Today: Lawrence Journal World Scoops Star With KU Coach Bill Self’s Parting Shot

You know what they say in Lawrence about KU‘s home court advantage in basketball…

So it is that KU basketball’s hometown newspaper, the Lawrence Journal World, scooped the daylights out of the Kansas City Star in getting a reaction from KU basketball coach Bill Self on Missouri’s decision to leave the Big 12 for the SEC.

"KU’s Self not fretting over Missouri’s decision to leave Big 12 for SEC," the headline reads. " ‘Majority of Kansas fans don’t give a flip about playing Missouri,’ " Jayhawk basketball coach states."

Think of it as gorilla journalism – performed late at night Sunday in Lawrence where the Journal World’s Gary Bedore got the better of the Star‘s KU beat writer J. Brady McCollough.

“I think everybody hoped that Missouri would stay, but I don’t know of any Kansas fans that are crying over them leaving,” Self told the Journal-World Sunday night," while McCollough was checking his voicemail.

"Self was asked if the Jayhawks and Tigers would play again in men’s basketball, the Journal World pressed.

“We will play them two more times," Self responded. "We’ve got them home and away this year."

And down the road?

"Like I said before, we have absolutely no obligation whatsoever to play Missouri in basketball. None,” Self said. “If we do so, it will only be done because it’s best for Kansas, not done because anybody else wants us to. We couldn’t care less what Missouri wants. If in fact they want to play us, it will be strictly determined if we want to. It will not be determined by other people, because I’ll be honest, the majority of Kansas fans don’t give a flip about playing Missouri."

There you have it, folks.

Bill Self channeling former KU basketball coach Roy Williams via the "don’t give a flip" quip.

Which is kinda funny, since it’s not like both Self and Williams don’t curse up ablue streak in total public on the basketball court.

So that’s it, Self is sticking to his guns.

Which actually doesn’t amount to much, other than expressing his unhappiness over Mizzou’s exit and pretending he could "give a flip," while plainly leaving open the door that they probably will again play once Self’s jaw clenching subsides.

Now here’s my take…

KU will definitely play Missouri, if not in football, then in basketball. Sooner rather than later, likely.

But two things.

If KU does play MU in football, forget about Arrowhead. From the get go first game a few of years back, when both teams were top ranked, MU had a clear fans-in-the-stands advantage. I covered that game for the Star, and even with the KU alumni advantage here and the close proximity of Lawrence, it was an MU home game all the way.

Not even close.

I shudder to think how lopsided the MU attendance has been at those games in the last couple years.

The rivalry rightfully should be restored to the two school’s campuses for the betterment of both Lawrence and Columbia. And to restore the home field advantage to KU (they need it bad) and let the students back in on the fun.

As for Self’s veiled threats not to play MU in basketball after it leaves the Big 12, remember when Roy said he was a stayin?
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52 Responses to Today: Lawrence Journal World Scoops Star With KU Coach Bill Self’s Parting Shot

  1. Johnny says:

    ‘Majority of Kansas fans don’t give a flip about playing Missouri,’ ” Jayhawk basketball coach states.”

    I stand behind my coach’s ( Bill Self ) comment, he is absolutey correct.

    mu is nothing, mu is meaningless. They hurt KC by leaving more than they do the BIG 12,,, We have schools lining up to join the BIG 12, WELCOME WEST VIRGINIA

    Sure it was fun while it lasted, but when mu left the BIG 12 ..that is was it…. mu is dead to us. Heck,facts be known mu is a second rate school anyway, it always has been…who needs all those problems (paige arena, cotton balls, racist, players callling coashes wives from jail… etc etc etc) and just look at some of the idiots to come out of mu….. morons like harley… that fucking freek job is the epitome of mu loser.

    mu was always considered a jrBIG 12 school anyway, and they knew it… not they are a jrSEC school.

