Hearne: Glazer’s Funeral Rip Off, Lezak on MU, Chiefs, Local Sports Media Cheer for SEC & Lotus Hits Fairway

Wild week – funerals, apple orchard odysseys, corn maze deliverances – time to catch up…

If the shoe fits, be glad you’re not Jewish. And dead. Stanford’s Craig Glazer found out the hard way that when it comes to Jewish funerals in KC, money is no object. That is, if you use to go to Jewish funeral home, which he did. To the tune of just under $16,000 all in. And dad Stan already ponied the plot.

For the record, that’s nearly double what the Glaze would have been banged for had he gone to Charter Funerals.

The flip side of that deathmare: the rabbi Glaze was required to use laid down a kickass acapella rendition of R Kelly’s "I Believe I Can Fly."

"I thought he did a great job," Glazer says. "And he only had one day to learn the song."


S.O.S. Save Our Star!

A glimpse at yesterday’s Star illustrates why the newspaper’s been battling so valiently to hang onto the movie "directory" ads by AMC, Cinemark et al. Because without them, not only would the Star be forced to run the movie showtimes for free, like other newspapers, they’d likely lose those lucerative display ads the movie studios buy.

There were six on Friday for "Ides of March," "Love Crime," ‘Margin Call," "Three Musketeers," ‘Puss in Boots," and "The Rum Diary."

"Yeah, but only for certain studios," KCC movie guy Jack Poessiger says. "Not from the main ones. Warners Brothers doesn’t have anything. Paramount doesn’t have anything. The ones that did have ads were Sony, which is Columbia and ‘Margin Call’ is almost an independent company. And ‘The Rum Diary’ is a very small company. So I’d say about 60 percent of the major companies are out of the paper and Dickinson is out too. And I noticed today that The Legends ad is maybe a third smaller and Disney is out completely,"

Let’s do the movie math…

Friday’s FYI section dedicates no less than five full pages of movie reviews, writeups and content. Out of which around only 2/3 of a page are paid ads, or less than 15 percent. Far short of the 50 percent figure that would be considered respectible.

"The movie ads are shrinking away," Poessiger says. "Look at today’s paper – it’s pathetic. They have a two column by 3/12 inch ad for ‘Puss in Boots.’ A couple of years ago they would have had a really big ad for that and in full color. The handwriting’s on the wall – I don’t know, it’s pretty sad."


Forget About the Missouri Tigers, Go Chiefs!

You’ll have to look long and hard to find a more stoked football freak than KSHB TV weather wonk Gary Lezak.

Lezak’s take on MU leaving the Big 12 and going to the SEC? Who cares?

"I think Missouri leaving the Big 12 isn’t that big of a deal," Lezak says. "I don’t think they should do it, but it’s not the end of the world. I mean, they’re not moving – they’re still here. And with West Virginia coming, the Big 12 is going to be fine."

Oldest college football rivalry west of the Mississippi with KU on the line and Lezak’s not the slightest bit upset?

"No, it doesn’t matter," he says. "I’m not invested in MU like some people are. I’m for OU."

Moving along, are the Chiefs of the past three games for real or just a mirage?

"I think it’s real, but we’re going to find out soon," Lezak says. "Anytime you win six games in a row in the NFL, you’re legit. And if they beat San Diego here on Monday night, then beat Miami and then Denver at home, that’ll be six straight wins. And they have some talent they didn’t realize they had."

Lezak’s prediction for this season: "I would say if they win Monday night, they go 10 and 6 and are in the playoffs with a home game at Arrowhead. If they lose Monday, they’ll go 7 and 9."


Why The Star’s Sam Mellinger Wants Mizzou to Go to The SEC

To amplify on my point the other day about Star sportswriter Sam Mellinger‘s epiphany re MU leaving the Big 12 for the SEC…

Where Mellinger finally concluded that MU’s leaving will be a good thing for Kansas City because fans will be able to truck 120 miles to Columbia and see the Tigers play teams like Alabama in football and Kentucky in basketball.

