Today: Stanford’s Jack Glazer Killed in Car Crash

Then there were two…

Stanford & Sons main man and KC Confidential lightning rod Craig Glazer’s little brother Jack Glazer was killed last night after his car went left the road on I 435 on his way home from the comedy club. The 55 year old Glazer worked at the comedy club with brothers Craig and Jeff Glazer.

"Jack was going home from work last night and ran off the road on 435 in Missouri," Craig Glazer says. "His car hit a tree and that crushed the car and killed my little brother Jack. He had worked at Stanford and Sons for many years. He is the son of Stanford Glazer, the founder of Stanford’s and is the youngest of the three of us brothers. We are making arrangements today about his final situation.

"I was informed last night by Hiighway Patrol Officers who were quite kind and came to my home just past mid-night to explain the accident. I am in total pain over losing my little brother. He always had a smile on his face thick or thin. He had a tough way to go much of his life, but he was a kind, gentle person and I’ll miss him greatly."

With two deaths in the family in less than a week, Glazer says he’ll take a little time off from writing while he sorts things through.
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50 Responses to Today: Stanford’s Jack Glazer Killed in Car Crash

  1. You think says:

    U think????
    This may be somewhat classless. But you think someone is trying to get someone’s attention?

    I’m sad that Craig has to go through this pain and bury a beloved brother.

    But I also hope this gives him pause to reevaluate priorities and values in life.

    One can spend $300 on a steak dinner. Or one can spend $300 to become a Big Brother, mentor a young person, take ice cream to the elderly at a rest home, contribute to an animal shelter, or a vast amount other noble deeds.

    Its sounds cheesy but let me quote Spiderman. “With great power comes great responsibility.” Craig shares often about his impact on Kansas City and his celebrity status. I pray that he will use that in memory of those loved ones he has lost to maker a positive impact.

    Blessings and prayers to the Glazer family

  2. tiad says:

    Hopefully Hearne Will Confirm….
    Hopefully Hearne will confirm with his sources that this accident did not involve alcohol, not wearing a seatbelt and/or even an apparent suicide.

    Afterall, this is a big story that the public wants to know about – and Hearne has a duty to report on it.

  3. JimmyD says:

    Sorry about your loss Craig. Keep fighting the good fight

  4. Robertoe says:

    KC Star’s blip on it
    “Overland Park man dead after wreck on I-435 near Missouri 45

    A 55-year-old Overland Park man was killed Friday night in a one-car accident on northbound Interstate 435 near Missouri 45 in southern Platte County.

    The Missouri Highway Patrol report says Jack Glazer was driving a 2006 Chrysler shortly after 9 p.m. when his car left the road on the right shoulder and struck a mile marker post.

    The car continued down a steep embankment and struck a fence and then a tree. It was not known whether he was wearing a seat belt.

    Read more:

    Sincere condolences, Craig. Death is in the air this Fall.

    So he was just north of the River on 435. Not much up that way except MCI. ????

  5. Robertoe says:

    KC Star’s blip on it
    “Overland Park man dead after wreck on I-435 near Missouri 45

    A 55-year-old Overland Park man was killed Friday night in a one-car accident on northbound Interstate 435 near Missouri 45 in southern Platte County.

    The Missouri Highway Patrol report says Jack Glazer was driving a 2006 Chrysler shortly after 9 p.m. when his car left the road on the right shoulder and struck a mile marker post.

    The car continued down a steep embankment and struck a fence and then a tree. It was not known whether he was wearing a seat belt.”

    Read more:

    Sincere condolences, Craig. Death is in the air this Fall.

    So he was just north of the River on 435. Not much up that way except MCI. ????

  6. T says:

    Rest in Peace Baby Jack
    My heart hurts badly for your family Craig. I am sorry.

  7. chuck says:

    My condolences Glaze.
    For what its worth, you and your family are in my prayers.

  8. Kevin Moncke says:

    Terrible News!
    I read this in the paper this morning and was afraid it might be this Jack Glazer. Condolences to Craig and family; let me know how I can help.

    Kevin (at 98.9 The Rock)

  9. bschloz says:

    Very Sad
    Craig..real sorry to hear about your brother.
    Just know your internet buds are here for you. Look forward to your return.

