Glazer: Scribe Salutes Chiefs & Eats Some Hat

In one of the biggest turn arounds in modern NFL history, the Kansas City Chiefs saved their season, their coach, their quarterback and gave their fans total joy…

From 0-3 to 4-3 and first place WOW.

Yes, my SURE bet looks to be in big trouble. This team may win more than 8 now. They believe in themselves. When nobody believed, nobody.

Yes, we’re in a weak division. Yes, Phillip Rivers gave the game to KC. What a moron. On the 15 yard line with one minute and change to play, hef umbles! What? Kick it dummy.

This team has more heart then maybe any Chiefs team in years.

They now have two great receivers and a very good one on this squad. This team now has more weapons than any team in our division. Its one issue is still the quarterback. Matt THE FRANCHISE Cassel is still is below average. He had a few good throws but two turnovers. He was out pitched by Rivers who nearly doubled Matt’s yards throwing. Still a win is a win. And Matt did drive the team to the winning field goal.

Yes, my big bet is in trouble. Deep. It’s really a miracle that the Chiefs are in this thing. Everything went against them in preseason and in the start of this year. Now its all going their way. Right now they are the best team in the West, no question.

It looks like I was wrong, and everyone followed.

Pioli will NOT be able to fire Todd Haley now.

The Chiefs now will keep Matt as quarterback for years to come. The Chiefs will have one of the NFL’s best defenses and top receiving corps in the NFL. This year will not be theirs but next year might be. If they had a Top 10 quarterback, wow. Who knows,? Maybe Matt will improve. Stranger things have happened. 

Hey, I have to say to this point, I was very wrong.

It is a miracle though. And Kansas City needs that these days. Who knows? Next year maybe the Royals and Chiefs will go deep. Maybe. The fans sure deserve that.

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16 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Salutes Chiefs & Eats Some Hat

  1. Webb says:

    did not follow

  2. Craig Glazer says:

    Yes They Did
    Like who you? Maybe. I’d say 99% of people who had a brain saw this team was crap. Its unreal the comeback.However lets be honest again who have they beaten? Chargers are in deep decline, they have no weapons, none. Gates is 75 pounds overwieght, one good wide out and no backs, its just Phil and nobody. Oakland has no quarterback, Denver is a mess, that leaves KC. Romeo has saved this team along with Bowe and Haley. Still we don’t really know what they are yet. Don’t kid yourself this club could go either way, very capable of losing 6 or 7 more,

  3. Skeptic says:

    Shut up, Craig!

  4. Orphan of the Road says:

    Had you listened to me & chuck
    You’d have swept the field. I tried to tell all of you the Chargers were pretenders, a team which has all the parts but will never put it all together.

    I wouldn’t be suprised if the AFC West winner was 7-9 this year. Broncos are god-awful, how long they play Tebow is how long they will spiral down. I look for him to have a couple of Hall of Fame games surrounded by WTH were they thinking ones. Raiders are -9, perfect spot for Tebow to channel the ghosts of Joe Kapp, Fran Tarkenton & Randall Cunningham.

    Fuck that Lotus Craig, get yourself a Studebaker Avanti.

    BTW, I’ll try and say you are mistaken rather than wrong when I disagree with you. You’re a regular Rain Main on betting.

    chuck: Shit Glaze look at that bevy of beauties with all their points all set firm and high.

    Glaze: 2,304,480,004

    chuck: Huh??

    Glaze: 2,304, 480, 985

    chuck: I appreciate your taking me with you to Vegas but what the fuck are those numbers you keep spouting.

    Glaze: That’s the total when you add up all their bra sizes here on the Strip 2,304,495,777

  5. bobrossfro says:

    “They believe in themselves. When nobody believed, nobody.”

    Speak for yourself, Glaser. I never gave up and never will!

  6. Craig Glazer says:

    Funny Didn’t Hear From You Guys When I Picked 90%
    Hey this isn’t over yet boys. We don’t know where this team is going. So not so fast ok. And come on guys you see my picks each week, you can’t argue with that at all. Yes there are some die hard fans who never gave up. Thats true.

  7. Can't say says:

    Looks like
    You say “looks like you were wrong”. But then you say “I was very wrong.” The second statement would be accurate. Congratulations Craig we are not even at the half way mark and we’ve had three devastating injuries to the Chiefs. But yet you haven’t failed. What is it four years in a row you have guessed incorrectly. That’s consistency.

