Glazer: Scribe Shivers, Then Waxes Humbler as Pro Pics Get Tougher

Week seven, ALREADY….

As America’s top game picker with just over a 90% correct pick rate, let’s delve into who’s best right now.

As always, college first.

Again, college has been a tad easier than pro ball this season. Usually that’s the case. It looks like the top teams will scream playoffs by season’s end, with as many as five undefeated teams repeating in unison, "We got jacked!" 

Everyone wants to play in that championship game, but only two get to. So points matter in college, less so pro ball.

Style points, that is....

Wisconsin -7 over Michigan State

(tease you get 6 both teams must win)
Kansas State -3 over KU
Oklahoma State -1 over MU (again this is with the tease on these two games)

Texas A&M -14 over Iowa State (tease)
Stanford -14 over Washington

Alabama -23 over Tenn. (tease)
LSU -14 over Auburn

Bonus bet: Oregen-29 over Colorado


Now on to pro football:

The Chiefs are now playing must wins to beat the me for my season bet. To do so they need to win 8 games and they now have a chance with Oakland due to first string quarterback being hurt. I seriously doubt Carson Palmer can be truly ready, but I still like Raiders at home in a close one…not a game I would bet.

Baltimore -7 over Jacksonville

Green Bay -1 over Vikes (tease)
New Orleans -8 over Colts

Pittsburgh Steelers -3 1/2 over Arizona


So there you go. It’s getting harder and harder as each week passes, but I like most of these games quite a bit, so we’ll see.

Stay warm, fall is ending then, oh boy yuk!
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21 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Shivers, Then Waxes Humbler as Pro Pics Get Tougher

  1. smartman says:

    Stop Teasing Us

    Forget the amount that you wager. What sportsbook are you placing these teaser bets at? I’ve talked to 2, (illegal), local books. They don’t handle teasers, only moneyline, against the spread and parlays. Not all casinos let you tease whatever games you want. Your choices are usually limited. Most books even limit the number of points you can tease up or down.

    In the hypothetical some teaser bets are just ridiculous. If LSU and Wisconsin are playing non-con games against Little Sisters of the Poor and Ag-Tech and both are 50 point favorites it makes no sense as a bookmaker to let you tease those games DOWN 6-7-8-9 points.

    If you can’t actually place these bets then it’s just like the aborted 3-Way with no leftovers.

  2. chuck says:

    I am not chickening out Glaze.
    No bets this week.

    No research.



    Prisco says the Panthers will beat Caroline by 6. Say what??? Redskins win.

    Priscoe says the Falcons beat the Lions by 3 in Detroit. Duh….., NO! Lions by 10.

    Priscoe says the Chargers fly to New York and beat teh Jets. Priscoe is drunk. Jets by 2.

    He sobered up after that, everything else, I agree with, but still, he was pretty drunk for those 3 picks.

    Glaze’s Baltimore bet is a slam dunk.


  3. harley says:

    your system is easy
    talked with a former bookie…said this year the favs are killing it….so what you do is take all the
    favs (which is the easy take considering htis has been a very unusual year for college and pros)…
    I don’t think you’ve takend a single dog.
    If this was 2010 you’d be out of cash…being that there have been very few if any upsets…and that
    the books adjusted the lines early on….you can continue to have a great year.
    This is a very very very unusual season so far….i’d like to know how many favs won money…
    good luck glaze….i wish i was still betting….now i only gamble on my businesses and thats
    very very risky…
    you are on fire!

  4. Craig Glazer says:

    I was just in Vegas a few weeks ago, and bet on college and pro sports. I was at the Rio and Ceasers for these events. Both took teasers on several games. So Smartman not sure who told you this they are wrong. Now local books can whatever they want. If you go online to say major sites like you will see YES they do teasers, most do. It’s not as easy as you might think or everyone would be doing it. Remember you must win both and it pays even not 2 1/2 to one like a parley. Also you can do 3 or 4 or teasers on one bet, odds for you are tough but you win more if it works. A local guy can make his own rules, its his world and his money. Vegas can limit you if they see you are killing them or everyone is on that one, etc…..that has been done to me before on say Indy vs. Chiefs when we just could never beat them in the 2000’s when Manning was the best. As for not taking underdogs, well I’m trying to show you a way to win not lose. However I have taken several dogs including MU over Oklahoma two weeks ago, MU covered, it was OU -21 over MU I took MU and they lost by 10…I took Detroit as a dog as well and they covered…so no more fav’s than dogs, but some dogs do wag a tail or two.

  5. harley says:

    glaze…but you only took 2 dogs that i saw
    and if you look at history this season…the favs have been paying (i’m guessing 90% of the time)….may be wrong on that number..
    but you take the favs and give the points or tease and thats winning you big bucks. But i pointed out that there are very few
    upsets this year…way fewer than at this time last year….so your system says stay with the favs and thats why this is such
    as extraordinary year…
    were those 2 games the only dogs…and yes…congrats on your record…its amazing…but like the bookie said this is
    one unusual year in college and pros….
    very few upsets that are significant…..what say you?

  6. Craig Glazer says:

    There Is Some Truth In That Harley
    the favs have done well mostly in college…in pro better than most years but only at about 65%..again up from past years, that is with points…example Green Bay lost one game by the points to Cam Newton…I won cause I teased it…LSU didn’t cover on a big game but the tease brought it in, as it did Detroit twice…New England once…so it ain’t that easy to just take fav’s…WHICH ONES. In pro the Steelers were favored in all four first games and covered once…nearly lost to the Colts, did not cover, I lost on that one…with tease…

    As for bookies and Vegas, good, let them feel a sting for once…they don’t care about you. I do believe they are not having a good year thus far, you are right smart analysts like myself give out good pic’s that hurts them. On TV they only pick winners without points, much much easier, like the KC Star, still not great numbers though. The goal is to win, not pick tons of games and add % chances of losing. So you shold limit your placements. I used to over pick and bet a bit with my heart on the Chiefs and MU…bad mistake. I also like too many of us love to have a couple bucks on TV played games, not smart either…you pay for boredom…hey even Nick Wright says he is down several G’s this year. Everyone is not winning. A few weeks back I was very sure both San Diego and Pittsburgh would cover over KC and Colts, even teased it, they both won but close again nothing is easy.