    I almost feel sorry for these stupid schools leaving…like poor poor Colorado…. ouch…..
    and it will be a while before NU is back on top like they were in the BIG 12… oh well….. too bad….not sad…

    bye bye mu, dont let the door hit you in th ass, and all you mu morons have fun flying FLYING NOT DRIVING to away games ….. faaaaaaaaaar away games… hahahahahaha, as usual, I dont think mu douchers thought this all the way through…..

    pay up you mu losers…… pay that money to the BIG 12… and hit the raod….. errrrr airport…. HAHAHHAHAAHAHAHA

  2. chuck says:

    As soon as all the egos are cooled out
    MU and KU will play all the time in football and basketball.

    Its a big draw and money talks.

    I am an MU guy. Hate seeing this happen. Texas sucks. Oh well.

  3. harley says:

    MU leaves….thank god…we’re going to the sec!
    Bill self..the one time classy coach of ku has shown his colors over the last several years. He’ll do anything to win…
    just like the other coaches…i give him 2 more years at ku then he’s gone!
    As for mu…going to the sec is a briliant if not great financial move. Go to hearnes first story about mu leaving
    and see my analysis of why really mu left.
    Now ku and kstate are locked. And thats what really hurts them. It’s not that MU is leaving…because theres no doubt the
    sec gives mu a chance to brand themselves nationally and to step up their program. MU will reap huge rewards both in the
    academic/research/developement/recruiting/ and most importantly in the financial areas. If any of you ku losers were to hear
    the speeches by the heads of mu, they made this move as a proactive move. This is huge not only for the university but
    also for the students and future revenues.
    So ku fans are hurt. Their crying foul. But why? Do they enjoy seeing their third tier football team getting their asses handed
    to them every year at arrowhead? Do they enjoy seein their quitter coach and quitter players get stomped on by mu for the
    next 20 years. If i was a ku fan i WOULD love the end of the border war football games…at least now they can scehdule
    a miaa division team instead of mu.
    So harley was right in the end. I said after the big ten issue that it was just a question of time befoe they left.
    And i have been proven right.
    Jealousy from ku (Ive not heard much from the kstate fans who appear to understand the situation themselves)
    FAKE FANS AND ALUMNI IS TOO MUCH TO HANDLE. Maybe go to lawrence and party you losers. We left you in the
    dirt with the texas and oklahhoma boys…now go get a big dildo cause they’re gonna stick one up your a$$.
    And all you ku fans..i expect you at the big war football game thanksgiving weekend. Be sure to bring some
    price shopper paper bags to wear when you get your asses kicked by mu 60-0. You’re gonna need them.
    Hey’s my prediction MU 58 KU 0…any bets you ku losers!
    Also to johnny….get off this site…glaze is hunting for you…watch out buddy. You’re marked. Good luck avoiinding
    the glaze and his possee!

  4. Orphan of the Road says:

    Will college athletics whore itself for the almighty dollar?
    If the money is there and the alumni crave it, it will continue. New beatings for Jayhawks football, basketball gets to play W Va.. Huggins back and HELLO KSU!

    Many, many years the annual football game was it for both teams. They both had good runs in the 50s, 70s when going to a bowl game really meant something. I don’t see Arrowhead in the picture, MU might have to play this away for awhile.

    So MU gets to hear a cascade of SEC during their farewell lap of the Big 12. So be it, adieu.

    Now the drama of 27-months till W Va can play in the league. If Texas and Oklahoma decide to stick it out for the sake of the children and agree to return to a title game for a significant term (10yrs?), then maybe Missouri leaving was the best thing for the Big 12.

    With the eruption about to occur at Penn State with a pedophile scandal breaking that is going to end JoPa’s legend badly. Think Bishop Finn bad.

