Glazer: Scribe Worries Chiefs May Play Themselves Out of Badly Needed Draft Pick

The Chiefs have had the worst good luck!

First they lose two of their best players to injury, then they get smashed through the entire preseason and first three regular season games. They were ranked as the worst team in the NFL. Two games later, they beat a pair of 0-3 teams, now everyone thinks all is well.

"Boy, if we can beat Oakland and maybe upset San Diego on Monday Night, beat Miami and Denver – win one more – yeah we are 6-10.

Oh, JOY!

Unfortunately, with all the injuries in the league, the Chiefs have now become almost average compared to many teams. They have gone from an F team to maybe a D plus or C-. And suddenly fans are saying stuff like, ‘We need to see more from Jackie Battle, D-Bowe, and THE FRANCHISE, Matt Cassel.’ And with no really strong defenses in the league- save maybe Baltimore – the Chiefs could be O.K. now.

What does all this mean?

Here’s what it means, this Chiefs now will play themselves out of contention for a first round top quarterback. There are at least one or two There are quality quarterbacks out there beside Andrew Luck of Stanford. My favorite is six foot seven inch Arizona State quarterback, Brock Osweiler. He may be the MAN. Tall, fast, smart, can make all the throws (big arm). His quarterback rating is now 142.8. Brock has 15 TD’s and has thrown for 1968 yards already. ASU is a very good team, at 4-2, losing only to top 15 teams like the Ducks.  ASU is a top 25 team because of Brock. Six foot seven wow. Gets the ball out quick.

That would be nice.

However it now looks like the team is out to save head coach Todd Haley.

So they know they need six, if not seven wins. That’s now possible. Oakland – a sure loss for the Chiefs, a much better team than ours – just lost its quarterback to injury yesterday. KC now has a chance to win there. Before they had no chance. They’ll likely lose at home to the Chargers. But on a Monday Night, with all that energy, who knows?

We will see at least two more wins against really bad teams like the Dolphins and maybe Denver here. And a 6-10 team likely will have no chance to draft any of the top three quarterbacks. We’ll still be stuck with Matt THE FRANCHISE. Meaning we will go nowhere.

As we now see, it’s all about the quarterback. Without a top guy, you’re just an OK team with no real hope of a Super Bowl.

I often hear, "Yeah, what about Baltimore in …"

But the game has changed. Can’t you see that?

It’s a league built for offense now. The rules heavily favor the offense. "Don’t touch the receiver after five yards. That hit was too hard, roughing the quarterback. A defenseless receiver is hit, pass interference. And on and on.

You can barely play defense anymore without a penalty. It’s insane.

So nobody will ever have a shut down defense anymore. The run just sets up the pass now. Balance is almost gone. In fact we are starting to look like Indoor football – THE ARENA LEAGUE – GOD FORBID.

So let’s get a quarterback! And let’s at least look at Ricky Stanzi.

P.S. ANOTHER OUTSTANDING PICKS WEEK FOR THE GLAZE….Perfect in pro loss….tops in America, I think….

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33 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Worries Chiefs May Play Themselves Out of Badly Needed Draft Pick

  1. kcfred says:

    Just when we start feeling sorry for ya…
    …you write this shit again. It’s barely, not barley. That’s the stuff you drink. Ricky Stanzi? I’d kick his ass and I’m old enough to be his grandfather. Talk about someone losing the arms race… Dude really, let the new guy write about sports. This is just more monkey shit.

  2. smartman says:

    Sympathy For The Sun Devil
    Brock Esweiler doesn’t have the body mass to take an NFL season of beatings from Ray Lewis, Clay Matthews, Jared Allen or even Jared from Subway. He’ll snap like a toothpick. He may have a fast release for the college game but it ain’t near fast enough for him to sling it with Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers. Hell, he’s not even in the same category as Matt “The Backup” Leinart was coming out of college.

    The way things are going maybe we wind up with Andy Reid AND Donovan McNabb in KC next year. I could live with that experiment in never ending futility.

  3. Orphan of the Road says:

    KC hospitals see increase in sprained ankles
    Doctors say their best guess is from people hoping on and off the band wagon.

    Those players are playing for their own jobs, not Haley’s job. Haley keeping his job could be a result of their own selfish actions.

