Glazer: King of Sting Movie Still on the Drawing Board

Many of you have asked for an update on the King of Sting movie..

I’ve been working towards the making of a film on my life since 1981. And if you’ve read my book, KING OF STING, you know the story. However, since most of you haven’t, I’ll fill you in on what’s going on today.

A quick history: In 1981 I wrote a treatment and query letter about my life and sent it to about 20 agents and book companies that I found in library. Good luck, right?

But I got lucky and had about four agents interested, including one from Hollywood. I also managed to get several articles written about me and my partner in crime Don Woodbeck. CBS had a movie division, and they bought our pitch in1982 for several hundred thousand dollars. We were on cloud nine. And Don and I lived on that money until his death in 1983.

We both lived in LA at the time and were put in acting school. But CBS  Films went bust in 1983 and the story was optioned to Paramount Pictures. Academy Award nominee Nick Kazan would write the new script titled OUTLAWS. He’d just done a couple big films, including AT CLOSE RANGE (Christopher Walken, Sean Penn), FRANCIS (Jessica Lange), Reversal Of Fortune and Mobsters.

Then in 1984 I went to prison, so that was that for awhile. The option was picked up by Warner’s and John Heyman who did Passage To India and many more. Then when I got out in 1988 Universal picked up the movie.

To be blunt, for a pretty long while I made a living on OUTLAWS without it being made.I probably made more in options (several hundred thousand dollars) than the movie payday would have been. Still I wanted the movie made.

Then in 2007 Lewis Black talked me into writing the KING OF STING. I did it with Sal Manna and the book was picked up when it was released in 08/09 by Eric Eisner, the son of Hollywood big shot Michael Eisner. I liked Eric, he flew here to see me and I felt his family would help as well. They did and Eric has done a great job.

We worked on the script here and in LA. Clint Eastwood needed a new movie and was given the book and script in 2009. He loved them both and his partner at Malpaso, producer/director Rob Lorenz, was given the project. Clint would be a producer with me, Eric and Rob.Rob had Woody Harrelson slated for Woodbeck and Zac Efron to play me. But Zac decided he wanted to do another movie about a money-laundering kid, so he backed out.

So in 2010, no green light.

Next Clint had Rob do HOOVER with him last year. That film opens in a couple weeks.

So now here’s where we are: Eastwood gave Lorenz a sure fire hit, THE TROUBLE WITH THE CURVE, starring Clint and Sandra Bullock. Hollywood is abuzz over the new film, in part because it’s likely Clint’s last starring role. Who knows? So everyone will want to see the picture.

In the meantime Lorenz can now get whomever he wants to star in his films because he’s now a heavyweight. No longer just a big time producer and Clint’s right hand, Rob is 45 years old and Clint is 80.

Eric and I plan to stick with Lorenz and the Eastwood group. Rob loves KING OF STING and he even helped rewrite the script with Clint’s approval. So it’s likely that it will follow the new Clint Eastwood picture they’ll begin shooting in a few weeks.

However, they move pretty fast and it’s possible that Rob may do another studio picture with a super star to insure his position in Hollywood and then do King of Sting. Either way, it’s likely the movie will go down with Lorenz directing. It’s a director’s world today, not a star’s world. Unless it’s Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio or maybe Brad Pitt.

There just aren’t very many superstars left. Directors rule.

Remember Clint had Unforgiven for 15 years before they shot it. Hope we can go a bit faster and I think so.

So yeah, it’s been a long wait. When the movie goes – and I hope it finally will go – we likely will have taken the longest time of all. More than 30 years since CBS bought OUTLAWS in 1982. That’s gotta be a record.

So to those who say, "Yeah, when are they gonna make your movie?" or act like nobody cares, you’re dead wrong.

Some of Hollywood’s biggest names have all wanted to get this done. Sometimes circumstance runs against you. For the last four years, major studios have done almost no big adult films, except THE TOWN. Mostly it’s been family, comedy and tent pole (Batman,Spider-Man) and so forth. Why? Beause not as many people over 30 go to movies without their kids.

It’s a young person’s venue now.

However King of Sting is about a college kid who teams with an older gunfighter and becomes a real life superhero. It’s a dark story and I’ve waited all this time. I just have to wait a little longer.