  10. Phil Kushner says:

    Jack was a tortured soul
    I haven’t seen Jack Glazer in 30 years, but to this final tragic day his life was one that came to my mind often. Jack’s childhood was extremely unhappy due to family problems that I will not discuss here. Jack was actually very bright, but his soul was twisted, and as a result he spent much of his life in prison. While it is certainly true that drugs played a major role in his life, they really weren’t the cause of his problems, rather they were a manifestation of them.

    It seems that in his last years his family had become kind to him……. This is a Godsend, as it was all Jack really wanted as a boy.

    Rest In Peace, Jack; if there is an afterlife I hope you find the solace you tried so desperately to find while alive.

    Phil Kushner

  11. Bubba says:

    The fact u
    I’m sure u mean well. But the fact that you haven’t seen him in thirty years and yet want to bring up negative stuff. well I hope when I die people don’t want to bring up 30 year old memories of poor decision making I did as a youth.

  12. randyraley says:

    Sorry Craig
    I lost my brother to a heart attack at 45. The hole never fills up. It does get better though. I wish for the swift passage of time. Peace be with you.

  13. Al Canal says:

    sad day for the world of humor
    How sad for his family and friends. My condolences to all those who knew Jack.

  14. smartman says:

    Eternal rest grant unto Jack oh Lord and may perpetual light shine upon him. May Jack’s soul and all the souls of the faithful departed through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

    Sorry for your loss Craig,

  15. Mark X says:

    … so very sorry, man ..
    ….sincere condolences, Mr. Glazer

  16. Rainbow Man says:

    I am very sorry for your loss. With all of your exploits, I have still sensed from your writing that you are a caring person..and one who loves his family… I hope you all find peace during this hard time.

  17. d says:

    Sorry for you tragic loss.

  18. Harlow says:

    Deeply Sorry Craig
    My deepest sympathy to you and your family. So very sorry for all of you.

  19. harley says:

    I always asked you in my comments WWBS?….that was my way of having you think about your life. I am not perfect…none of us
    You had incredible talent and abilities and I always wondered why you used them in the manner you did.
    You could have been the champion of anything you wanted to do. And although I knew that soon something would
    change your life…i never expected a tragedy.
    WWBS stood for “What would Benny say”? What would benny say about the way you ran your life.
    Benny is devastated now. But he knows he will be able to take care of your brother again.
    Condolences to you and your family. When one door closes another door opens.
    I don’t know if you followed your families jewish religion ….but here’s the first lines to the mourners prayers…meaningful….
    Yis ga dal…vyis ka dash….sh mai…rab bo…b ol mo deevro chir oo sale…vyamlich..mal choosai…bcha yai chon….oov yomai chon
    oo ve cha yai…d chol bais Yis ro ail…ba a go lo..oo vizman koreev…v im roo ….o main.

  20. mermaid says:

    I’m sorry Craig..
    Jack was such a great guy. He was always accomodating and friendly to others. He never talked about his troubles but would want to talk about others troubles. He really loved Jeff and Craig alot. He was just too sweet for this troubled Earth. He is in Heaven now having a peaceful happy existence. Poor Jack. I will really miss that guy.

  21. Sylvia Brown says:

    Harley, nice job, I’ve been trying to get Benny on the phone
    This is especially perrtinent at a time when Craig’s family is Sitting Shivah, “WWBS stood for “What would Benny say”? What would benny say about the way you ran your life. Benny is devastated now. But he knows he will be able to take care of your brother again.”

    “What would Benny say, about the way you ran your life????????”

    Hey fuckhead, the guys brother just died.

    Nothing like a little advice and criticism from the self appointed, bi polar, egotistical “Housewife of kcconfidential” during this difficult and trying time. I am sure that Craig’s family, will take a little time out, to puruse the deep and layered meanings of your comment.

    As long as you have folks on the phone from the “other” side, find out what the penalties are at the Pearly Gates for being an obnoxious asshole with diarrhea of the mouth.

  22. ron says:

    no anger…rest in peace…
    good guy dies tragically. Noone should be angry toward anyone. Very very very sad.

  23. Orphan of the Road says:

    Sorry for your loss
    When we are born, we cry and the world rejoices.

    When our time has come, l hope tohave lived omy life so the world cries while I rejoice

    While we mourn a death, let us celebrate a live. As long as the stories are told, our loved ones never leave us.


