Glazer: Scribe Tires of Being an ATM, Ponders Fine Line Between Money, Friendship


It’s a sad but true, but "Neither a borrower nor a lender be…" 

Like many of you good people – I know you’re out there – I’ve suffered from this lifestyle forever. Being the LENDER 99% of the time. I’ve been on the other end a couple times. Both have not been good, except with banks.

Hard to say why I’ve always been such a soft touch, as they say. Maybe I felt, ‘There but for the grace of God go I."  Or, "Gee if I don’t help so and so out, one day nobody will help me when I’m in need."

Or maybe it’s a combination of both.

Seems like I’ve always been the guy who could get things or who had a few extra bucks.

Even back in the college days. Nobody gave them to me, but that never mattered. Somehow I always had a nice ride, nice clothes, a decent pad and so on. Not crazy nice, just better than average. Like many of you do and maybe did. And my "friends" or better said, acquaintances, would seem to always need that $20.

"I’ll pay you back next Friday," they’d say. But Friday never came, and most of the time I just let it go. One day maybe that guy will help me out. But that almost never happened.

It was a bad habit I got into.

I know, there some of you out there whjo have lived or are living this life, too.  As time marched on, I guess the word got out to my other so-called friends, and the loans – gifts, really – got bigger and more frequent.

When I lived my "sting life" everyone I knew was borrowing dough from me. Even my partner Don Woodbeck. Hell, he got a bigger share than I usually did but was still always broke.

"Don, you went through 10 grand in five weeks!" I’d say.  Some poeple just never save a dime. Sure, I ‘d get a portion of the money back. Or something like, "Hey, let me get that lunch check."

Big deal, I still never learned my lesson.

Know what, that’s when people started to dislike me the most. I was seen as the guy who had stuff they needed – not dope – but money. My part time pals hated to ask for hand outs, but they did and often. Without so much as even a thank-you.

Ever hear this one; "Hey, he won’t miss it, big deal."  Or, "He can afford it."

The most horrible part of it all was, as time marched on, most of those friends went away.

When I needed help, nobody was there, except my grandpa Benny. Funny, he did more for me than anyone and never asked me for a damn thing, except my love. Boy, do I miss that old man. I think about him every day. Bennie flew to LA to bail me out of jail – big bucks. He helped pay my lawyer bills and sent me money in prison.

That sounds bad, but he was a true friend. See, Bennie was not even my real grandfather. He married my Mom’s mom and on her death bed swore he would look after me and my two younger brothers. He sure did, God bless his soul.

When things got good for me out in LA, the late 80’s early 90’s, I helped my girlfriends pay rent and loaned my down-on-their luck actor pals money. One day when I was walking the track near my gym, my pal and kinda dutch uncle Aaron Binder (now deceased), gave me a great piece of advice. He said, "I see you doing way too many handouts to people, Craig. They’re just using you. They don’t even know it, but at first they appreciate it – then they expect it. Then they resent you.

"You wanna see hate? Next time one of these friends asks for money, say NO. You’ll never hear from them again."

So a childhood friend, Rob called me from San Fran. I’d always helped him out – the guy was always down on his luck – $50 here, $100 there. I’d buy his meals when he was in town. It occured to me that Rob had offered me almost nothing ever. Sure, he was a voice on the phone that was always in my corner. Always happy to see me and he seemed to mean well. He just could never catch a break.

So like Aaron told me, I finally said, "No. Rob. I have to stop giving you money because it will never end." 

Didn’t hear from Rob for four years. We knew each other since third grade, lived close when we were boys, played ball on the same teams, his parents were good friends of mine. I even invited him to my wedding – never heard from him. All because I was no longer an ATM.

Aaron was right.

I’d like to tell you all that your humble scribe is much better now, but that’s not true.

I still give out concert tickets (not just Stanford’s but to rock shows, theater comedy shows, Las Vegas – you name it., And I’ve loaned out or given out way too much money. I just feel bad for all these people. It never went away. Sure, I know 99% of them would never help me out if the situations were reversed.

