Glazer: Hide the Children, The ‘Cat’ is Back, This Weekend @ Stanford’s

Bobcat Goldthwait‘s starred in everything from "Happily Ever After" (with ex Nikki Cox)" to his memorable role in "BLOW" ("I can’t feel my face")…

He directs Jimmy Kimmel Live (has for years), was on the Chappelle show a ton, set the couch on fire on the Tonight Show (and was arrested) and even did Hollywood Squares and SCROGGED. But Goldthwait will always be best remembered for his four Police Academy films with Michael Winslow and crew.

And now the Bobcat at Stanford’s this Friday and Saturday Night.

I’ve worked with Bob many times, but not in the last 10 years. We do have some stories though. It was Bobcat and the beautiful Nikki Cox that hosted one of the bigger Red Fridays in Westport. Cox was Bob’s longtime girlfriend, and it was Bobcat who ate – yes ate – the earplug at KSHB during his interview.

That cost me 300 bucks.

He said something like, "What good is this thing? You’re right next to me, I can hear you just fine," than he swallowed the ear piece (sound). Nice.

It was the same Bobcat who attacked Shelby Chong onstage in Las Vegas. Tommy Chong and Bobcat were doing a two man show at the Rivera Hotel and Shelby introduced him as the "man who left his wife for the younger girl,’ referring to Cox who was in the front row. The audience booed Bob, so the next night he introduced Shelby this way, "Tommy Chong will be up soon, but first you have to listen to his bitch wife."  Then he laid the mic on the stage and walked off.

That put me in a bad spot because I was with them both in the green room that night. Afterwards, we all took a silent walk to the rooms together until Tommy said to Bobcat, "GOOD SHOW."  That broke the ice, but Shelby was red hot mad.

Bobcat has always been a bit crazy. Like when he set the couch on the TONIGHT show ablaze. Bob is a comedy genius though. It’s what keeps him busy and working both acting, doing stand up and now directing several TV shows. Remember, he did THE MAN SHOW.

Bobcat begins a string of several big names coming to Stanford’s. Including his co-star, voice and noise guy next week, Michael Winslow. Also coming is Lynne Koplitz, smoking hot Iliza Shlesinger, Jim Florentine and Don Jamison, Dave CoulierThe Broken Lizards, Dov Davidoff, Jim Jeffries and many more.

And next Wednesday at 8 PM there will be a tribute and fundraiser for my younger brother Jack killed in a car accident recently. Many top local comics will perform, door money and donations will go to Jack’s charities Ren West (drug and alcohol centers of KC) and a local animal shelter.
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42 Responses to Glazer: Hide the Children, The ‘Cat’ is Back, This Weekend @ Stanford’s

  1. Can't say says:

    Its just be announced your GOOD FRIEND Bubba Smith died of an overdose of weight loss drugs. Hearne has published photos of you and your large stomach. So I’m concerned you will go down this route also. Be careful of all those pills u may be taking. You are no spring chicken.

  2. Can't say says:

    A PR guy. You have a mention of one of the hottest both literally and figuratively acts in the country coming to you place. And she barely gets a mention in your column. So let me help you out dumb ass.

    Newest game show sensation IIiza Sheesinger is coming to KC!!!! She can be seen nightly on the dating show EXCUSED. Locally its on channel 62 from 10:30-11:30.

    Ample viewing of Iliza’s bosom is a guarantee. Looking for a woman that will make you laugh and get you excited at the same time. Iliza is the gal. See her at Stanfords before she becomes to big for this place.

    Or you can just go ahead and read the above article about a well known but no longer hot comedian. Sheesh someone help Craig out and get him in touch with the modern scene. Thats what happens when you are over 60 and listening to your Don Rickles records.

  3. Craig Glazer says:

    Thanks For Your Concern Pal
    If everyone in the nation had my body and 32 inch waist at this age we’d be in pretty good shape. I think you know that, who doesn’t. I take no pills other than vitiamns. I do for your information take legal steroids. So that sure helps my workouts and build. So just to help you out Mister America I will post a new photo with no shirt next week, promise. By the way when you use legal roids, test and HGH, which are produced by your own body but deplete over the years, you still have to work out, the medicine doesn’t work any other way, visa vi…Mickey Rourke, Stallone, and Arnold. Examples..I also will write about steroid use, which is now nearly 100% used by NFL players today, no kidding. Again thank you for your deep concerns…sure uh huh….if you looked like me you might get laid once a year or more than you do now.

