Sounds Good: Social Distortion@Midland, Quiet Corral@Granada, The War On Drugs@Jackpot

This weekend is the real KC slut-walk…

You know, slutty witches, slutty nurses, slutty pirates, even slutty zombies.

Halloween just has a way of turning everything into a bikini contest.  That’s the real trick. 

Or is it the treat?

Either way, here’s where to go and what to listen to while you’re getting your slut on…  


Thursday, October 27th

Social Distortion, The Hold Steady, and more at the Midland in KC

I was kinda pumped to see this lineup from 96.5 the Buzz for their annual Halloweenie Roast.  Lately the Buzz’s concerts have felt like either ‘90s tribute shows or one-hit teenage wonder parties.  OK, Social D is basically a ‘90s throwback, I admit. But they were so influential (and I’ve never seen them before) so I’ll give them a pass this time.   

Most casual fans are probably familiar with Social D’s hits off the 1990 self-titled album, Ball and Chain, a cover of Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire, and Story of My Life, which was re-born a few years back when it was included on one of the Guitar Hero video games. 

Social D have been credited as trailblazers for a variety of musical movements, influencing bands across genres by meshing the sounds of punk, rockabilly, country, and alternative.  They were part of the late ‘70s/early ‘80s punk rock movement that included bands such as The Germs and The Dickies that came out of Southern California. 

The Hold Steady are infants compared to Social D, having formed in 2004 in Brooklyn, but their style and songwriting is mature beyond their years.  Indie darlings that have done well to garner some mainstream success, this band is known for its off-beat and quirky lyrics that are often disjointed, and songs that are stories in and of themselves.  They’ve toured with the likes of the Rolling Stones, Kings of Leon, Dave Matthews, and Drive-By Truckers.  Their live performances have received much praise over the years, and I won’t be surprised if they steal the show this time around. 

Friday, October 28th

Quiet Corral, Cowboy Indian Bear, and Delta Saints at the Granada in Lawrence

Three local bands that are definitely worth checking out come together on one night, for only five bucks at the door! 

Quiet Corral first made some noise about a year ago when they opened for CIB, the ACBs, and the Noise FM at the Bottleneck.  Since then they’ve refined their sound, taken a bunch of artsy pictures with the band members wearing old-timey suits, and gained a vibrant following.  Their four part harmonies make the band, and its musicianship understated and solid.
CIB, who have been tapped to play one of the night’s for the Buzz’s XXX-Mas show this December, play disco-pop with wispy vocals and harmonies.  Always a Lawrence and KC area favorite, they draw well no matter where they play or who they are teaming up with.   

Tuesday, November 1st

The War on Drugs at the Jackpot in Lawrence

This band is on the rise after its latest album, Slave Ambient, received almost universal acclaim from music critics.  It’s a traditional (whatever that means) Americana-ish band, often garnering comparisons to Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen.
Add to that the instant indie cred that comes from being on the Secretly Canadian record label, and bam! you have a band that gets attention even at tiny bars in Kansas.  This Tuesday night show could end up being an intimate I-saw-them-back-when-with-about-20-other-people kind of deal, which is my absolute favorite kind of show. 

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