I also know people want to think I’m a jerk and only care about myself.

That’s not true in many big ways. Some of my true friends like Billy, Hearne and others know I do this and try and stop me from continuing. Oh, it’s ok to buy a girl a gift or help her out with a bill or two if she’s your gal. But all these others? NO.

And there are almost no thank-yous. They all feel I owe them somehow. I have buddies that I’ve given thousands of dollars in Chiefs, Royals and college ball tickets. And almost none of them have bought me even a lunch. It’s so weird.

And some of them have more bucks than me!

"Hey Craig, can you get me four tickets to the KU/MU bastketball game?"  I say, "No, I’m not connected to that." Or my comp tix come from radio or producers or agents and there are none to be had. Then I hear, "Oh, if you’re such a big deal you’d think you know someone who could get them."  And I go, "Dude, I’ve gotten you tickets to a ton of stuff before, I can’t always do it." And they come back with, "That was a while ago."  For the love of God.


I bring this all up, because it just happened again recently with a close girl friend who wanted free tickets for her dying parents. Contrary to what you want to believe about me, I do like to help out when I can. But there’s no magic Free Ticket Button. Often you have to call several people to try and get the tickets and it’s major pain in the ass. The other bad news is, the person I’m asking usually doesn’t even know my friend. They know me and now I owe them a favor.

Meanwhile, my friends could care less.

In 2004, I had lost a major club I owned, Johnny Dare’s. I was coming out of an expensive court case (my indictment from 2001), my mom had become quite ill and money was very tight. I had to make my Overland Park club nearly double its output to cover me and my family’s bills – even my brothers. Those were tough times. Nationwide my friends knew I was hurting. Only a handful called about it, and few offered any REAL help. Even the ones I’d helped before who were doing great now.

Some enjoyed seeing me twist in the wind, I’m sure of that.

A rich guy I met in prison loaned me 25 g’s when I got out. He was worth over $500 milliion. He was a good guy. I didn’t get on my feet for maybe two years and hadn’t paid him back. I did sign a note to him and a few years later I got in a lawsuit over it, and he got paid. So in effect, I had done to him what hundreds were doing to me; "Hey, he can afford it. I can’t"

I had tried to stay pals with him, but we didn’t. I always felt bad about that, because he did help me out. And I knew how it felt a thousand times over.

In the end we sink or swim on our own. YOU have to make it happen. A helping hand can’t be there forever.

So when you need a true friend, they will be there, behind you. Money doesn’t always matter but friendship always does.

I am blessed. I have several good friends. You can’t buy them, you have to earn them.
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77 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Tires of Being an ATM, Ponders Fine Line Between Money, Friendship

  1. Orphan of the Road says:

    Bad shit happens to good people
    Giving a helping hand is what friends do, maybe more than they should some times. Sometimes no one is easier to con than a con man.

    Your best friend is the guy telling you are a dickwad while the rest of your friends are just waiting for a crumb to fall from the table.

    But that shit below with all the dirty laundry and stench was caused by you not engaging brain before responding to hyperbole. Grow some more epidermis and let it run off your back.

  2. Robertoe says:

    Oh oh! I foresee another long comments section forthcoming on this one!

    Spot on piece, Glazer. The only thing I’d add is its not just money. Any relationship has to have a semblance of balance.

    This was a direct quote I just related to a gorgeous galpal recently (not anyone who posts here) “There’s a fine line between being a good friend and a sap. Unfortunately, we’ve crossed it.” Of course there wasn’t any attempt to rebalance things. I’ve hardly heard from her since. I’m sure she’s moved on to the next sap panderer.

    The problem is many of these beauty queens have been indoctrinated to expect it. They’ve always got guys offering. They’ve been trained to expect it. But you know what? Most aren’t happy! They haven’t learned the metaphysics of life. You’re gonna get back what you give. There’s a happiness correlation with what you give and what you do for others selflessly. It truely takes a lifetime for many of us to learn what’s really important.

    And you know what, Craig? Its not driving Lotuses.