    May KU and MU meet yearly, ok once in awhile in an NCAA tourney. Maybe in KC. Or St Louis…

  5. harley says:

    MU would play ku only to help kcmo
    That’s all. MU did a favor to kcmo to try to keep some events between the two teams. It’s not neccessary for that
    game to happen. Bill knows it. Did you feel the anger in his voice. He’s angry and pissed. He feels like the guy left
    behind in the dirt after the car taeks off. The man who sees the boat leaving the dock and wanted on the boat.
    Self doesn’t know what to do. MU left for good reasons. He’s crying inside. He needs therapy. Get this guy some
    anti depressants. What really matter to this guy is for once he’s turned down.
    I didn t hear one negative comment from anyone in the mu admnistration talking bad about ku. What is getting under
    bill selfs ego is that he’s stuck and has no control. MU has moved to greener pastures ad noone wants ku.
    If he had a chance to go somewhere else he’d take it. If the big 10 or sec called he’d answer the phone.
    He’s a nut case now. He’s showing his colors.
    The situation is bad in the big 12 and billy knows it…only he’s the spurned party. He’s mad because everyone realizes
    basketball means nothing to 95% of the schools in the nation. Its second tier. and he’s hurt that he’s not invited to
    someones party. He’s upset because mu is moving up and he’s stuck to de4al with texas and ou who have him by the
    It’s simple…little billy realized noone in america cares about basketball. Its a nice sport but its not up to par with football
    on saturdays. He’s jealous because everyones forgotten about basketball…except the people in topeka/lawrence/eudora/
    overland park and lenexa…now he’s crying
    see ya later littel billy…wont miss ya….we’re off to the sec…yeeeeehaaaaaaa…and you’re stick in the mud!

  6. Johnny says:

    Somebody buy this mu moron a clue.

    1) Go read the SEC message boards, those people are talking like “there goes the (SEC) nieghborhood”, “white trash mu is moving in next door”, and no seems happy about the distances to travel..

    2) mu would NOT do jack shit to help KCMO, they dont care… and KU has spoken, no more charity for mu…….I have alread written my letter saying … “couldnt care less if KU ever played that defunct school again, it was never much of a rivalry anyway. KU kicked the shit out of mu in basketball every year… forever. too bad they fired Mangino….I knew that was a mistake, the second I heard it.

    3) The only reason mu is leaving is pride…… mu never got over being jilted when Nebraska was stolen.
    Poor poor pathertic mu, getting played like a fiddle….. they never got over it… stupid misery hayseeds.

    4) The BIG 12 will prosper..and we will not longer be asssociated with racist cotton balls on campus, paige arenas…jailed players calling coaches wives from jail… the list is endless.

    5) KU is not hurt by this, KCMO is….. KU always laughed at mu…and now KU is laughing even more.

    6)Thanks for the $20,000,000 exit fee…..

    Go read the SEC boards …they think you are a joke…a bad fit…. and cant wait to destroy you in every sport.

  7. harley says:

    JOHNNY….where are you?
    tell us because the possee is after you. Better stop posting and hide out or get out of town.
    YOU got the glaze gang looking for you. I would not want to be inyour shoes today…
    Dont mess with this sec….the glaze gang is on the hunt.

  8. Jim says:

    Never the same
    Bottom line: MU sold their soul for the money and jealousy. The local college landscape will NEVER be the same. The average MU fan’s experience will never be the same. What used to be a heated and hated rivalry between MU, KU and KSU will now be replaced by apathy. There is no longer a “connection” there. Where are MU fans going to go and be able to spar with SEC fans? If you haven’t noticed, there aren’t alot of SEC fans running around this town. How many Florida or Alabama or LSU or Georgia, et al fans do you see in the local bars? There is such a cultural disconnect between MU and the rest of the SEC. Is this a financial windfall for MU? Most likely, yes. But, why the hell does the average MU fan care how much money their University makes? The Big 12 (and Big 8 and Big 6) was us. All of us. It was our culture. It was our tradition. It was our passion. We loved to hate our rivals. Now, all that is gone. For what? Money. 5 or 10years from now, all the people at MU that made this decision will be gone (or dead). The rest of us will still be fans. Just not the same fans.

  9. harley says:

    hey johnny
    wear a mask to the mu/ku game. It will be an asskicking. Oh and glaze wants to meet you in the parking lot.
    got it johnny…be a man or run and hide. Loser! Be a man and meet glaze and lets see what a loudmouth loser you are.

