Glazer: Scribe Says Goodbye to Smokin Joe Frazier

Smokin Joe Frazier, a man who was a friend and a great champion passed away yesterday…

The Hall Of Fame boxing champ, died at age 67. As many of you may know I produced two feature films starring Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier. The movies also starred George Foreman, Larry Holmes and Ken Norton, thus the title, Champions Forever. It’s the biggest selling boxing documentary of all time. We did the original movie in 1990 and the followup last year.

When I did the movie in 1990, the five heavyweight champs had never been together as a group before.

And they never were again. Baseball hall of famer Reggie Jackson was the host. I interviewed Ali on camera and off.

Joe was a very quiet, nice guy. Like many fans at the time, I hated Joe when he beat Ali in their first fight. It was billed as the Fight of the Century and boy was it.

 Ali/Frazier One went down to the wire. Then out of nowhere Joe landed a huge left hook that dropped Ali to the canvas. Ali got up, but was defeated. I cried; he was my hero. Even though Ali would later come back and beat Joe twice as well as retake his title from Foreman, it always stayed with me – the vicious left hook that downed my guy.

It wasn’t until years later when I had the chance to work on this picture as producer, that I met Joe. He was hard not to like. His fist was the size of two of mine and the man could still HIT.

One of the hardest hitters of all-time, Joe was also a very soft and kind man. Unlike Ali, he didn’t brag or boast.

Ali’s group filed a lawsuit against my company in the mid 90’s for using his likeness on a phone card’ without his permission. We had used the cover shot of CHAMPIONS FOREVER, to promote the rerelease of the movie. It had already been in theaters and was going to DVD worldwide. Anyway, Joe flew in to help us. I hated facing off against my hero Ali but I had no choice. His family wanted to own the movie and take it from us.

Thanks to Joe’s testimony I won the case.

The hearing was held in LA and gained national attention: ALI FIGHTING AGAIN, THIS TIME IN COURT.

It all worked out. We won, made up with the Ali’s and got to hang out with Joe and his very large, busty, daughter and attorney. She later fought Ali’s daughter in the ring, yes, and lost. Layla Ali vs. Jackie Frazier.

I knew Joe was ill. I spoke his son a few times over the years and Joe as well, but I could tell from his voice that he was fading. All these guys are now senior citizens which is kinda sad. To see these giant men get old. We all age, but lord knows they truly are Champions Forever.

If you would like to see these movies they are available at or whereever DVDs are sold. As time went on I did a total of four sports pictures, all under the banner of CHAMPIONS FOREVER.

"Smokin Joe" you will be missed…
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55 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Says Goodbye to Smokin Joe Frazier

  1. Henry The Sports Czar says:

    Thank You Craig
    Nice, nice story. I loved the Ali Frazier fights, best of all time in boxing. Tyson reminded me of Joe. Joe was better.

  2. Orphan of the Road says:

    Philadelphia Barbecue
    Went to Joe’s barbecue place in Philadelphia. It was OK but a KC boy ain’t easy to please. Some guy behind me asked how it was and I said it was not up to my standards

    Turned and it was Smoking Joe hiselfness. I quickly blurted out I grew up on Bryant’s. He smiled and sail OK was pretty good then.

    He did have the best ribs in Philadelphia but NC style.

    We all ought to be arrested for contributing to the beating he and Ali put on each other, just for our entertainment.

  3. Tigar Tail says:

    Tyson Wasn’t Half The Man
    Joe was a good man, Mike, not so much. Loved Joe, one of the best.

  4. Balbonis moleskine says:

    Now, our not so humble scribe gives us MORE RESUME POINTS. You may have clicked to read about smokin’ joe, but did you know Glazer made 5 Champions docs? Like Saw movies, if they make 5 they must be good stuff.

    When Gerry Cooney dies, he will tell us about his good friend who used to hold the door open for him at the Taj.

    Smokin’ Joe, 2nd best small heavyweight ever. Iron Mike being #1.

  5. Craper says:

    Can’t Win
    Glazer nice stories. I was interested in what else you had done. This other guys calls it bragging, I call it information, thanks.

  6. Ranger Danger says:

    Tyson….Better than Fraizier??
    Frazier’s turds had more class than Tyson will ever have. He’s a disgrace to everything boxing stands for. A rapist, thug, and general heap of shit.

  7. TToad says:

    Past Glory
    Ah those were the days.