  3. chuck says:

    Well, that should quit the haters down.

    Glaze, your killin me. It’s like fuckin T-Ball here. 🙂 Cue 72 comments on Glaze’s life choices, associations, where the money came from, who should and shouldn’t really accept said tainted funds, the pecuniarial effects on “real” friendship, vs phony friendship, sex for money, money for sex and of course, drugs and money for sex, sex for drugs and money and lectures ad nauseum from glass housed inhabitants.

    First, I really could use a hundred bucks, owe some guy a little juice on MU/KU.

    Second, funnel all Mermaid cash through Hearne.

    Third, funnel all Black Barbie cash through Hearne.

    Fourth, funnel all other funds to all other friends and associates (Excluding me.) through Hearne.

    Fifth, funnel all free tickets through Hearne.

    Sixth, funnel all free shit, including rides in new cars, drinks at bars, dinners for little known acquaintances et al, through Hearne.

    Now, wait 3 years, take all your fuckin money, call bschloz and smartman and give it them.

    You owe me $500.00 for the best advice you ever got in your life.

  4. chuck says:

    So, to make shure we are spot on…
    Thats $600.00 Total.

    Thanks 🙂

  5. chuck says:

    bschloz, smartman

  6. Hearne Christopher says:

    That’s true, but driving a nice Lotus can add to the equation

  7. Hearne Christopher says:

    Thanks for the nice references, Chuck. May I add your name to my resume?

  8. chuck says:


  9. Cowboy says:

    Wonderful Piece Glaze
    One of your best ever. So darn true. Sometimes when you get in need, the few real friends show up. Not many, not like we think, huh.

  10. Doormat says:

    Hence My Name
    My wife and kids treat me like a doormat. So I totally know where you are coming from. Don’t they love me for paying all the bills including college. I don’t think they do, its the money, just the God Damn Funkin Money.

  11. Doormat says:

    Hence My Name
    One of your best ever. So darn true. Sometimes when you get in need, the few real friends show up. Not many, not like we think, huh.

  12. Voice Of Reason says:

    Why Waste Your Money On These Bimbos
    Craig sounds like you spend a lot of your money on woman who are just sex toys. Why? Do you really need ten of them at once? Maybe one good one will do, really. Try that. Course if you marry that woman it could be even more money. More I think about it, date two or three and don’t ever remarry.

  13. Robertoe says:

    It can get confusing!
    Looks like someone is forgetting what name they’re posting under again!

  14. Cool Tool says:

    Now Your Are Making Some Sense
    I used to live, sponge off my folks. If they didn’t give me money I would take some from their clothes, room, purse you name it, usually to buy weed or coke. I was a teen-ager. I got caught by my Dad. He beat me for it, bad. A year later I got bused, my folks would not bail me out, wanted me to learn a lesson. I did, two years. Didn’t speak to my parents for nine years after.

    Today I got some kids of my own. I been up, I been down. I helped lots of people in my neighborhood and Church. I don’t ask for money anymore. I stand on my own two legs, so do my kids. My parents are dead, but before they died I made up with them. They was right, I was wrong.

  15. Doormat says:

    No I Screwed Up
    I hit the button twice I think sorry.

  16. harley says:


  17. BL says:

    Posted Twice?
    That doesn’t explain why ‘Doormat’ said the exact same thing as ‘Cowboy.’


  18. Cliffy says:

    Doormat is obviously one of Glazer’s new identities. Of course, we already knew about Cowboy. Funny. Remember, Craig, we’re laughing at you, not with you.

  19. mermaid says:

    Looks like ..
    I’m the straw who broke the camel’s back. My god Craig your mother in law works at Kauffman and I just thought you could help get really good seats. I didn’t know it was going to be a problem. I will never ask for anything from you again. P.s. That was really weird how Doormat and Cowboy said the exact same thing. How did that happen? Hmmm Funny sometimes I think this site’s bloggers are me, Robertoe, Harley, and Craig and Hearne. What a farce! I’m not commenting on this blog anymore. It’s stupid. Thanks again for the tickets. I know my mother is going to have the time of her life that night literally so they mean alot.