Let’s get real…

The real reason Mellinger and other local sports media types are licking their chops is they will be the ones who get to go see those glam teams and write and talk about them. Instead of getting stuck in Ames, Iowa covering boring MU-Iowa State games, they’ll get to party in places like Nashville, Baton Rouge, Lexington, Fayetteville and Gainesville.

In short, it’s a journalistic bonanza.

Kansas City may lose $14 million a year, but for sportswriters and talk show hosts it’ll be like Christmas. Like getting that NBA or NHL franchise KC was promised, but never delivered.

Kansas City’s loss is the local sports media’s gain. Simple as that.


Scribe’s Lotus Splashes Down in Fairway

It took eight long months to pull the trigger, but Stanford’s Craig Glazer took delivery of his sleek, black Lotus Evora sportscar Thursday night in Fairway. But not without a bit of fanfare and a little confusion.

"Neither the delivery guy or I could figure out how to start it," Glazer says. "I finally noticed that there was a little button on the key that you have to push."

"When we were unloading it off the truck a bunch of cops pulled up to check it out," Glazer adds. "They didn’t know what was going on. They all live in the neighborhood and two of em called their wife and girlfriend and they came down and took pictures of the car. They loved it. They asked how fast it went and thought it cost $200,000 or $300,000."

For the record, the Evora tops out at a little over 170 miles-per-hour and can be had for under 100 grand.

And while Glazer has yet to have sex in the car – "I’ve only had it one day," he says – "I did get it up to 120 mph going to work Friday and it felt like I was going 40. I didn’t want to get pulled over, but I easily could have gone 140 or 150."

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44 Responses to Hearne: Glazer’s Funeral Rip Off, Lezak on MU, Chiefs, Local Sports Media Cheer for SEC & Lotus Hits Fairway

  1. Rick says:

    How will it be a journalistic bonanza if there is no paper to write for? One second u r saying print media is dying. Next u state a print media sport writer will get a journalistic bonanza if MU moves. How long have you had this split personality?

  2. Orphan of the Road says:

    You don’t have to be a weatherman to know
    which way the wind blows. Speaking of blows is anything Lezak says about sports relevant? Smartman, check; chuck, check; Lezak should just take that Hershey Highway back to Boomer Soonerville. When we elevated the person who was going to tells maybe, perhaps the weather will be this tomorrow. Kid is back in Chester County, PA plowing and running a crew of Mexicans doing shopping center lots & sidewalks. He says the weatherreader says 3, 8 maybe a blizzard snorgasim.

    Remember covering the Phillies on college radio. Weren’t allowed in the Press Area because we were broadcast. All the newspapers around Philadelphia had beat writers so it was packed. Fuckers probably never ate except at work.

    Glaze got caught in the oldest scam in the world, the death business. Preying on your grief and time of weakness. Screw ’em. Rent one of those 10,000 caskets and fill it with barley pop for the friends. Put me in that cardboard box and Faharenheit 451 it. There is a special place in Dante’s concentric rings of Hell for those in the funeral industry.

    He looks so natural, yeah for a fucking corpse.

  3. Johnny says:

    ah man
    ah man, was just checking and got excited… only to be let down. 🙁
    I read that as “Glazer has died”….. Oh well…. someday, soon, then the world will be a better place.

  4. T says:

    Hey Johnny be crude
    wow, that was low.

  5. Johnny says:

    oh well T
    I just posted what I thought I read…. just an honest mistake, it is too bad,
    there are just some sleazeballs like gaddafi, Ted Bundy and other scumbags
    like child molestors and glazer that the world would be better off without….
    it is a simple fact… they are nothing but a bunch of fkg scumbags.

    I have no idea why hearne (who is a great guy, like him a lot) let glazer ruin his site, made it fkg unreadable.

  6. smartman says:

    Check and mate! I was awakened by a tingling in my ass and lo and behold a Gary Lezak story! Gloryhole-aleuja!

    Looks like he’s going into training early for the anal bead tug-of-war.

    I’m thinking of changing my name to Forecast so he’ll blow ME four times a week. He’s packed so much fudge he gets an honorary pension from Russell Stover’s. If I wanna know what homo’s think about sports I’ll tune into Jim Rome. I’ll bet he’s Trick or Treating as the Semen Demon again this year.