  8. Merle Tagladucci says:

    Anybody see Floyd Mayweather announce on Twitter that he’s going to pay for Frazier’s funeral? Mayweather supporters see it as an act of class, whereas I believe the class act would be to not announce it at all. By announcing that you’re paying for the funeral, it becomes a self-serving PR move. If Floyd wants to honor Smokin’ Joe, he should do what Joe did and fight the best. Punk.

  9. PB says:

    Anybody Saying
    Tyson was better than Frazier is either showing their young age or their extreme lack of boxing knowledge. Joe was a great champion during the golden age of the heavyweight division, owning a victory over the fighter considered The Greatest. The only opponent that he really couldn’t overcome was the bigger and stronger George Foreman who was “Tyson” before Iron Mike was even swimming around in his daddy’s ballsack. Taking nothing away from Tyson because his diluted era certainly wasn’t his fault, but the group of fighters that Craig mentioned above, excelled during an era that was chock full of other worthy opponents such as Sonny Liston, Floyd patterson, Ernie Terrell, Ron Lyle, Jerry Quarry, Jimmy Ellis, Oscar Bonavena, George Chuvalo, Earnie Shavers, Mac Foster, Jimmy Young and Joe Bugner. Sorry, but no comparison.

  10. Can't say says:

    Merle was that
    like Hearne announcing that Craig paid for his brother’s funeral and not his dad Stan? Can Craig write a story in which he is not the primary focus? If you look up self absorbed in the dictionary you will see Craig.

  11. smartman says:

    Kinda like Johnny Depp paying for Hunter Thompson’s funeral and filming the whole thing huh?

    God Bless You Joe Frazier! Thanks for the Memories!

  12. Can't say says:

    Wow Craig
    Mermaid over 50 comments u I’ve just put u over 10.

  13. Craig Glazer says:

    She Wrote A Nice Story
    Mermaid did a good job, and got attention, she earned it…as for me and about being in the story, sorry I have a life. It is just the truth. Nobody gives a damn if you like it or not. It’s my life and times with people like Joe Frazier. Simple as that, The KC Star will run a similar tale tomorrow I believe.

  14. Toco Time says:

    Champions Forever Latin Legends
    Got it for Xmas two years ago. One of your movies, enjoyed it, Chavez and Duran…good work, we need more films with Hispanic heros like that one.

  15. Rio DeGennaro says:

    I always believed the Ali vs Frazier brawls had a lot to do with the shortening of title fights from 15 to 12 rounds. Hard to dance when you’re getting mugged.

  16. White Wash says:

    Ali Best Of All Time
    Sorry Joe Ali was the best. Maybe the best in all sports. Joe was outstanding but no Ali. Sorry he passed though.

  17. Super Man says:

    Sad But Great Story
    Sounds like a good person. He died too young. Was a big fight fan in the 80’s not today. Its all gone to hell.

  18. harley says:

    glaze…were your movies ever
    on tv…i thought i saw one of them…can they be rented…where are they available…met ali in louisville years ago..
    met joe louis in chicago…still have the napkin with his autograph…
    ali was a world hero…remember seeing him lite the fire at olympics in atlanta…brought tears to my
    eyes…probably the gtreatest sports hero in the world…everyone loved this guy…

  19. Kerouac says:

    Down goes Frazier…
    and with him anotjher piece of yesterday, when heavyweight boxing was king.


    EM Cioran said “all men must destroy their lives. And according to the way in which they do it they call themselves winners or losers”, Frazier was among the former.

    As for the latter, think of Tyson when Cioran offers “sometimes I wish I were a cannibal – less for the pleasure of eating someone than for the pleasure of vomiting him.”

  20. Craig Glazer says:

    Yes Harley
    Champions Forever was both on BET and Pay Per View not free TV still waiting for a good payday, it also was in movie theaters first in 90/91 …back then we had VHS then DVD, its on both, still in some blockbusters and Net flicks for rent or purchase…also on for purchase with some more info even about me… also the other films Latin Legends and The Drivers, Drivers not on Amazon any more…all were in theaters and DVD some on pay per view….I did only in KC show Champions Forever for free on Public TV with host Mayor Clever and myself on Black History Month in 91 or 92…Star gave us some good coverage….if you haven’t seen it rent it or buy it, very strong piece on all the guys…

  21. Johnny says:

    could have been a story about joe, but nope, it had to be
    it had to be a story about glazer….again…… so sickening he uses this sad day to self promote.