  20. bschloz says:

    Glaze You Really Are Lighting It Up On KCC …..From now on you will be known as the “The Blog God”– Harley still remains “The Blogfather”
    Look Glaze, I’m sure most of the married guys here wouldn’t be complaining about making Jessie’s car payment.
    The Torah says that a man should give 10% of his GROSS income to charity– also says that a man should give based on his lifestyle and income and not based on his net worth….for instance Glazer, Harley, Smartman and Robert all live the Jet set Viva Las Vegas life styles…fancy cars, the trips, the broads, the clothes…the body sculpting guys are rolling..PAY UP.
    On the other hand you have Hearne, Chuck and me ….chopping wood everyday…eating the Denny’s early bird .. Hell Hearne drives a Fiat and Chuck still uses AOL dial up service….but hey we all do what we can do.

    How’s that saying go …I owe you a $100 that’s my problem….If I owe you $10,000 that’s your problem…
    Its all good….

    BSCHLOZ wants 2 lowers to Paul Simon…

  21. smartman says:

    Rob Schneider at IMPROV? WTF Glaze

    What’s up with that no talent fuck Rob Schneider working the Improv this weekend? What happened to BIG HBO Special he was tuning up for the last time he was at your place?

  22. Craig Glazer says:

    Rob Is OK
    We did Rob just over a year back, good guy. He wanted to come back this year. I felt at his price, we had done all we could last time. Rob has done one new movie since and has a TV show in the works. I felt his price now was higher than ticket value would allow. I didn’t see him doing as well or better this time, it was a business decision. I wish him the best. We were his first choice here, but I didn’t feel it was worth it a second time at the ask price. Thats all, it happens. Its not who pays the most its the theatres that can continue to bring the right mix of new talent and the best of what is now or was…Improv sees things different than we do. They do alot of urban shows, hip hop, we don’t. This is the second club in that area cause the first one failed doing the same thing. There are some acts they have we don’t and some we have they don’t. Gives KC a choice, thats good.

    There you have it…..

  23. Mark Smith says:

    Not bad….
    Credit when it’s due. Im not a fan, prefer to take shots at you. More fun. That said, good post. As for the give and take. You say yes necause on some base level it makes you feel good. Same reason people delight in being pricks. You do something that impacts someone else. Good or Bad. Try saying NO more often, after a while it feels just as good. Plus its cheaper.

  24. mark smith says:

    not Necause.

  25. Downtown Davey says:

    Westport Vs. Downtown
    As you know I live downtown, love it. This site has always been down on Power and Light. It has been up and down on Westport. Glazer maybe you or Hearne should come down one weekend and see all the GOOD things going on down here. You took time out to say Westport was moving up, so are we. Try and be fair about this, maybe you can be Hearne. Just wanting a fair or even playing field thats all. As for this story, I couldn’t agree more.

  26. harley says:

    manager at improv said
    because they have a huge number of clubs they can control the talent. They can say to a comedian “if you play at
    this other place, you won’t ever get into our chain of clubs”….but i don’t see that.
    Glaze i see you getting big time talent plus some washed up talent like dynomite jimmy….but the manager
    said they can control the market like kc…but they aren’t doing it.
    As far as the bitches you talk about glaze…there’s one thing my dad told me about them…
    and you’re proving him right. Mooches…wanna bes…fake titties are what makes them bad news…
    ya can’t live with em…you can’t live without em..

  27. Craig Glazer says:

    Improv Tries That
    Harley you’re not David Rice are you? He always said that, “they are all whores but your mom”…some truth to that, but not totally. There are some great ladies out there. I have dated a few. My wife and my ex fiance Terri Gatewood were both great woman. Neither wanted any big gifts or cars or homes, just wanted love and a best friend in me. I think thats what we all should look for in the end. In an odd way sex can kinda ruin the other two, I should write about that. Good sex is kinda out there a bit and takes the love and warmth away at times. Thats another story.