  7. harley says:

    why glaze is doing well
    top 10 ten (outside top 10 matchups) are 16-1 against the spread…the favs are winning big time against spread…
    reason…the team need to run up the scores on the other team to maintain their rankings….
    they are keeping starters in longer in the game because if they only win by a few points they can drop
    3-4 slots even though they are still winning.
    Keep with favs because vegas bookies will change the point spreads so that they won’t be covering
    the spreads in a week or two….the books say they are going to widen the spreads so that the favs
    won’t cover….its going to happen because vegas doesnt like to have that kind of record by their top income
    producing teams…
    may be right…but i know that vegas is getting antsy…..and bettors should hold off betting after the october…
    just my take…but i ‘ve got some tight bookies that are pretty good on the spreads.
    And since glaze only or 95% of the itme takes the fav he’s…..

  8. Craig Glazer says:

    The Goal Is To Win Not PIck Dogs
    So it is that way now, but who knew, its still a ‘gamble’ to do either way when its over and it works then some say well, “yeah”

  9. Henry The Sports Czar says:

    This May Be The Week You Fall
    Sorry it can’t last.

  10. Orphan of the Road says:

    Craig’s going down
    I bet his picks this week. Let me clarify, I put the bet out to the guy but don’t know if he will take it. None of the “boys” knew if their guy was doing this.

    But I did get 4.5 and the Chiefs so I took a spin on that one. Janakowski out, he’s their biggest offensive weapon. Palmer won’t start, doesn’t mean he can’t come in an much up the game late (either way). Fligure the perv had four field goals and about 40% of their scoring lately so…

    Everybody was all in for Oakland so more points might make a board before kickoff.

  11. Harley says:

    wasn’t Craig that was going down but his brother.

  12. Tiger Tail says:

    Glazer Is The Best In This Whole Damn Nation
    Its unreal. You are on the way to be perfect again in college games. Even your bonus bet worked hope you are betting these Glaze. Anyways so sorry about your little brother, he was a nice person. Knew him from a afar. If it makes you feel a bit better, I have never, ever seen someone pick like this, EVER. You should have a TV show or radio show. This has never been done by anyone. I would be on that. Hey my Tigers sucked today, but we will get a bowl game.

  13. Henry The Sports Czar says:

    4 Out Of 5 Not Too Shabby
    Craig Glazer, you are sure a sports guy, at least with football. You nearly pulled it off again, you did miss THE BADGERS, they could have done it if not for that fluke TD throw with no time on the clock. Not sure that went in but oh well, yeah I had them as well. But you picked like seven other games, of course three were teasers, but all of them won and so did your bonus bet with Ore. That was guts, lots of points given and they did it without James, very nice pick. I notice you usually don’t go Big Twelve, but you did and got both games dead on. I’m very impresed. Craig so sorry about your brother. Hope you can maybe take some leave with watching the games. Nothing will fix your pain but time. In my prayers. Take care.

  14. chuck says:

    It is Sunday Morning and Pro Football Talk
    Is ALREADY reporting by way of Adam Schefter, that Carson Palmer can’t make the high velocity throws needed to start. The Bengals borrowed Ben Rothlisberger’s Rape Mask and blew a space food load of jizz outta one of those tubes up Oakland’s ass.

    Da Raidas got raided!!

  15. Orphan of the Road says:

    Just enough juice to come off the bench late in the fourth-quarter and…. I can’t type it.

    But that would be classic Chiefs-Raiders, eh?

    The perv kicker being out is a bigger deal. I think he is 40% of the scoring.

    I took the Chefs and 4.5.

    Bookies wouldn’t take Craig’s picks. I need a better class of deviants to hang with I guess…

  16. bschloz says:

    I’m Calling For Chiefs Win ML
    Matt The Franchise will get it done out West …Ghosts and Ghouls will be everywhere.
    Chuck thats exactly what Cincy Did! Haha—-Kelly’s Man is RIGHT….CHIEFS GONNA WIN THE WEST! You’ll See!

    Some nice drama last home to see Pujols, Sparty, OK missed 3—College Football is the best

  17. chuck says:

    Kellys Man would take the Chiefs if Lenny
    came out of retirement and strapped on a helmet today.


    I am gonna go Occupy until teh Chiefs come on.

    I wanna go see those kids in person.

    My bookie just got back from “college”, I havn’t seen him yet, I will ask him what he thinks of Glaze’s bets. He won his college games I guess.

    Sad news for teh Glaze family.

  18. Karl says:

    You Interested In Working For Us
    Craig was put on to this by Dave, a regular here in Vegas. Great work, if you are interested we are as well. Post that you are and we can talk soon. Want to hear your ideas. Again if you are interested in doing this for extra money on the side. Its legal.

  19. Cool Tool says:

    7 of 8
    Looks like you missed one. Stupid. Kidding. I know it was a tough day for you with your family issues. Hope you keep doing this weekly some of us need the extra money.

  20. KU forever says:

    UnReal Glazer
    Seems you have again stayed over 90% total missing one. Like that other guy wrote, never seen this before. Season is half gone and 90% has to be some kind of record somewhere. Hey I never met Jack, your brother, but God Bless him. All the best.

  21. Funny Man says:

    Now What?
    You gonna write anymore? We’re waiting!

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