    Of course this can not be a proper tribute to Joe, it has to be ANOTHER story from glazer, about glazer and what glazer did. The main reason I am so sick of glazer is this exact BS, he cant not post a story without self promoting himself, it is sickening.

    glazer had a chance here to tell the story about Joe,
    but nope, this mentally damaged human is unable to do that, he is only here to talk BS about himself….. and he calls himself a scribe? … glazerboy, look around , read other stories from real writers, they are able to write stories about topics without feeling obligated to include themselves in ever fkg one.

    there is no anger here, I am simply pointing out why glazer is bad fo KCC… let him post in the comment, and that is it… let him be harley’s twin, where the two of them only post about themsleves, and how great they dream they are…. but stop allowing galzer to post stories, it is bad for business.

    I maybe the only to write it, but you can be assured many many others think it… and move on with out comment.

    and galzer boy , stop posting you phone number for a date with me, I am not gay…. move on goofball.

  22. Henry The Sports Czar says:

    Have To Back Glazer Here
    Story is about his relationship with Joe. Thats ok.

  23. Possee says:

    No, using death to self-promote is not ok…. IT IS morbid, IT IS glazer’s style… but IT IS NOT OK.

    glazer uses a family death to promote himself?
    glazer uses Smokin Joe’s death to promote himself?
    There is no telling how low this snake will go to self-promote, it is sickening.

    There is something very wrong with him….. probably brain rot

  24. Merle Tagladucci says:

    Smartman it sounds like you have a hard on for Johnny Depp. That’s a little weird.

  25. Johnny says:

    OK, so we will put monkey man down as feeling it is OK to use death to self promote.
    Thanks for letting us know how you feel monkey.

  26. harley says:

    I disagree
    johnny has not made one single intelligent argument or statement in all his comments. His sole purpose is to defame and
    go after glaze…
    Thats it. No statement about the story. No statement to debate any facts given about the story or counter arguments that
    intelligently counter a comment. None! Not a single statement other than to try to enflame others publicly.
    I will disagree with glaze…I will disagree with hearne and other writers but most of my posts have analysis and express my
    opinion along with facts on a particular side of the topic. Johnny boys has none. His only job is to cut down everyone
    as he is stuck in the mud.
    I hope you are not the actual person that glaze pointed out in his comments earlier. Please stop.

  27. Johnny says:

    I made a statement. I said glazer was in a positon to write a nice tribute to Smokin Joe, but instead he chose, again, to write an article about himself. When mermaid wrote the article about snow did she blather on and on about herself? No, she told the story about the establishment.

    I can not believe with hearne’s background in professional journalism that he allows this type of childish activity here.

    Of course I do not expect tis dumbfuck harley/ jojo/ whatever to grasp the concept, (he is too amped up and into himslef that he only hears the voices in his head). My point here is/was…. I can answer/explian what I said/say…. and I stand by my opinion that is evil to expoit someone’s death to self promote.

    It is my opinion, if I take heat for it, that is fine.

  28. Robertoe says:

    multiple personalities
    Don’t expect Monkey Man to disagree with Glazer because they’re one in the same. I’ve seen the IP address logs.

    What self respecting black man is gonna post as ‘Monkey Man’?

    What self respecting Mexican is gonna post as ‘Taco Time’ (or Toco Time when he misspells it)?

    Notice Maureen and Bad Act Berk went away after they were ‘outed’?

  29. Maureen says:

    Really Great Story In Star Today
    One I have been on here several times lately Robertoe, who I don’t know. Outed in what way? Craig saw the Kansas City Star story on you and Joe Frazier. Well done. Usually don’t read the Star much but a friend called, said you were in the paper. I knew you did those movies but didn’t know too much about the fighters myself.

  30. Monkey Man says:

    Eat it roberto
    I don’t use this name to put blacks down, it’s always been my nickname. Just so you’ll know one of my friends is black barbie, I guess she hates blacks too since she uses the name black. Idiot.

  31. Robertoe says:

    Monkey Man = Friends with Black Barbie?

    Then how come you’re posting on here like you’ve never met her? Keep your characters stories straight!

  32. Robertoe says:

    IP address logs
    Do you want me to post the IP address logs? I screen dumped em. That would definitely clear up any misunderstandings!

  33. Spike says:

    LOL!!!!! Like that good ole songs says….
    “You just keep forgetting to remember all your lies”

  34. mark smith says:

    It does seem like strange timing Monkey and Mo
    Robertoe calls shenanigans on some suspect comments. BAM! They respond back to back, Black Barbie and Monkey both write in ebonics, and I mean stereotypical Blacksplotation, Jive Turkey, Sooooooooooooul Train style ebonics. Don’t know who they really are, but they are about as black as Newt Gingrich. That said, the subterfuge only makes the comment section more of a train wreck, but an entertaining one.

