Mermaid: Melt Your Face at Snow & Company in the Crossroads

Don’t take this the wrong way, but…

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

Lose the parkas, forget the Uggs – wear something sexy people. Because this place is H-O-T.

Snow and Co. has arrived in the Crossroads, courtesy of the four UMKC students who got their MBA’s together and decided to dodge the office cubicle bullet and go for their dream instead.

Snow – meaning delicious frozen cocktails and Co. – somehow meaning all local ingredients.

I think they should call the place Blonde (or maybe Blind) because after two of these concoctions I committed a major Mermaid faux pas. I brought my Nikon D7000 to get some professional pics of the place but I was so tipsy I couldn’t figure out why my screen was black.

Did I trip some secret off switch I didn’t know about? Nope, the old lens cap on the camera trick!

My god, how many people just saw me try to take pictures like that? I was mortified.

Anyway the place was hopping, lines out the door and everyone pretty distracted so I got away with it. Until now.

With swanky couches, beautiful art, and drinks with names like Cucumber and Cream, Rockefeller Manhattan, and Christopher Elbow’s Signature Sexual Chocolate – my fave and yes it’s that good- how can Snow go wrong?

Who cares if it’s fall and winter’s coming? Take a date to Snow for a couple of these potent concoctions and things will heat up plenty fast.

Andy Talbert, Jerry Nivens, Kyle Morris, and Lauren Cloud are the forces to be reckoned with that thought all this up. And now after months of headaches from the city (take a number) they’re are seeing their freezing cold dreams come true.

They also have some tasty appetizers and sandwiches for the late night Kauffman Center crowd. And since the kitchen never closesm, a late night bite is always an option.

They’re located in the Crossroads at 1815 Wyandotte Street and the hours are incredible. Monday-Friday 4pm-1am Saturday 11am-1am and Sunday 11am-12am.

See you there…

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43 Responses to Mermaid: Melt Your Face at Snow & Company in the Crossroads

  1. Mike Jordan says:

    bacon neck
    Hey man, check out this guy’s bacon neck. What a loser, he looks terrible. Hanes undershirts buddy, hanes.

  2. Robertoe says:

    wish em the best, but….
    4 business partners on a bar biz? Good luck.

    Surprised I didnt see you there, Debbie. I usually stop by Boveri Realty next door on First Fridays. Cristina and I stopped in Snow early. They were doing a brisk biz but what would you expect for a good weather first friday grand opening. I was underwhelmed. $10 cocktails for this young artsy neighborhood? Compare their 12 oz (or close to it) $10 drinks to these at Tropical Liquers on Broadway in Columbia MO

    Double 12oz $3.50
    Medium 22oz $5.75
    Large 32oz $8.25
    X-Large 44oz $11.25

    Personally I didn’t like the decor. Concrete floors and pea green walls. Yuck. I didnt get the cozy hang-out-here vibe. They’ve get little foot traffic and I can’t see this being a destination stop. Tough seasonal time frame for opening too. Ice drinks in winter!

    Hey Smartman, Wanna double down on our Quintons bet. Quintons will last longer than Snow!

  3. Robertoe says:

    oh, also
    Mermaid has apparently gone from ‘these guys are a bunch of losers…I’m never posting there again’ to becoming a featured writer. Oh well. Never say never, right? We need more gal perspectives here. I’ll look forward to your regular submissions! Glad to see it!

  4. mermaid says:

    Robertoe come on..
    Those drinks in Columbia will give you a hell of a headache as well. These drinks are made with prime ingredients not grain alcohol. I loved the place and it’s not their fault they didn’t open in the summer. They will be fine. I love frozen drinks so I will be back. They were great drinks.And for after Kauffman Center shows what a great place to get a late night drink and food. Give them a chance. I thought the decor was cool and the walls were beautiful with the different artwork.

  5. smartman says:

    Hell Snow Robertoe!
    You are correct. Quinton’s WILL last longer than SNOW. You’d think 4 MBA’s could be a little more creative, then again they matriculated from UMKC

    Already know of at least two local groups entering the frozen concoction market in the KC metro in 2012. Nothing unique or proprietary in what SNOW is doing.

