Starbeams: Outage at KCI, Hollywood Coming to Legends & Kemper Arena on Death Row

Terminal B at KCI was closed yesterday after it experienced a power outage. Lines went the entire length of a football field.

If you’re a Raiders fan, you call that a PIPE DREAM.

The outage was caused by an air traffic controller who plugged in one too many margarita makers.

Passengers were unable to go through security scanners and the pilots were unable to go through the breathalyzer.

Airport traffic was so backed up crop dusters were forced to land at the downtown airport.



The Hollywood Casino is nearing completion at The Legends.  It’s the first casino in the nation built on a NASCAR track.  Hollywood hopes it can finally introduce NASCAR fans to the wonderful world of gambling. 



The American Royal wants Kemper Arena to be demolished in favor of a 90 million dollar equestrian facility.  The Republican National Convention was held there in 1976, eight professional teams called Kemper home.
KU won the final 4 there.  Michael Jackson, Elvis and Garth Brooks performed there.

I fully expect the new facility to be built after tax payers receive their refund for the $20 million Campion Windows facelift.


Kelly Urich is the morning show host on The Point, 99.7 FM
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