    The Improv is a franchise. No one guy owns many of them. Robert Hartman and crew took them over back in the 80’s from Bud Friedman in LA, Robert allowed people around the country to franchise his name and the concept. Which is r really a name, logo and then LA books the room. Problem is every city, area is different as to which comics they know and like. Also what kind of humor they enjoy. You like Bobby Slayton, so dio I, but KC is for the most part, a bit on the blue collar band wagon, they also like the English accent guys like Jim Jeffereis, they tend to not support the New York sense of humor like Dave Attel or Bobby…too fast, too mean at times, yet Jeffires is tough and mean as well, guess its the accent.

    They do threaten comics to ONLY work their rooms, It used to work better than now, first off in many cities like this one they are at best the number 2 club, even with some big names. They don’t have the radio /tv media connections of the longer running clubs in those cities like us in KC.

    There is so much going on that just the name Rob Schneider or Richard Lewis or Kevin Polleck isn’t enough, I know I worked with 99% of all name comics over the last 30 years. Their manager owners haven’t. Some are new to comedy. Most fail.

    There have been about 15 other comedy clubs in KC none have lasted more than 3 years including the Improv and Funny Bones chains. When this one goes it will be their THIRD time here that failed.

    I was offered that location some time ago in North KC. I think North is too small a population for a big club. Smaller one, yes, not a 300 plus seater. Maybe in five or ten years. Legends draws from Johnson, and Missouri and has a much faster growing population now than up north. Not there yet, but soon will be a very busy area even on weekdays.

    Again Rob is a good guy, and talented. If I felt he should be with us he would be. They had Ralphie May and he came back to us, They tried this with Tommy Chong, he didn’t go for it either and others. A few like Jim florentine went there and did poorly so they came back to us. We so treat these comics very well, nice hotel, beautiful theatre(many Improvs are nice too) nice transportation, and fun with us if they want. Mainly we are a top five all time club with a big rep. the name Improv is also big, some clubs like the new one in Dallas or the Improv in LA are well talked about, some aren’t. They have closed as many or more clubs than they opened. Course so did my Dad.

    Comedy is a tough game. All entertainment is, lots of work.

  28. Can't say says:

    be glad
    u have money because without it you’d have no friends.

    Hearne isn’t amazing that two totally different people post the exact same thing. Might explain a writer’s high numbers. He’ll post 10 times with his own name. Then another 10 with other people’s name.

    Boy Rob is ok sure is a back handed slap.

    What i want to know is did Rob do the Survivor chick….Coleen I think. Cutie. And unlike Glazer’s women she had a real chest.

  29. Nunya says:

    you sound like an ungrateful bitch. Craig, I’d hold her to that promise if I were you buddy.

  30. J.P.Connolly Show says:

    Craig Has Many Real Friends, Me Included
    Craig doesn’t need money to have friends. End of story

  31. T says:

    count me among your friends too

  32. criag g says:

    I’m ur friend
    I’m not only a cowboy and a huge admirer of Craigs but I would be honored to call him friend.

  33. COWBOY says:

    that ah previous comment I ahh meant to write my name that’s COWBOY but I ah accidentally because I was thinking about him ah wrote Craig but I’m not Craig I’m COWBOY. But I think Criag is great. Sorry for the slip up. COWBOY

  34. Craig Glazer says:

    Can’t Say Fake Name Guy Moron
    Lets end that quick old man, who hasn’t been laid since Grant was a corporal. I am blessed with many friends. Real ones. Like Hearne and Bill Nigro or Ted McNight, owner of Woodside David Freeland, my childhood pal Jeff Spero, Rice, Wayne Boyd, T, Mermaid, on and on….Dan York former Universal VP and co writer pal of yester year, Sal Manna, JJ Walker, on and on like I said.

