Glazer: Scribe Deals with Death and Moves On…

It’s hard to measure the value of simply being a good person in life…

Too often we give way too much weight in life for people who have a ton of money, fame or good fortune. This site is proof of that. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’m person who wants to leave a mark in history. And that I also want to enjoy an exciting life.

However, I’ve never said this was the only way to go.

Two of the greatest men I know want none of that. They just want to be good husbands and fathers. And that’s not easy. My grandfather by marriage was the kind of man who truly would "give you the shirt off his back" if he cared about you. Ben Studna loved me and my brothers and gave us all he had to give. All that he could.

I was pleased but heartbroken to hold his hand and look into his eyes as the lights went out in his life.

I truly loved the man. He was crude – not a cool guy – short, bald and a jewish cowboy. A horse trader and later a used car man. He reminded me of Popeye. A tough man, but he was able to love us and my grandmother with all his heart.

Today I lost another man I had nothing but respect for.

John Trantham married my mother Rita Glazer a few years after her divorce from my real father, Stan. John gave my mother a wonderful life. They traveled together around the world. John and Rita loved each other, were loyal and best friends. My mom met John when he was a lifeguard at her pool as a child. Never thinking one day they would be husband and wife. John graduated college and went into government work. John became an agent for the brand new Central Intelligence Agency, yes the CIA. He was no James Bond, but lived overseas and stayed in the agency for nearly five years. Later he became a mortgage banker.

John stood by me during my indictments, signed my bonds and gave me advice – great advice. He never had a bad word to say about anyone. Wver. He was such a class act.

I took John to see the doctor two weeks ago. He had struggled since my mother passed away in 2007. He turned 81, and was starting to look much older and slower. John still lived in his home in Prairie Village. He’d been there with my mom for three decades. Funny I just couldn’t imagine him passing away. His son called me a few hours ago to say John did not make it. I have to admit I was just as surprised to feel a tear run down my check.

My dear friend Debbie (Mermaid) called me to tell me that her father also had died today. It’s going to be a tough week for both of us.

Two good men who will be missed by many. Yes, they are hard to find.

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10 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Deals with Death and Moves On…

  1. Ted says:

    Its sad
    when you lose people close. Benny was not from the old school. He was from the ancient school. He was ONE of a kind and a Great guy! They way he talked about races and ethnic groups was truly classic! He would have me falling down from laughing so hard. He told some of the best stories from the 20s and 30s and on up. I did not know John as well but he was a great guy. Im sure he will be missed by many!

  2. smartman says:

    Believe IT or NOT
    Craig, sorry for your loss and Debbies’

    Like the song Closing Time says, “every new beginning is some other beginnings end.”

    Maybe you should have some Faith and Hope that their is a better life or place beyond this one. Even if it’s just our “energy” that can interact with our loved ones in a different shape and form.

    Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens and many other aethiests make compelling cases to believe this is it. As fucking brilliant as they may be it seems a cop out to think that in some way, shape or form our journey doesn’t continue after the party is over here.

  3. Dog says:

    So Sorry For You Both
    My deepest sympathy to you both. As we get older we lose all the ones we love.

  4. harley says:

    get me a box of kleenex….
    the second “death” story you’ve put out in a week. Really glaze…I know you’re old and weary about dying…but come on.
    This is a fun site…not some obituary reading.
    I can feel your pain and that of mermaid…but this is life. Accept it.
    You don’t need to put a pic of the kennedys on the front…a little overdoing it. Its not bleak.
    I understand you’re now a member of AARP and that dying affects you…so go out and get some more hookers
    and fuck the crap out of them. Because as they say…”you never know when it’s your time!”

  5. dr wobble head says:

    somebody get the net
    Harley is off his meds, berating a guy who just lost his step father . On the bright side by tomorrow he will reignite his love for glazer. In the meantime Harley can be found at sidekicks lounge . He likes to suck down a couple buds after a long day of eating boogers and smelling his bellybutton .

  6. Downtown Davey says:

    Harley My Lord Man
    Are you serious. Like Glazer thought gee let me have my step father die and I can write about it! He explained how close they were and how it relates to his life as well as ours in many ways. All you can do is harp on his age again? WTF. The guy is even kind enough to mention Mermaids family family, though she is not a writer on this site but a regular contributor. Thats pretty heartless Harley. I must say.

  7. Harlow says:

    Man What A Jerk Harley
    You are the biggest jerk ever. Someone loses a parent and you put them down. Craig sorry for your lose. Mermaid my heart goes out to you both.

  8. Orphan of the Road says:

    We turn around and they are gone
    My deepest sympathy for your loss.

    Having someone outside of your close blood who believes in you and supports you is an important thing in life. Glad you had yours and sorry he is no longer with you.

  9. Rick in PV says:

    A mensch
    I only met John a couple of times, but he was a nice guy. Sorry for your loss, Craig.

  10. Craig Glazer says:

    I Appreciate The Kind Words, Thank You
    Yes he was a good man. I will miss him, thank you all.

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