Glazer: Scribe Does a Little Nail Biting While Handicapping Remainder of Chiefs’ Season

It was your humble scribe who first noticed just how horrible the Kansas City Chiefs looked to end up…

With the close of last season, it was clear to me that this was a very bad team. They had no quarterback, true running game (one that could drive the field and score, sorry), the defense was poor, the coaching lame and the general manager seemed to be a bust as well.

All bad, very bad.

I watched the preseason unfold and it was even worse. The Chiefs were a team trying to win just one game and they couldn’t. I had no doubt that they were one of the two or three worst teams in football.

Unfortunately, now it looks like I should have made that bet on the under when it was 8 1/2 instead of 7 games.

Now what looked like a sure thing – and nothing is these days – might become a nightmare for your poor scribe. A team that everyone else figured out way after me, that looked to be the NFL’S WORST, is now playing for FIRST PLACE MONDAY NIGHT AT HOME.

Lordy, lordy, lordy – shocker!

OK, now let’s get a little more real. The Chiefs to this point are still not a very good team. Not  yet. They still have a weak quarterback, Matt THE FRANCHISE Cassel. The defense may still be shaky, but it’s much better now. And the running game is still in question.

What is not in so much question is the team’s MVP, Dwayne Bowe.

This guy is now a really dangerous weapon FOR THE FIRST TIME. One of the best in the NFL, the top three. He’s the man. If Bowe goes down, my bet is a winner because he is the offense. Bowe sets everything up, including the run. He must be covered well by the other team’s defense, he is the focus.

Even Cassel is doing well now, why? Is he better? No. He figured it out. I AM AVERAGE, DON’T TURN THE BALL OVER.

And he hasn’t in three games, but once. Matt is maybe in the bottom 10 quarterbacks, but he’s getting smarter. Now he sees that he can’t carry a team, but he CAN lose a game by fumbling or interceptions. When your team is weak you can’t afford any turnovers that matter. Matt basically can’t drive a long field. He needs help, short fields. He needs our defense or special teams to set him up. Now they do.

The Chiefs discovered that Jackie Battle is a tough runner. We talked about him now for three years as the short yardage guy, not a Thomas Jones. He’s a decent back. And Steve Breston and John Baldwin can now be decent with all the attention on Bowe.

The running game may in an odd way be better now without Jamaal Charles. Huh?

The Chiefs leaned on him too much. He is a scat back and not an every down back like Battle. This forces this offense to do other things like use Javier Arenas on trick plays. Sure, with Charles back they will be better, but now they found out that Battle is valuable and Jones can go.

The scribe is nervous, but not giving in on my original claims – not yet. We have beaten three terrible teams – two had no wins – and the Oakland Raiders were badly wounded with no quarterback or top running back. So it became a gimme as well.

Here’s the deal: We are 3-3 and we have 10 games left. For me to win my bet the Chiefs must win only 4 games not 5. I believe they have at least two gimmes – Miami here and likely Denver here. With Tim Tebow at Denver that may not be an easy win. Lets give them that one though. Now we have Chicago, New England, Green Bay, the Jets and Chargers – all of which should or could be losses. As well as the Steelers.

If that happens, I win.

However a win Monday night would be huge for the Chiefs, first place.

And upsets happen. Then maybe they nip the Jets or Chicago. I doubt it, but it could happen. However the Chiefs are very capable of losing to Denver there and Oakland here because by season’s end the Raiders will be fixed, I think.

Either way, Haley likely keeps his job, Matt starts again next year, Chiefs fans are happy and  we have a couple meaningful games.

Unfortunately, this team will continue to go nowhere.

Locking up Matt and maybe Haley could be long-term bad in that we can never challenge to do deep in the play-offs. No Super Bowl, not with Matt. He just doesn’t have that wheel – it’s not there – he can’t get it done in a league that is mostly offense now. Passing offense.

So even while at 90-plus percent on my picks, the biggest blow to the scribe would be a Chiefs 8-8 season!

It takes them nowhere, but costs me and all of us in a way. Damn, and I wanted to see "Hey Ricky, you’re so fine. You’re so fine you blow my mind. HEY, RICKY!"

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11 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Does a Little Nail Biting While Handicapping Remainder of Chiefs’ Season

  1. Orphan of the Road says:

    As the sensei says, we shall see.
    I tried to tell you and Chuck and others that SD is what it is. A group of underachievers who will grasp defeat from the jaws of victory more often than naught.

    The Raiders will have the same problems all franchises have when the long-time owner dies. The team is in flux, no one is in charge and those left are scrambling to carve out their own domain. Look what happened when Rooney died, the kids went at each others throats until they realized they were killing the goose who laid their golden egg. Look for that confusion and tension to overshadow to have a negative effect on the field.

    Tebow? If he wasn’t on the Broncos I would pull for him just to shut up the pundits who shill the game. Not a NFL QB, doesn’t this, doesn’t that, all the while grinning from smelling their own brain farts. Everybody has a woodie for Gru-Dawg, Jom Gruden, but the guys accomplishments were done with really good teams already in place. Davis fired him before he could be exposed as a fraud, his time at the Bucs showed how clueless he was once the team was reshaped in his image.