  7. xxMillerTimexx says:

    That was freaking funny. “I awoke with a tingling in my ass” is my new favorite of yours. You’re the man!

  8. Orphan of the Road says:

    Lezak can put hot coals in his mouth for all I care. He doesn’t make a pimple on the ass of great KC weather people like Fred Broski. Give Katie Horner a uterus and she is Lezak. Guy morphed into a lil’ baby eating ice cream too fast with every breeze and rain drop “storm” coverage. I hear the dogs are smokin’ four packs a day the guy has ’em so nervous.

    My gay friends say he is so creepy they have thought about going to Marcus Bachman’s clinic.

    The dude just reeks hypocrite.

    Next up Hearne’s talks with DAUGHERTY about music…

  9. chuck says:

    caveat emptor, its all in your head.
    Glaze, the glass is half full dude. I guess 16K is a rip off if you think it is. 10 years ago, I was livin in my car, and my brother died. I had to borrow 400.00 to have him burned up and his ashes stuck in a cardboard box. My brother led a hell of a hard life, overdosed on Meth. He did 5 years in Cameron for fire bombing and had a sheet like like a airport runway. Sounds crazy, but he was actually a hell of a nice guy. Ya had to know him. He actually was a user, had no drug busts, every one of his problems in life, were because of women. Jeeze that guy fell in love every 15 minutes.

    Sorry the funural cost so much money, but what was expected?

    I know the guy who owns that funeral home, and, his wife.

    I have always thought they were top shelf folks, who were able to maintain that necessary decorum, from the heart, during a family’s most vulnerable time.

    If they do a good job, and I think they do, then they achieve for us, in our minds, the apotheosis of our loved ones and friends, at least for that one day. With our feet so planted in terra firma and grief, the ecclesiastical, and subsequent etherial nature of the ceremony for the dead would be lost on that day, and, more importantly, in our memories.

    Glaze, I wish I would have had the cash back in those bad days, to be generously charged for my brother’s ceremony. I wish a lotta shit woulda been different.

    These days, I have some laughs with your adventures, and I like to think your take on death, is wrapped up in this quote from Ashley Matagu (A nice Jewish man.) who said, “The idea, is to die young, as late as possible.”

    Your sure as hell doing that.

  10. harley says:

    i gotta give smartman and orphan a standing ovation for their comments this morning. they should be writing for the daily show
    or hearne should give both of them their own story blogs on kcc.
    Especially liked the one about leazaks friends going to bachmans therapy. Very very clever. Also clever was russel stover
    pension…how do you guys come up with these lines…pricelss. And the dogs smoking 4 packs a day….very very very funny.
    so here’s my take.
    1. glazes brother funeral. $16,000? you should have gone for the oak and rope coffin…works well 5 feet under and goes
    for $699 at walmart. $16,000 was that “holesale”? Didn’t they give you the mot discount (member of tribe). I think you
    got taken. don’t they call that funeral director the “king of dead sting”….i think you got conned big time…wow…a con getting
    conned by a con.
    2. Johnny…wow…see you just got on here and already you feel the “hate”
    3. Lezak….friends with buzby…they are buddies if you know what i mean.
    Terrible with weather but good at the park with his buds. He is kind of weird…saw him inside a mens store
    changing room with his bud…a little strange for overland park..
    4. glaze…be careful…going 140 mph in this town is crazy. Don’t want you to have the same ending as your
    little brother…be careful…i won’t even ride my road bike on roads in kansas…drivers are just too f*cked up…
    a little caution would be good for you…
    5. go mizzou…the sec is waiting with open arms….after beating a and m…this is gong to be a huge week for
    missouri fans…..cards win series..mu wins and heads to the premiere conference…chiefs have big win on
    monday night…wow…things are looking good for mizzou…
    6. KU….its perfectly fine with us mizzou fans that you don’t want to play a football game at arrowhed every
    year after we leave. For the next 20 years…mizzou would kick your ass and the attendance would go down..down
    down…don’t worry…we’ll find someone to replace you beause your football team is no better than blue valley
    or rockhurst…what did they get saturday 50 yards? Great all you ku fans….keep your team in the big 12..
    because when texas/tech/ok/ok state leave mayb e ku can be competitive against miaa teams they play.
    Wow…ku football is the worst in the nation…us mizzou fans won’t miss the huge kick ass wins we get against that
    pathetic poorly run disgusting horrible and the worst offense ever to grace a big 12/8 field….they are a disgrace to
    the state and the university and to all their fans and alumni….just down right horrible and the worst team ever
    in college football. See ya at arrowhead in nvoebmer for a major ass kicking….hope all your fans show up for
    what will be the last and final and the biggest blow out in mizzou history ever………..