    Moron: Can’t Say old guy with some teeth out and fat: when I was indiceted I received over two hundred letters to the court asking them to let me go: including BUCK ONEIL,BRENNER,WALKER,MANY COMMUNITY LEADERS, KC CHIEFS CURRENT AND PAST, SAME WITH THE ROYALS, and of course just friends….some law enforcement officers and agents too, it was in the paper cause it was long and many big name people. Almost none had done business with me ever, LIKE BUCK ONEIL….”If you put him in jail, put me in jail, we both bleed for this city, he has done nothing in the last couple decades I haven’t done. So if you lock up Craig Glazer, lock me up.” That was read in open court and on TV even, so you know what Can’t Say….find another person to continue to attack, you are a major clown loser. I’m sure if you saw me, you would hide. Maybe I had sex with your younger sister? Who knows. I always wonder what makes people hate like you to a man or person you don’t even know….how odd, but you are not alone.

    Hey I’m not perfect, nobody is, well maybe except Tom Brady…..

  35. Can't say says:

    You can’t even spell
    indited but you are going to call me moron????? So Mermaid is an example of someone who is your friend. Have you read what she has wrote about you?

    So you are saying Buck did blow?

    You crack me up. But I love I got a raise out of you.

    Write some more responses maybe you can get this to the 70 mark??? Can I borrow some money???

  36. JJ Walker says:

    Craig is

  37. Craig Glazer says:

    Debbie and T are Friends
    Yes I think you are both friends. Debbie just gets upset sometimes, she doesn’t mean it.

  38. Robert Lay says:

    I’m a friend
    of Ted McNight. I don’t appreciate his name being used to build up another person’s credentials. I would not say him and Craig are friends. More like friendly acquaintances. Craig bugs him for tickets and wants his picture with him often from my understanding. Craig I’d appreciate that you name drop other people instead of Ted.

  39. Craig Glazer says:

    As For Buck
    I take it he did mean that, not sure, maybe he meant smoked weed. All I know is he stood up for me, who would stand up for you fake name guy?

  40. Stan says:

    GET OFF THE COMPUTER and get to work. We have a beer order to make!!!

  41. Craig Glazer says:

    Ted And I Are Close Close Close Friends
    Dont know who Robert Lay is, Ted and I are very, very close friends, I am one of his best friends….Ted lived with me for a bit a couple years back, we are both on the drug and alchohol board of KC, we have hung out for years. We speak often, Ted has never given me tickets to a game, he would, but we are friends outside football. His son called me and thanked me for being his good friend once…Again I dont know if you are a real person, but if you are speak to Ted, otherwise thanks for your apology. Accepted.

  42. COWBOY says:

    I’m not close to Craig
    but I admire him and would like to be. Like he said him and Buck are what this town is all about.

  43. Chucky says:

    Takes the cake
    Craig complaining about someone using fake names. That’s rich.

  44. indicted says:

    nunya cant spell

  45. COWBOY says:

    These comments are to funny! Keep them coming!

  46. kcfred says:

    Here’s what you need to do…find you a woman about 40 (I’ve got 20 years on her) who’s been treated like shit by another man. Does she look like any of your women? Close,not quite, but, I guarantee no one would kick this woman out of bed. Treat her well, be respectful, open the door, say thank you, send flowers, act like you want to be with her, show some enthusiasm in bed and she will rock your world anytime you want. All I have to do is make a phone call and she do anything I/we want at just about anytime. With friends like that, I sure don’t need anything else. I have this theory…beautiful women expect to be wined, dined, and catered to their every whim…that level of woman who is gorgeous but not beautiful appreciates it and will give it back. Just my two cents, man.

  47. Robertoe says:

    There’s only 1 on me!
    Hesus Christo, Hearne you really are a stubborn old goat.

    Very easy to do. This place will never be anything more than a clownfest until you do.

    Put together a real simple registration process. You dont have to provide a real name but you do have to provide a valid email address. One email per IP address. You’ll need to respond to a confirming email to get registered and post.

    Also get a platform that can evolve. You ain’t got it now!

    If you can’t do shit that is this simple, please forgo slamming the KC Star. You haven’t improved the media in this town at all. We want you to!