  35. Spike says:

    sad, just sad
    geeeezzz, went to look at that thread…. and……
    IT IS A PERFECT EXAMPLE of why glazer needs to go away, faaaaaaar faaaaaaaaaar away from here
    never to be heard from again.

  36. A. Johnson says:

    Nice article in
    the star today about Mr. Glazer. How come they can’t get your age right. Its 58. Your dob 3-18-1953.

  37. Craig Glazer says:

    Lets see Glazer is 80 other people, they respond to hate mail and are liars…on and on. Nothing here about the story, huh Robertoe? I guess you guys and fake Johnny D or is it Cliffy or Can’t say or any of you HATE FREAKS must not have anything to do all day or night.

    Odd I am such a JERK, and so on that our one and only main newspaper decided, “know what lets do a full page story on Glazer regarding Joe Frazier and Champions Forever, his movie, through in Ali, yeah thats the ticket”……point being, I do some pretty interesting and kinda important things….it would apear that the important media, TV, radio, newspapers and the like kinda know that…we got a moron on this sight worring the Star missed my age by one year, gee sorry about that, probably BLACK BARBIE wrote the damn thing, Mermaid took photos and I never made a film huh…all fake.

    HERES THE REAL DEAL, as always much of what I do matters, almost NONE of what you gentlemen do ever did or will. Just a fact. Happy now. Good. So keep on firing away boys. P.S. run down to Quick Trip, buy a paper, read the story and learn something. Remember LISTEN, LEARN, WRITE IT DOWN…later.

  38. joe blow says:

    good story
    Good Story Craig

  39. Pauly says:

    We keep hearing you say that you are the center of the universe, and everyone else is nothing. Dont you understand that most people do a lot of good, without feeling obligated to tell everyone? It is plain to see that you have serious self esteem issues. And would you make up your mind about the KC Star. One day you say it sucks, the next day you tell everyone to go buy a copy.

    You are the class clown, everyone laughing at you, and you dont even realize it.

  40. Skeptic says:

    You just don’t get it, Craig
    It’s the self promotion in your musings and the way you respond to the commenters that reveal you as a self-centered, egotisical, blowhard lout with low self-esteem. Just sayin’.

  41. Robertoe says:

    The 1 and only CG

    I’ll be the first one to say i admire lots that you’ve done. I respect guys like you with their foot to the accelerator, one wheel in the ditch and one on the track and racing through life at excessive speeds. There’s no quiet desperation or mundane with Craig Glazer. I liked your book. I’ve posted and said this to others. I hope the movie happens! I plan on getting at least one of these fight flicks. Loved Ali.

    But why can’t you see when you engage in these false BS games you are undermining it all? You don’t need all the self adoration and childish online facades. It tarnishes your credibility. How can we value what your writing, when we all know there’s so much BS flying on other fronts?

  42. PB says:

    While Glazer Often
    Goes overboard in recounting some of exploits (Woodside and other such trivial accounts), I have no problem with the self-promotion of his boxing films in a very topical story (w/ national significance no less) of Smokin’ Joe Frazier’s passing. He knew the man, his films are the connection and like it or not, the production of said films is a REAL accomplishment in an area in which he would seem to have some genuine knowledge and insight to offer. I for one, welcome his thoughts on Ali/Frazier, as I miss the days of the great heavyweights from that era.

  43. can't say says:

    WHY LIE???
    Craig u have such a problem with the truth you lie even when its clear that its a lie. So you tell us today that the Star ran a FULL PAGE STORY about you. You are aware that we can go out and buy the Star and see its NOT a full page story right???? You need help. Paging Marshall Saper.

  44. Craig Glazer says:

    First Off, Its About Joe Frazier
    Its pretty close to the entire page. But ok, if it makes you happy guy who hates me and anyone who has ever done more than him. Which is almost everyone. So yes I lied its only about 2/3 a page, my bad. What a complete asshole liar I am. Can’t say fake guy, how many stories on anything you ever did were in any paper anywhere that mattered, other than a divorce or DUI arrest? Like none. Help me out here fake name guy of many.