    Oh to be young and stupid again. My first business failed but I made it all back up on my first blow deal. Wonder what they’ll do to recoup?

    Four partners in the bar biz? Recipe for disaster. Only place 4 partners works is in plural marriage.

    Their prices are way too high. I’m sure competition and the economy will force them in to the price/volume/margin/cash flow debate.

  6. Robert Williams says:

    Great Art Work
    I love the art work of Snow and Co. They really knew what they were doing when they decorated the place, can’t wait to see how the place looks for Christmas.

  7. Craig Glazer says:

    I Loved Snow, Hmmmm
    The bar and restaurant that is! Fun, fun place. Good location, new idea. Owners were so nice and cool guys. Debbie you did a nice job with the story. I had about three drinks, will be back. Also the greek olives killed with cheese and oil dip. Check it out, you will be back. Wonderful place for a night out with your lady. Not my lady, your lady.

  8. Downtown Davey says:

    Downtown Rocks Debbie
    Boy you are a nice looking young person. Thank you for saying nice things about a new tavern in mid-town. I agree it will be a wonderful addition to our neighberhood. I live one mile from Snow. Love that it is here.

  9. Brooke says:

    Hmmmm… good review. I think I will go try Snow & Co.
    I have seen you post before but never have seen you do a review. I really don’t frequent the crossroads but I do look for unique places to try. With the bright, colorful photos & intriguing description, although I prefer the Sun over the Snow , I will now go try this new place. It may be sooner than I thought because while i was writing this comment I burned my Potato Cheddar Soup : (. There goes dinner.

  10. chuck says:

    Can’t believe I am leaving town.
    Mermaid is the kcconfidential’s new Lara Logan, with the inside skinny on bars and her finger, no doubt on the city’s entertainment pulse (Insert some jokes about here smartman 🙂 ).

    Johnny is hellacrazy and the inevitable beat down from kcconfidential “Heavies” must be imminent. Hoping there are pics of Johnny felating a urinal cake in a drinking establishment Mermaid has recommended.

    I caught Harley callin in on 810 today under his “JoJo” moniker (He did make some good points re: MU.), his call in, by way of his refusal to let the Radio Personality get a word in, became a sililoquy, and finally (Goddamn this was funny.) the fuckin guy says, “I can’t take it anymore” and hung up on him. I bout wrecked the fuckin car laughin.

    Now all we need to get the band back together, is for a Tracy Thomas descension into the mud, blood and bee…, wine.

    Wheels up for me, in 9 hours.

    smartman and Orphan have my proxy.

    See ya next week! 🙂

  11. KU forever says:

    Harley Was Turned Off
    Chuck I heard it too, I laughed by ass off. Harley got the hook but good and the guy got put down as a looney. We pegged him right. Harley/Jo Jo you got to let the other guy get a word in for God’ sake.

  12. White Wash says:

    Date Glazer Get A Job?
    So if you hang out with Glazer you get a spot here, is that it Hearne? What next Black Barbie.

  13. xxMillerTimexx says:

    I will disagree
    “Date Glazer Get A Job?

    White Wash 09:22:54 PM – Mon. Nov 7. 2011

    So if you hang out with Glazer you get a spot here, is that it Hearne? What next Black Barbie.”

    While I will agree that Glazer is the biggest douche I have have ever heard of, I think Mermaid did a good job. It would be a nice to have something nice to read on here for a change.

  14. JOE SMOW says:

    Great place . Awesome drinks. Nice, well written article. Hope to see and here more from u – Mermaid. ALWAYS DID LIKE SEAFOOD!

  15. Johnny says:

    I did not make that hooker comment
    It is not my style…. hearne can verify, and hopefully delete it.

  16. Johnny says:

    I thought it was a good article too
    I may not agree with this concept at this time of year, but I thought it was informative and pretty well written.

    I happy to see hearne have more writers….. the more the merrier… hope to see more artilces from this writer.

  17. Monkey Man says:

    Why No More Dance Clubs
    Debbie is an example of white people scared of blacks. We have less places to go now. I am a hard workin man with good pay and never been in any trouble with the law. I got almost no nice places in Westport or downtown to travel. They are almost all just for white people. This place is just another example of how you guys want to run us out. We are human and deserve some attention for our issues. We need some nice places to chill like you do.

