Hearne: America’s Pub to Leave Manor Square in Westport, Looking for New Digs

It’s all over but the shouting…

The end is near for America’s Pub as far as Westport’s Manor Square is concerned. Its lease is up at year’s end and will not br renewed, itsattorney says.

"It’s inconcievable to me as to why manor Square wouldn’t want to have a tenant paying a large amount of rent for space that’s third generation," says America’s Pub attorney Harris Wilder. "I mean, you’ve been to America’s Pub – that place needs a complete makeover."

Once-upon-a-time, America’s Pub was a white dude magnet that fit right in with Westport nightclubs like Kelly’s. Like its sister America’s Pub in St. Louis, which Guide to St. Louis describes as an "elegant pub (that’s) been rocking in the heart of St. Louis entertainment district at Westport plaza since 1996… (It’s) basically a sports bar with…a great sound system to play your favorite dance songs every night."

However America’s Pub here, like Stanford’s Club 504 before, morphed into a largely urban dance club, becoming the scape goat for Westport’s African American issues. Such as the Brian Euston killing last year that went down just outside America’s Pub at closing time.

Earlier this year, word was America’s Pub’s lease was up and would not be renewed.

"What happened was some people in Westport were trying to get rid of America’s Pub and they demanded an investigation by Regulated Industries (liquor control) and we had no problem with that," America’s Pub attorney Harris Wilder said then. "And when they conducted the investigation, Regulated Industries said, ‘You guys are running a good shop.’

"The bottom line is they run a very good operation."

So while America’s Pub would like nothing more than to remain in Manor Square, it’s willing to leave as long as its landlord gives it a fair shake.

"If everybody acts intelligently, then Westport will finally get its wish and get rid of its favorite whipping boy," Wilder says. "The America’s Pub people want to have a smooth transition and they’re willing to go as long as they are treated with a modicum of respect in the process."

In other words, allowed to continue operations in Westport for a reasonable period of time, until a suitable new location can be found and it reopens elsewhere.

"Well, that’s what we hope," Wilder says.

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18 Responses to Hearne: America’s Pub to Leave Manor Square in Westport, Looking for New Digs

  1. W D Branum says:

    Who ever caters to the black people of K. C. whoever owns Manor Square gets them out eventually. They did to Stanford’s and now America’s Pub. Its old new! They are racists pure and simple. Everybody knows that. Old news!

  2. newbaum turk says:

    new location
    How about next to the Green Duck?

  3. Matt says:

    The Totally Broke Negro Baseball Space would be perfect….
    or anywhere else at 18th and Vine.

  4. You got to be kidding says:

    Sounds like Harris Wilder is trying to play the race card to buy some time for his client. I have been down there on the weekends and seen plenty of fights roll out of the place.

    Good riddens America’s Pub. Harris Wilder is a politico wannabe who will obviously do anything for a dollar. Westport can do without him as well.

  5. Hearne Christopher says:

    2548 Prospect? You wouldn’t happen to be a racist or anything, would you?

  6. Hearne Christopher says:

    Might be a good thing, but not sure it’s upscale enough

  7. Hearne Christopher says:

    Good riddens?

  8. chuck says:

    Heck, it can’t be that bad in America’s Pub.
    “It’s inconcievable to me as to why manor Square wouldn’t want to have a tenant paying a large amount of rent for space that’s third generation,” says America’s Pub attorney Harris Wilder. “I mean, you’ve been to America’s Pub – that place needs a complete makeover.”

    There ya go, a remodel and maybe a new theme and name for America’s Pub.

    You could call it “Rork’s Drift” and hand out Victoria Crosses for all those courageous caucasions who would stop by for the heartfelt bonhomie and revelry.

    “The bottom line is they run a very good operation.”

    Kinda like a video game where you actually bleed. You could call it “Knock Out King”.

    Oh…, they already do.

  9. Craig Glazer says:

    Big Story Hearne
    Its not because the audience was of color, it was bad behavior over and over. I have to admit that Stanfords controlled its club inside, but we couldn’t control it outside or when the ‘hip hop crowd’ got out into the parking lot or streets. That did cause issues. Not good.

    This is the best news for Westport in years. As they rebuild the “Kelly’s ” side of the street things will slowly get better. New young crowds who don’t all know the past history of Westport. The times are changing again and Westport will bounce back. It’s still a good location. It will take some more time, but it will happen. Great rebound Bill Nigro, Kellys and Manor.

  10. PB says:

    Last Time
    I was there, it was called London’s.