  11. Craig Glazer says:

    Hey White Trash Johnny Fuck
    Whhoever you are I have one grand you can have today or tomorrow you call me at 913 400 7500 Monday or when you can and make plans to meet me anywhere you like, bring whomever you like. A man you didn’t know died and you dare to write that! Lets see you say that to my face. I’lll pay you to do it, it will be the last thing you will be able to ever say. Cause everythng I would do to you would make sure your mouth wouldn’t move much ever again.

    So call your pals all none of them and get it together white trash coward low life punk! But you won’t. Cause like every person like you that does low life thins like that, you are A PUSSY COWARD BITCH PUNK, and couldn’t carry my toilet rag or droppings. In the history of me living here and being in the public NOBODY HAS EVER EVER CHALLENGED ME TO ANYTHING, NOT TO MY FACE OR IN A PUBLIC PLACE, EVER….so have at it! I would enjoy that greatly.

    Small people like you who hide behind fake names and write comments on blogs and websites like “Obama is a nigger” or “I would like to kill Payton Manning” or “so and so sucks” 99% of the time never met that person or really know anything much about them, its hate developed from their own failure in life like this guy. He’s never done anything important, by the way we have many times, as have most of the people that loser cowards like this guy attack….given a chance to face the person they ‘pretend hate’ they run, hide and just throw more names out, cause they have no courage or heart, they have failed in life because of that.

    Anyone and I mean anyone who feels the way this pretend name guy does you have my word I will see you and we can ‘talk’ whatever works for you….THERE WILL BE NO TAKERS NEVER IS….cause the HATE is not real, nobody in my family did anything to any of these people or anyone they know. They just hate cause they are so unhappy with themselves, it’s their own person they hate. So pretend guy look in the mirror and tell yourself how much you hate YOU! 913 400 7500 tomorrow anytime, leave a number if you dont reach me. Thank you Coward.

  12. Hollister says:

    nasty comments
    I think Lezak is a damn good weatherman, a smart guy, and I could care less who he sleeps with. Those of you obsessed with the particulars of gay sex might want to take a peek in your own closets.

    Craig, sorry for your loss.

  13. Downtown Davey says:

    Low Class Johnny
    For once maybe twice I have to take Glazer’s side here. As he mentioned in his deep anger, and who wouldn’t be angry, you likely don’t even know Jack. When someone dies like this and you for no reason other than self lothing, put this out there hiding behind your pretend name, its bad karma Johnny. Yes I have a pretend name too, but I don’t do stupid things like this, being such a mean person like you is kinda rare I hope.

    By the by, no Craig you won’t ever see this guy or will he call and be real. Again as most normal people are, “sorry for your loss.”

  14. Harlow says:

    May God Strike You Down
    JOHNNY, whoever you are, God heard you, and surely you will be punished. What an awful, horrible man you must be. I hope for your sake there is some kindness coming your way so the hate and disgust inside you will perish. You are the worst example of a human being.

  15. Merle Tagladucci says:

    I see that it’s still possible for a 5-year old to yank Glazer’s chain in the comments section and get him to behave like an imbecile.

  16. Harlow says:

    Hey Mike
    Hey Mike, Johnny, all maybe same person, you can all enjoy the same fate. I can’t blame Craig for his response. You are just miserable human beings.