    Clark isn’t going to pay anyone who doesn’t have a job so the chances of Haley getting an opportunity to play winter golf is nil.

    Even if Haley goes, that leaves Pioli to again draft as if he hasn’t a clue. He is the one who said Cassel was the guy.

    The kid at Baylor looks good too. Will the Chiefs brain-trussed be able to pick the one winner in the bunch? The crystal grows dark…

    Fans will have to be content with peeing in some teams playoff hopes later on, maybe flirting with the over/under on the season. Karma can be a harsh mistress. Maybe finishing outside the top 5 picks would work best for Pioli?

    You are on a roll, not sure if the best in America isn’t a tad overstating your phenomenal success.

  4. PB says:

    The last THREE
    SB-winning QBs were drafted 24th, 32nd and 11th respectively, but yeah, let’s focus on tanking the season and drafting Andrew Luck with the very first pick because that’s the ONLY way a team can ever win a title. I don’t give a damn about other teams records or their injuries or saving Haley’s job or any of that BS, as a fan I still want to see a win each and every single week. Fact is, they are still in the mix until their record says otherwise. Take your dreamy big picture scenarios and your supposed “real fan” mentality and mail them off to Clark or somebody else who might (or might not) give a shit. I’ll just continue to root for the team that’s playing right NOW.

  5. Henry The Sports Czar says:

    Americas Best
    Glazer I think there is a good chance to this point you may be picking at a level nobody else can equal. That says quite a bit about your knowledge and skill. I notice nobody is saying you don’t know squat about sports anymore. Keep it coming I find it most interesting. How do you base your picks? What system do you use? Is there one?

  6. Tiger Tail says:

    What Is The Tigers Future?
    Glazer you have given us the crystal ball on pro and college, but are the Tigers back? How will they finish? Do you think they stay in Big Twelve? I do/

  7. Can't say says:

    How sad
    12….9…..and now 7 thanks to me. Gosh you think this is what happens when you keep telling your readers you are great and they are morons??? You think your shtick is getting old??? Just a couple of swirls and you’ll be down the toilet. what say you cowboy??? Please send me a check for trying to keep you relevant.

  8. harley says:

    everyone is leaving for greg halls site
    i really enjoy halls site…its relevant…not the same old retread crap that glaze puts out. The base of your
    site is leaving hearne. They’ve been called names by the writer and they don’t appreciate it.
    at greg halls site theres interesting content and theres more than just a washed up playboy trying to
    recapture years gone by with stories that aren’t even current…..this story is so old…it stinks…
    you need to get your act together hearne…or this will be a ghostown site…
    we warned you…….

  9. Can't Say says:

    I think HARLEY
    speaks the truth,

  10. Hearne Christopher says:

    Hey, check out our site on Alexa and Greg’s. He’s like 5 million places behind us and after a ripple this summer, we’ve been moving back up. Bottom line: all that glitters is not the comments section, dude.

  11. xxMillerTimexx says:

    Hearne, I think you are missing the point
    “Reply From: Hearne Christopher
    02:25:08 PM – Tue. Oct 18. 2011

    Hey, check out our site on Alexa and Greg’s. He’s like 5 million places behind us and after a ripple this summer, we’ve been moving back up. Bottom line: all that glitters is not the comments section, dude.”

    You are right the comment section shouldn’t make the site. Your new sports writer is good, really good. But Glazer is a douche. I am one of those people that really doesn’t post, I am mostly a lurker. It WAS fun reading comments of people making fun of Glazer but that is getting boring now. I do like good content, I don’t give a shit about jazz singers, glazer being a douche, or the football picks of a con man. I care about KC sports, radio, and other stuff about KC that is relevant. I will continue to read that new sports writer, and any stories you have about stuff I care about. But that is it.

  12. Hearne Christopher says:

    Easy, Can’t Say,
    Harley’s been claiming we only had a few dozen readers from the get-go. He’s only off by a couple hundred thousand or so.

