Glazer: Scribe Calls Upon Clark Hunt to Step It Up For Otis Taylor

Few would argue that without No. 89, Otis Taylor, the Chiefs would have won ZERO Super Bowls…

"I can tell you this, Taylor scared the hell out of every team we played against," former Chiefs quarterback Len Dawson. said at a rally for Taylor a few years back. "More than anyone on this football team’s offense, he deserves to be in the Hall Of Fame."

Taylor and Dawson with a great defense sent Kansas City to Super Bowls One and Four. It was Taylor’s dramatic sideline catch, memorialized forever on NFL films, that broke open Super Bowl Four and sent KC home as World Champions in 1970.

Now it’s time Clark Hunt and the Chiefs organization put the pedal to the metal for Otis Taylor.

First, to make sure he gets in this coming year. Taylor got beaten out by Floyd Little and Dick Le Beau this year. Nothing against Floyd, but how many Super Bowls did Little take the Broncos to? None.

Second, I see that rookie receiver Jonathan Baldwin is wearing number 89. What?

If any number besides 16 should be retired, i’ts Taylor’s 89 for god’s sakes. Retire that number, Clark. Be a man and do what’s right.

Yes, we know Taylor was outspoken for player’s rights and said some harsh things 25 years ago. So what? OTIS TAYLOR has earned his spot in the hall 10 times over.

Yes, I know his stats are not gaudy like today’s numbers. So what? HE WAS THE OFFENSE. It was a different game in the 60’s and 70’s.

You paid the guy peanuts and he gave you his life.

For all that is right and fair in this game DO THE RIGHT THING before its too late. Taylor is quite ill.

Clark, you can help a ton. This is the time. Do it this year. Chiefs Nation will be thrilled and you can complete your dad’s legacy, save winning another Super Bowl. You wouldn’t have had the first one without Otis Taylor. And everyone knows that, including you.

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16 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Calls Upon Clark Hunt to Step It Up For Otis Taylor

  1. chuck says:

    you could probably shame Clark into doing something
    A big PR move is no big deal, and of course if it costs Hunt NADA and he can save a nickel, he will do it.

    If your lookin for some cash for Taylor, your gonna have to bring some big guns and some major league guilt by association. The Hunts don’t go for spit.

    If ya get a picture of Clark Hunt and David Glass at the same age, and squint your eyes, just a little bit, they look the same.

    They sure act the same.

    It ain’t against the law to be frugal, but it should be noted by KC Consumers of those products that these two (Hunt, Glass) promote and sell.

    Good luck to Mr. Taylor. He was a great wide receiver in his time.

    He should be in the Hall of Fame, imo.

  2. 32 million under the cap says:

    I will to go for spit.
    But not much more.

  3. smartman says:

    Seargant Glazer’s Bleeding Hearts Club Band
    C’mon Craig the HOF has fucked more NFL players than the girls at Madame Wongs.

    EVERY team has at least one or two guys that probably deserve to get in.

    At this point it doesn’t really mean anything if OT gets in. Damn near an insult that it’s taken so long. And what an insult to have a puff cunt like Clark Hunt push him in. Fuck That!

    You wanna do something to honor the man then start raising funds to have a statue erected in his honor outside Arrowhead. I’ll be happy to donate the first $1000.00. Now all you need is 249 more guys like me and we can honor him where it fucking counts, in KC not Canton.

  4. Orphan of the Road says:

    One thing keeps #89 out
    When the NFL had the previous stirke, Mr Taylor aligned with the scabs and was bringing them to cross the picket line. He got into a confrontation with Jack Del Rio and got his clock cleaned.

    That one incident will be the black ball on Mr Taylor until those of his era are long gone.

  5. FAN says:

    He deserves
    to be in The Hall Of Fame and have a statue at Arrowhead! Taylor should of been sitting next to Clark last Monday instead of Marty ball. Please!

  6. Jess says:

    I Did
    Did any of you old head comment writers, must be 100 of you, see Led Zepplin 42 years ago today at Memorial Hall. One and a half shows 7 and 10 pm.

  7. Matt says:

    Almost entirely fogotten…
    is that Dawson’s arm was shot when Otis’s numbers could have been run up to HOF levels. Lenny came out in ’57 (Pittsburgh) and by ’70 or so he couldn’t get the ball down field. It killed Taylor’s numbers in the early 70’s. Dawson played to ’75 and was a shadow of his mid 60’s self for the last 5 years or so. The 14 game schedule also didn’t help.

    Although Otis was my favorite player form that era as well, it’s doubtful he’ll make it in.

  8. KU forever says:

    Good One Glazer
    Not bad. See you aren’t an asshole.

