Hearne: The Truth, The Whole Truth & Nothing But The Truth About Holly Starr

Did Holly Starr get fired by 38 The Spot? Is she pregnant? Did she sleep with Jason Grill?

The answer to all of the above questions is a resounding No.

As in, none of the above. Now let’s get down to the business at hand; finding out the latest on Kansas City’s missing-in-action, smoking hottest star. The grrrrl who ceded her post as spokesmodel for local television station 38 The Spot last summer to stay home with two-month old daughter Brinklee.

That’s right, Brinklee. That a family name?

"No, it’s just something I thought of," Starr says. "I couldn’t think of a name and I was researching names and I thought, I’ve always respected Christie Brinkley. So she’s not named after Christie Brinkley, but that’s where I got the name. And then I changed the spelling."

Starrkept her TV gig  through the majority of her pregnancy, calling it quits last July as she morphed from the two year-old photo of herself in the red bikini shown here, to queen-sized mother-to-be.

"Thank goodness you didn’t say, king-sized, but I’ll be wearing that red bikini again very soon," Starr quips. "It’s still not too cold out and the weight has been falling off of me – I’ve been fortunate in that."

As for the bikini pic, "That was two summers ago," Starr says. "I actually wore that on my honeymoon."

Starr’s dialed back her work schedto be home with her daughter like her mom was with her.

"I’ve put my career on the back burner," she says. "I’m working on raising Brinklee and focusing on my marraige. However, I am still hosting Las Vegas TV, but I can take Brinklee with me on the set there. I haven’t gone back yet, but I’m going to go after the first of the year. It was really difficult to leave 38 The Spot, but it basically came down to it taking too much time and I want to be with Brinklee as much as possible. I want to be there for her first step and her first words."

Does Starr ever miss the glam and glitz of the singles life and nightlife scene she lorded over for so long?

"Nooooooo," she says emphatically. "Oh my gosh, no. My husband John is my best friend and my soulmate and I knew it from the very first night we met."

As for being treated like a local celebrity, "You know, things really didn’t change for me after I got married," Starr says. "I had met so many people that I still received all those perks."

How about the endless parade of local dudes – do they still hit on Starr?

"Sure, they do," she says. "I guess rings aren’t that important – I don’t know – and like on Facebook. Even though John is in my Facebook picture I still get private messages from guys who apparently don’t know or don’t care that I’m married and have a baby. But I let them know.

"And I’m still doing a lot of charity work for Big Brothers & Big Sisters. I emcee all of their events and I’m emceeing the Sexy Singles next month at Harrah’s Voodoo Lounge on Friday December 9th."

As for what the future holds careerwise, "I’ve recently been presented with some offers that are quite enticing," Starr says. "And they would better fit my schedule as a new mom. So when the time is right, I can see myself getting back out."

Maybe for another spokesmodel gig?

"That’s part of the offers I’ve been approached with and I’m still modeling," Starr says. "Brinklee and I are in Her Life Magazine in the November issue. We did a jewelry ad."

Two months old and the kid’s already wearing baby jewelry?

"I was the one wearing the jewelry," Starr laughs. "It’s a new baby line. You can get your baby’s fingerprint on a necklace and their toeprint on a bracelet."

Starr’s pet peeve; that so many locals remain clueless about her being married and with child.

"I went to a Halloween party and showed up with Brinklee and some people went, ‘I didn’t know you were pregnant.’ And I go, ‘I’m not.’ "

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28 Responses to Hearne: The Truth, The Whole Truth & Nothing But The Truth About Holly Starr

  1. smartman says:

    That’s got STRIPPER written all over it. BELLA DONNA on Stage One, AMETHYST on Stage Two and BRINKLEE to the runway! You know why most people don’t know she’s married and post-preggers? Cause MOST PEOPLE don’t care! CHRIST! Black Barbies more INTERESTING than OP Ken and Barbie. The only way they could be douchier was if they were televangelists.

    What’s with the tablecloth shirt John? For the record he kinda makes my GAYDAR go off. Looks like somebody paid to have those pearly whites Photoshopped too. These two are phonier and more annoying than Joe and Cindy Phillips

  2. chuck says:

    Very Ken and Barbie.
    Hope everyone is NOT smooth “Down There”.