  17. mermaid says:

    Sounds like…
    This Johnny guy is a liitle jealous of Craig. Take it as a compliment Craig. Whoever he is he is the scumbag for writing bad things about you after your brother just died. He just wants a Lotus like you. Oh well only good things happen to the people who deserve them so I guess you deserve them and he doesn’t. He deserves bad things and I hope karma gives them to him.

  18. Hearne Christopher says:

    Stop putting words in my mouth, if you don’t mind. Always said the Star will exist. Who owns it and in what form is the question

  19. Hearne Christopher says:

    Lezak is just as qualified as any ardent sports enthusiast to voice his opinion. Writing or talking about sports isn’t like practicing medicine for crying out loud.

    Steven St.John, for example, was nothing more than a sports talk, call in dude who went by MU Dog until Greg Hall hired him for free or next to nothing to sidekick for him on a crappy, start up station run by a dude right out of college who slept on the floor at night trying to keep the equipment running.

    Similarly, Greg Hall was little more than a call in dude who went by Husker until I tracked him down, started putting him in my column and talked Art Brisbane into letting him do his soundbites columns as a freelancer once a week in the Star. For peanuts.

    And over the dead bodies, btw, of the sports editor at the Star and practically the entire sports staff who trashed Greg for not being a journalist and didn’t think he had a clue. Still probably don’t, truth be told.

    I was a stock and commodities broker who started promoting alt rock bands as a business hobby which lead to my taking over the then lowly Pitch and assembling its entire first sales, marketing and editorial team and transforming it into a full-fledged news and arts publication. Lock, stock and best-of issue, included.

    So don’t sell Lezak shorts; he’s obviously highly intelligent and follows sports as keenly as anybody. His personal life and career path in meteorology have about as little to do with his ability to speak out on sports as Nick Wright’s having gone to Barstow qualifies or disqualifies him.

    In other words, zip

  20. Hearne Christopher says:

    Now Johnny, be good!

  21. Hearne Christopher says:

    You didn’t bump your head or something did you, Orphan?

  22. Hearne Christopher says:

    Well said. I think the dude up top was sniping at Craig, not his brother

  23. Hearne Christopher says:

    That Lotus is freaking hot!

  24. harley says:

    glaze…right on…
    I have always said..you can f*ck withme…f*ck with my life…f*ck with me on any terms…but don’t f*ck with my
    family…my parents…cousins…nieces…nephews…grandparents…sisters..brothers…because after you
    f*ck with me the rest of my family is off limits….
    we may all agree to disagree…and for fun and entertainment go aftrer each other in fun…but do not
    step out of bounds…
    But glaze…you have to be carefull…even if it is someone unknown..i’m sure there are laws that
    can come back to hurt you…
    don’t get in trouble..
    even tho we argue and get under each others skin..stay cool…and be careful..
    johnny…glaze can take the heat…he’s usedc to it…to mention his brother is out line..
    as for merle tagladucci….go f*ck yourwself and your buddy johnny.

  25. harley says:

    glaze when you “christen” your lotus with a woodside hottie

  26. Johnny says:

    lmao at idiot glazer
    Sorry hearne, but glazer just keep asking for it… begging for it.

    I didnt call anyone the N word, never have..and
    I NEVER said that I would every harm or kill anyone, I am innocent…
    I am beyond reproach… I dont make stupid threats like that…

    I merely said, when the title of the thread said “glazer’s funeral” I thought
    tthat meant that glazer was dead, and the world was better for it….
    you know..like how the wolrd rejoices when bad guys die…. you know?

    but alas…… glazer still breaths…and threatens…and spouts ignorant crap, like “obama ended the war” WTF?….
    damn glazer is a friggen idiot… without daddy’s money pushing him along, glazer would be homeless

    so anyway… I see bitchboy wants to spout meaningless threats again….what a joke he is…
    here is to hoping glazer slams his new car into an umovable object…… and he dies….. doing the world a favor….
    I just hope when he does it … he is alone…. wouldnt want a good person injured

    for the record, I would never do anything to harm glazer, he is not worth the effort,
    his own karma will take care of him……. no need for anyone to lift a finger.