  24. mark smith says:

    Condolences for your loss
    Unlike Harleystein I don’t know any hebrew.

  25. harley says:

    condolencs…tears…and prayers
    i feel the pain…felt it personally 3 years ago…and for a father to bury a son is beyond any grief any of us can know! Felt that
    grief also.

  26. Craig Glazer says:

    Thank All Of You I Am Mad At Nobody
    I loved my little brother very much, very much. I love all my family, yes my dad as well. We fight, we complain, we are mad, we don’t talk, then we do, all families do this at times. We were and are a public family thats all. I was not a good example for my little brothers, not was my father. We were both world beaters in different ways. We both had many wins and loses. In its wake there seems not enough time for the family. I agree that usually happens. I am devastated by Jack’s death. I know why it happened, but that does not make it easier.
    Jack’s only enemy was himself, as we can say for most of us. He had a wonderful life partner his fiancee Candice Sloop, she gave Jack a nice home and love for almost 30 years, she is a bit lost without Jack. I am so sorry for her. She did nothing wrong.

    Life is hard for all of us, even the “rich and famous” there are far far too many loses than wins. As we age, even less ‘happy moments.’

    That said, I appreciate all the nice thoughts. So would Jack. I am not upset with anything said here, again thank you.

  27. harley says:

    comfort yourself…comfort your father…
    for all our weaknesses and faults…we all try to make it thru grief and days like you face. LIfe sometimes plays a game with us..
    making sure that life is not too easy…not too fast…and then when we feel like the wind is at our back god lets us know
    that we are only human…that we should not take those memorable times or people close to us for granted….
    As for your dad…all dads have faults. George Brett despite being one of baseball’s greatest hitters said his dad
    never congratulated him. That after winning batting awards…georges dad would say “you could have done better”.
    And despite the problems you mentioned with your father…he is the only one you get. There really are no subsitutes.
    There may come others who take the name “step”…but they never never replace the real one. I know that personally.
    But as you grieve…watch out for your father. No father should ever have to bury his son. It is not the way life should
    be. I know…I buried a child and nothing in my life or any other mans life is harder. God bless all fathers who have to
    do this.
    Take care…and espeically god bless you all.

  28. Taco Time says:

    Harley Decide Which It Is
    You have written four different versions on this issue. Damn man, pick a side. Glazer sorry to hear about this, my little brother was killed when he was four, hit and run. Tough times. Gods speed.

  29. Black Barbie says:

    Jack Was Such A Pretty Baby Boy
    Craig I cried when I heard about Jack. He was so kind to me and my family. I wish you healing and God’s love.

  30. Downtown Davey says:

    May God Rest His Soul
    I am so sorry Craig.

  31. monkfish says:

    Double Standard?
    So how quickly did Hearne defend his decision to report on John McClure’s “apparent suicide” vs. how long will he wait to talk to his “sources” to find out if this accident involved alcohol and whether or not a seatbelt was used? I mean isn’t there a greater public responsibility to find out if this involved negligent, irresponsible or criminal behavior that endangered the lives of countless others on the highway that night? Or are the rules of common decency completely different when it involves someone who is close to you? I imagine it has been a busy and painful weekend, so I’ll reserve judgment, but wow, how about some consistency?

  32. George Wilson says:

    Craig, my deepest sympathy to you and your family.

  33. Hearne Christopher says:

    Nice try…

    The McClure situation involved a very high profile local businessman and restaurateur who owned one of the top restaurants in Kansas City and was poised to open a second. The “apparent suicide” was confirmed. The use of the word “apparent” being because police had not completed a routine investigation.

    Jack Glazer was a complete unknown, other than being related to a high profile individual. It was an early evening accident that took place while driving home from his job.

  34. Dog says:

    So Sorry
    Its so tough, sorry man.

  35. Jack Hanrahan says:

    My Condolences…
    Craig, Jeff, my sincere condolences on the loss of your brother Jack. As your neighbor in Westport for many,many years, I came to know all your family including your Dad and Bennie (God Rest his Soul also). All good people. I learned a lot from Stan and Bennie. I hope you will lean on your family and friends during these times…….I’ll see you at the service.

