos for that. That said, your limited success is overshadowed by your moronic knee jerk reaction to anyone who takes a minute to troll your posts. Your massive ego just wont allow you to let your writing speak for itself. You have to respond to unfavorable comments with childish shit like calling people gay or challenging them to a fight. Good stuff.

  58. harley says:

    HEARNE where are you?
    hearne…do your fact checking. Thanks………

  59. Can't say says:

    Where is Hearne?
    Maybe he is with the kid watching Craig bang some gal????

  60. Craig Glazer says:

    Mark Nobody Made Fun Of Gays
    I just felt here was a chance for you boys to get together, that includes you Mark.”Supposed book,films and adventures….ok, like Brett supposed baseball career. Like it or not Markie and pals your humble scribe maybe is THE most interesting guy you got in KC…who is my competion, lets see, there is my pal Dare, he counts and boy it gets thin after that….listen,learn,write it down…keep telling you fellas that….stay tuned for more of my stuff its on the way……enjoy…..tuttles….

  61. Lyndon says:

    Mike McQueary??? report on that!!!!!
    Fuck you glazer, you fucking homophobe.You are are a stupid douche bag and a fucking hypocrite.
    When your sex charges come, do not expect ANY mercy from anybody….. you deserve nothing but the noose.

    And where are your comments about Mike McQueary, the fucker who saw the Penn state shower rape happen, and how is is stsill employed by Penn state? Where are your comments about how he would have coached todays game, had his life not (properly) been threatened? Under your logic he should have been first to to be fired….but nooooooo, no sensationalism there eh glazer? You are a good for nothing idiot, reporting about things you know little of.

    shut the fuck glazer. You and harley need to shut the fuck up.

  62. Can't say says:

    Is Craig to far gone.
    Craig with some of your recent stuff I have to wonder if you are so far gone that God couldn’t help you. The word delusional comes to mind.

    Which by the way I saw that pastor reach out to you a week ago and then that entire blog disappear.

    Last Wednesday I was asked to speak at a career class that is headed by Dave Flanders. You can find some of his material on the net. He is been a recruiter/head hunter for over 35 years and runs his business in Kansas City. I spoke to the class about motivation. Dave talked about resumes. I was a little taken aback when he said don’t brag on your resume or cover letter. Aren’t you suppose to “sell yourself”?

    Dave went on to say telling people about accomplishments is fine. But bragging is an opinion and is when you are saying how good you are.

    Dave went on to talk about Big Hat, No Cattle. Fancy Car, No Engine. He said people that say they are really good at something, usually aren’t very good at all. The person who is usually really good would never say so.

    Finally he talked about playing golf. He said the golfers to watch out for were the ones with worn out clubs. The golfer with the fancy clubs and new shoes usually can’t play well.

    As he talked I couldn’t help but think of Glazer which this fit to a T. It has been said often on this site that Glazer is a poser and imposter. He is and quite frankly not even very good at it.

    Craig in all seriousness. You need to get some counseling on multiple fronts. I know IF you respond you’ll just say we are haters and you are great. But until you admit you have an issue you will be unable to conquer it. GREAT PEOPLE beat their demons.

  63. mark smith says:

    you cannot be that clueless?
    Yes you can. In one sentence you deny making homophobic remarks, then conclude it by making one. You are a retard. My point, which soared over your bulbous weave covered head, is that you should have enough respect and consideration for the advertisers of this site, and your friend Hearne, to avoid saying stupid shit that might offend potential customers of said advertisers. Big time money man like you should know that. One final thing, dudes who resort to calling other dudes gay as an insult, usually have taken it up the coat or deep down have a desire to. Just sayin. Toodles back atcha tuff guy.

  64. The Pitch says:

    Craig most interesting guy?
    Funny. When we had our best of issue Craig received no votes for most interesting guy in Kansas City.

  65. Craig Glazer says:

    Really Haters
    NO BODY WHO BRAGS IS GOOD AT WHAT HE DOES! You mean like Muhammad Ali? Joe Namath? A boat load of film and TV stars? Often boasting is done to make a point and nothing more: when I am attacked as NEVER HEARD OF YOU, DON’T KNOW SPORTS…SO ON…then I am forced to do the resume, which is outstanding by the way….not to mention our own newspaper decided to give me a large story last week in Sports since I don’t anything…not to mention my pro and college picks that are the best in America…I can continue…when you put someone down, they have to fight back with there it is there…I can do that all day…about me being a tough guy, no doubt about that either….so there you go…about God? To each his own, my argument is solid yours is a pipedream…there have been 1000’s of religions, why is ours the one? No evidence backs the bible, none….all fairy tales…like Santa and the Easter Bunny and throw in THE WIZARD OF OZ……sorry nice stories, not true…..wish they were…..

    When I tell ya something LISTEN, LEARN, WRITE IT DOWN….you will be better for it…I am not always right, hey I had the Jets last night, damnit…but I usually am right and well ahead of the curve ala THE CHIEFS BEING ONE OF THE WORST TEAMS EVER IN THE NFL, THEY ARE…I put my $ where my mouth is, and was right…again….bye

  66. Craig Glazer says:

    Well we did win best open mic…some of those one million spots got like one vote, who even read it, Johnny Dare came in thrid in on air guys and he is clearly number one…so am I the most interesting man in KC? Uh, YES…by far, if not who then? Bye…LISTEN,LEARN, WRITE IT DOWN.

  67. the pitch says:

    Here are some facts!!!!
    You can’t spell PITCH OR THIRD. LISTEN, LEARN, WRITE IT DOWN, AND ASK YOUR SPELLING TEACHER. You win Pitch’s dumb fuck of the year award. what a loser. Feel bad for Hearne who has to edit you.

    Also Hearne for interesting that now the kid is 18. Someone must be worried. And you don’t think Craig has every banged anyone under 18??? Please……..he would do his sister if he had one.

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