    It is still a mystery why a good guy like Hearne allows glazer to polllute and ruin this otherwise great site.

    lmao at glazer wanting to try to pick a fight after school….. what an idiot….. grow up moron.

  27. Johnny says:

    I didnt realize it was a relative that passed away, that is too bad.
    I would never disrespect that…. i just guessed idiot glazer was
    loaning some idiot friend of his more money, for a funeral or something.

    From the start of this…. I misread the thread headline.

    Sorry for your loss glazer……. and…..
    with that said…there is one sure way to put yourself out of your misery,
    drive your car into a bridge pillar at the 120 mph.

  28. smartman says:

    GTR a BETTER Car
    A 2012 Nissan GTR can be had for under $90K. A 2011 perhaps for under $80K. Has a top speed of 196 MPH and will beat close to 85% of other SUPERCARS 0-60. On a road course it has few equals offering one of the MOST sophisticated
    launch and traction control systems available today.
    Pound for pound it’s the BEST value to be had. It’s been praised by both the automotive and SUPERCAR communities from auto magazines to F1-Drivers.

    Lotus is a sexy name but compared to the GTR it’s a HOT BLONDE with FAKE TITS and no brains.

  29. harley says:

    your language is beyond bad. You actually incite people with your wishing someone to be hurt or even killed.
    Way out of line. Obviously you’re not a regular on here. We may get under each others skin with comments
    but nothing near what you put in your comments.
    You are a p.o.s. and anyone who agrees with johnnys comments is likewise.
    Wishing someone death is the lowest ever.
    when you get a job..or make some money…or do anything with your life besides put the lowest
    form of comments in a public forum you can come back and talk inteligently with the rest of us.
    You are the biggest loser ever. Now go back under the rock you came from you low life.
    Oh and when you decide to meet glaze….make sure we know where its gong to happen.

  30. harley says:

    johnny can’t read or speak…
    you didn’t read the story and the headline. Couldn’t figure out that the glaze story was about the loss of his
    brother. Couldn’t read the story that hearne wrote about the funeral. Couldn’t figure out that it was not about
    glaze but about his family. Couldn’t acutally understand that glaze was in despair over the loss.
    Are you a freaking idiot johnny? Can you read? Can you speak? You couldn’t figure out what the numerous
    stories on here were about conerning the loss of loved one. And then once you “figured” it all out you come
    back and wish for someones injury?
    You have to be the dumbest m.f. ever to walk the earth. A child could read those stories and comments and
    realize what was going on. But you can’t? You must be a low life.
    And then…with grace and style you then comment that you wish a human being would be injured in
    a accident. You obviusly ha ve something against the man far greater than just a rebutall to his comments.
    There’s something deeper in your hate of glaze.
    Tell us…spit it out johnny…because noone speaks like that either to one’s face or on a public forum.
    You are the worst of the worst.
    You need a remedial reading course. How old are you ? 16?

  31. Johnny says:

    The spot is taken by you harley
    Naw harley,
    as you have proved many many times you are the dumbest m.f. ever to walk the earth, tha tis cut and dried, but nice try deflecting.

  32. Monkey Man says:

    Johnny Just Go Meet Glazer
    Since you want the dude dead go deal with it yourself. What did dude do to you to wish his death? I only knew him in Westport, seems very cool to me and my pals. Hey he says shit on here I don’t car for myself, but damn, I don’t want him or his family to die. You can’t call someone out like that and run away. If you do then you is a punk MF and thats it. So make a move or move away. Simple as that.

  33. mark smith says:

    funeral industry
    I sold prearranged funerals, plots,etc for about a year. I was of a dubious conscience back then, criminally minded at least, and the funeral biz was hard to stomach even with those prequalification. I’d go do a sit with biff and Buffy, 30 something, couple of kids, middle to upper middle income. They were the perfect rubes. You focused on the wife, gave em the old, what happens if the bread winner takes a dirt nap , rhetoric. It was good easy money, but it left a bad taste in your mouth. As crooked as we were, we paled in comparison to the funeral homes. They charge twice as much, guilt you into overspending at your most vulnerable time. Sixteen grand sounds about right, and at least double what you pay if you pre plan. That said, on the bright side you have enough to get a 90k car, and still pay your brothers funeral bill. That’s a hell of alot better than most.
    Now if you just learn to stop riding like trout to a fly every time someone in the comment section trolls you.