    Sincerely, Jack Hanrahan

  36. Craig Glazer says:

    Thank All Of You Again
    Your kindness and support are deeply appreciated. We are surprised and warmed by the support of so many around the city for Jack and our family. Jack Glazer’s service will be tomorrow at 11 AM at the Louis Memorial Chapel on 68th and Troost. All are welcome to attend. Again much thanks for all the kind words.

  37. chuck says:

    Henry Epstein and his wife are really great folks.

  38. PB says:

    Sorry Craig…
    My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.


  39. Two Sides To Story says:

    Sad Days My Friend
    I knew your brother, nice guy. Reminded me of Rod Stewart. Looked like him anyways. Very sorry to all of your family.

  40. Jori Glazer-Nelson says:

    Cousin Craig
    I just heard about Jack’s passing. I can’t imagine how devastated you, Cousin Jeff, and Cousin (Uncle) Stan are right now. Shame on those people that choose to condemn anyone at this time. When I was young I remember looking up to all three of my big cousins. Even though our families haven’t been close for many years~we are still family. My heart goes out to you all. I believe in my heart that your mom is waiting with open arms right now…
    Jori Glazer-Nelson

  41. Phillip Hale says:

    This day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it
    I knew Jack for only a brief time. We had some great conversations, shared a laugh and drank coffee. He had to have been one of the softest spoken gentlemen I have ever met. A very kind and giving soul. God has a plan for U. RIP Jack. See U someday I`m sure.

  42. Can't say says:

    So Hearne
    Not sure if I want to go down this road but I am. So Hearne let me get this right. Because Jack was just related to a well known local personality and not well known in his own right we don’t cover any news related to him. Correct?

    And if we use that standard then he the mayor’s son if he strikes someone, gets thrown out of a bar, DWI, or any sort of drug related charge we aren’t going to cover that on this site because he is not well known just he is related to someone well known. That is the standard correct??

  43. Can't say says:

    And WAIT………
    weren’t we all over the publisher of the Star’s wife for DWI? Am I correct about that or is my memory bad??? Wouldn’t that fall under just related not well known in her own right???

  44. Hearne Christopher says:


    Because he was related to a relatively well known person, he did get some coverage here.

    But you’re missing the point.

    The Star only covered Jack’s death because it was a run of the mill highway crash. They didn’t even catch or know he was related to Craig. And after Craig called to tell them, they still haven’t done anything more on it.

    Jack had drug problems and did slam time and that got very little to no news coverage that I noticed or am aware of. The mayor’s son, dude, is huge. And what he did was newsworthy and covered by almost everyone.

    Oops, nothing on KCC that I can recall on that story (yet).

    Your mistake is in trying to dial in what you refer to as a “standard.”

    It’s case by case, dude. I could go on and on about why the mayor’s son was news but it’s so obvious, why waste the effort. It’s equally obvious why Jack got some minimal coverage here but little to none elsewhere.

  45. Hearne Christopher says:

    Well, for starters your memory is really bad. Since I just ran her mugshot again like yesterday or something.

    Secondly, she was a longtime columnist at the Star who worked there while her husband was editor.

    Again, big diff.

    The Star reports others DUI’s – like mine – but left out that one, even though the publisher was well aware of it.

  46. Craig Glazer says:

    It Was A Nice Service
    Again thank all of you for nice comments about Jack. People ask what can I do to help? Most of the people that knew Jack and my family did just that, they either called or emailed us and many attended the services. So many thank you’s to people like Hearne, Jeff S, Bill N, Ted M, Debbie M, Jack H, Joel, Tiffany, Becky, Connie, Barb, Stanfords Staff, Jim Y and well the list is just way to long. Jack had a large turnout and it was a beautiful day for such a sad tragic event.

    I loved my brother very much. I will miss him all the days of my life.

  47. T says:

    remember you gotta big fan base bear jew
    All of us are here…xoxo

  48. Beena Rajalekshmi says:

    Craig, I am very sorry to hear about Jack. He was always great to me and I always had fun talking to him when i came to your club. My thoughts are with you and your family.

  49. Craig Glazer says:

    Again Thank You All
    Nice Beena, T, thank you…Jack liked all of you.

  50. The O'Rourkes says:

    Sincere condolences
    Jeff, Craig and family. We just heard the news. I wish we had known in time for the services. Michelle and I are so saddened by this. Jack was just a genuinely nice guy, troubles aside.

    You are in our thoughts and prayers.

    Keagan and Michelle

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