  4. Craig Glazer says:

    Again Thank You Dick Head
    As you can see, if you can, we have so many big names, Hearne edited their credits as not to go on and on….I think I am aware of Iliza’s credits more than a dork, I am the one who hires these people. She also won Last Comic Standing, we have had her before and she is outstanding….p.s. she calls me once in a bit and I’ll let her know you think she has great boobs….happy? I’m sure you won’t come out to see her, its past your bedtime. We all know how old I am cause we did a reunion piece a few weeks ago. And I’m not 60 fart smell. Wouldn’t matter, just to piss you off, nobody and I mean nobody in this city scroes the girls this guy(me) does at this age or most any age…other than you of course.

  5. kcfred says:

    …your comebacks on this comments section are a hell of a lot of fun. I knew a guy like you once, talked about how bad he was…his waist size, penis size whatever…decided to “show me” one drunken evening and he pissed off an ex marine who was about 65 and ended up pissing on him. It lasted about as long as you would. 45 seconds, tops. And if I looked like you, I’d never get laid. I love fiction, that’s why I love your stuff.

  6. Skeptic says:

    Shut up, Craig!

  7. mermaid says:

    You guy’s sound like a bunch of 6th graders on here. Anyway I think that is hilarious what Bob did to Shelby. I like her but she is overbearing as hell. I didn’t know he was that crazy. I want to see him.

  8. harley says:

    glaze….everyone on here hates you…
    because you’re always trying to be something you’re not. There are 3 comments here about you …all saying that
    you’re a blowhard. All saying you’re conceited and not as cool as you think you are.
    Truth is noone cares about your life history. and from the comments from the women it seems the only ones
    you attract are mooches…strippers and low lifes. Is that how you want people to visualize you.
    People i’ve known who are great in what they do…who have been successful (and we all know you’re not
    as successful as you make yourself out to be)…who have class and style don’t brag about it every chance they get.
    It makes them look like bad. and this is kc…where most people are down to earth…honest…and don’t
    like braggards.
    Putting a picture of yourself on this site like you say will only bring out more people and more bad comments directed
    to you. Seriously…other big time people in kc don’t need to brag about themselves…they let their actions and deeds
    speak for themselves. You are getting a terrible image and people are starting to hate on you more than ever.
    Its not just people disagreeing with you about some comments…but real intense hate toward you.
    If you continue the intense hate will continue and get only stronger. Take a look at what you write and how you answe
    readers on here. If you are so great…why the constant banging of the drum to let people know how “great” you are.]
    Maybe try a little modesty combined with less b.s. about yourself. It might reduce the hate people are feeling toward you.
    Try it…people are really starting to get vicious in their comments toward you. I don’t agree with any of them but hearne is
    allowing it to get out of hand and become seriously out of control hate and anger.
    Be cool Actions speak louder than words….relax….the natives are restless.

  9. Can't say says:

    I’m so excited
    that you are going to publish an updated photo!!!! And yes she won Last Comic Standing. Find out if the boobs are real. I have some questions in that regards. And yes u r also right I don’t get laid as often as you do. Course I don’t have to get a weekly scribe of penicillin either. Is it the roids that cause those bitch tits or is that just your age? Good idea of Hearne to prevent you from going on and on. If you could spell score I would be more likely to believe you actually did. Strange but women like guys that at least have a bit of intelligent. go Chiefs!!!! I hope your face never looks likes Stallone’s. You are welcome for all I do.

  10. Can't say says:

    Way to help
    him out Harley. I hope it takes your advice. All this I’m great just shows how insecure he is.

  11. Downtown Davey says:

    Glazer Its A Nice Group Of Stars
    Well, I will make my second trip to your club to see this gal. Sounds like a fun time. Would see Bobcat but not gonna be around this weekend. As far as all this who is cool, who is in shape. I’ve seen enough photos of you to know that you are, but who cares? These guys like to pull your sting. It doesn’t matter what you say or do, they will continue, they enjoy jacking with you ass. It makes for a fun read, but I know these are tough days, so stay cool. Whats up with the car? Did you get it? Photos? Chill.

  12. Jay Mohr says:

    bah humbug
    I loved SCROGGED. It was one of Bill Murphy’s most underrated movies.

  13. Merle Tagladucci says:

    You’re all high. Took me a while to come around but Glazer is a god damned legend in this town and if you say otherwise you’re guzzling Haterade. You come here, read his columns time and again and yet every single time you suck asses serve up the same old “Glazer you’re so full of yourself” bullshit. You like reading his columns and you know it. You fucking love it. You’ll be back too.

