Glazer: Time to Give Credit to the Greatest President in Our Lifetimes

It’s happened…

We’ve lived to see one of the greatest presidents in United States history and his name is Barack Obama. There’s no longer any doubt. Warm up Mount Rushmore.

Why, you ask?

Well, he ended the war in Iraq. On his watch, we killed a monster named Bin Laden and another one named Qaddafi as well. The nation was on the brink of a true depression and this president – under heavy fire – stopped that nightmare and reversed the direction of the economy. We’re still not all of the way back, but as of yesterday the stock market was stable and up over 12,000 again. Yes, and climbing.

This president is brilliant.

Now he’s going after housing credit. Obama will get the banks to start being fair and loaning money back out for lower housing payments. In other words no more, "Well yeah your credit’s good, but your debt to income is too high."

With that gone homes can start to move and the overall economy can come back with stronger housing sales, easier credit terms for credit cards and small business loans.

He God Damn did it. Wow. What a president!

I” admit I wanted Hillary Clinton. With her experience and having rock star Bill at her side – the DREAM TEAM – this all could have been even better. But it does give Black America a worthwhile hero. Someone they can admire and try to emulate.

To put it bluntly, this man and his staff saved our ass.

We were close to going down. Yes, it’s been tough and will stay tough for a year or so longer. No, it will never again be the gravy train it was with the housing market and credit of say five years ago. But it will be much more fair and stable. Obama turned a 15 year screw up by Bush into a five year headache instead of longer. The 15 is how long this would have taken had Obama not been a God Damn genius.

I know, I know, "He’s ruining the nation and we will all die," says Sarah Palin. I heard the same thing about Nixon,who also was great. And I heard it about Reagan when he won and he also was great. And of course, they couldn’t say enough bad things about super star Bill Clinton.

See, I’m not a Republican or Democrat. I’m an American. That’s would all of us should be. We back our money with military, period, Obama knows that. As long as this nation rules the world with weapons and power, our economy may stumble, but never fall. Never. We were never really on that cliff. Washington had to deal with the Wall Street morons and our pals over the pond, but now we have that solved.

It isn’t over, but its getting there.

All hail one of the greatest presidents in history: Barack Obama. A true hero. Accept it.

Oh yeah, he wins the next election by landslide.
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32 Responses to Glazer: Time to Give Credit to the Greatest President in Our Lifetimes

  1. Jeff Tonners says:

    You Are A Jerk Glazer
    Sorry bout your brother but: You are just an “N” lover. Yes. He sucks.

  2. kansas karl says:

    jeff tonners is queer
    spout crap get crap. moron

  3. Denver Pyle says:

    Obama Rocks It
    Glazer good observation. He is amazing. Yes he can’t be beaten either. I like it.

  4. Timberland says:

    Glazer You Might Be Jumping The Gun
    Come now Mr. Glazer, Obama is doing much better but Mount What? A little early for that isn’t it. First lets see him really stop the bad economy. I am not convinced myself and would consider a change. I am not a Republican either. I like Ron Paul.

  5. Matt says:

    Kind of sounds like your Matt Cassel….
    endorsement from last season. You’re not pulling our leg are you?

  6. Craig Glazer says:

    No I Am With Obama, Not Matt
    Last year the FRANCHISE was over the top on purpose. I thought Matt had a good year for a guy who is a huge bust for us. HUGE. The president has done a great job with so many problems. We are always in crisis, on the verge of distruction, always…but he had some real issues and he has handled it well. If he continues in this vein he will go down as a great one.

  7. Orphan of the Road says:

    Yeah Craig
    He’s thrown in the towel in every confrontation with the “loyal” opposition. He has continued Bush’s policies almost down the line.

    He was dealt a bad hand but he has done nothing but reward to 1% even more. Give the thieves and whores money for cheating investors and clients, then put the whores from Babylon in charge of righting the ship. Brillant! Fucking Ray Charles could see this shit wasn’t floating.

    But considering the wack-a-mole-doodles on the other side he’s almost gonna coast.