  10. kcfred says:

    Bill Self, hypocrite
    Mizzou just did what Bill Self has done all his career, make the move for prestige and money. Bill Self is a lying hypocrite who’s just pissed that now his rivalries will include Iowa State and Baylor. The bitching and moaning on the comment boards in the SEC rivals just about what was said when Arkansas was added some years ago. SEC gets an AAU school (along with Florida and Vanderbilt) and Mizzou gets to build a new rivalry with Arkansas. And where does that leave YOU KU? Jealous and bitter because you (along with your compadre K-State) will be playing in the Mtn. West. Then …”poof” …your basketball program will go bye-bye (beacuse you aren’t playing anyone of note) while Mizzou is playing Georgia, Arkansas, Florida…parting is such sweet sorrow but reading the posts of KU fans who’s heads have exploded in a jealous rage over this makes my Monday…MIZ….

  11. Merle Tagladucci says:

    Jim for the win.

  12. PB says:

    Why Would KU
    Play MU in basketball, it doessn’t help them in the least from a financial standpoint . They already OWN KC and can fill the Sprint Center against any rummy team while Missouri will draw their typical 8-10,000 when hosting the CBE Tournament later this month. And why would MU want to subject themselves to yet another beatdown from a Bill Self-coached team (14-3 against the Tigers while @ KU)? Now instead of KU it will just be UK laying the wood to them. Mizzou is nothing more than the whore that leaves her longtime husband for another dude with more bank and yet still wants to be “friends”. Fuck that. Just PR bullshit from MU officials wanting to save face in a city in their own state that doesn’t give a rip about them. Make KU the “bad guy”, we don’t give a shit.

    I can see the football series being renewed down the road as MU will have no natural rivalries in their new league (have they even decided who their annual West rival will be yet…Arkansas for proximity?…aTm to try and maintain a Texas recruiting base?), but they’re dead to us in basketball as ONLY THEY can benefit from continuing that rivalry. KU can easily fill their slot with better teams from the SEC like Kentucky or Florida that would actually be advantageous to their program.

  13. harley says:

    bill self…your head is blowing up
    you’re a whore too. You move from college to college for money don’ t you. Biggest problem is that in all this realignment
    talk noone cares about ku basketball…noone ….its irrelevant and you are irrelvant too. Now how about turner gill and those
    ku quitters everyone.

  14. Johnny says:

    You mu douchers are funny.

    The BIG 12 is fine, and growing. WELCOME WEST VIRGINIA ….

    And to the moron saying Bill Self goes for the money… uh…. he was offered MEGA money from T Boone Pickens to go to OSU and turned it down…. so who knows what you are talkng about….silly mu douchebags…..
    and as far as Bill Self being pissed, he is not pissed, maybe disappointed …… or simply that he no longer respects this pathetic exBIG 12 member who leaving the conference… but that is the way mu operates…so it goes.

    KU is one of the top basketball programs in the country and does need misery or even KSU to be that… We have been doing it for 100 years…. and I have lost track of how many NCAA invites IN A ROW we have now……. 20? 30? …all my life… This will be an intersting year, but we will stand behind coach no matter what… he is a class act….

    LMAO as harley continues his reign as KING IDIOT ON KCC….
    harley = shit…….. oh yeah, I sat on the throne this morning and left a nice, healthy “harley”……

  15. PB says:

    No To Mention
    That MU was courting Coach Self at the SAME time as their slam dunk hire of Quin. Great move, Alden. Apparently everybody loves a good whore.

  16. Johnny says:

    PB and Jim both make excellent points…..
    esp the part about how sad mu goofs will be in KC, no more rivalry….
    it will like all the talk about the Corn Huskers this year….did you hear it??? nope, neither did I.

    It is called screwing the pooch…..

    another good point was…. what good does making a little extra money (and I am still wating for some one to produce the exact numebrs on how much more they will make)(but if they did )… what good does that do a lonely mu douchers… fans dont get that money

    Hey all you mu douchers,
    relish this last day of KU banter…cuz this is it…… from now on it will be like NU banter….e.g. NONE yaaaaawn who cares?