  14. Johnny says:

    roid rage
    Roid rage glazer boy mixes roids with other illegal drugs??. ahhhh, it all makes sense ..
    So now, it is just a mattter of time…. soon dipshit glazer will drop… the sooner the better…… cya

    I DONT read dipshit glazer’s “ads” here… who gives a fk?
    I skip straight to the comments…. looks like it is up to 95% dislike for this puke.

  15. Harlow says:

    Johnny You Are Scum
    Don’t know you, wouldn’t want too. You are a hateful failure in life my friend to be down on a man you never met and don’t know. I think Craig Glazer has done more for this city and beyond than you will ever get close to doing. How low a person you must be to hate for no reason. You can still join the Nazi party in Germany, or be in the AB, openings are there for you Johnny. I hope one day you run into Craig and get what is coming to you. I really do. All the best.

  16. Hearne Christopher says:

    OK Harley, I’m in…

    First of all with more than 10,000 unique visitors every day, a handful or two of the same people writing mean comments hardly makes a quorum. Second, as was discussed the other day on Howard Stern with a popular Hollywood personality, the vast majority of comments on practically any halfway successful site are negative.

    Got a mirror handy?

  17. Hearne Christopher says:

    He got it last week, washed it yesterday, rained on it today. Drove it 130 mph to work but no sex in it yet

  18. Dog says:

    Glazer Kick This Fairy Boys Ass
    Hey Johnny Boy, don’t know you, don’t really know Glazer, but seems you are a real piece of crap. This man lost his brother in a car wreck a week back and you attack the guy for no reason. Wish his death. There is a word for low lifes like you. Dirt. Hope you get what is coming to you my good friend. You have surely earned it. Talk about a disrespectful insect, that be you.18

  19. Johnny says:

    LMBO…tell me where I am not writing the truth
    Well, glazer took no time off from his bragging and self promoting BS, why should anyone take time off from telling the truth about him? AND… what do you people mean we dont know about douchebag glazer? all he does is talk about himself…. lol, you people are F U N N Y….

    Back before reading all of glazers crap on this board I just considered him to be another piece of shit jail bird NARC working for the cops fcuking over people doing the same thing as him……. but after reading all his shit posted on this website….. LULZ!!!!!… this guy is a complete nut job…… and as I said above… It is obvious the roids cobined with his illegal drug use (which are transparent in his writing) may be the cause for his fuckheadedness? (is that word)(it is now;)

    So….. dont yell at me for posting the truth….. well heck, I guess you can feel free to yell at me all you want., I dont care.

    btw- notice how I dont insult you anaon posters….because I dont know you, so why would I swipe at air?
    glazerboy on the other hand, WE ALL KNOW that he is fuckhead…hmmmmm?… has he crashed that car yet?… just a matter of time, eh?

  20. chuck says:

    Jesus Glaze, wtf did u do to that Johnny guy?
    I gotta belive if you ever found out who he was, you would remember nailin his chick or sumthin.

    Goddamn does he hate you. Oh well…

    I’m looking forward to your article on steroids. I remember seeing Buck Buchanan in his 50’s, he was RAIL thin (This was years before he got sick.). I read all those NFL guys took the pills, and it cut their life spans dramatically.

    I also think its kinda weird that Jim Kelly, Boomer Esiasen and (I can’t remember now) two other QB;s have kids who are damaged from birth. I am not being dissrespectful, I jus wonder if your kids get screwed up from the steroids.

    Have Hearne show us some pics of the car.

  21. Monkey Man says:

    Brother With A Good Job
    This dude Johnny reminds me of this cat at work. He hate on me, bad mouth me, all kinds of mean shit. Went on for bout a year. Turns out he was just jealous cause they gave me a position he wanted and he is white. So Glazer look here my man, this guy maybe sees you as someone who betterd him when he was at work or school or with women, could be anything. I think most of us who read this can see he doesn’t know you and never likely even seen you in real life. Glazer you have pissed me off before on some black issues in Westport, but I don’t hate or even dislike your ass. Maybe cause I checked out your book and hear you on the Mix. You are a damn funny man and that book is major live. i can tell its for real. So you was cop, doesn’t make you a rat, they don’t make rats cops or agents, anyone knows that so does this hating fool. The man has other issues and just targets you cause you are a somebody and he just isn’t. You will continue to have these people out there as long as you are in the public eye Glazer. And you are.