    But he belong up there with all the rest. Can you name the first three presidents of the United States?

  8. yeah right says:

    why arent you dead?
    geezz more idiot drivel from dumbass glazer? isnt glazer supposed to be dead?

    I only read the first 2 lines, and AGAIN…. you are a moron… actually a more-off.

    obama was told by the Iraq govenrment to get the fk out, and Iraq is not going to give amnesty to US mercenaries.
    THAT IS NOT ENDING THE WAR…but I understand a fkng douchebag like you making that tmistake. you fkg idiot.

    and btw- Marines killed osama… not your buddy…. damn you are stupid.

    fyi a recent poll showed an un-named GOP candidate beating obama 58% to 32% for your hero.

    damn you are a fkg idiot…. why arent you dead?

  9. Matt says:

    Hearne….get Craig back to sex and off this Obama shit…
    or i”m outa here. Some sports is ok too…. BUT just some.

    I’m warning you and I bet a lot of others will share my opinion.

  10. chuck says:

    Take it easy folks, everyone is entitled to an opinion.
    Obama made the call on Bin Laden, and then allowed cameras to film his and his staff’s reaction as the raid took place. A bad decision on that raid would have had world wide blow back, and a further degradation of America’s power and influence on the world stage.

    I think it is probably way too early to call him a great Prez. This country, on his election, was headed up the path to economic Golgotha until he bailed out those fuckin banks. But, even in retrospect, I don’t see how he had any choice.

    Usuall, a president’s second term, is the place where you can get a god feel for what he actually wants to accomplish, while he is trying to accomplish it.

    The jury is out on this guy, he may do great things, but we will have to wait and see imo.

  11. BarKeeper says:

    So Typical
    Glazer represents your typical damp-panties obama groupie.
    Every statement in this love letter could be easily refuted by a third grader, but what difference would that make?

    I guess he’s forgotten about how his hero sat for twenty years listening to Rev Wright spew hatred for the Jews (and white people in general) in nearly every sermon, listed him in his ghost-written book as his NUMBER ONE mentor, then dumped his ass when it was politically expedient.
    Classy. So very classy.

  12. harley says:

    This president is going down as one of the great ones. And he’s only starting. CBO came out and said if the ACA is repealed it would
    blow a huge hole in the budget…adding huge deficits. If any of you haven’t seen what this bill will do…hold on…because it was
    first brought forward by NewtGingrich (individual mandate) and put into effect in its current form by Romney. It will work…and
    god forbid you should have a child who acquires a serious illness…or you can’t afford the needed insurance…or your child at age
    25 has a serious illness and under this plan could continue under the parents health insurance. The truth is beyond all politics..
    is that if this doesn’t go into effect we’re all in trouble. Many people I know dislike it because they are afraid their employer
    will go with the government plan (which is gold) and save money. That’s up to their employer…if the employer sees the
    benefits of this new plan …they’ll do it. Don’t blame someone else for giving americans an option just like our despicable
    congress has.
    But if foreign policy no president will even come close to obama. he risked his entire political carrer to get bin laden…and he’s
    taken out the top al queda and taliban leaders…brought down kaddafi…watched deomcracy come to 1 billion people without
    losing a single american….we’re headed out of iraq (and more american losses)….
    The economy was in collapse when he took over. Its coming back…not fast enough for any of us. But the repubs have been
    more concerned with politics than with our nation. Everyone knowsw that infrastrcuture spending $1 bring back $1.40 in
    revenue…how can they be against that? Plus it can add 1.3 million jobs…see whats happening in kansas at alt. 69 and
    435…all recovery money returing 40 cents on the dollar to revenues….and the repubs continue to play politicis with it.
    We have many problems to overcome. The supercommittee will fail and the repubs will have to face 600 billion in
    defense cuts…they won’t let it happen so many of the job programs that would cost 99 per cent of us ntohing will be
    We can talk politics all day…but this nation has to get it’s shit together. The politicians have wasted time and money…
    but this country is still #1 and will continue to be #1…but it may take a revolution to change it.
    Glaze is right…from the brink of total collapse…without any help…obama has saved this nation. another note…read where there
    are thousands of potential job openings but noone to fill them because they lack skills. I have a friend who owns a concrete
    company and has 25 openings he can’t fill. Pay $18 an hour and he can’t get them filled…whats wrong here…the applicants
    need to operate a concrete truck but he can’t get any applicants. Jobs are available by the thousads right now but noone with
    the skills are there to fill them.
    I predicted almost 1 year ago that obama would win reelection by wqining 25-30 states. Included are ca./ny/fla/nm/nevada/
    mich/ohio/northeast states/wa/ore/and many more….he may win it because people like him but also because they will
    not vote for romney….it going to happen.
    Nice article glaze…something to get people riled up here in kansas….

