Glazer: Scribe Still a Bit Goosey but Looks Ahead to ‘Game of Century’ & Prays for Chiefs Loss

Well, last week was my worst…

Just over 50%, it was bound to happen.That drags my season down to just under 90%. So I need a comeback week. Lke I said, I never really expected to be picking at this high level in the first place. Over 65% is very good.

However, we made this far and now that the second half of the season is well under way, let’s roll, baby!

There’s game of the century – big – but not the biggest; LSU at Alabama.There’ve been plenty of Oklahoma/Nebraska, Ohio State/Michigan,USC/Notre Dame games, but this is still one of the top games in the past 25 years. Both teams are undefeated, have great defenses and great coaches.

But this game falls short for one big reason, NO BIG NAMES.

There is no OJ, Marcus or Cam. Oh sure, there are some strong names – NFL picks for sure – but no rock stars. So that keeps it just a shade out the SUPER STAR game of all time category.

My Chiefs bet on the season is in trouble.

Fate has smiled on what was a horrible team to transform it into is an average team. Kinda like last year.

A team that can beat misfits only, and once in a while a B- club like the Chargers.

So I’m taking the points and Miami Sunday – Lord help me on that one.

Now on with the show…



Mississippi -2 over Kentucky

Stanford -14 over Oregan State

Oklahoma State -14 over Kansas State (this is a tease we get 6 points either way, must win both to win)

LSU 10 1/2 over Alabama

Arizona State -1 1/2 over UCLA (tease)


Miami 5 over KC

Atlanta -1 over Colts

Houston -4 over Browns (Cleveland and it’s a tease)

San Fran. -3 over Washington

Bonus Bet: Nebraska -17 over Northwestern.


Enjoy the game of the CENTURY…

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8 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Still a Bit Goosey but Looks Ahead to ‘Game of Century’ & Prays for Chiefs Loss

  1. Orphan of the Road says:

    Game of the Century Till Next Week
    `Hope it lives up to its billing.

    Line going down on Chiefs, now at 4. Nobody betting Miami, might drop more if there is no money in it.

    What defense will show up for the Eagles? Spotting 7.5 I don’t think I’d touch it. Jay Cutler though, OK I’ll take the trap.

    Bookies getting pounded by favorites beating the spread.

  2. chuck says:

    I think Atlanta is -8 not -1 over the Colts.

    I wouldn’t bet the Chiefs.

    New Orleans is -8 over Tampa. Freeman has a sprained thumb, the Bucs spent too much time in the off season reading the papers. Take the Saints (Like any of those fuckers can read.).

    Cincy is a 3 point dog to the Titans. Chris Rock’s jokes about his Johnson are as funny as Chris Johnson trying to carry the Rock. Javon Ringering in your ears Chris? I stole that last line from Pro Football Weekly, but the Titans are declining, the Bengals are ascending. Take the 3 points and the Bengals.

    Oakland is -8 over Tim Tebow’s Donkeys. Talking heads think that Tebow telegraphs his throws. Me, I thing If Tebow threw a brick at Stevie Wonder, he would duck. Take the Raidahs!!!!

    Th-th-th-Thats all folks!!!

  3. Craig Glazer says:

    Sorry Those Are Tease Points Chuck
    Hearne did not edit to make that clear, which are teases. I will email him to do so…I showed it to him. Hearne is not a betting guy so he isn’t on top of teases vs. points plus or minus….I will let him know, you are right, but with the 6 that is the spread, got to win them both though.

  4. KU forever says:

    Bama Easy
    Won’t be close Bama wins, they never lose these big games at home, you will lose your money Glazer. Bama by 21.

  5. bschloz says:

    I don’t have a problem with any of those picks except the Chiefs pick.
    Your picks are few and so calculated which I guess is good a thing …
    Now it seems like your chasing a little VS the Chiefs (you can’t fight City Hall)
    Chiefs are white hot going into the weekend— lot of good chemistry. I like em by a couple of touchdowns.

  6. Craig Glazer says:

    I Sucked
    Hey when you suck, you suck, losing again on half the picks Hope Pros are better, too many upsets…damn.

  7. chuck says:

    I am 3 for 3 by a fuckin mile!!!
    Yeah! 🙂

  8. Denver Pyle says:

    Glaze Perfect In Pros
    Hey Glaze man, you went four for four in pro football, you are good have to say that. Yes your college was off but perfect in pros was right on.

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