    Doing roids don’t mean you are on other drugs neither. I don’t think anyone thinks that, I smoke the kind, cush, but thats it and only after work. So be cool and hey I see as many or more people on here like what you do as don’t.


  22. mark smith says:

    i thought this was kcc, when did camp magazine take over?
    I think I speak for most straight males and Harley too, when I say keep your short on killer. If you need to post shirtless pics then post some of the fake fun bagged peelers you are hooked on like crack. I’ve given up pointing out that your already weak writing is further damaged by your infantile posturing and lack of self control in the comment section. It looks good on you though.

  23. Can't say says:

    Merle I’ve seen the Thing and Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Sorry for what’s happened to you.
    Mark-dead on.
    GOOD NEWS-At least Glazer isn’t writing as Cowboy any more. Give him prompts where he deserves them.

  24. Craig Glazer says:

    I’ve Got Good Information On Who Johnny Is.
    Sounds like this is you John. Don’t really know you, but it matches up. Failed business guy, ran for mayor as a joke, with Stan. Second time not his first good run. Man oh man. How truly sad, never did anything to you or anyone you know, but you pull this crap. Have the guts to say who you are then. I am available to you anytime. My dad, as everyone from Hearne to the milkman has written, didn’t give me a damn thing. WE OPENED THAT BUSINESS TOGETHER IN 1975, I had an investment and owned a portion of the stock at the time. After I moved to LA in 81, I was out. He closed in 90 my brother Jeff and Grandpa Bennie bought from the bank. We brought it back to glory on our own. Took over comedy in 94. Stan had closed his place down the street. We already owned Stanfords at 504 Westport and put comedy back where “we(Jeff and I)” started the comedy concept in 1980. Thats all. Stan went after us for the name and concept in court. Lost. It’s our name too. We got back together as a family in 2001. Stan went on his own and so did we. Stan had as much to do with Overland Park, Legends and our Westport restaurant and club as you did, nothing. Jeff and I made all those contacts in the business on our own. I was well connected in LA with my film career and knew all the agents already. Stan was never out in LA and didn’t have those contacts really. I also began doing radio with Dare, Mike Murphy,Randy Miller and many more, Stan came on as himself, I brought the comics in, big dif…in time I became a fixture on all radio and some TV. Again my Dad did not.

    In a way I feel sorry for people like you who choose men like me to hate for no real reason. All people in the public eye have some ego, all of them. It’s normal. I am not aware of anything I ever did to you or anyone you know. As far as police work/narc, if that bothers you I don’t care. I have done several thousand radio shows where people call in, including shows about King of Sting and the day I got out of the federal indictment in 2003, I was by the way NOT GUILTY, yes I did coke like you and everyone else, but never sold it, didn’t need too. In the end the FBI relized that and that a mistake was made, too late so I had to take a probation, cause I did use, thats all. Nobody esle was arrested after me or on trial, so no there was nobody given up by me, as anyone who understands these issues knows. If so I think someone might have called in or written something somewhere. The only one rated on was me by the hispanic guys they busted who tried to give me up to save themselves.

    In the end, John, its a case of an angry person, you, who is simply mad at himself for his own failings. Take care of your problems not mine, I’ll handle that on my own. Hope your future is brighter and you find something better to do with your time.

  25. Maureen says:

    Sorry About Jack
    I am not going to waste my time dealing with all your haters, Craig its likely two guys with nine names. So very sorry to hear about Jack. Nice guy, was always great to me a few years ago. As I have stated before Craig is surely heady and full of himself in a good way, but he is a nice person, who does help lots of people. I have seen this myself. Doesen’t matter who dislikes you Craig, they don’t know you at all. I don’t think anyways.

    I hope you and your family heal soon. I am coming out to see a show soon. You take care.

  26. Can't say says:

    OH Geez…
    well we know Hearne sure isn’t giving you anything. A milkman reference. Whats next talk about your 8 track tape collection. Let s go back to memory road and talk about 1975. Gosh my head is going to explode. Hows Don Fortune doing? Why don’t you do a story about Bobcat and Cheech and Chong…wait you already did that. I hope when I get old I don’t spend all my time thinking and talking about the good ole days. If you are so darn popular why do so many people dislike you. Enough that they’ll air their grievances with you via public net sites?

    Could you please give us an alphabetical list of all your radio show appearances for future reference? Why just the King Of Sting? Why not an entire 7 part biography by Ken Burns? You lead such an interesting life.

