Hearne: Missing Baby Mom Expects to be Charged & Who’s Paying Lawyer Fees, Enquirer Asks

With the national news media game fully afoot, it’s little surprise that the National Enquirer is on the case…

"The noose is tightening around the mother of baby Lisa Irwin – the 11-month-old baby found missing from her crib in her family’s Missouri home on Oct.4," the Enquirer story begins.

And police aren’t buying tot mom Deborah Bradley‘s story, a source close to the investigation tells the Enquirer.

"Her family members, and even Deborah herself expect she will ultimately be arrested and charged with a crime," the Enquirer says.

"Now that Bradley has lawyered up, authorities are even more convinced that she has something to hide, sources say," the Enquirer continues.

And inconsistancies in Bradley’s story continue to add to police suspicions.


"Her family claims Lisa was snatched by someone who crawled through a small window," the Enquirer reports. " ‘But police had a hard time getting through that window when they did a reenactment,’ the source told the Enquirer."

Another unanswered question: Who’s picking up the tab for celebrity New York lawyer Joe Tacopina? A lawyer who was reportedly charging $750 and hour four years ago.

"These people are not wealthy, but suddenly they could afford to hire hot-shot defense lawyer Tacopina," the source said. "Deborah doesn’t have a driver’s license or a car, but suddenly she has a car and private driver. It all looks very suspicious."

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12 Responses to Hearne: Missing Baby Mom Expects to be Charged & Who’s Paying Lawyer Fees, Enquirer Asks

  1. chuck says:

    Not being a smartass, but…
    “These people are not wealthy, but suddenly they could afford to hire hot-shot defense lawyer Tacopina,” the source said. “Deborah doesn’t have a driver’s license or a car, but suddenly she has a car and private driver. It all looks very suspicious.”

    I get that maybe the police think that she is acting suspicious. The inflections in her voice, the glances at the floor or off to the left when lying, stories that change and don’t follow a previously stated time line, but where is the straight line reference from killing your kid, to cash?

    How is she paying for the car and driver? Promise of monies to be paid when her tell all book comes out?

    I don’t think, that having a driver, and an expensive lawyer, is necessarily damning, or exculpatory either way.

    It kinda sounds like your saying that mothers would kill their kids, for a shot at an expensive lawyer and a car and a driver.

    The lawyer, the car and the driver, are probably accroutments aquired by way of the publicity the story has garnered as opposed to the ends of nefarious means.

  2. Rick says:

    I assumed
    Hearne was paying for everything. Clearly you have the cash. You might as well use it prior to death. It might hurt your Aldi’s bill but u will be ok.

  3. smartman says:

    Lawyers are Like Hookers
    You never wanna have to hire one but if you do you want the BEST. In both cases you get FUCKED! Reasonable doubt doesn’t always come at a reasonable price.

    If the cops were lookin’ at me for anything outside of a speeding ticket I’d lawyer up too. Fuckin’ wife beating high school grad Barnie Fife wanna be’s on power trips in poorly tailored uniforms looking to make your life more miserable than theirs. Hell yeah! I’m hiring Daniel Petrocelli before I hear book’em Dano on quasi-circumstantial evidence and have to defend my bunghole’s honor in the lock-up.

    If Saddam or a Muammar were runnin’ this show that bitch would have been sufficiently waterboarded or otherwise tortured to prove innocence or guilt.

    She’s not smart enough to commit the perfect crime so enough with all the CSI crap. Let’s put this kinda boots on the ground action in place on the East Side and solve some REAL crimes instead of worrying about this poor white trash, CMT watchin’, cornpone, hillbilly, hoosier who most likely sold her baby to a wealthy benefactor who’s funding all the hoi-paloi.

    God forbid this child is deceased but if that is the case she’s better in God’s hands than in her piece of shit mom’s. I check on my pets more often than she seemingly looked in on her daughter that night.

  4. % says:

    The Star
    The Star actually had a good article on this concept of “lawyering up” the other day. Anyone in who faces the police would be stupid not to have a lawyer present, particularly in a situation where a child goes missing and the more time that goes by that the child is missing, the more certain it is that the police will try and pin it on the parents.

    Getting a lawyer is not an admission of guilt or tantamount to having something to hide. It’s actually pretty damn smart. Anyone who has had experience with the criminal justice system knows that. Reporters, cops and busybodies eager to pin blame on someone in an unsolved crime do not understand that. The police can get damn near anyone to admit to a crime, regardless of their actual involvement, with enough pressure and enough tactics. Happens all the time. Google “west memphis 3” if you don’t believe me.

    I have no idea what happened to this baby or who’s responsible for it. My sense is the police may be in the same position and are pretty eager to “solve” this crime as public pressure mounts.

    As for who’s paying this New York asshole, it’s possible he’s doing it pro bono because he knows he’s getting in front of television a whole lot and could end up getting lots of clients who can pay $750 an hour in the future. Do you think Casey Anthony’s lawyer was expecting to get every dime from every invoice to get that lady off the hook in a jury trial? If there’s enough media involved, some lawyer’s going to come out and do it free or at heavily discounted rates. Don’t know if that’s happening here or if there’s some unseen benefactor. But the latter’s harder to believe than the former. Occam’s Razor…

  5. % says:

    Another thought
    Here’s another reason why lawyers are beneficial and don’t necessarily mean that their clients are guilty. I think Baby Lisa’s mom wouldn’t have gone on television to tell the Today Show host that she was shitfaced the night her baby took off if she had a lawyer then. Lawyers keep their unsophisticated clients

  6. Monkey Man says:

    White People Kill Their Kids Damn
    Only White ass people kill their kids. Black people don’t do that, but we the bad ones, uh huh. Right. I think she did it.

  7. Black Barbie says:

    Poor Baby Is Dead
    That white witch killed that little kid. What you gonna do to her? Give her a show. Shit I’d kill her ass.

  8. Hearne Christopher says:

    I agree. My hunch is that lawyer dude takes high profile cases such as these based on the national publicity and the fact that it raises his profile for paying clients. And likely, as you point out, some future piece of the action down the road.

  9. Hearne Christopher says:

    Figured you’d maybe show up, big guy. Don’t think I’ve ever bot anything at Aldi’s though, so you’ve got me there. I did go into one last week to compare the vibe to Trader Joe’s.

  10. chuck says:

    Yeah, Monkey Man, that white lady, probably
    cut off the kids head too, then dimembered the rest of the body and buried her in cement, oh no, that was Precious Doe.


  11. smartman says:

    That’s right my ebony skinned brotha. White folks kill they kids when they get too expensive or become an inconvenience.

    Black folks understand the formula and relationship between more and more chilren’s and bigger ADC and Welfare Checks and more Food Stamps. Plus you can always dump ’em off at grandma’s, auntie’s or the Plaza when you need some space to get your swerve on.

    When they said it takes a village to raise a child they meant an African village and not Prairie Village.

    Just keep the roost east of Troost and we be cool.

  12. felicia says:

    more racial comments
    he has a lot of balls making that comment about white people killing their kids, lol.

    At least more white people still believe in marriage before children. They are out working all day long while ya’ll are out making baby mama’s left and right. then beating and berating your kids into submission. If you watch Steve Wilkos on a regular basis, you will see more black people on their who have killed their children, than white. Get your facts straight before speaking. I know you prob can’t help your lack of education, so we forgive you.

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