Glazer: Scribe Braces for Week Six Picks & Midget Invasion of Westport

The football season’s more than a third over…

The top teams are now pretty apparent. No matter, upsets happen all the time. And the point spread makes the road ahead tougher and tougher. If you’ve followed the scribe’s advice, Christmas should be paid for by now. So you you can quit now, while you’re ahead or throw caution to the wind and boldly ride into Week Six.

College  Picks:


is a pretty good team with pretty bad luck and a pretty bad record at 2-3. But MU’s at home with a decent

Iowa State

team. In the meantime,

Oklahoma State

has turned into a bully but is still being overlooked as a finalist for the top spot. Let’s insure our wins as best we can. Texas looks like its fading. Let’s tease these two plus 6 to win. Remember we must win them both to win.

Missouri -9 1/2 over Iowa State

Oklahoma State -1 1/2 over Texas


Alabama -20  over Mississippi 

LSU -11 over Tennessee this also on a tease with Alabama


I like Stanford but want to drop the points down so…

Stanford – 15 over Washington State

Oklahoma State -1 1/2 over Texas tease them together…

I teased all of these games because some of these teams could cover the spread. Bu tif you don’t like the tease try this:

Oklahoma State -7 1/2 over Texas


Pro Football:

Detroit -4 over San Fran 49er’s

Green Bay – 9 over St. Louis Rams

New England -1 over Dallas, this on a tease with Green Bay

If you don’t like the tease:

New England -7 over Dallas

This week is harder so I used more teasers. 


Have a nice weekend try Westport Saturday afternoon for the Cancer Crawl and Midget invasion.

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12 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Braces for Week Six Picks & Midget Invasion of Westport

  1. Henry The Sports Czar says:

    Yes, Yes
    I do follow you on this as you now know. These seem to also be good calls, We’ll see. Hope so. I am in third place on my picks against 50 others, but I have to pick most all of the games, not easy.

  2. Orphan of the Road says:

    Overheard Craig saying he was gonna get a little
    Ya think? NAAAAAAH.

    You seem to have a savant talent with the books. I could spoil your run by actually betting your way.

    Fuck Cancer.

  3. Super Man says:

    No Way You Are This Good
    Glazer I don’t know how you do it, but you have some inside information or something. My Grandpa is a former bookie, he said nobody picks ten or more games a week against the spread for five or six weeks and hits 90%. He has never seen that in 50 years, so how can you do it? Whats your secret? Please tell us.

  4. Dog says:

    You White Devil
    Chocolate Becky is right you are a devil, if you do well again, move to Vegas, screw comedy.

  5. chuck says:

    i am outta town
    I did not write all tha nasty shit about Glaze–i am on my p[hone,cnat type.

    I like Glazes post and i htink it is shitty whe n u use ohter peoples names.

    When I get back late next week it u use my fuckin name i will use u up bad.

    untilthen, play nice and enjoy. ihate this phone

  6. COWBOY says:


    Hearne I know you like correcting other news media. I’m currently reading the Pitch’s best of edition. WHY? WHY? Have you not wrote about this????

    Barley any mention of Craig Glazer or his club in here. Hearne don’t you read Craig’s posts????? If you did you would be as upset as I am in that he was not mentioned for any of these categories. Craig always tells us how great he is but the Pitch FAILED to recognize him. JUST PLAIN WRONG.

    Craig should of won at LEAST some of these.
    Best local actor
    Best in shape of an over 60 year old celebrity
    Best comedy club
    Best fountain
    Best local writer
    Best bank (ask his friends)
    Best Museum
    Best hair weave
    Best nip and tuck
    Best burrito
    Best chocolate lover
    Best cross dresser

    Its an abomination that he does not have more recrimination. My guess is Tracy Thomas stuffed the box. WRITE about this NOW HEARNE!!!!!

    I may post more potential awards for Craig later.

    Craig I hope this helps you get over 10 posts for this OUTSTANDING story.

  7. Can't say says:

    You can tell
    Craig wrote this based on all the words spelled wrong. I think he meant recognition not recrimination. Also barely not barley.

    I think he should of won best job security for editors award.

    Also folks if you want to read Craig go CRAZY and talk about his FAKE HAIR and STD.s read the Brandon story about baseball from 10-10 and currently with 17 comments. Lets see if we can get Brandon over 20. It’s good stuff. Also Craig goes crazy on his obsession with Rick again. I think they are former lovers.