  45. John says:

    I’ll quote Mr. Glazer…… “HERES THE REAL DEAL. As always much of what I do matters. Almost none of you gentleman do, ever did or will. Just a fact. Happy now? Good”. You just answered your own question.” So keep on firing away boys. Ps run down to Quick Trip, buy a paper read the story and learn something. Remember listen learn write it down….. later” Sounds like Randy “Macho Man” Savage. I’m not a journalist Like Mr. Glazer or even Mr. Christopher. Haha. I’m not even a writer. But if I would of written that comment on my own article I would not ever show my face in public. The girls you show pics of that you say you go out with never finished high school. How could they of? They all must be totally uneducated. That rhetoric sounds like any all- star wrestler.PATHETIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. LMAO says:

    BBWWAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHHAHA… that is funny…. and this douche calls himself a scribe?

    “””HERES THE REAL DEAL, as always much of what I do matters, almost NONE of what you gentlemen do ever did or will. Just a fact. Happy now. Good. So keep on firing away boys. P.S. run down to Quick Trip, buy a paper, read the story and learn something. Remember LISTEN, LEARN, WRITE IT DOWN…later”””

    uh, ok …herp derp…… “I are a scribe”…….. LMAO.

  47. Skeptic says:

    Yes, no scribe or author be he
    You can tell he didn’t actually write The King of Sting himself by the way he writes on here. It may be his story but as told to and authored by Sal Manna.

  48. Craig Glazer says:

    Gee more than a complete moron….thats why it says his name and mine….he is a great writer, I’m not so great….Sal did a such a wonderful job….without him no book….it was suppose to be Lewis Black….Sal ended up a better choice in this case….I am a great thinker not writer…content as Hearne says and he is correct….mine is ten…my writing skills are average….but fun…..


  49. Hearne Christopher says:

    Here’s the deal; Craig is not a journalist, nor does he pretend to be. He’s a Kansas City character, a personality. And if people don’t want to read his columns they don’t have to, of course. Love him; leave him and/or love to hate him. From me to you.

  50. Robertoe says:

    differentiation on the ‘haters’
    haters hate all the time and you definitely have these. Always negative.

    Others hate or praise when you deserve it. Can be beneficial and constructive.

    The latter is what constitutes a good blog comments section.

    And then there are the loons. I don’t even have to post a name and I’m betting one name comes to mind for all of us.

  51. Ralph says:

    harley is a loon

  52. Can't say says:

    Craig calls himself
    a great thinker…….can he even spell great thinker???

  53. Craig Glazer says:

    Hater Number Three Can’t Say
    If you wrote a website story who would read it, you, your mom and uh, thats about it….so keep on hating…THE DOGS BARK AND THE CARAVAN MOVES ON….BYE

  54. Leo says:

    so funny
    You are always so emotional glazer…. are the roids making your blood boil?…. squeeezing your puny brain…..
    You are always lashing out at thin air…. always insisting that no one else, besides you, ever does anything.

    It is a big world boy, there are probably a lot of other people doing an awful lot of things you never hear about.

  55. The Riciprocal of Glazer says:

    Only true Glazer “productions” flushed shortly thereafter
    Glazer, like usual, is trying to turn his pig’s ear into a silk purse. For him to claim he “produced” the documentary would be akin to a dental hygenist claiming she performed the oral surgery.

    I Googled CHAMPIONS FOREVER, and found that Glazer was an “associate” producer, one of 11 people with “producer” in a title.

    Here is the list:

    Tom Bellagio Executive Producer
    Hollister Whitworth Executive Producer
    Roy Medawar supervising producer
    F. Daniel Somrack supervising producer
    Nabeel Zahid Producer
    Joseph Medawar Producer
    Kenneth W. Griswold Co-Producer
    Jessie Clark Associate Producer
    Craig Glazer Associate Producer
    Howard Bingham Associate Producer

    An associate producer is basically a gopher. It is a respectable job, but it is NOTHING like being the actual producer.

    Here is an entry from Wikopedia that explains what an associate producer is::

    “Associate producers and co-producers are also separate from the role of producer. They also support the producer to some degree, although not to the extent of an executive producer.”

    Examining the table below, you’ll see that First Assistant Directors, Casting Associates and other mid level players are higher paid than Associate Producers.

    Casting Associate $67,000 Assignment Editor $51,000 News Assistant $26,000 Production Coordinator $42,000

    Associate Producer Average Salary: $51,000 Line Producer $67,000 Story Editor $51,000

    Unit Production Manager $67,000 First Assistant Director $67,000 .

    So Glazer is a sow’s ear, like always. Not that there is a thing wrong with being an Associate Producer, but I suspect he worked for free to get the credit and to be allowed in the same room once in a while with the boxers. If you wait until next year, you’ll catch the Glaze claiming that he runs an oil company, when the truth will be he’s pumping gas.

    Are you ever embarrassed, Glazer?

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