  34. Johnny says:

    I did not call anyone out
    Monkey, I did not call anyone out….and I am not running away. Meet for a fight? are you fkg kidding me??.. there is no way that ends well, no matter who wins the fight, it is absurd to even post that type of ignorant remark on the internet…. further proving what a fkg moron glazer is.

    I simply said…. what I said…. but nice hearing from the peanut gallery…

  35. Johhny says:

    mark smith is a genius
    “”That said, on the bright side you have enough to get a 90k car, and still pay your brothers funeral bill. “”

    GREAT POINT!! WE ARE SUPPOSED TO FEEL SORRY FOR DOUCHEBOY glazer, WHEN ALL HE DOES IS TELL US HOW RICH HE IS???? FK HIM, HE CAN AFFORD TO PAY FOR A FUNERAL… GOOD THING HE HAD A RICH DADDY TO SET HIM UP… btw- I always like Stan, he was a good man, I just cant figure out how he spawned such a douchebag, blowhard, bragging moron.

    “”Now if you just learn to stop riding like trout to a fly every time someone in the comment section trolls you””


  36. T says:

    Rich Daddy?
    Johnny – You think Craig’s “rich daddy” set him up? You need to check your facts bro and, find someone who isn’t grieving the loss of 2 loved ones to pick on.

  37. Johnny says:

    news flash
    NEWS FLASH!!!!!

    As we all get older, death will become a more more frequent visitor. For some reason I have known death all my life, fro ma young age. It sucks balls, I had siblings die way too soon long long ago…… so how about give me some sympathy…… if people are only now having members die, then count yourself lucky….. count yourself blessed you had so long with them, I did not have that time.


    Best advice…. RIGHT NOW go call all your living relatives….. and say what you would want to have said say if they died yesterday.

    and yeah…. it is common knowledge that with Stan setting up his jailbird kid, without daddys money he would be homeless…actualy he would have a home …BACK IN JAIL!!!!! How the fk is this loser even a thing.,…he is a good for nothing worthless ratting out his friends narc, who worked with police ratting out his friends to get a lighter sentance… he had/has no honor….. to this day he still works with law enfrocement ratting people out. fk him, and fk anyone who admires him.

  38. Hearne Christopher says:

    Craig didn’t get any money from “daddy,” dude. Other than rescuing and growing the club, it’s all self made. Right down to who paid for 100 percent of his brother’s funeral.

  39. Hearne Christopher says:

    That’s all true, but the bottom line is the GTR is little more than a gussied up Nissan Z car. The Evora blows it away in sex appeal, rarity and James Bond-like hipness.

    And it’s way more than a sexy name. Go drive one!

  40. Hearne Christopher says:

    Craig wasn’t the one whining about the funeral expenses, I was. That’s because my own past experiences with my parents, combined with my reporting on the subject lead me to learn that a first class funeral can be had for about half the money at Charter and possibly other funeral homes.

    But not many people shop around when death comes to their door.

  41. Johnny says:

    Oh… well…… nevermind


  42. Johnny says:

    but as far as daddy’s money
    everyone knows without Stan setting up the clubs and providing the money for them, teaching junior how to do it, then glazer is just another loser junky, rotting jail (unless he found more people to narc out)…….. but for glazer to keep doing all his bragging, he should be praising Stan, NOT talking all this BS about himself.

  43. Hearne Christopher says:

    Actually, as I understand it, Stan started the restaurant and Craig was the one who brought in comedy. Which is where the action ($$$) is.

  44. Doormat says:

    Johnny Why Don’t You Drop Dead
    Lets use Johnny as an experiment Hearne. Johnny kill yourself and we will find different ways to bury you for all kinds of prices. What hole did you crawl out of John?

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