    Like who around here gives a shit about Kentucky? or Florida?…. who fkn cares?

    mu idiots will be so sad…. feeling so left out when the good ole days of the BIG 12 tourney comes to town, and it will….except, with no mu……. oh well….. you all can fly to where the fk ever that thing happens…… ya’ll have fun now…ya hear?

  17. Monkeyhawk says:

    I’ll miss the home-and-away.
    Strictly as a fan, I like gigging my friends who are Mizzou fans and grads before game days.

    No one seems to care about the fans.

    The Tigers’ arena will be perpetually empty.

  18. mermaid says:

    Hey Johnny…
    I need some stock tips- got any? Heard you were good with long investments!

  19. kcfred says:

    You’re not done. You’re just getting started. KU will not be the basketball powerhouse in once was in ten years. Why? No conference worth a shit around them. Playing BYU and Air Force will be a hell of a lot tougher recruitment. The KU “entitlement” crowd are shocked..SHOCKED! That they’re basketball team wasn’t invited. You weren’t and KU will become irrelevant in five years. Mizzou did and they will be a conference that actually WANTS them.I’ll ask thi sof all the KU fans. If theSEC came calling for you (and they didn’t) what would you have done? I thought so. Your dirty athelicitc director effed Mizzou out of the Orange Bowl and THAT’s what started this whole mess. Johnny, there won’t BE a big 12 tournament in five years because Texas and Oklahoma, at some point, are going to take their ball and go home. And you’ll be playing Air Force while Mizzou plays Florida.

  20. Johnny says:

    sorry mermaid, hearne said no investment advice here.

    kcfred, dream on.

  21. kcfred says:

    Wonderful, intelligent, snappy reply. You know I’m right.

  22. Johnny says:

    no fred, you are wrong, and sooner or later you will regret this as a fan…
    but there is nothing I can write today to make you believe that, so why waste my time?

    and arent you the guy who accused Bill Self of whoring for cash, but I pointed out he turned down more money from OSU, and you …ah anyway….. ya’ll have fun in the SEC…… it has become boring to me.

  23. harley says:

    johnny boy…loooook out….
    the devil is coming for ya. The man is out looking for you. will you be a coward and hide from the man.
    Wiull you face your opponent…or will you shrivel and quit like the ku football team.
    Tell us where your seats are johnny …lets see if you got guts man..or just shouting off shit.
    Come on little man…show up and let us see who you are…no paper bags at arrowhead…
    the possee is after you…the man is on the hunt for johnny.
    Lets talk about your previous posts mr. johnny…you’re big mouth has gotten you in troub le…
    even mermaid has a lock on you little johnny.
    come on….come out of hiding…the man is on the hunt.

  24. kcfred says:

    Johnny part 2
    I imagine there was something in Bill’s contract about going to another big 12 school. If there wasn’t, KU is dumb.
    I am not a fan of either team, just like seeing the entitlement KU basketball crowd get apopletic over the fact that their coach is chastizing Mizzou for doing exactly what he would have done.
    Nationally, NO ONE CARES about KU basketball.
    It’s a football world guys, and your team sucks.
    Get that rivalry with WVU going…I don’t imagine the KU fans will make the trip.
    Pity, too.
    Hypocracy bothers me. The KU “fans” response is sooo hypocritical.
    We hate you…how dare you leave?

  25. mermaid says:

    Cmon Johnny…
    No stock tips? Hearne said. Who cares what Hearne said. Does he dictate what you do? The Johnny I know wouldn’t let any man tell him what to do.. Maybe I have the wrong Johnny.

  26. Hearne Christopher says:

    Nobody’s hunting anybody, sorry

  27. Hearne Christopher says:

    Funny guy

  28. Johnny says:

    yaaawwwwwnnnn…. come on, you guys are going to have to do better than that….. come on man.

  29. PB says:

    Ha, The Real Truth
    Comes out!

    ” Your dirty athelicitc director effed Mizzou out of the Orange Bowl and THAT’s what started this whole mess.”