  18. craigglazer says:

    meant to say say, hopefully hearne will delete false name posts….
    but if not, I guess that means anyone can post under any name…that should be fun.

  19. harley says:

    sorry guys wasn’t me…
    you guys think i’m a celebrity like glaze. I’m not. I wasn;’t on the radio yesterday but I sure would like to tell
    those guys about mu. they are way off on everything.
    Next time i ‘m on i’ll post here so everyone can see what the truth is.
    by the way…i was right again…mu moved…it just took longer than anticipated.

  20. harley says:

    glaze what were you thinking…
    when you passed on mermaid. She looks great in that photo. She seems sweet…smart and looks hot.
    Why would you pass up on her to hang with the young ones. Grab her now…before its too late. You two
    could have some beautiful kids….if ya snooze ya lose!

  21. Henry The Sports Czar says:

    Glazer, Hearne, Mermaid Got More Comments
    She beat you both on some of the comments numbers, good work Mermaid. Yes you are lovely. Sounds like an exciting place, I will check it out. Thank you.

  22. Craig Glazer says:

    I am sorry everybody for being such a bragging asshole. You see, it is all of the booze and drugs I take make me that way. I will seek help soon, and hopefully become a better human being, and stop being a piece of shit. Again, sorry to all who have read the stupid things I have said.

  23. Robertoe says:

    Troll-driven, class-less downward spiral
    Until Hearne gets a very basic registration process on here to post, the comments section will continue to gravitate to scum with no one knowing who’s posting what. Every immature troll idiot with a keyboard will relish their ability to derail any intelligent discourse and post any sort of anonymous drug induced crap they want. This site will have no class what-so-ever. Oh that’s right. Any registration would require some sort of coding or technological evolution. There’s never been any of that around here at all.

  24. Brooke says:

    Mermaid wouldn’t date Craig. People have friends of the Opp.
    Friends ONLY of the Opposite sex. Really?
    I know Mermaid & she doesn’t date Craig Glazer. I look forward to GUYS stepping up & stop acting like 3 year olds in a playground & really start reading the review for what it is. A great new writer with new views!
    Go Mermaid!

  25. Craig Glazer says:

    Not True
    Brooke not true. Debbie and I have been friends for years and have dated off and on. She is a nice girl. Lately we have not been dating but have remained friends. I am glad she got great response on this story. Yes she is very nice looking and maybe we will go out soon, we are both busy with lots of issues besides dating right now. Plenty of nice looking men would love to meet Debbie. She deserves a good man. In the meantime we will hang out and see what happens. Good girl.

  26. Craig Glazer says:

    Robertoe Is Right
    Two issues, no that wasn’t me saying I was a druggie drunk of course…its whoever Johnny is…of course….one reason Hearne doesn’t do that Robertoe is that when he did comments fell. We lost the bad ones but also good ones, some people just don’t want their real name and information out there, thats all. Maybe there is a happy medium.

  27. Brooke says:

    I am glad for the opportunity for you to…
    Set the record straight! Have a great day peeps. I shall return!
    PS Is anyone using a calculator on the math problems to post ; )

  28. Hearne Christopher says:

    Don’t get me started

  29. Brooke says:

    One more dating thing about Mermaid & Dating.
    Maybe years & years ago she dated Craig – last time I saw Mermaid she was with some cute 30 yr old at Manifesto. I think the 30 y/o and Mermaid dated for awhile.

  30. Jimmy says:

    Good Job
    Mermaid, nice article . Not sure about all the comment.It got a little away from the review.

  31. Dave says:

    It’s uncanny how much Mermaid resembles Lara Logan!

  32. Nomar says:

    Nice article
    Yup, when people start using other people’s screen names it can be a problem, and once it starts, and nothing happens, then there is payback, and then it just gets ugly. Turn about is fair play.

    Nice article mermaid, hope to see more from you.

  33. Balboni's moleskine says:

    this is part of a larger concept
    Snow and Company (next to the arts district) is part of a larger brand concept. Coming soon will be Skunky’s Double Wide Burritos in Lawrence and Icy’s 24 hour gelato and vcr repair on Indpendence Avenue.