  3. Craig Glazer says:

    Congrats Holly
    All the best young lady. You are a nice person, I know you will be a wonderful mother.

  4. Ladies man says:

    Smartman- we are all so sick of your derogatory comments, you white trash, Kansas city Kansas POS. Get a life! You sound like a jealous chick who stalks this site just to put your 2 cents in. Must suck to be you. Guarantee no one will listen to your blabbering mouth so you have to post on blogs to be heard- even though everyone has your number.
    I don’t know this couple but they seem to be alright, not hurting anyone, just living the Americand dream in a Barbie dream house.
    They should have named their daughter Skipper. (yes I have 4 daughters with barbies so I know all the names)

  5. HARLEY says:

    beautiful girl…classy…sweet…and a great future.
    Smartman shows shows his stupidity again. Okay…smartman…you don’t even know this woman…why go after
    her twice in 2 comments. You even attacked her very successful…very friendly and sharp husband. Why?
    She can do anything she wants…so smartman go back to the sleazy strip joints you hang out at because your
    woman is a tramp and doesn’t give out and leave the good people in this town alone.
    And glaze you can learn a lesson from holly. You can be famous in this town…you can become a well known
    personality…you can become a top notch professional person and loved by thousands of people (she is well liked
    by everyone who meets her)….all without having to be mean…nasty…a bad person…a conniver…without being
    a braggard or a self centered egotistical person. She is well known because she is a genuine person who chooses
    to do the “right things” in life. think about it!

  6. Rick says:

    Good stuff. The last comment made me laugh because my wife and I saw holly this summer ( i wanna say it was after the 4th of July) and we didnt know she was pregnant either. What a MILF! Her hubby is one lucky dude.
    To quote my hero- some guys have all the luck

  7. Karen Smolea says:

    Love this girl!
    KC confidential? Have to admit, never heard of it-lol. Didn’t know we had a national enquirer right here in my hometown! I’m a new fan! Gotta admit I love reading gossipy type stuff, adds a little spice to my life.
    A colleague forwarded this link to me soooooo I have to comment on Kansas city’s sweetheart! Holly is a genuine girl that has been blessed and is so deserving! She will make a great mommy, and how flipping cute is that baby? You go girl, continue making us proud and representing KC! Hope you bring Brinkley to Mavs game, we sure do miss you around there. First game is tonight! Woot woot! And her husband seems like a really nice guy, easy on the eyes to! Lol. These are the kind of people that we need raising the future of our country.

  8. Matt says:

    Sucks to be you
    Hey Smartman I mean smartass idiot. Do you seriously not have a ife? I have seen your posts on nearly everything all negative. Easy to hid behind a keyboard and blast people you don’t even know. Are you insecure? A serial killer perhaps? Next time you look away from the porn find another source to comment on. Oh wait you are probably on everything imaginable because you are unemployed and womanless not to mention spineless. . Jealous of the deserving. I am sure Ms Starr is thick skinned and used to slimy creatures like you and your opinions dont matter anyhow. She is the real deal and you are the real d-bag. Type away loser.

  9. Balbonis Moleskine says:

    Belle Starr and Holly Hallstrom
    KC Famous for sure. A little too wide in the hips to be LA famous but we love ya anyway, I guess. You must be a good actress because I really thought you liked Mavs Hockey.

  10. Rich Ca$h says:

    I swear That half the people that read this site are brain dead, surprised they can even get the simple math question correct to post on this blog.
    Ever heard of Kim kardashian, Jennifer Lopez or that broad from modern family? They have huge hips- triple the size of Holly- and they are “LA famous” as you call it. You must think la famous means all those boney skeleton drug user models. I prefer a little bit of curves. 36-24-36? Only if she’s 5’3.

  11. smartman says:

    See, I can stir the pot too!

  12. smartman says:

    Here’s the deal
    I have a small penis, no girlfriend and a shitty night job. All of my old friends have drifted away, all married with children now, the white picket fence, all that. I haven’t been laid in TWO YEARS. Whenever I want to go to a game somewhere, I have to call people up and say I have FREE TICKETS just to get them to consider it. But you all NEED a guy like me around here to yank yer chain, and you love it. I’m like the Tony Botello of the comments sections in KC. Look around, I’m everywhere. And I’m not going anywhere so GET USED TO IT.