    STILL pissed about this. And not just the fans. Heard an actual high-ranking MU official sight this and their Insight Bowl jilting by Iowa St. (are you fucking kidding me?!) as real reasons why they started considering their move south. As for KU bolting, yes, I have no problem admitting that they probably would have bolted if asked when the league looked particularly unstable as their (and KSU/ISU/Baylor) prospects would not have been near as desirable as MU’s after a conference implosion, but the irony is that Mizzou would have been fine either way and would in fact probably have landed in their lusted after league (B1G) after the breakup and realignment. Instead, they panicked because they thought it was near closing time and latched onto the first dude that gave them the eye from across the bar. Mizzou’s perpetual low self-esteem got a much needed momentary boost by the SEC invite and while $ amounts maybe equal, instead of Texas and Oklahoma, they’ll be looking up the poop shoot of SEC big dogs Bama/LSU/Florida/Auburn.

  30. Johnny says:

    “”As for KU bolting, yes, I have no problem admitting that they probably would have bolted if asked when the league looked particularly unstable as their (and KSU/ISU/Baylor) prospects would not have been near as desirable as MU’s after a conference implosion””

    You have no problem with that??
    I do… I dont think KU would have accepted that, at all….. KU was nt looking…and I dont think the SEC was asking.

    There is nothing special about the SEC…… and I ask AGAIN …FOR THE 10TH TIME….
    THERE IS NO MAGIC MONEY OUT THERE…. Tell us exaclty how much mu made in the BIG12 and how more they will make in the SEC…. I have looked no one has printed the numbers… i have been asking for these since last year.

  31. mermaid says:

    Quit playing with the boys and play with me. See I must have the wrong Johnny because the one I know loves women and you don’t seem to want to talk to me. What’s wrong with you?

  32. harley says:

    johnny come on…mermaid likes you
    or are you one of those guys who likes other guys~! Must be …because no red blooded man would turn down mermaid.
    johnny…WATCH OUT. BOOM…BANG…BOOM….BANG…get under the desk!
    Johnny does investments…wow…so i’m sure he can afford a ticket to border war. Where your tickets johnny…
    lets see who shows up….
    johnny read my analysis for more details…theres real facts…real insight…not your phony crap..
    boom…bang…get down…bang!

  33. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Bill Self = BUTTHURT BITCH
    No other way to say it. He was under the delusion that KU basketball means anything in today’s conference turmoil. Fact is, the dude is scared shitless that Texas football holds KU by the shorthairs, whether it’s football OR basketball.

  34. PB says:

    Johnny, Didn’t Mean…
    …the SEC in particular. Have zero interest in that league, that would be a terrible fit for KU. Just meant that when the Big XII’s future looked especially bleak, KU would have been wise to at least consider jumping to any BCS league that may have been interested as you could forget KU Basketball as we know it if relegated to some shit league like the Mtn.West. I’m glad they’re staying put and knew that was always the preference once things started to stabilize.

  35. Johnny says:

    piece of advice harley….stay off the drugs during the day, and
    sometime, try not living down to your title harley; King Idiot of KCC

  36. Johnny says:

    Ah,, good points PB, you are correct sir.

    How about these poor mu fools?
    they have been sold a bills of goods….as they say, dont know what ya got till it is gone.

  37. mermaid says:

    Johnny doesn’t like girls…
    I guess Johnny does like the boys better. Hmm Johnny take me to the game. I think we would like each other. I like a man who knows stocks and I’m in need of some real bad. So what do you think? Quit talking about Self and talk to me. The issue is over.Next…

  38. Merle Tagladucci says:

    MU fans talk more about Bill Self than they do Frank Haith. “Paging Dr. Freud, Dr. Freud you have an entire fanbase in the waiting room.”

  39. Johnny says:

    with all this attention, no wonder postersl use diff names
    I compleletley understand why people change names to post…wtf all this attention..