    Cassel could get to and win a Super Bowl but not with this team. Plenty of ham-and-eggers have gotten there and a few have won. Average guy with a great supporting cast can do it. Not often and I wouldn’t want to bet on it.

    KC will be spoiling some teams seasons (Oakland, SD, possibly Chicago and the Jets). They could even win this division with a sub-500 record.

    Breaston and Coper have made Bowe a better receiver with their play. No longer can anyone just double/triple team Bowe, they have to cover other receivers.

    Chuck, if you read this please send me your crow recipes. Have to admit Bowe has become a #1 receiver. Or at least a #1AAA.

  2. harley says:

    look for kc win monday night
    I have the feeling the stadium will be at fever pitch monday nite. can’t wait to see the costumes! And it could be a big win for kc.
    With the crowd ready to get crazy…this could be the big game of the season for chiefs.
    gotta go with haley…and now that he’s got baldwin/breaston and bowe (killler bees) we can see if matt has the right stuff.
    don’t count him out…he’s got something to prove..and with the defense really getting together…this might be the
    signature game of the season if not the last 4 years.
    I just wish we had charles…battle and jones won’t cut it…but this game is probably the win the chiefs need because it could
    put them in divsion lead (can you all believe this…leading the afc west““)
    so hang on…upsets are starting to set in around the pros and college and the spreads are going to be adjusted accordingly.
    And what about the big 12. The senate of u.s. is going to investigate the big 12. And all of you wonder why mu wants to leave..
    the train wreck is happening in front of our eyes….and i really hope ku and k state get out too before they get caught in the
    AS FOR GLAZE…WELCOME BACK! Toomany stories by hearne tends to make this site VERY VERY BORING!

  3. smartman says:

    Ditto on Gruden. He’s Nick Wright with better facial features.

  4. Orphan of the Road says:

    Got to see Gru-dawg’s act first hand when he was with the Eagles. Eagles almost made him coach before they read Reid’s six-inch thick notebook on the long snapper.

    Got to hang with Jaws for a while and I always thought he would be an excellent coach or GM. But he’s got more money than god from his business ventures and ESPN. He said he looks at his hours, paycheck and fee time any time he thinks about going back into the game.

  5. Hearne Christopher says:

    Maybe so, but it kept you awake, didn’t it?

  6. smartman says:

    A friend of mine who is friends with JBJ got to meet Jaws when they were partners in the Philadelphia Soul. He said the same things about RJ, just a wonderful human being. Down to earth, engaging, no pretentions.

    Makes you wonder how much Herm Edwards is.NOT getting paid since he swallows miles of cock weekly trying to land a coaching gig.

    Gruden is also a slightly better dressed and coifed version of our own Todd Haley.

  7. Henry The Sports Czar says:

    Chiefs Win 7
    You’re OK Glaze, they win 7 it will come down to the last game with Raiders, Chiefs will lose that one and you will win, but yeah, sweat it out baby.

  8. KU Forever says:

    Right, Maybe 8 or 9
    Chiefs may beat Chargers Glaze, uh oh. Then trouble city sir. Don’t count that money, give back that car, and sorry about Jack. Truly.

  9. Hearne says:

    Speaking of Craig’s new car…
    It’s slated to arrive today. A sleek, black Lotus Evora

  10. chuck says:

    Orphan, I got Crow pie, crow stew, crow leftova’s
    I can do it all, and I am beginning to like the taste of crow with bad intentions, hangovers and asprin.

    You and smartman are right, but I would like to add the most over rated team in the last decade. They were good, really good, but the Pittsburgh Steelers are unconscious lucky.

    Remember the lineman rollin up on Carson Palmer’s leg, The BENGALS win the Super Bowl that year, sans that injury to Palmer. They were a killer team.

    Pittsburgh beats Seattle. NOT! The refs killed the Seahawks, and the Seahawks were the better team, no doubt.

    Then the Steelers get to play ANOTHER NFC cupcake, and if Harrison (Idiot thug.) doesn’t run 100 yards after a DUMBSHIT throw, and FALL into the endzone, the Cardinals win that game. The Cardinals were a better team.

    I am not a Pittsburgh hater, I just think they are lucky as shit. The Chiefs have a shot at beating the Steelers, seriously.

    Here is my “Crow Eaters Special” that I am serving up hot next Monday night at around 11:30 PM.

    The Chiefs have Jon McGraw, the Bolts have Weddle. Ouch.

    The Bolts have a FAR superior running game, it ain’t close.

    The Bolts have a FAR superior QB, it ain’t close.

    The Chiefs have equal LBs.

    This is a shocker, the Chiefs have better receivers (Malcom Floyd is hurt, Crayton is starting).

    Defensive line, edge to the Chargers.

    They would beat us 7.5 time s out of 10 in a neutral site, and should win by a touchdown.

    So………, I am takin the Chiefs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rivers has been shakey, and the Bolts are due for a nap.

    The Bolts still win the division, but we should have a big MONDAY NIGHT!!!

    We beat Denver (Tebow is fuckin terrible!!!), Miami, San Diego and the Steelers, and one more lucky (Like the raiders, jeeze we were lucky.) game, to go to 8 and 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  11. Craig Glazer says:

    You Might Be Right

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