    TRUE STORY last night I met a scientist that invented a radiation machine at KU Med center that has literally saved 1000 of lives. He was a very humble person. Proud of his accomplishments and his impact on mankind but in no way overbearing. Why can’t a d level Kansas City person be like that? Don’t your lips hurt from tooting your own horn so much?

  27. Craig Glazer says:

    Thanks For Your Help Can’t Say
    Great insight man with no name. Funny, when I used to comment on this site and not write my own artilces, I used MY OWN NAME.

    You remind me of the night Charlie Sheen was roasted by several comics on Comedy Central, they all made fun of him, then he got up and spoke at the end…..

    “Hi I’m Charlie Sheen, two time oscar nominee, six time emmy winner, have starred in 50 movies and several hit TV series, including the one I made the top show on television, Two and A Half Men. ” He glanced back to the comics and said, “Now what is it you all have done again?”….

    O.K. I’m not nearly as big as Sheen, but YOU aren’t nearly as big as me. So there you go, guy who has done nothing.

  28. Can't say says:

    Oh but I am….
    Oh but I am BIGGER THEN YOU CRAIG. Ask Black Barbie.

  29. Can't say says:

    But I’m glad u didn’t say…
    “You remind me of the night I was doing this woman and her 13 year old son was watching”….

    And if you decided to go the truth be told route you would say. “I’ve posted on this site under my name and many other names.” But we wouldn’t expect the truth from u would we King Of Sting.

  30. Hearne Christopher says:

    While Craig does do a handful of the “name,” older comics, far and away Stanford’s is known for bringing in cutting edge, up-and-comer funny guys.

    It’s well documented.

  31. Can't say says:

    Responding to Charlie Sheen???
    So this is how I would respond to your legend Charlie Sheen.

    “Yes Charlie all that you have said is true.” “But you left so much out.” ‘You’ve gone from a two time Oscar nominee and star of the number one comedy to now hoping a cable show will make it.”

    “On your number one comedy you were replaced and the ratings have gotten higher, clearly indicating that you were not the cause of those high ratings” “Must be that writer you blasted huh?”

    “You have multiple failed marriages and relationships.” “You have most likely done irreparable damage to your children.” “You have caused tremendous heartache for your family.” “You openly convert with prostitute and porn stars.” “Your drug use is legendary and some web sites have you on their death watch.” “But you are about as delusional as Craig Glazer and in your mind this is all part of WINNING”.

    “Speaking of winning that tour was a bomb and you were often booed off stage.” “But take hope.” “Kansas City superstar Craig Glazer likes to quote you and looks up to you.” “Winning”

    Sounds like you need some new heroes Craig.

  32. COWBOY says:

    Where is it?
    Hearne I LOVE reading about Craig and his impact on Kansas City!!!! Where can I find these documents about Stanfords and there all star line ups?

  33. xxMillerTimexx says:

    WTF ???

    COWBOY 04:50:56 PM – Thu. Nov 3. 2011

    Hearne I LOVE reading about Craig and his impact on Kansas City!!!! Where can I find these documents about Stanfords and there all star line ups?

    Is this a joke?

  34. Craig Glazer says:

    Stanfords is by far the most talked about entertainment spot in KC history, ever there is no argument, save maybe Arrowhead and Royals stadium names over the years…just to educate you Miller, THE TONIGHT SHOW(MANY MANY TIMES0 DAVID LETTERMAN, CHELSEA LATELY, KIMMEL, DAILY SHOW, TOSH.0, BOOKS(not just mine) MOVIES,(like AKA Tommy Chong and Flashfire with Lou Gossett, I wrote part of that one for HBO), on and on….yeah more than 18th and nowhere Vine, see we launched the most stars, Eddie Griffin, Sinbad, Lewis Black(talks about it on Tonight Show) Larry the Cable Guy, Louie Anderson, Rob Riggle, and tons more, yep we are famous, very in this industry….not to mention boatload of radio and online jobs, like Howard Stern….so yeah its more than documented xxMiller now we are done with that, try google. then try my name on google, then yours oh nothing much on you, hmmmmm.

  35. Craig Glazer says:

    John D, Where Did You Go Bro
    Yeah you got ‘ratted out’ by a girl, kinda like John Dillinger, hey same initials. I’d stay home alot if I were you.

  36. Hearne Christopher says:

    Check his calendar

  37. Johnny says:

    the good ole days
    idiot glazer said … “when I used to comment on this site and not write my own artilces, I used MY OWN NAME. ”

    Ahhhhhh “the good ole days”…… I remember…..
    …back before glazer made this site basically unreadable with his theads of self promotion and bragging bullshit

    glazer = KING OF LULZ.

