Leftridge: Chiefs Take First, as Told Through Tweets

I’m not gonna lie. I can’t lie. I turned this game off. With the score tied, and the Chargers within chip-shot range, with two minutes or so left, I turned the channel to Palladium, where they were showing “Lemmy”, a documentary about Motorhead’s mole-faced front man. I watched a few different people discuss their favorite Motorhead song—Dave Grohl cited the Ace of Spades, I believe, as did Ice-T—and turned it back, fully expecting to catch some sort of potentially newsworthy, icy handshake between Todd Haley and Norv Turner.

Instead, I saw Matt Cassel dropping back with the ball.

What the fuck? I thought perhaps my cable-box had paused action, and I was seeing some sort of replay. I know… doesn’t make a ton of sense… but I was a little drunk. I don’t know WHAT I thought. What I certainly didn’t expect was to rewind it, and see Crybaby Rivers fumble a snap that should have iced everything.

Shame on me for turning the channel.

But seriously, how often does this happen? Statistically never? Insanity.

After that, I didn’t DARE change the channel.

And that’s why we play the game, folks.

Here’s a blow-by-blow from Twitter, from the beginning.

@Mellinger (Sam Mellinger, KC Star sports writer)
“I not only dig the all red stockings by Bowe and Flowers and others, I think they should be mandatory. Anybody with me? #Chiefs”

@mickshaffer (sports anchor, Metro Sports)

“Dwayne Bowe’s socks are the freedom our forefathers were talking about.”

@dcwhb (Danny Clinkscale, 810am)
“The red socks look dumb…but it’s the guy who’s wearing them that makes it seem cool…he could wear plain socks and he would get support”

Alright… so it’s no surprise that the lamest guy on Twitter (aside from Bob Fescoe) would pan Bowe’s socks. Per an unofficial poll from Mellinger, everyone liked the straight-red look. I know I did. Made him look like a super-hero of some sort. Fuck the fines.

@bobfescoe (host, 610am)
“1st qtr qb ratings Phyllis rivers 18.3 Matt Cassel 145.8 #chiefs”

Man… if you didn’t know any better, and you just saw the highlights, it looked like 24-0 after the first quarter. Too bad the Chiefs couldn’t capitalize. On numerous opportunities. Shitstains.

“This reffing so far has been, well, interesting.”

Yeah, that’s putting it politely. The officiating in this game was fucking awful, top to bottom. They missed calls on both sides—the offensive pass interference on Charger’s TE Antonio Gates was egregious, as was the poor replay review (Chiefs’ fumble called with McCluster clearly on his back and Cassel’s irrefutable forward pass). Oh, and on a 3rd and 1 late in the 4th? Jackie Battle rushing and not getting it? I like how his facemask was almost ripped off on the play. Fuck these refs. They were terrible.

@bobfescoe (host, 610am)
“the #chargers are a dumb football team”


Pot, meet Tweet.

@SSJ_WHB (Steven St. John, host, 810am)
“So….Who do you think Todd Haley was talking to when he said "F**K YOU? #Chiefs”

@bobfescoe (host, 610am)
“who was haley cursing out at the end of the half?”

Haley clearly said “fuck you” into his headset as the Chiefs limped off at the end of the first half. Frankly, who CARES who he was talking to? It looked like it was probably Cassel—but it could have been an official, or Jesus, or Charile Fucking Brown. Who cares? As long as they keep winning, Haley can cuss my wife out. I don’t give a shit.

@Leabonics (Todd Leabo, 810am)
“Talked to uniform police in pressbox. undisclosed "hefty" fines are on the way for Bowe, Flowers and Carr for their special socks and shoes.”

Fuck that. FUCK. THAT. That’s infuriating. Seriously, somebody please provide a compelling argument as to why the red-socks and shoes were an issue. You can’t. And wait… where does all of this ‘fine money’ go? Seriously? If it’s going to cancer research, cool, fine the fuck away… but if you can’t provide anything beyond that, cool out, NFL. Please. You just look like assholes. This isn’t the navy—it’s professional football. Let’s prioritize, idiots.

@SSJ_WHB (Steven St. John, host, 810am)
“Philip Rivers is #1 on my list of Most Hated NFL Players….and, it’s not even close. #Chiefs”


@bobfescoe (host, 610am)
“enough with the mccluster experiment”

I’ve been as critical of Run DMC as anyone—and his pregame X-Factor audition on ABC tonight didn’t help- did anyone see this? Was it real?—but it’s hard to be mad at him after tonight. That’s part of his infuriating nature. One minute he’s Mike Cloud, the next, someone who’s unclassifiably amazing. He had a lot of huge, game-extending plays tonight. He’s the perfect every 15th down back.

@bobfescoe (host, 610am)
“the blind ref costume is not original”

And neither are you, Bobb-o. Seriously. Stop. Tweeting.

@kkwhb (Kevin Kietzman, host, 810am)
“Will they ever throw a flag on Rivers for screaming at refs?”