In an odd way maybe it’s for the best. The long wait has kept me focused on something I have always loved, my adventures. The book is out there and a follow up will come soon. But yeah, the movie would be my Super Bowl.

P.S. I got an email from both Rob Lorenz and Eric Eisner (who met my brother Jack) saying how bad they felt about his death last week. Eisner wrote, "We will dedicate your movie to Jack Glazer."

Nice of him to think of Jack.

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24 Responses to Glazer: King of Sting Movie Still on the Drawing Board

  1. jack p says:

    Camera—Speed—-and Action!
    Great insight story on how the industry REALLY works, Craig! Hope it all comes together for you in the end. ….Fade out.

  2. Orphan of the Road says:

    One of my drummers
    Did the restoration on Blade Runner & The Wizard of Oz. Thom’s first film at NE Missouri State was a live-action reenactment of a menstrual period.

    Just finished a picture with Clint, don’t know which one, and said the guy had more energy than a 100 normal men.

  3. Skeptic says:

    Most – yes, most, – movie treatments die the inevitable option death, never to be heard of again.
    Shut up, Craig!

  4. BS Nerdlaw says:

    I read your book last year…and I have one question, Glaze.
    They were going to cast Woody Harrelson as Woodbeck and Zac Efron as you?? Seriously?

    Sorry, I know Woodbeck was a little older than you…but isn’t Woody Harrelson, like, 50 now? And Zac Efron is in his early 20’s, right? That was their first choice?? Weren’t you and Woodbeck only around 5 or 6 years apart in age…at most?

    If this movie comes through, they probably need to put some more thought into their casting choice…at least maybe have Woodbeck played by someone within 10 years of his age for the movie. That’s just a head-scratcher.

  5. Merle Tagladucci says:

    A friend of mine’s father sold a script to one of the Hollywood studios a few years back for $300k. The movie never got made but after you give your agent his 10%, that $270k minus taxes isn’t exactly a bad day’s pay for pumping out a movie script. That money won’t go as far if you’re living out in LA but if you’re based in KC as he was and don’t spend too wildly, that’ll keep you comfortable for 2-3 years.

    CG I hope you get to see your story on the big screen someday. It’d probably turn out to be pretty damn entertaining. I think you’re lucky though that Zac Efron backed out. That kid is soft. Garrett Hedlund would be killer. Hope it happens.

  6. Harlow says:

    Can’t Wait
    Even your haters will go see the movie Craig. You sure have paid your dues. I hope it gets done soon. I had no idea how hard it is get a picture made. You certainly have stayed the course. Good luck.

  7. Downtown Davey says:

    Hey Skeptic
    Looks like Glazer did a bit more than write and sell a treatment. Quite a bit more. Craig hope it goes to picture, would make a heck of a movie. Skeptic is “shut up Craig” your new theme?

  8. Craig Glazer says:

    jAgreed On Woody
    Yes I agree Woody would have been great a few years back, he is too old now. So yes you are right about that, no Woody is not going to be Woodbeck now. Rob likes John Ham for Don also older around 40, but that can work in this script, and yes Zach was not my choice, it was Warners who last year thought he was the next Tom Cruise, I don’t think thats the case today. I’m sure we will find the right twosome. Casting Craig is much harder due the fact the film starts out with him a college kid and goes til he is maybe 25. So very young.

    Again I feel with Eric, Rob and maybe some help from Clint the casting will be fine. If and when! I have a good feeling this time around.

  9. Taco Time says:

    One Of Only Two I Read In Years
    I read your book, heard you on Dare talking about it a couple years ago. I bought it and liked the story. Make a damn good movie dude. Hope it gets there. For real.

  10. Robertoe says:

    poor maria
    I know she winces every time she sees that picture. And the connection is…….?

    Oh I get it. You were college aged once upon a king-of-sting timeframe. She is college age now. You are still trying to relive these days with Hollywood and young coeds!

    I read the book. Compliments! Twas a good read. But by the time you fictionalized the story and Hollywood does so further, it’ll be just that- a good story!