  13. Orphan of the Road says:

    Opinions are like a certain part of your body
    And they all stink but mine. Got it? Good.

    Now anyone who wants to ban Craig for saying what ever comes to his head. FUCK YOU, SINCERELY. We get a chance to state an opposing view, often replied in kind. So what’s the big deal?

    Yeah the jury is still out Chuck but the longer the jury is out, the worse it looks for the defendant. Fortunately there is enough blame to spread around and the opposition seems to dwell in a land where IF ONLY would happen it would be all puppies, babes and morning-afters with no hangovers and nor regrets. Or some kind of foolishness.

    Any way thanks for playing, remember to wear a cup and always protect yourself. Especially when taking sexual advise from the Glaze.

    Speaking of looking like a glazed donut when someone other than itself disses Glaze, harley seems to have returned from his too-much-month-not-enough-meds-coma.

  14. Merle Tagladucci says:

    “Well, he ended the war in Iraq.”

    This statement right here illustrates how unbelievably uninformed and uneducated you are on what I thought were commonly known facts at this point. And I say that as a supporter of Obama.

    Make an effort to educate yourself before you sit down at your keyboard and just start typing Craig. Here, I’ll point you in the right direction. Do yourself a favor and read this –

  15. HARLEY says:

    orphan is a fool…
    you come down on me…not with facts…stats…figures after i pointed out some facts about obama..
    but you come down with no intelligent debate info…just your usual run of the mouth crap that might
    be funny at times but which shows you are one dumb mother fucker.
    Now..if you say that I’m wrong..provide some counter details or something that makes you
    look intelligent or do we assume you are a comedian without an ounce of brains to back up what
    you say.
    My post has specific details that might be above your intelligence level and i apoligize for trying to
    interject some material other than your funny comments into the conversation.
    so now…get back to your funny lines and zingers…and let those of us with some brains and
    analysis discuss somethings that require an i.q. higher than your 59.
    In other words…shut the fuck up if you don’t have anything intelligent to say in the conversation.
    Oterhwise you comeoff as a fucking idiot….now stfu…people are seeing how shallow and stupid
    you are.

  16. Johnny says:

    harley harley harley
    The only bigger idiot on the website than glazer is YOU DOUCHBAG, not to give glazer a compliment, or anything, but your histroy of you spouting stupid shit on this website makes you appear to be the dumbest muthafkr that ever walked. And you you are admiring obama too, that is pathetic, juts pathetic…..

    take your piece of shit, mu piece of shit, non school and GET THE FK OUTTA HERE, you fking whiney crybabies. The Bi g12 is tired of your whining. Sure you are hurting KC, but you dont give afk, you and your school have always been self centered pathetic racist stupid fks. Take you paige arena debacle, take you cotton balls on campus racist shit…and go to the SEC….. where you will get your ass handed to you everything from education to fottball….

    The Big 12 will survive and even proper… WELCOME WEST VIRGINIA…… get the fk out mu, you pieces of shit.

  17. chuck says:

    Now we got Castor and Pollux, doing a “Face Off” and they are BOTH crazier than Nick Cage.

    Arn’t there any Kennedys left to take these fuckers in for a lobotomy?

