Glazer: Halloween’s Over, Real Chiefs Return to Form; Back to Hoping for a Good Draft Pick

"They are who we thought they were,"  famous, former NFL coach, Dennis Greene…

The Chiefs are who I thought they were; a pretty poor NFL team. Yes, they have improved from being the worst team in the league at the season’s start. Yes, they play hard. Matt Cassel tries with all his might and we now have a damn good receivers group led by Dwayne Bowe and Johnathan Baldwin. But our defense is still up and down, average at best. Matt is a bottom 10 quarterback and our running game is just OK.

The Chiefs are below average, but again not the worst team in the NFL.

If we got a solid quarterback, we could compete next year with a team that could be dangerous in the play-offs. Short of that NO.

Your humble scribe and one of the nation’s best NFL analysts is now looking good on his big bet – Chiefs under 8 wins for the year. I feel we could lose to Denver and then it’s over. We have the big five game horror run against the Pack, Steelers, Jets, Chicago and New England, all much better teams than us. Likely 0-5 or 1-4. Close with Denver and Oakland 1-1. The Chiefs look to be going 6-10 or 7-9 and either way, I win. Yes.

Miami crushed KC and finally a crap team beat another crap team and it was us.

Look, we should be 2-5. The Colts threw the game it would seem – they were killing us – it looks fishy. The Chargers gave us a gift, we really should have lost. And even the Vikings lead most of the game. Only the Oakland game was a real solid win and they went with no quarterback or running back. All luck and fate. A terrible team, the Chiefs got some breaks.

In today’s game, against a team with no wins, Miami, the Chiefs were the Chiefs.

Only Bowe mattered. Matt couldn’t hit anyone that mattered in the Red Zone. His game is "don’t turn it over" and we have a chance. No running game. Defense was horrible, especially on pass D. Nothing looked good. More important there was no sense of urgency from our Chiefs.

They know they are not worthy. The team knows it’s just OK. And I guess that’s good enough in this town, but I hope not.
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15 Responses to Glazer: Halloween’s Over, Real Chiefs Return to Form; Back to Hoping for a Good Draft Pick

  1. Kerouac says:

    Kerouac returns from an extended holiday Europe and finds that, as when he left, everything is NOT up to date in KC… winless (0-7 before today) Miami Dolphins 31 – le grande fraude aka kcindy 3.

    ‘The Greatest’ duo squat now stands at 18-22, this year three courtesy “the best GM candidate” and “the best Head Coach candidate” in the entire NFL according to the screaming headlines & fan self-flagellation in 2009.

    For GM reference, Carl Peterson went 29-18-1 his first three years as an NFL GM here in KC and 1-2 post season; egoli is 18-22 so far, 0-1 post season.

    Head Coaching same, Herm Edwards went 25-23 in his first three seasons as an NFL Head Coach NY including a 1-2 post season mark, this after taking over a Parcells team & Groh team that had missed the playoffs for 2 straight seasons. kcindy’s hailme is 18-22 regular and 0-1 post season, would have to finish 7-1 & 1-2 post season this year to even tie Edwards mark.

    Edwards & Peterson were reviled, hailme & egoli revered… heh heh heh.

  2. harley says:

    glaze did you track down johnny yet
    us readers are more interestedin your personal travails than the crap you put out after the fact.
    Come on glaze…get serious. The cheifs celebrated too long after the monday night game…
    and you know how those hangovers can affect performance.

  3. Rick in PV says:

    Cassel is average; line play is bottom 10
    Knowing Cassel is sub-par when forced to run, Pioli should have bolstered the O line more. Still should, no matter who is at QB.

  4. Hearne Christopher says:

    That was kinda my thinking also, but you never know. Craig has a point

  5. Tiger Tail says:

    Good Run
    We should be thankful such a bad team gave us a four game winning streak. No matter why or how, it was fun to watch. Hey we are still in first place. This division is llke last years season when Seattle got in with what 7 or 8 wins. Chargers are by far the best but I think will only be 9-7 or 8-8. Chiefs and the rest will likely win 7 or less. All teams rebullding in one way or another. Lets get a good quarterback and start being really good again.