    A weak, slapped together, poorly written drivel story written by a poor writer, no hard facts….
    just a goof comparing looking for a job and sending his resume to espn SI etc etc blah blah….
    if that is what you produse in response to my request for ahdr number….. if tha tis what you call
    showing us hard number comparisions…then ok… I understand…. your mu education and all…….
    /end of line with you


    “”MU fans talk more about Bill Self than they do Frank Haith. “Paging Dr. Freud, Dr. Freud you have an entire fanbase in the waiting room”” LOL!!!!!!!! BEST QUOTE OF THE DAY…..

    Even as these goofs are leaving the only thing they want to talk about is Bill Self and KU…… poor poor mu ….so many years they wash out of the nig dance early…lose bowl games to the likes of Navy…. name arena after paige…… plant coton balls on campus to scare the blacks……. and now common fans are excited about money only fat cats will see….. so fkn pathetic.

    Sorry mermaid, as much as love women, hearne requested no investment advice, it is his house, his rules. I may have issue with some people who post here, but hearne is A-OK with me.

  40. mermaid says:

    Get a clue Johnny…
    Just wanted to talk to you. Trying to start conversation. You aren’t too quick are you. And you don’t love women or house rules – you would be flirting with me because everyone does. You’ve been called out.

  41. The Possee says:

    oh johnny…
    where you been boy? Where you hanging these days JD? Love to see you after all these years. Now where are you?

  42. Johnny says:

    LMAO …you guys are funny…

    btw – I dont get “called out”… Im not even sure what that means…. but I come when I am ready…

  43. bschloz says:

    Bad Deal For KC
    Great thread….
    Mizzou exits to the SEC – Berlusconi is toast and The Italian 10yr surges past 6.5%—
    Its all about the money for sure.
    I like some of the points Jim makes…and some others in KC STAR today….This changes the complexion college sports in KC
    I don’t think St.Louis ever really had the rivalry thing going like KC. They have the Illinois game.
    MU V KU was a Kansas City thing. Hate to see it go…. Mizzou V Vanderbilt just doesn’t have the same ring … KU VS WVA WTF?
    I doubt they will be scrambling to play each other any time soon.

  44. Johnny says:

    Oh hey..I recognize that “JD talk”…..
    and from a douche who insults others fror changing posting names. it must be glazerboy,
    hey galzer boy… can go fk yourself you roid rage sleazebag… ….you are joke…..possee? more like pusssy

  45. mermaid says:

    There you are Johnny…
    How many times have you hit replay?

  46. Black Barbie says:

    Johnny You Are Evil
    Craig, even Derek say he will help you get this white man for free. He’s got a bunch of guys with him, Um hum. For real, Craig. This man is not right in the head. He needs to go. Lets get him to move out of town. Give Derek his picture and where he hangs out, we will get him out of here. He problably hates black people anyways. To wish death on folks, for no good reason. What is wrong with people. I made 800 dollars this weekend at Temptations, things are looking up.

  47. Your best friend says:

    A link would be nice.
    So sayeth Internet culture, “Thou shalt link to thine sources as a courtesy.”

  48. Johnny says:

    racist much ?
    “”Craig, even Derek say he will help you get this white man for free. He’s got a bunch of guys with him, Um hum. For real, Craig.””

    hmmmmmm, interesting…..
    Can you imagine if someone had posted this, but instead said “black man” ……. racist much black betty?

    btw- black betty, if you pay attention, the one who is not right in the head here is glazer, roids will do that….. And a piece of advice……. it is best to be careful about making threats like yours on the internet……

  49. Bruce says:

    MU blows
    Harley and all you other MIZZOU scrotumheads. One consolation prize in all the mess that you MU turncoat turds started in the first place wil be seeing you get your ASS THROTTLED WEEK AFTER WEEK.

  50. kcfred says:

    Bruce, I’ll state it again becasue it’s the truth. If KU were offered the same deal, you guys would have told the rest of the league to fuck off just the mizzou did. Hycocrisya nd jealousy doesn’t wear well. To your last comment….maybe so, but mizzou will be in a conference when you all are picking up the pieces after Texas fucks you…again. And it WILL happen.

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