  13. Can't say says:

    Dude is played….
    Glazer is played out. His BS caught up with him to the point of no credibility. Little to no interest unless he is car wrecking like with the Mermaid fight, Ted McNight deal, or Rick blowing him up. I think the Rick deal was the jumped the shark moment for Craig. You can see based on his posts he’s trying to get Rick to engage with him again. But no luck.. He even went off on Brandon because he made a joke and accused him of being like Rick. Craig has been proven to be a liar and again we saw that with the Rick exposure in that he didn’t know the difference between assault and battery. But yet Glazer was super MR undercover agent???? And when you point this stuff out he just calls you a moron and starts listing fake credentials. Hopeless.

  14. Craig Glazer says:

    Great So No More From You Shmo’s
    Heres the deal, Can’t Say, Cliffy, KCfred,Rick whoever the is in the total hate jealous group ‘anti-Glazer’…you can do what you like. You have decided to dislike me for your own reasons, thats fine, none of you know me, clearly in this dumb attack about Ted, you don’t know him. You all got caught in your stupid lie, “stop dropping Ted’s name…he doesn’t even like you” bullshit. Turns out Ted and I are tight, tight friends. So in an effort to belittle me, you come off as a clown show, again. Greg Hall is a great guy, we are friendly, I don’t see him much, but I like and respect Greg. I believe he feels that way towards me and Hearne.In fact at a couple lunch meetings we had a year back, Greg said he agreed with much of what I said and wrote on the Chiefs and Royals. We see it about the same usually. We have no issues. Greg and Hearne broke up, unrelated to me. That is fine.

    You guys have shown no respect for the BIG DOG….me. That’s fine as well. Look I read comments on bigger websites about major national stars in sports and entertainment. Many of them sound much like you guys. Hate and disdain for the BIGGER DOG. Thats human nature, especially in tough economic times. Most of you guys are my age or older. Sure its a bit annoying to read stories about someone who gets to have all this action, when you don’t. I get it. I’m not out to put you all down. I’m just telling you what I think is fun stuff or interesting experiences. Many you lived to a certain extent when you were younger. It’s upsetting when you can’t do it anymore, for whatever reason. Hey I can’t be as fast as I once was either. I just don’t accept getting older the way most people do, thats all. I have worked hard at staying youthful. To this point, it has worked. It won’t work forever. Maybe you can see a thing or two in me you can do yourselves in a good way, a fun way. Maybe it will inspire you to work out more, or be more thoughtful with the clothes you buy or places you go, whatever.

    What you don’t know and don’t want to hear, I am often asked for advice by both younger and older men on social issues…i.e. working out, women,are steroids something I should try, whats so and so like(an entertainer or actor) because most folks think I have lived and continue to live outside the box….its not a crime guys….yes I did time, yes I am a felon, but I had reasons for my behavior, not saying I was right, just had a cause, thats all. That part of my life is behind me, and has been, but I don’t wish it never happened.

    If my life ended today, many would have to say, “wow he sure had one HELL OF A RIDE…” thats all…so like with JoJo/Harley or Smartman who I do not put in that group, they kinda see what I mean and in me there is a bit of them…we don’t know each other. I’ll tell you all this if you met me and hung with me for a moment, you wouldn’t hate me at all…I don’t hate you guys…I don’t know you….I wish none of you harm or problems really…as for calling you morons..well we are all human when attacked…I wish you well.

  15. Craig Glazer says:

    P.S. Can’t Say Guy
    What fake credentials? Like…..dude you’ve never had a good word that I’ve seen…

  16. Can't say says:

    The fact you are so
    totally oblivious and self absorbed is stunning. You are self deluded.

    I’m at least 30 years younger then you so stop with all the old men references. You have no clue as to what u r talking about.

    Have you ever wondered why you are disliked.? Gosh you don’t think it has anything to do with you do you? I mean that’s not possible right? It clearly has to be us. It couldn’t be you and your massive insecure ego could it???

    Truly their is not anything about you that I would be jealous of. What??? You have friends that use you. You had a poor childhood. You clearly are one of the most insecure people I’ve ever met. Lying is a trait of yours. I like the innocent farm girl look so I find none of your fake boob black women attractive. You can’t write or spell. You have fake hair and a fat gut. I admire you for the fact you have stayed in business during tough times. But I’m not sure if you have done that in the right way. So for God’s sake what would one be jealous of?????

    The fact you think you are a big dog when in fact you are just a yappy little mousy dog says more then I could say.

    Why do you keep talking about Rick? He kicked your ass and moved on. But weeks later u r still talking. Why have you already shown your jealousy and insecurity towards Brandon?