    I obviously no longer frequent Westport anymore (only occasion afternoon visits to the Beach) because I’m old and live/work out south so i have no knowledge on the dynamics of this situation. Racism as some have said or just a plain old business decision?

  11. RavingCritic says:

    Westport in General needs an URGENT MAJOR FACE LIFT! It’s Pathetic and it’s not even about Race. You got Pakistani’s, White trash, Wiggers, Ghetto Hood Babies, Thugs all over that Crap Hole called America’s Pub. That place is a JOKE in itself. You’re not just catering to Blacks, you’re catering to people with Bad Fashion Sense and No Manners. You’re catering to people with Low Class who lack Social decency and working the minimum wage for the most part. But its a REALLY BAD LOOK for Westport. Westport needs to re-develop into a Nice, Clean, Aesthetically Pleasing and FUN Historic area with a Modern touch. Like Georgetown in DC. It’s a really neat place and relevant. Westport is just IRRELEVANT these days in my opinion and I never go there anymore. I only go for the food and boutiques in the day time and that’s about it! It’s not an attraction.

  12. pepjrp says:

    PC Wording in Artcle
    Funny how Hearne Christopher Jr.uses the quaint term of “White dude magnet” when referring to European Americans, yet he then gets on his knees and slurps the Black salami when he refers to Blacks as African Americans, not “Black dude”. What a kiss ass.

  13. Big guy! says:

    Are you serious…
    I just so happen to work at the Pub and it’s funny how everyone is blaming us for the downfall of Westport! We run a pretty good ship down there. We have very, very few problems inside the club. The BIGGEST PROBLEM I SEE ON A NIGHTLY BASIC IS WESTPORT SECURITY BEING A BUNCH OF RACIST PRICKS!! I CAN ONLY CONTROL WHAT GOES ON INSIDE MY CLUB. THEY ARE PAID TO PROTECT OUTSIDE THE CLUB. WE DO OUR THING, THEY DON’T THEIRS. WESTPORT SECURITY IS THE ONE TO BLAME. IF THEY GOT OFF THERE A$$ AND DID THERE JOBS THE OUTSIDE WOULD BE MUCH BETTER. That being said we still don’t have that many problems outside. I’ve worked in Westport for 13 years now. Yes Craig I use to work for you so you truly need to keep your mouth shut. I know ALL of your secrets. But anyway, why is it the Pub gets all the bad press. Kelly’s has more fights and problems than the Pub ever thought off but we’re the problem. I just don’t get it!!!

  14. chuck says:

    Big guy-
    Total fuckin bullshit.

    The problems in Westport, and, this summer and last, on the Plaza, are DIRECTLY related to African American violence.

    The Wisconsin Stae Fair, Denver, Gerogetown, PHILLIDELPHIA, the endless litany of Black on White crime, is incessant, undeniable, and there for ALL to see. I have only mentioned a few, of the attacks by African Americans in the last 6 months.

    Big Guy, check out the U S Dept of Justice stats on crime, which, by way of the Feds (Apologists for all multiculturalistic bullshit), shows Black on white crime at 50 to 1, and that is NOT per capita. African American crime is the cancer of the current American tableau.

    Your position is untennable and, were it not so serious and deadly, laughable.

    It is no longer possible, for apologists like you, to bullshit your way into a white guilt payday.

    There is the internet, so CBS, ABC, NBC and our local affiliates can’t hide the on going destruction and stupidity of the African American culture.

    Hey dumb fuck, we can all see behind the curtain.

    All over America, African American violence is apparent, in your face, and invisible to only Federal, State Governments and the media, who continue to hide the murderous intent of an increasingly violent and malevolent racial group, who is impervious to legal and real time opprobrium for violent actions.

    Your absurd and untennable postition, is archaic, and hopefully historical.

    The violence and glorification of African American culture, is pardoned by out dated and corrupt zeitgeist and pardigms enacted by Federal and State law, for a “Protected Class” that no longer needs protection, but in fact needs correction and restraint.

    The absurd idea, the ridiculous position, that no one knows about the violence and cultural destruction, that clubs like “America’s Pub” engender, is naive.

    Americans, black and white and all colors, are in no way disavowed or ignorant of the Hip/Hop/Rapper?African American Culture of death.

    America’s Pub is part and parcel of that disgusting culture.

    My guess is, you are too.

  15. chuck says:

    More lies.

    What a joke.

    Like no one knows.

  16. Anti Cracker says:

    For Y’all By Y’all !!!!
    Westport was made BY WH FOR WHITE PPL . Point Blank && Simple

    The End !!!!!!

    If you not a pale fac dont go down there !!!!

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