@SSJ_WHB (Steven St. John, host, 810am)
“Philip Rivers = Whine…Cry…Complain…Whine….Complain…Cry…Whine…”

Exactly, but still not a penalty.

“No touchdowns given up by the Chiefs since second quarter against Colts. Oct. 9. That’s 9 quarters.”

Amazing. But that didn’t stand for long. Still, impressive.

@kkwhb (Kevin Kietzman, host, 810am)
“Blatant facemask missed by refs.”

Yeah, I was really pissed off by this one… probably because I never notice stuff like this, but upon closer introspection, it was painfully obvious that they missed a call. And the announcers said NOTHING about it. Oh, AND it was 3rd and 1, and could have extended the Chiefs drive late in the 4th. Frustrating.

@nate_bukaty (host, 810am)
“Rivers just dropped the freaking ball!”

Yeah… so I missed this. Oopsie!
@getnickwright (host, 610am)
“Maybe I’m crazy, but with our offense playing the way it is, I don’t mind losing the toss. Get a stop, better field position.”

Well, this was the call of the night. Wright was… right. Defense held, and the rest, well, you know the rest.

@rjazayerli (Rany Jazayerli, Royals Blogger, KC sports fan, Chicago dermatologist)
“I wish I could enjoy this victory, but knowing how terrible Philip Rivers must feeHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


@nate_bukaty (host, 810am)
“What a weird football game.”


@SSJ_WHB (Steven St. John, host, 810am)

“Just sent my boys to bed with big smiles on their faces….What a great experience it was to watch the game with them tonight.”


@kkwhb (Kevin Kietzman, host, 810am)
“Stuart Scott really should hang it up. Wow.”


Anyway, first place, baby.

Twasn’t pretty, but who gives a shit? I don’t. Chiefs are in first place, plain and simple.

Look, there were three types of people going into this season—the people who ignorantly thought the Chiefs were destined to repeat as divisional champs, the people who expected a regression, and those who thought we’d go 0-16. I was probably somewhere between the middle and last camp. I thought we’d be bad—really bad—definitely didn’t expect us to be in first pace at the beginning of November. Who really did? Delusional retards, that’s who. Glad I’m not retarded, but I’m also a realist. Our next two are wins—hosting the Dolphins AND the Broncos—but after that? We’ll see.

Let’s have fun, kids.


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7 Responses to Leftridge: Chiefs Take First, as Told Through Tweets

  1. Orphan of the Road says:

    Dolphins is a trap
    Hopefully the Chiefs don’t fall in it.

    Maybe the NFL needs something like a technical foul for mouthing off too much like they have in the NBA. He looked like a lil’ baby who had eaten his ice cream too fast.

    Sunday night’s game had the ref’s calling a lateral when everyone saw Vick throw the ball from two yards behind the line to two yards in front. Only the f’d up refs and Gruden hate replay

    The forward pass/fumble looked like the right call on the replay. Call it a pass or a fumble there wasn’t indisputable evidence to over turn a call.

    AFC West winner being 7-9 looks like it is in play.

  2. chuck says:


  3. Markus Aurelius says:

    no offense, but if your entire commentary on a tweet is
    going to be “Yep” then maybe you should just let it go. Either that or group all of those tweets together and then tell us that you have nothing to say about them but wanted to share them anyway.

    Second, I don’t know whether or not Stuart Scott needs to hang it up, but that dude had a weird stink eye look going on. Maybe the BBQ smoke got to him – don’t remember him having weird stink eyes when he’s in the studio in Bristol.

    Last, the red socks were sweet. Would love to see the whole team in them once or twice a year. It’s not the NFL that’s fining them – it’s the team. Clark was on the Border Patrol yesterday morning and didn’t seem too pleased with those players wearing them. I loved the look but I’m also glad the Chiefs have maintained basically the same uniform for nearly 50 years and can, kind of, see why the owner doesn’t want to let a handful of players muck up that tradition. Still wish they’d all go with the red socks for, say, Monday night games.

  4. Rick says:

    Boston says
    they hate the red soxs.

    Brandon what up with all the f bombs?

    Scott has medical related eye issues and its most noticeable during the NBA pre game show.

    What is up with Berman’s voice inflictions. Bizarre

    Delusional retards…so on one end that would be Nick Wright for predicting 10-6.. And the 0-16 guy would be….well I guess a writer on this site.

    Isn’t that what the Catholic priest said? “I just sent my boys to bed with a big smile on thier faces.”

  5. Markus Aurelius says:

    just googled Stuart Scott eye and apparently
    he got smacked in the eye trying to catch a ball from a JUGS machine and ended up having emergency eye surgery. Ouch. http://www.fumbled.org/2007/08/26/what-really-happened-to-stuart-scotts-eye/

  6. Seriously says:

    Bad taste
    Is it not considered in bad taste to use the word ‘retard’? And like Rick said, ‘what’s with all the f bombs?’ I’m not offended. Just seems like you’re taking a 6th grade tactic to seem ‘edgy’. Not impressed. Any ‘fuckin’ retard’ can write like that.

  7. JB says:

    Fine money
    Here’s an excerpt from an article last year about fine money:


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