  6. Monkey Man says:

    Chiefs Are A Trash Team
    They ain’t about nothing, never were. Just here to take yo money bro. This team has been bad, OK, average, decent and kinda good. Hey I been a fan for twenty years and we ain’t won a playoff game but once or twice in the early 90’s. WTF. You fans think we got a team with a good rep, shit, their rep is LOSERS. Only some of these overpriced players think they about something. Stop going to games, I did. What they gonna win a few more and thats it. Just playin with yo ass, thats all. Pick some other team to watch. If you like football like me, I just watch them and laugh. They ain’t nothing and never was since that old Len Dawson dude from fifty years ago, I’m sick hearing bout his ass.

  7. Orphan of the Road says:

    One of the best NFL analysts
    OK, that like the guy told the mohel who made change purses with the skin and when you rubbed it, it became a steamer trunk. That’s really stretching it.

    The Chiefs wore no cologne yesterday.

    What you miss completely in the Colts game is the Colts were built to sit on a lead with Peyton Manning at QB. Chiefs defense put the offense in a situation it couldn’t respond to that day.

    IF you get Cassel dirty, it is going to be a long day. Plus you are playing a team which has lost ’em all. Rabid dog cornered.

    Chiefs will play spoiler to at least two of those games you are counting as wins. But you are correct they are more likely to lose all.

    Denver, Raiders, Chiefs, oh my! Blow With Tebow is trending, Carson Palmer is channeling Jim Plunkett, Cassel is fighting the ghosts of Mike Livingston and Pete Beathard. Should be some entertaining, albeit ugly, football ahead.

    I’m taking my picks from chuck. 7-9 wins AFC West is looking good.

  8. Radio Man says:

    Who Knows
    yes the chiefs are as usual a let down. I’m sure they will win a few more, but I must agree Matt is not the person to lead this football team.
    As for your pics, well interesting, I am not a gambler but my best friend is, says you have either been lucky or good. Either way winning is just that. Go Chiefs, please!!!!!!

  9. Westport Patron says:

    Check Out Those Niner’s
    Sleeper team might win the NFC. Packers defense is weak. The SF team has the only really tough D in the NFL right now. This might be the team. How does Houston vs. San Fran look for the next Super Bowl? Good call Glazer on these two, you might see it as I do.

  10. Timberland says:

    You Weren’t Wrong They Suck
    Last week or Monday you said maybe you were wrong on KC. I don’t think so, they are not very talented. Over rated secondary, average linebackers, not as impressed with DJ as many others are, Tamba is just a sack guy nothing more and jury out as to how good, how long. Offense needs lots of help, a back, a quarterback and line oh yeah a tight end. So the Chiefs are sub par, they will win six or seven, eight is a strech. Hope you win your bet cause they suck.

  11. Maureen says:

    Went To Game. YUK.
    Oh my what a waste of my Sunday. At least the weather was nice.

  12. Johnny says:

    Death To Both Of You
    Hope you and Hearne both die MF’s. Come and get me.

  13. Karl says:

    My Monkey Can Pick Games
    My pet monkey can pick games too Glazer. As good as you can. So you are the best? Lucky I’d say. What information do you use to pick your games? I’ll bet you get help from one of your pals like Nick or Petro. You are so full of yourself. Wheres that new car? Did you ever buy it? Too much money huh. Hope you lose your Chiefs bet.

  14. Hearne Christopher says:

    Hey, leave me out of this. Don’t you guys have better things to do besides shadow box and play guessing games as to who is whom?

  15. Henry The Sports Czar says:

    On Targe Glazer
    Yes its harder now, but getting four pro games right, nice job Glazer. I follow you weekly, I was not too thrilled with your Mississippi pick, but I checked it and see why you did it, both teams stink though. Those pro calls were not easy ones, Bengals, Miami, well none were sure things by anyones book, so props to you again. Hope you won some dough ray me. I did. I am not a big better though.

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