    Go to a dr and maybe he can figure U out. we are getting sick of it. That’s why ur numbers keep dropping.

    Why don’t you make one confidence building move. Trust in the truth. Confess to us about all the fake names you write under. That would go a long way towards rehabilitating you. It’s an amazing concept but accurate. Honesty is the best policy. But you are so busy trying to create this fake life style you don’t get it.

    Craig we pity you not admire you. You are what we are glad we never became. You are the guy that bragged in the gym locker but what a stud you were. Never have grown out of that. No one wants that. No matter how many drinks you buy us or tickets you give us.

  17. Can't say says:

    Craig u answer
    my questions for me. Fake Credential???? Craig the self described BIG DOG. Thanks for confirming who you are. My Fake Credential. Grow up. Do you name your penis to??? So sixth grade. I’m Craig the Big Dog. It is so obvious you never dealt with bad guys. You would of annoyed them and they would of shot you within moments of meeting you.

    “Hi, I’m Craig King Of Sting.” Bang.

  18. Downtown Davey says:

    Glazer Stop With These Guys Already!
    Nothing you do will change them. Nothing. So STOP JACKING WITH THEM. If you say day, they say night. SO STOP. Just my advice.

  19. Harlow says:

    Craig, I know when I read this I find it funny and entertaining. These hate comments. The man above me gave you the best advice. So take it and just have fun my friend. Peace out.

  20. Craig Glazer says:

    Thanks, P.S. Can’t Say Fake Guy
    Hey heres a way YOU can find out about me hard ass. I am always at Stanfords on weekend nights. I open the shows. Since you are only 30, glad to know we have younger readers, be my guest to come see me anytime. You can try and say what you like, see how that goes. Just saying “can’t say…fake guy with no real name or life. Try it. Enjoy.

  21. Can't say says:

    I see
    as usual u didn’t answer anything written.

    Is it possible anyone doesn’t know about you???? All u do is write about yourself!!!

    But yes you are right I can and do say what I like…and we see how that goes. You in sixth grade wanting to tell us who your friends are and how you are the Big Dog. Yeah Bro just like a big dog. All bark no bite.

  22. Robert Lay says:

    It Shows
    It shows based on the fact that you continue to try to trade on Ted’s name what kind of friend you are Craig. I find it especially ironic when you went off on the sports writer Brandon for mentioning your name in a column. You had a melt down and hissy fit about him using “your name” to get attention. But yet your hypocritical ass does it daily. Yeah you are a real friend to Ted. Tight even.

    Speaking of names, why do you keep harping about people using fake names on this site. Are you so totally unaware of internet posting that almost 100 % of the writers use fake names. I thought you were this media mogul? You realize that most the names on TV and radio are fake right? Or is Johnny Dare his real name?

    Your ignorance on things are on display daily. Be it about crime and law enforcement. How the net works. Common practices in the media. All the areas you claim to be an expert on you show that you really aren’t knowledgeable. And then when you are called on it we hear that we are just haters.

    I think you should be involved in law enforcement. You would be a great test case for the FBI.

  23. Can't say says:

    Craig Glazer 22, 10, and 12. Greg Hall 45, 67, and 32. 44 to 144. Who is the BIG DOG???

  24. Craig Glazer says:

    Dear Robert Lay
    Well at least you can write something that sounds decent. First off Rob, Ted was never really an issue here, only mentioned in a prior story about how I didn’t need to buy friends, Ted was just one of those people thats all. Wouldn’t call Ted a name I would say “drop”..he’s a cool guy, former solid player and a known guy in this city, however even Ted would say, “hey I’m not Joe Montana” meaning Ted is more like me, an area star with some national attention, but I’m not Clint Eastwood either…so the entire Ted thing was stupid, there was no issue…as for the rest, well Rob just so happens I did work for law enforcement, I was a special agent with the attorney general in the 70’s when I was way too young….if you want to know more about me before many of you jump on “Craig” read the King of Sting, that might maybe change your thoughts a bit…don’t buy it get in the library….you take care now Rob.