  34. Robertoe says:

    Here’s the cheap and happy medium
    From CG: “one reason Hearne doesn’t do that Robertoe is that when he did comments fell. We lost the bad ones but also good ones, some people just don’t want their real name and information out there, thats all. Maybe there is a happy medium.”

    KC Confidential has got the momentum now. I understand maybe not doing it in the early stages. Everyone would like to see more quality and less low rent mindless troll posting (except the trolls themselves).

    I’m NOT talking about everyone posting under their real names, You and I would, but anonymity would be easy. Everyone needs a real email address! That’s it! 2 field registration: Posting name (Joe Doe would be fine) and email address or cell phone #. Then they get sent a link that they have to hit to confirm. You could stay logged into the system on your computer or smart phone. So 1 field to post and no math problems. Its really a piece of cake. Then he could warn and ban based on email addresses. The quality of your posts and subsequent discourse would improve substantially. It could be something you’d be proud of instead of this juvenile mindless drivel and obscene pot shots.

    I could do it for Hearne very cheaply. This and an ongoing litany of technology site and platform improvements but he’s never even wanted to discuss it.

    This isn’t rocket science. You can’t run an online business these days without the capacity to evolve technologically (including smart phone capacities). Duh.

    Now hang on. Let me grab my calculator…

  35. Robertoe says:

    Yeah, Brooke, I was actually that ‘cute 30 year old guy’ with Mermaid at Manifesto. I’m actually older than 30 but I just look really young for my age. Thanks! smirk.

    And in terms of Mermaid looking like Lara Logan, its just too bad she’ll be getting the online equivalent of Tahrir Square treatment if she keeps writing here with these baboon trolls, no registration requirements, no posting rules or online security what-so-ever. 🙁

  36. Ismeiel says:

    troll is as troll does
    ….aaaaaaaand BOOM!!!…. another poster turns into a troll…. while calling other posters trolls.

    Roberto, read your own posts, if you are not trolling, what would you call it?

    Make you comments and move on, the extra commentary and whining is not needed.

  37. Trollbertoe says:

    just striving for continuous improvement! :p

  38. harley says:

    you’re obnoxious with this registration crap. Hearne has moneyto do it…so leave the guy alone already.
    shut up…noone want to hear your crap about your work at home business that registerspeople on comment blogs.
    shut up…noone cares that you look 30. Glaze is 60 and looks 50. stop the b.s.
    and stop trying to cirtique a snow cone place…who cares…its a fucking drink. If you don’t like the prices
    dont go there. who care if you’re a tightwad cheap ass/
    As for mermaid…you were with here but didn’t spill the beans. The jew berkowitz was supposed to meet mermad for
    an afternoon delight but he chickened out. Did you get into the valley or were you being nice with mermaid.
    so roberto…please show some class and style and tell us what you got off the fish.
    and please shut up with your lame brain scheme to try to limit what idiotsvlike yourself can put on this site.
    thanks for your time.

  39. PB says:

    I Guess I’m Just Not
    Trendy enough, but to me that name kind of sucks for a bar(?). Sounds more like an ad firm. And while I’m sure they’re delicious (huh?), another disturbing trend, “healthy” cocktails? Who needs fresh ingredients, I like my drinks like my women, strong and BROWN.

    Kidding mostly, although I’m obviously not the clientele they’re lookin for…a nice, informative article, Mermaid

  40. Robertoe says:

    say what?
    Sorry harley! I’d respond but I don’t speak or comprehend idiot.

  41. Pauly says:

    It does no good to say sorry to harley, that dumb fuck only understands ALL CAPS TALK, like FUCK YOU HARLEY

    FUCK YOU HARLEY!!! no one cares what you think you dumb fuck.You are the biggest troll.

    Robertoe is a 100 times better member of KCC than that dumbfuck harley

    STFU HARLEY, although we all know that is impossible, at least stop casting stones

  42. Corey says:

    Good Story Debbie
    Keep up the good work anxious to read another story!

  43. adrian says:

    super review
    debbie, great review on the new place, can’t wait 2 take some friends 2 ckeck it out!! Hearne is lucky to have you on his team with all the people and places u know in kc!! Keep us informed of any new places!!

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