Starbeams: Earthquake Rolls Through Town, Takes Toll on Chiefs, Top 5 Local Disruptions

Missouri drivers ranked second-worst in the nation, according to a new report compiled by carinsurancecomparison.comKansas drivers ranked 16th worst. Missouri drivers get a lot of tickets and rank in the top 10 for carelessness and drunk driving. The only state that ranked worse was Louisiana.  Even worse? Most of Missouri’s drunk drivers are in demolition derbies.


A 5.6-magnitude quake centered about 45 miles northeast of Oklahoma City was felt in Kansas City Saturday night at 10:53 p.m.  The quake was very shallow at 3.1 miles deep.  It did very little damage but it did leave a big hole in the Chiefs defensive line.



#5. My wife complained she wasn’t used to feeling the earth move while in bed with me.

#4.  Residents at local cemeteries were doing "the wave."

#3.  Plaza Security briefly awakened from napping.

#2.  The tsunami in my waterbed was so powerful that several Asian women had to leave.

#1.  Tonight’s show at the Midland?  The QUAKE BOSS!

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