  38. Can't say says:

    let me get this right.

    I’m great
    I’m great
    I’m great

    Can’t say is great and its well documented.

  39. xxMillerTimexx says:

    Ok I will bite.

    Craig Glazer 09:17:23 PM – Thu. Nov 3. 2011

    Stanfords is by far the most talked about entertainment spot in KC history, ever there is no argument, save maybe Arrowhead and Royals stadium names over the years…just to educate you Miller, THE TONIGHT SHOW(MANY MANY TIMES0 DAVID LETTERMAN, CHELSEA LATELY, KIMMEL, DAILY SHOW, TOSH.0, BOOKS(not just mine) MOVIES,(like AKA Tommy Chong and Flashfire with Lou Gossett, I wrote part of that one for HBO), on and on….yeah more than 18th and nowhere Vine, see we launched the most stars, Eddie Griffin, Sinbad, Lewis Black(talks about it on Tonight Show) Larry the Cable Guy, Louie Anderson, Rob Riggle, and tons more, yep we are famous, very in this industry….not to mention boatload of radio and online jobs, like Howard Stern….so yeah its more than documented xxMiller now we are done with that, try google. then try my name on google, then yours oh nothing much on you, hmmmmm.”

    I really was asking cowboy if it was a joke, had nothing to with you. But I goggled you and this is what I came up with:
    Very first hit:

    This is a interesting piece on how the Glazer family’s cocaine problem may have brought down Johnny Dare’s


    Link to buy the king of sting. With one glowing review from Rock Star. It is the only comment, but it is positive.

    The rest I am not sure if they are you or not.

    Now I google myself, You are right. There is nothing about me “Snorting” away a business, or a book about me being a thug and getting away from it. But if I did have a wiki page it would read ” Simple Man that has a great wife and two wonderful kids” That is all I need in life. But you stick to the strippers and the roids, it fits you. I feel sorry for you, I wish you could find happiness.

  40. Craig Glazer says:

    Thanks For Your Concerns Miller
    Well I am sure you spend hours worring about my being happy xxMiller. By the way nothing wrong with a wife,kids,good job, thats fine. There is also nothing wrong with what my life and many others experience when you down the road less traveled. It’s tough road…some do well most don’t…you really can’t fairly judge people who dare to dare, that hurt really nobody that matters and try and use their time on the planet to make a name or stand out in some way. Yeah it comes with many other problems…thats life…nobody knows the answers. Like Einstein said, “none of this matters we are all just animals trying to make this mean something, it doesn’t” likely he’s right. So maybe we should all try and not be so serious and have a nice time….but we are all brainwashed to “do something with your life”….there it is there boy.

  41. Chip Ingram says:

    Is what he says accurate?
    I’m a pastor who was directed to you and this site. I’m going to comment on your comments. “there is nothing wrong with my life”. Obviously if you don’t believe in sin, God, or what the bible says it would be easy to understand that you feel that there is nothing wrong with your life. But you have some morals as you were aware that having sex with a child watching was not appropriate. Though you did feel it was a worthy story to share.

    I think if you make a sincere effort and ask if there is something wrong with your lifestyle you will become aware that there is. Just as I’m aware of the failings and sin in my life. None of us are perfect. See Jerry Johnston, Robert Schulller, and yes even myslef to see that.

    Contrary to what you state the bible absolutely asks us to judge and to look out for our fellow brother. Yes I know some will come back with judge not les yea be judged. But most don’t understand the context of that scripture.

    Craig do you really feel that having a desire to make a name for yourself and stand out is God’s desire? Do you think its best that you get the glory or God gets the glory?

    I would tell you that while none knows all the answers some of us know the answer.

    Do you think you should follow Einsteins advice or maybe the advice of the one that rose from the dead and created the very earth you stand on?

    It is my hope and prayer that you ask questions and seek answers. Blessings Chip

    PS I know of a few people that write on this site. My guess is once I talk to them they will stop attacking you and pray for you instead.

  42. Craig Glazer says:

    Nice Of You To Say
    First off nothing will stop people from saying what they like on this website or any other. I appreciate your inspiring words, I do. Everyone has to believe the way they feel best. There are just too many God’s out there for my liking. If you believe in the bible thats fine. I find no proof of any religious group or teaching, none. I wish that was not the case. I’d love to go to a nice place when I die, but its just not true. If it makes you and millions of others feel better, I surely understand. My thoughts are with you. Judge not least you be judge.

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