  25. kcfred says:

    Ego much?
    “You guys have shown no respect for the BIG DOG….me. That’s fine as well. Look I read comments on bigger websites about major national stars in sports and entertainment. Many of them sound much like you guys. Hate and disdain for the BIGGER DOG”

    You ain’t national. You aren’t entertaining (well, yes you are) and you don’t know sports. Other than that…

    “What you don’t know and don’t want to hear, I am often asked for advice by both younger and older men on social issues…i.e. working out, women,are steroids something I should try, whats so and so like(an entertainer or actor) because most folks think I have lived and continue to live outside the box.”

    You live in your mind, that’s all. I swear I never heard of you until this exercise in mental masturbation. What a sad and pathetic man you must be to come on here every two minutes with made up names and refute every thing said about you. A real man who’s secure with himself doesn’t need to do that. Why do you?

    Because you’re not any of that stuff.

  26. Craig Glazer says:

    Please son, please find an old cat or dog to put fireworks on huh. I asked a young black lady at the doc’s office if she liked Chelsea Handler, she said “who”….in todays world with less educated white trash like you nobody knows all the names anymore. Too sad too bad. Again I have accomplished more in one year of my life than whoever you are have in all of yours. You have said sad and pathetic about me about twenty times. How am I sad, i’m a busy man with lots of girls, pals and media to jack with the point of hiding out some days and nights just to rest….you wouldn’t know you never got any of that ugly fart boy. Right. Heres an idea: You get Cliffy,Rick,Can’t Say Say and yourself down to Temptations, sneak in, cause I know you guys are always broke, ask for Black Barbie, tell her you know ‘of me’ and maybe she will give you all a mercy lap dance, maybe. Then go home jack it, and pick your nose, go to bed, watch cartoons. Now that would be a real hoot for you kcfartface…yeah a special evening for a boogie eater like you and your pals…go for it.

  27. Can't say says:

    What is a boogie eater
    Is that a phrase from the boogie era? Saturday Night Fever. Platform shoes. Donna Summer. I think I could boogie all night long. where is KC and his Sunshine band when you need him?

    For the record Craig if you read what was wrote on this sight the Barb has already offered to hook a brother up.

    Chelsea is not main stream so its not a shock someone doesn’t know her. Their are also segments of the population who don’t know Jersey Shore or Real House wives. Just not interested.

    Speaking of interest. Seeing you are still talking about Rick. Rick. Tracy. Come back come back. Craig is going nuts without you. Just talks about dying.

  28. Robert Lay says:

    OK Craig
    we’re good.

    But calling someone fartface. Isn’t that as other people have said a little 6th grade.

    All that being said I hear you and won’t comment any more and let the issue die.

    Later Robert

  29. Tony Tubbs says:

    Just Doing Some Math
    First off, I dig the Glaze, for the most part. I too think he is a little full of himself, the guy can back much of it though, just saying. As for his comments and numbers, I went back and yeah some stories have ten to thirty, but the man also has recent ones of over 80 to 100 plus. So don’t sell the ‘king of ting’ so short. I am not a big football guy, but I do check his picks and the man is pretty spot on. No I don’t read Greg cause I am not a big sports person, so don’t know, but I’m sure he is what you say. Different strokes for different folks.

  30. Can't say says:

    Craig…..ahh… I mean Tony…..gosh it is so obvious.

  31. kcfred says:

    Well, I Guess You Told Me
    …it’s been almost 50 years since I’ve been in 6th grade. Thanks for the reminder of what it felt like. And you’re still an ignorant jerk who knows nothing about me or how I live. I wouldn’t take a handshake from one of your seconds. reply so everyone can read what an intelligent guy you are.

  32. Craig Glazer says:

    Who cares nobody knows who you are, I don’t. You are just a stupid shmoe. As for Tony, he was a cook at stanfords in westport, has been on this site for comments over a year. Everyone is me, but you three shmoes. If so why write here only the three of us see it anyways. Go away. Go write on Greg Halls posts. Otherwise get a life, find something, anything else to do with your time MORON club.

  33. Can't say says:

    Have u ever wondered????
    why craig calls everyone moron???? It’s the one word he can spell. Shmoe is actually schmoe. But just using that word shows that you must be at least 65. Who uses that word any more??? Laverne and Shirley? Oh well I’m just a boogie eater. get down get down tonight do a little dance make a little love get town tonight. Boogie boogie on down the road……..

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