    I had an unsuccessful film venture about 10 years ago. Tried to get Hollywood to come and shoot cheap in Uruguay after their meltdown. Even floated the Uruguayan gov about $3500 to participate in the AFCI trade show in Santa Monica. We did have some film delegations visit.

    Twas fun, it financed some trips south, I learned a new field but it all went for naught.

    Good luck with the film. We’d all love to see it happen!

  11. Craig Glazer says:

    I Don’t Pick Photos or Headlines
    As I have stated many times, Hearne picks photos not me so I had nothing in mind…I don’t need to relive anything today I date the same age girls as I did in my 20’s and 30’s its the same. Well I have learned NOT to move the girl in anymore, unless she is super star great person, rare.

    Two it’s not a flattering photo of Maria, who is very pretty or me….its kinda a funny shot, she is much better looking then that photo, so am I…I promise to give you guys an updated shirt off photo of me and new car….just haven’t been in that mood with all the family issues…but I will soon.

    What I didn’t get into here, but I produced five movies and co produced two others, wrote several that sold and acted in a few films and TV, so this isn’t all I did, but what is most important to me, plus I was a studio exec with New World Pictures for two years and on lot at Universal for three years…so got some stuff done.

    We’ll see, hope it gets done. Robertoe the script is done, pretty damn good and built on the book, it only covers first half of book, ends before Don is killed, up ending….so I am happy with it, sure it will change here and there, but I trust Rob…so if it shoots as written and Clint and Rob do that, we are in good shape.

  12. Skeptic says:

    Seriously, Craig, shut the f*ck up!

  13. Can't say says:

    For those of you
    who thought that the death of his brother would impact and change Craig. Wishful thinking. But hey we can look forward to a shirtless photo sadly that death has delayed him from giving us one sooner 🙁 And he continues to give us a long list of his credits and accomplishments. thanks Craig for being YOU!!!! I believe you should be the star of your life story. You are one of the best actors I know…

  14. Can't say says:

    Things u don’t know
    about Craig Glazer:

    He started MMA.
    Brad and Jennifer broke up because they both had feelings for Craig.
    His comedy club is in the hall of fame of comedy.
    John Holmes based his life style on the “Glazer Way”.
    Craig is the secret father to Jessica Simpson’s baby.
    Craig owns several casinos in Vegas but keeps it a secret due to his criminal background.
    If Chasity Bono had met Craig she would of never become Chaz.
    Craig had nude pictures on his phone sent to him by both Taylor Swift and Kim K.
    If Craig put his mind to it he could find Baby Lisa.
    John Mayer wishes he was Craig Glazer as well as every male.

  15. Can't say says:

    one other thing
    Craig wears an adult diaper

  16. chuck says:

    Zac fuckin Efron, whew!
    I agree with Merle, you dodged a bullet there.

    Good luck with the movie.

    Very cool.

  17. Johnny says:

    Yeah, so broken up over family death…
    Oh yeah… easy to he is so broken up by the death….

    so fkn broken up that he cant wait to start bragging again…. and bragging about being a fkg piece of sht…. bragging about being a pussy ass narc? He worked(works) with law enforcement so he could(can) avoid jail, sending others away for exactly what he did(does)? and you people admire that?

    snithches get stiches…. glazer’s karma will take care of him, it always does.

    To this day glazer works with corrupt law enforcment supporting this bogus “war on drugs”… which is nothing more than a way for “the corrupt machine” to steal people’s private property, and glazer loves doing it…. glazer loves reaping the benfits of a corrupt society…. tell them some more about how you have all that money to blow… you fkg blow hard…..blow being the key word.

  18. Craig Glazer says:

    Haters Hate As Always
    Lets see, oh I did meet Sonny Bono’s daughter, several times. I know you haters love this, we were friends in LA. He owned a restaruant on Melrose called, what else BONO’S….so we talked alot, met Cher, she helped him out. Nice people, was very sad when he died.
    I miss my little brother every day, its been very hard on me and my family. I have to continue to live. Sorry that upsets some of you. Well not sorry.