  9. Tiger Tail says:

    Retire The Number Chiefs
    At least retire number 89. It’s not right that out there. He was as important as Tony and his 88.

  10. Doormat says:

    No Doubt About It Taylor Should Be In
    I was a little kid back when the Chiefs ruled. Taylor was my favorite. Get him in the Hall Chiefs.

  11. newbaum turk says:

    Was that the same show John Bonham puked on his drums and the band was wasted? That’s the story an old boss of mine told me.

  12. Kerouac says:

    A Champion Among Champions, Otis Taylor
    Otis Taylor remains the most graceful wide receiver that I’ve ever seen (at worst he is included in the group of Lance Alworth, Paul Warfield, Charley Taylor & Fred Biletnikoff.) Style points don’t garner Hall of Fame enshrinement however… stats do almost always (except in the case of yet another stylish-guy, Lynn Swann of PITTS. His stats are lesser than Otis Taylor’s, but team’s success the Steelers apparently was sufficient to get Swann in the HOF.)

    Otis Taylor is kin to guys like Gale Sayers in his era, great athletes who due to injury or team scheme/concept had career shortened or stats curtailed. Sayers (NFL) is in, Otis (AFL) is not and if you don’t believe there is a bias against former AFL players, you are not qualified to comment. S Johnny Robinson & OT Jim Tyrer are at least two Chiefs who should already be in the Hall of Fame, quite frankly even more deserving than Otis all things considered (I say that as a huge Taylor fan – he is my second favorite Chief ever to this day.)

    It wasn’t Len Dawson’s arm or the 14 game schedule in Taylor’s day that held him back – it was a combination of injuries, not enough attention spent off-season on training (by his own admission according to his own book) and the Chiefs short passing game/rushing preference, this in comparison teams like the Raiders, Chargers & Jets whose WR’s like Biletnikoff, Wells, Alworth, Garrison, Sauer & Mayanrd et al had no problem putting up gaudy stats even in that era.

    I note that the ‘big arm’ QBs like Lamonica & Hadl won exactly 0 Superbowls between them, while a Namath managed to be a part of one – the same as Dawson and his little wing. Saying (x) would have done more with any other QB is like saying (xx) would have done less on another team – speculation at best and any player(s)/fans(s) can play this fantasy game. Known in the parlance otherwise as “yeah but”, “if only” and “woulda, coulda & shoulda” (of note, Dawson is the only offensive player from that Chiefs era in the HOF; Hadl isn’t, Lamonica isn’t, while Namath is – and his career stats are less than great.) Two of Taylor’s best three seasons were in 1971 and 1972, so Dawson’s ‘shot arm’ apparently was an optical illusion.

    I doubt Otis Taylor will get into the Hall of Fame & sentimentally/emotionally that bothers me a lot as a lifelong Chiefs fan… but the fact is offensive scheme, injuries and part & parcel lesser stats aside, the guy was mano y mano/talent vs talent second to none as a WR.

  13. PB says:

    Otis Taylor Definitely
    Deserves to be in the HOF, but in all your rambling you said absoulutely nothing. What exactly are you asking of the Hunt Family/Chiefs? You do realize that they as well as every other ownership group have absolutely ZERO influence on who gets inducted into Canton? The selection committee is made up of sportswriters! Clark may have some pull with labor negotiations as Goodall’s butt buddy, but the Pro Football HOF is a separate entity entirely. Bottomline is, while it’s a shame that Taylor hasn’t been inducted, fact is those Chiefs late 60s/early 70s glory teams have been pretty well represented in Canton. Funny, but I see Clark Hunt’s name nowhere near the following list of persons responsible for who gets in the HOF by why let that little fact get in the way of your useless diatribe?

  14. Craig Glazer says:

    Otis Taylor Day At Arrowhead
    The answer may be simple. If Otis doesn’t go in next year plan, even if he does, an Otis Taylor Day, put his name up bigtime…give him his props…one game to Otis….seems fair enough.

  15. Kerouac says:

    Hopefully not DOA
    Great idea CG… I remember years ago Otis hoping he went into the HOF before his mother died; am sure he never gave thought to the possibility he himself would not live to see his own enshrinement; this almost happened to Hank Stram.

  16. PB says:

    Otis Taylor Day
    Fair enough, Craig, I could get behind something like that. Chiefs and local media should continue to pound him as an inductee, I guess there’s always hope as Emmitt Thomas got in a couple of years ago. Certainly no fault of his, but the WR is just too much of a bloated numbers game over the last 20 years, I think that will hound him forever. He probably needed to get in way back when with contemporaries like Alworth, Maynard, Biletnikoff and Warfield. Further away he gets from the memories of writers and sports fans, the more he’s screwed.

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