  8. Can't say says:

    an additional comment
    Cowboy since some of the awards you mentioned are READER’S CHOICE I think this should give you an idea of what the public thinks of your boy toy. Apparently not much. If you want to see some comments about Craig and his club go to Yahoo. About 60% is negative. Over booked and I think the word was shady I read quite a bit.

    But in fairness to him and his club. They could just be competitors taking shots. Craig is not the only one that post fake crap.

  9. Craig Glazer says:

    Morons, As You Can See Heading Towards 95% on Picks
    So far all college games have been correct waiting on Alabama for 100%. Without doubt THE BEST FOOTBALL PICKS IN THE NATION BELONG TO THE ONE, THE ONLY CRAIG N. GLAZER. I have no equal. Pro tomorrow may prove a bit tougher, nothing is too hard for THE BEST IN THE NATION, ME….Oh about all that hate mail….O.K. I ‘ll think about all that when I am with two or three 9’s tonight..while you shmos jack your little wieners….come on now, learn, read, write it down…from your humble NUMBER ONE FOOTBALL MAN in America, with all the proof needed…headed inot SIX WEEKS OF GODLY——NESS…bye, bye.

  10. smartman says:

    Consider This
    According to my “MAN”, Ken “MONEYLINE” Suzuki the only way for Craig to REALLY prove his prowess is to post the betting tickets for all his TEASER picks.

    TEASER’S are not universally available at all sports books. Some books limit the amount of points you can tease up or down as well as what games you can tease.

    Typically they list games you can TEASE separately or have them under EXOTIC bets.

    Every sports book is different.

    TEASER’S are a less risky form of a parlay bet. They pay out less than a two-team parlay.
    They are also intended to give the HOUSE an edge.

    By being able to choose from EVERY college and pro game including the over/under it’s easy to find games you can tease assuming you have a book that will have those games available for a TEASER and take those bets.

    So it could be smoke and mirrors or Craig should be running a sports betting service. According to Ken anybody that can VERIFY picks at 90%+ could be knocking down Two to Five Million a year or more selling that advice. Good sports information services that tout their “product” as “short term investment advice” charge a minimum of $10,000 a year for a full season of college and NFL. That may or may not include the bowl games and playoff’s.

    Given Craig’s KING OF STING past the PROOF is in the TEASER betting tickets.

    Your Honor. The Prosecution rests.

  11. Craig Glazer says:

    I never intend to have to prove anything boys. It’s not needed. Especially in betting. One its my private business as to whom I bet on and with and how much. It’s not a road or trend we need to start. Nor will I, believe what you like. I wrote abook about proving myself, that was enough, or it never, ever ends. Read the book for those of you who feel the “need” due to my unusual ability to “make it happen” in many areas…you will than get it, ok. If not oh well.

    AS YOU CAN SEE WITH THE PROOF IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE….I went perfect in college ball yesterday. IF YOU followed my calls you should be a happy guy today, for whatever you did with them. Yes I am now over 90% wins in the past six weeks. My guess is its unlikely this has ever happened with someone calling over 75 games so far, did miss 7 I believe. Well one was a “I don’t want to bet this but if I did call” so I’ll take that as a loss. Offically the jury is still out with the season long calls on Chiefs under, Detroit over, and Dallas under…those get you extra brownie points.

    NFL today always much harder, hope I get them all ,but if I miss one, well pretty good, two decent…we’ll see, have a nice day. My step father passed away yesterday I am very sad about it. He was a nice,kind man. We were close, he was married to my mother nearly 30 years and they loved each other very much, she died in 07. Very sad.

  12. Craig Glazer says:

    Tom Terrific
    Pats come back with Big Time Tom and save my pro picks. We lose Lose the Detroit game. So its a good not perfect pro day to go with the perfect college picks. Only the Packers are perfect. They had serious offensive problems in the second half against a poor Rams outfit. Not sure if they just didn’t continue to be up or the Rams stepped up on D, but Aaron Rogers had his worse half of the year. The AFC is really up for grabs. While the Past seem to be the team, their defense continues to give up lots of yards. College likely has at least six or more teams that will scream we are number one at the end of the season. However Alabama will face LSU..OU will face both A and M as well as OSU….so that will clear some things up. The Wisconsin Badgers likely will go unbeaten as will Stanford…so we may well have no worse than five undefeated teams screaming PLAYOFFS..not bowl games….right now, I think LSU and Alabama are best, but the Badgers could be right with them. OU seems very good but not quite at their level. So its up for grabs…Chiefs need to eye the ASU quarterback, he should be thier top pick since Luck will be gone.

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