  18. Craig Glazer says:

    Remind You All In November Next
    We will look at this more closely next fall during the election run. Remember if the president fails, it hurts all of us in so many ways. I’m saying lets hope the guy continues to do well, and does the good things he says he wants to do for the nation. Is that bad?

  19. Orphan of the Road says:

    First I appologize harley
    I didn’t know she was your mom.

    Obama has done an excellent job of continuing the damage done by George Bush. He has managed to put even more Fat Cats in charge of the very things they have screwed up. While people suffer, big corporations who stole, lied and cheated were made whole. That’s enough to keep “great” from ever being associated with his presidency. People voted for change but the only change they got was cleaning out under the sofa cushions.

    I’ll give him props for putting Gates in charge of the defense department.

    harley, you put the fun in dysfunctional. One minute you’re on Glaze’s shit with all the reasoning of a gibbon. Then you blow him and end up looking like a glazed donut. Your facts and figures are observations and opinion.

    IF Obama wins reelection it is because the “loyal opposition” puts up one of it’s winger nut jobs as its candidate. Either way the American people lose because they are just going to get another bowl of shit stew from Congress.

    Saying Obama is the greatest is as absurd as say Reagan belongs on Mr Rushmore. Neither would make a pimple on the ass of a Teddy Roosevelt. They rank right up there with Grover Cleveland and James Buchanan.

    Liberals used to be the ones shinning a light on the corruption and cronyism of government. But during WWII they decided to slide on up to the hog trough of government money and eat more than their fill.

    If Diogenes was searching for a true conservative or liberal, he’d be as hard pressed as he was carrying the lantern looking for an honest man.

    Under democracy one party always devotes its chief energies to trying to prove that the other party is unfit to rule–and both commonly succeed, and are right… The United States has never developed an aristocracy really disinterested or an intelligentsia really intelligent. Its history is simply a record of vacillations between two gangs of frauds. H L Mencken

  20. Craig Glazer says:

    Time Will Tell
    Nobody knows for sure just yet, lets wait and see huh.

  21. Orphan of the Road says:

    Ex post facto advice?
    One thing for sure, no one posting here will around when the real accounting of any of these politicians is written.

  22. Matt says:

    Obamacare waivers? What do you O Lovers have to say….
    about that?

    Did you get one Craig?

    Harley…such an obvious scam on the rest of us seems like something you need to comment on as well.

    Have at it guys….

  23. Matt says:

    Mainstream voters are gone and not coming back…
    This includes all Republicans, most independents in low to middle, almost all upper middle and of course the 1%. Here just a fewt of the reasons why:

    LACK OF PROMISED TRANSPARENCY (which would have been the easiest to predict of course)

    Obamacare ideology play while economy was tanking (during first year in office)

    Class Warfare angle (and the latest BS going on in the city’s)

    Obamacare waivers (blatant hypocrisy)

    Association with Wall Street while playing the other side of the issue.

    Justice Department. Selective and partisan enforcement.

    Bowing to foreign leaders. Caving to Iran – screwing with Isreal.

    Misadventures into financing solar and energy companies (SOLYNDRA)

    Excessive vacation and golf outings in first two years of office

    First Lady’s dabbling in the menu of Americans

    Excessive use of teleprompter

    Draw (at best), probable Loss to Romney in debates

    That’s just a start…..over to you Craig and Harley

  24. kcredsox says:

    Quote from harley’s comment:

    “I have a friend who owns a concrete company and has 25 openings he can’t fill. Pay $18 an hour and he can’t get them filled…whats wrong here…the applicants need to operate a concrete truck but he can’t get any applicants. Jobs are available by the thousads right now but no one with the skills are there to fill them.”

    The reason nobody is applying or accepting the jobs is they are living on unemployment. Why would you want to go out look for a job when the government is paying you to sit at home and do nothing. As long as the unemployment payments keep getting extended, you won’t find many people wanting to work for a living. Same with food stamps and welfare. Drug test all the people filing for unemployment and welfare and if they flunk the test, quit subsidizing their habits.