    But unlike previous years I give you props for admitting your error. Wrong about the Chiefs record. Wrong about Todd getting canned and telling Nick wright that. It’s all been wrong.

    Maybe the boy is finally becoming a man???

  8. mermaid says:

    For the 31-10 score buddy! Totally lost a bet on that one. You gave the Chiefs way too much credit on that one. Do better next game.

  9. chuck says:

    Little early to start poppin the corks or jumpin off the
    bridge either.

    The Chiefs are way lucky.

    They should take the Dophs and the Donkeys, then Oakland at home, and Denver on the road. — thats 8 and 8. They will probably screw one game up, and for some reason win one they shouldn’t (Steelers) and STILL end up at 8 and 8.

    Orphan is right, that might win the division.

    Haley has done a heck of a job this year, with no money from Clark (32 mill UNDER the cap!) and key injuries everywhere.

    If the dumb fucks draft and buy some offensive lineman next year, and our key starters don’t get hurt again, we could run away with the West, and get into a 2nd or 3rd playoff game.

    I checked the obits for Kerowhack, he is gotta be sweatin.

    Phyliss Rivers choked hard. Joan Rivers can take a snap and run out the clock for a field goal, Jesus, what a choke.

    There were som TERRIBLE calls last night, and then the morons would review them, AND STILL GET THEM WRONG!

    But, the Refs made some mad call for us too. A Gates had a TD, the refs screwed them too.

    7 and 9, or 8 and 8.

    Thats actually a pretty good job for a team this banged up, owned by a guy who still has his first nickel.

    If we are right again next week Orphan, Glaze will let us use the new car, and we will drive to Vegas and double down.


  10. Matt says:

    Craig….save some room for some more Crow…
    you’ll need it for your Obama prediction.

  11. bschloz says:

    Bowe,Baldwin,Breston,Battle 1st Place
    Kerouac… can I get a Hi 5

    Gotta Love Haley… I think this guy can coach….the fuck do I care if he plays golf?

    Bet against Pioli …Lose your Patio Furniture

  12. PB says:

    Wrong Again
    No, even after that hideous 0-2 start when 0-16 and Suck For Luck were trending topics, some of us with real brains who realize the way the NFL is setup, knew they would at least “rebound” to anywhere from 4-8 wins after the season played out. Go back and read some posts from those bygone days. Admittedly, the 4-game win streak and tied for first was unexpected at this juncture and it remains to be seen how they’ll end up with some tough games remaining. Still, it just blows me away that anybody that has actually watched the NFL over the last 20 years can think that a division champ with a pretty decent nucleus of young talent can possibly follow that up with a zero-two win season. While their first two losses were historically bad, I never got the impression that the team was ala a Manning-less Colts or the Lions from a few seasons back. That’s why the Chiefs need to fear the Dolphins this week. Even though their offense is woeful, they’re better than the record and will win some games before this season is done, just don’t let it happen THIS week.

  13. Can't say says:

    PB right
    We saw that Miami almost won last week. So this is your trap game. We have to be leery. You hit it PB on all accounts. Of course Bush is their Rivers so he could always take a victory out of there clutches.

  14. Hearne Christopher says:

    Did you leave out the significant injuries part on purpose in your analysis?

  15. PB says:

    Significant Injuries?
    I didn’t leave anything out, injuries are a bullshit excuse in the NFL and anyone who follows it knows that. Every NFL team has injuries. Only those on the level of losing a Peyton Manning or Aaron Rodgers are truly significant. SIXTEEN players (including SIX starters) on IR last year certainly didn’t stop the Packers from taking home the Lombardi Trophy.

    The Chiefs only had to make some adjustments to overcome there’s. RB by committee…getting Breaston and now Baldwin more involved to offset losing Moeaki…Crennel making some defensive adjustments w/o Berry…it’s not rocket science. Even with those injuries, a team with the Chiefs level of decent talent shouldn’t have had any problem winning a third of their games this year. Just because Glazer, Nick Wright and a shitload of fans panicked after 2 weeks, doesn’t mean we all did. Once again, it’s all about extremism. Why take the time, think things through and come up with a rational prognosis when it’s so much easier to just shout out that everything SUCKS /GREAT? Idiocracy is closing fast.

  16. Cliffy says:

    PB … You may also recall that Hearne buried Sporting KC after their miserable start. Following what these two twits have to say is merely entertainment … neither can be taken seriously.

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