Glazer: The State of the NFL & This Week’s Pro Picks

The football season’s half over…

We see teams – as always in the NFL – that have weakened. And some that have gotten decent. For three reasons; Injuries, defenses getting better and no real dominant teams.

Only Green Bay is a monster because of Aaron Rodgers. Green Bay’s D is still below average and needs to improve if they want to win it all. The Steelers are tough, but beatable by average or above average teams. The Saints have the offense but little defense thus far. New England is all Tom Brady and has no defense either.

Detroit‘s "lucky charms" have given out. They’re good, not great – a 10-6 team. The Eagles are getting better, but are still shaky. Dallas is better but still losing too much. The Giants are a potential wild card.The Chargers can lock up the west with a win at KC Monday, Oakland is too wounded. Denver is better than you think but not good enough.

The Chiefs have come back, but against horrible teams so we still don’t know if they are decent or poor.

In other words, it’s the up for grabs league.

Nobody can walk all over everybody else except the Packers. Offense has taken over the league with passing being 70% of the game, Green Bay proves this because its running game is very poor, and its defense worse. Still they’re 7-0.

And D-Bowe keeps a bad team like KC in the mix. Without D-Bowe the Chiefs have no wins – he is the offense.

Detroit -3 over Denver
San Diego -3 1/2 over KC Chiefs
New Orleans Saints -13 1/2 over St. Louis Rams
I am still at over 90 % likely best in the nation – how can you do better than that?

My season picks of KC under 7 1/2 wins is now a question mark…due to good luck and Matt not turning ball over, better defense and D-Bowe finally becoming a top 3 NFL reciever – yes he is folks.

Detroit is in good shape at 5-2 to win the over 6 for the season. And Dallas is on target to not win the needed 10 games to go over and beat me, but they are playing better and who knows?

I’m going to my first game Monday Night in a few years.

Will ll wear my Chargers Jacket? Nah. But I do feel that a Chargers win will end the Chiefs hopes of  8 wins or better. So we’ll see.
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15 Responses to Glazer: The State of the NFL & This Week’s Pro Picks

  1. Henry The Sports Czar says:

    NFL tough place to make a buck these days. Yes its a very even league. Anyone can beat anyone.

  2. d says:

    Edit me please
    } The football season’s half over…

    Not quite. This is week 8 of the NFL’s 17 week season.

  3. Craig Glazer says:

    Gee Sorry
    Its half over ok, sorry I forgot to include the bye week.

  4. d says:

    It’s ok
    Good stuff, otherwise.

  5. KU Forever says:

    Chiefs Still A Joke
    Glazer your bet is safe, after the fake hoopla the chiefs will still only win maybe six, or seven. They are a waste of time, but for a minute they will battle for first. I remember this happened when they went 2-14, they had a good start and then bamo.

  6. Kellys Man says:

    Told You
    Chiefs now win the division A-Hole.

  7. Packers Nation says:

    At Least You Know Who Is The Best. The Pack.
    We will win the Super Bowl again. You are right the team with the best quarterback and a decent ‘the rest’ wins it all. Aaron Rogers is the best quarterback in the NFL so the Packers are number one. Again. No other team can be consistent as you mentioned. That first game of the season may have been a preview of the NFC title game: Saints lose close to the Green Bay Packers.

  8. Woodside Pal says:

    One More Time Glaze
    OK, OK, if this is another great week for you, I give in, you are tops. My brothers told me that they track you weekly and that its true picking about ten or more games a week you have won all but like 7 or 8. You crazy bastard, I doubt anyone has ever done that with the points. Guess you can’t be that lucky. Hope you got something out of it besides bragging rights. I see your picks this week, I think this looks maybe 60% if its over 75% then yeah, amazing.

  9. Super Man says:

    Can You Predict the Playoffs Yet?
    Want to give us all that now? Is it too early? Like to know how you see each division.

  10. Legal Eagle says:

    Chiefs/Royals ON Comebacks
    Both teams will now rise up.

  11. Craig Glazer says:

    Big Upests
    Look it had to happen. St. Louis kills the Saints! Iowa State trounces Texas Tech…..who could figure that? Even people who live in those cities didn’t take those bets on their team. But hey those are excused, I didn’t have my usual great weekend. If the Chargers win I stay at 90% for the year if not fall below a bit. Well still very well done. Now it really gets rougher and rougher as better teams play each other and more and more upsets, injuries, tired teams, weather, so on…..its not likely we can stay over 80% let alone 90%. I’m sure nobody has likely ever done that for a year. Over 60% is great with the points any way you cut it…but I feel I can do better than that…much better. Lets see.

  12. Craig Glazer says:

    sorry for headline typo.

  13. chuck says:

    On the chiefs. 46 is my over. I got -3

  14. chuck says:

    I lost on the over under and won on the Chiefs
    Hey Orphan, I am 3 for three this week on the pro’s, maybe the Glaze will take us to Vegas!! 🙂

  15. Orphan of the Road says:

    Road trip to Vegas
    Down at the 3600 Club we were talking about taking trips as a kid. Moose told about going with the neighbor’s mom and his friend in their Chrysler New Yorker to Vegas several times a year when they were kids in the 50s.

    Always had a lot of big bags which were a lot heavier coming home. Living in the North End had its advantages over living by Ford Park

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