    As for the insane Johnny comments on “drug enforcement services” WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? Pussy Narc? Really read the book third grade drop out. Learn something in your wasted unknown life. Just to clue you in, I was never a “narc” I was a SPECIAL AGENT, we worked in all areas of law enforcement at that time. Hey remember this one, “yeah see he got busted and they made him be a narc…yeah and he gave up all his friends…even his cat…yeah, oh he was let go uh huh…yeah man”….sorry dumb coward it doesn’t work that way….I had girls like you working for me, we called them C.I.’s confidential informants or snitches…like you would have been or where. Maybe you worked for me back then. Hope all is well Johnny. Are you still a cross dressing snitch?

    When arrested I faced the music, never testified or gave up anyone…thats why you go to trial…like in Kansas And LA….usually means you didn’t cooperate….just a little inside scoop for the too dumb to live club…cowards like little Johnny whoever he really is….use another name will ya, my pal Johnny Dare won’t like you stealing his, he’s not a punk ass coward like you.

  19. Orphan of the Road says:

    Independent sources say
    Clint has 100 or more things going on at any given time. The 20-30 people who work with him daily are often surprised at his next project.

    People deeply involved in Hollywood projects seldom talk about them. Too many things can happen, like Beyonce getting preggers before they could start A Star is Born. Stuff can just evaporate in a heartbeat.

    My buddy has been working on a project with Warren Beatty for over a year. Should get off the ground any day.

    He works with Rob, will be having lunch sometime over the next few weeks. Rob’s supposed to get another film before Star now.

    A few folks have made a living on a movie which never gets made. That’s Hollywood.

    About 15-years ago the feds and state police broke up a drug ring involving the Pagan motorcycle club and the Amish. Danny Aiello was set to star, everything was set to roll and then, nothing.

    Whether your movie ever gets made or not, you’ve cashed quite a few checks from it. Probably a movie in that experience alone.

  20. Craig Glazer says:

    Interesting Orphan
    Well Rob did get a movie we just talked about it, PROBLEM WITHE THE CURVE. I am hoping King of Sting follows that, not sure about Byonce’s issues on A STAR IS BORN, it was suppose to go now with Clint directing. No at his age Clint has few crurrent projects. He has a few that he has had a minute, mine really isn’t one of those, its more a Rob project with Clint on board. Anyways we will see what Rob does next, he may do one more than KOS as I said to establish his position, but who knows. It ain’t a movie til it is. I have made a few and nothing is sure til you roll, thats why the big bucks don’t get paid til that day. So yeah shit happens and too many bad projects get made for the wrong reasons, good ones seem to take a minute or thirty years.

  21. harley says:

    1. no movie for glaze. It’s gatthering dust. I would love to see it…but other projects by these same
    people will move forward.
    2. Go see Margin Call…wow…..great acting…academy awards…and its a real life story.
    3. Johnny needs to calm down….or go find another forum.
    4. Chiefs are on hot streak…how about flowers….and derrick j…..the defense is still gelling
    for the big games to come…..and baldwin may end up being the real deal…If only we had
    tony g back…hey pioli….go get tony g back and we’re in super bowl…he’d love to finish his
    career here with chiefs…and what a receiving corp we’d have…..!

  22. Orphan of the Road says:

    She’s preggers so the movie is pushed back.

    Buddy lives under one of the “L”s in the Hollywood sign. Used to throw beer cans at Robert Blake’s deck. Flies a restored Korean war jet his late BIL left him. You should look him up next time you go Hollywood. His dad (well not his dad but an actor) was in the movie Bonnie & Clyde. Ross was a kid just over from Sicily when he rebuilt the top end for a young man and lady at the shop he worked in Platte City.

  23. Can't say says:

    So U R
    responsible for Chaz. Makes sense.

  24. Johnny says:

    The funny thing is, We know about glazer and his Narc behavior and how he is buddies with cops and how he is a POS…. so we can make statements about him, based on what he has told us and what is common knowledge….. BUT…

    But stupid fk glazers DOES NOT know about most commenters….YET….. he makes accusations….proving he talks out of his ass not knowing what he is talking about… this ass clown gets funnier by the day.

    As far as your butt buddy Joihny Douchebag Dare??…. tell that bitch to change his name….

    Great to see you keep digging your own grave with your ignorant words… sooner or later, hopefully you will get in it.

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