  13. Harlow says:

    Craig Learn A Lesson, Be Nice, They Still Jump You
    Dpn’t know Holly Star, seems nice. Never hurt anyone I know of, not an “outlaw”, no book, no weekly radio, no ego I am aware of, yet she still gets haters on this site. So Craig the lesson learned is, doesn’t matter what you do, it s just the way it is sir. People are just that way today, maybe they always were, if your life looks better, than you are in some way a bad person.

  14. PB says:

    I Don’t Care…
    About her story, but you can post that bikini pic all you want. Mmmmm…

  15. chuck says:

    They look like the perfect couple and I am sure they
    are just as nice as they look.

    Jesus, lighten up!!

    Everyone gets made fun of here, its in the kcconfidential DNA.

    If your mug gets pasted on kcconfidential, your catchin some shit.

    It just is what it is, no matter how cute the mug is.


  16. Hearne Christopher says:

    To say that you hold a minority viewpoint would be a gross exaggeration

  17. mark smith says:

    if holly was a minor local celeb , but a major tator hog
    Would you outraged rubes be getting all indignant over smartmans comments? Of course you wouldn’t. Harley you don’t know a single person who writes or comments on this site, but it hasn’t stopped you from saying shit far more vile than what smartman wrote. So please shut your blow hole. As for the rest of you, this is kcc bitches, one of the harshest comment sections west of sugar creek.

  18. Hearne Christopher says:

    Hey Rich,

    Don’t confuse the handful of people who comment here with the tens of thousands who read it w/o ever even considering commenting.

  19. Hearne Christopher says:

    Thanks for noticing…that we’re west of Sugar Creek, I mean

  20. M&M says:

    To glazer
    Craig- dude, yes you definitely know how to stir the pot…….however…. You are intelligent and we actually like you. Also, you write stuff that actually matters so THAT’S the difference between you and smartman

  21. Chuck says:

    Nothing better than grown men scrapping on an internet site over stupid stuff. Sounds like you have way to much time on your hands. Sidenote I do know Holly personally (yes,bragging) and she would likely get a kick out of the stuff smartman says. When you have a lot of confidence and a sense of humor bull shit doesnt bother you. Not even the stupidest bull shit.

  22. chuck says:

    That ain’t me, I am the little chuck.
    I do NOT know Holly Starr.

  23. Blackjack says:

    Wrong again..
    ” it. But you all NEED a guy like me around here to yank yer chain, and you love it. I’m like the Tony Botello of the comments sections in KC. Look around, I’m everywhere. And I’m not going anywhere so GET USED TO”

    Umm, no – the problem is that you think of yourself as edgy and cool, and you think that people will notice you if you have some put-down or demeaning comment for everything, but the reality is that your act has simply become tired, old and boring. You are like that Dane Cook comedian dude who was really popular about 5 years ago, before everyone realized that his act was just a bunch of spewing of vulgarity and cuss words, and not really funny.

  24. George Wilson says:

    I realize you are a strong believer in transparency and freedom of speech, but at some point isn’t it appropriate to put a halt to posters who consistently make homophobic, vulgar and racist comments? Maybe there was some shock value in it when it first began to happen, but at this point I personally think it just lowers the quality of what you’re trying to do here. It’s your site and you can run it the way you see fit. Just passing along one reader’s opinion.

  25. Chuck says:

    Holy F#ck! . You learn everything on here. All this time I thought there was only one CHUCK!

  26. chuck says:

    I am a little guy, so a little “c”.

  27. Deejay says:

    Jason Grill
    I didn’t get the complete story on Jason Grill here. So did they not have sex at all . . . or was it sex-ual assault? That happens! I’m not judging either Jason or Holly. I will say keep Brinklee where you can see her because Jason is still out there.

  28. Fox 4 says:

    Jason Grill
    I happen to know both of the aforementioned people, holly and Jason. Jason wanted to date holly, but she wasnt interested so he told people (when he was drunk) that they dated and he slept with her. Obviously not factual- they never went on a single date. That’s the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Catch grill when he is sober and he will admit it never happened.
    Hearne,maybe you should have cleared that up. Or better yet- why the he** did you even mention grill? They don’t even run in the same circle and never have.

    WTF happened to the chiefs yesterday? We can beat San diego but not the loser dolphins? I wasted 260 bucks at arrowhead. FML

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