  25. Craig Glazer says:

    Look there is always going to be many things wrong! Too many to count. I could write a book on that one. Like the legal system, justice department, prison system, medical bills, credit, housing, welfare(too much), unemployment, on and on…oh yeah legalizing weed, where do we stop? But this president inherited a boatload of bad news and bad situations. We have cleaned up much of the wound already. He was on board to stop a full fledged depression, a bigger war, and has slowed down the bad economy, even gas has fallen down from the dreaded five bucks a gallon mode. He’s got us on the right track, let the guy have his head for a minute and see if this thing gets straight. What choice do we have guys? We are half way across the river, lets see whats on the other side before we all hang a smart and I think decent man.

  26. mark smith says:

    worst prez since carter
    The war in Iraq is over, you are correct. It will start up in earnest as soon as we pull out. No prez has won a reelection with an eight pct unemployment rate. Ever. Obama has further damaged the economy by expanding govt control over business. He is a hell of a speaker, he just speaks out of the side of his neck. As a business owner you should be smarter and more informed about obamas policies. As it is you sound like a gushing school girl talking about Justin bieber.

  27. kcredsox says:

    Stock Market
    Hey Glazer, got to love what the stock market is doing today! Since you say he is bringing back the economy, if it starts to fail again, is that on him or do you blame that on Bush also?

  28. kcredsox says:

    More Comments for harley
    1. Health Care Reform – Worst bill of our era, most of it will be ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.
    2. Immigration Reform – If you are against illegal immigration you are labeled a racist. I’m against illegal immigration but fully support Legal immigration. If American citizens have to follow the rules, why don’t illegal immigrants. Bush didn’t try to solve the problem, but either is Obama.
    3. The economy was not in collapse when Obama took over, it wasn’t doing very well, but the bailouts of the banks and car companies along with pumping money into union backed jobs was a big failure for most. The majority, if not all the bank bailout money has been paid back, car companies have not paid back their bailouts, pumping money into the infrastructure didn’t produce near the jobs that were promised and you want to give them more money?

    That’s all I got for now!

  29. harley says:

    redsox…you’re wrong…
    simply wrong. The reason the concrete company has so many unfilled positions is not because people make more
    on unemlyment…it’s because they need skills to work those jobs. And the people who don’t have the skills can work
    the jobs…so they go unfilled. It has nothing to do with unemployment . Did you read my comment…its because those
    positions require special skills that make them hard to fill. There are many many job openings…just they can’t match the
    people who need the jobs with the skills needed to fill them.
    So you’re wrong…the openings which are numerous require skills that the average worker doesn’t have.
    As for drug testing welfare recipeints…lets take that a step further…how about testing politicians…
    judges…etc. because they too get their money from the government…and lets see how many of them
    don’t pass the tests.
    Please read my comments before makinga fool of yourself…its much easier to read than to speak like a jerk.

    Anmd matt…you’re wrong..$1000 says obama wins reelection…i’ll even make it interesting by predicting the
    electoral vote…..and you mention the first ladys dabbling in menus….her eat healthy campaign.
    are you blind matt. BO will win by a landslide…bet on it…

  30. Matt says:

    Hey Harley
    I wouldn’t let you or any of the other nuts on here know who I am for a $100K. I’d never live down my comments re Craig’s sex life stories. LOL!!!!!!! Otherwise I’d take the bet. Get off of MSNBC for a while or you’re billfold will be lightened up quite a bit next year.

  31. kcredsox says:

    Back at ya harley
    Never did say people make more on unemployment, I said people would rather sit on their asses at home collecting unemployment rather than working. One thing you prove right about liberals, always have to attempt to prove your point by showing everybody your lack of intelligence.

    Please read my comments before making a fool of yourself…its much easier to read than to speak like a jerk.

    I’m for drug testing all government employees, nothing wrong with knowing that the people you are supporting are clean.

  32. kcredsox says:

    Oops Craig, down about 279 today, what happened to that stock market that was just booming recently?

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