  48. Kettle says:

    Calling Craig black
    Glazer complaining about fake names, fat old men (just days after seeing a picture with his hairy gut hanging out), complaining about people calling him names but not knowing him and then turning around and doing the same thing, calling people moron and clowns. All of this is the Kettle Calling The Coffee Black.

  49. Can't say says:

    For the record
    Craig I wouldn’t beat you up because I would get arrested for assault….or is it battery? I might even get indiceted. Either way you shouldn’t hit senior citizens.

    Also note Craig hasn’t commented since his dad told him to get back to work. 2 funny….

  50. Robert Lay says:

    Craig I’m sorry
    you are the king of sting. Don’t use my friend’s name any more. Dig it oh humble one.

  51. Craig Glazer says:

    Robert, I will Use His Name Whenever I like
    I have already done a story about Ted on this site, that he was the Chiefs leading ground gainer per carry, average yards per carry around 6, til Charles came along…he liked it. Ted has no problem with me on any level. Its clear YOU DON’T KNOW THE MAN. So go f yourself, happy now.

  52. Robert Lay says:

    Craig since u r
    such friends with Ted tell me about the ring, King of Sting???

  53. Alfred says:

    Delay in response
    Pardon me readers a slight delay in master Craig in responding as he currently is working feverishly to determine what this ring significance is. But rest assured once he does he will post. Please have enduring patience.

  54. harley says:

    i love reading the comments…and i don’t have to write any…this robert lay guy jumps out of nowhere and goes after the
    glaze without knowing the guy.
    Robert…whats the ring…the one you got in the box of cocoa puffs? The secret ring decoder that you now own?
    come on..stop messing with the glaze….he knows everyone…and if you want glaze to drop some names he can
    drop names better than anyone….like jj walker (dynomite)….
    Glaze forget rob or jerry or rosie…bring back jj for a 3 week run…..dynomite!!!!!!
    And robertoe…you’re out of the club…you tried to horn in and jump on mermaid and thats not allowed by glaze the great!

  55. harley says:

    how did ted mcnight get involved in the friends squabble…
    who cares who is friends with ted? I don’t ….
    And what does it matter when we’re talking about pussy…ass…poontang….sex…wild women….hotties….
    glaze gets it all.
    Now glaze…can you get me 2 free tickets to see disney on ice. Me and Mermaid are going together once
    robertoe stops humping her leg!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Maureen says:

    Roberto was not humping mermaid’s leg. He was humping my big delicious scrumptious titties.

  57. Craig Glazer says:

    I am blessed
    Hey clown loser! I am blessed with many many hot women. Mermaid, Maureen, Black Barbie, Miss Twitty, Jennifer, the 2 midgets at the quarterage this weekend who dance on mini poles, Janice the one armed jobber, Becky, and of course Jessie the big balloon blowing stripper from sea world.
    What do you have? Nothing. You’re a clown. A loser. Now show me how big you are. When you see me you’ll probably hide.
    Because my bad toupe has fallen off!
    Nobody’s perfect…I’m nobody!

  58. Craig Glazer says:

    Number one I don’t have to prove anything to you fuck face. Ted is a close dear friend. He wears a large ring, I have seen it, but I think its for the Chiefs Ambassadors not sure, he never was in a Super Bowl or AFC title game. None the less, it is common knowledge that he and are and have been pals for years. We have done radio together many times, he lived with me when he left his girlfriend about two years ago…I really don’t want to do this. You are a loser ass hole and NOT A FRIEND OF TEDS, IF YOU WERE YOU WOULD KNOW LIKELY ABOUT ME or you would not be a disrespectful load mouth. There will be NO more about this from me. Call Ted. Oh yeah you don’t know the guy….MORON I HAVE A TON OF NAME FRIENDS, SEE I AM ALSO A KNOWN PERSON AND KNDA A BIT FAMOUS MYSELF UNLIKE YOU. Clear good. Bye and done. Go get with Cliffy and the other loser haters pretend you did somethng with your lives.

  59. Can't say says:

    What’s a
    load mouth????? Oh yeah what that guy deposited in your mouth last night. Hee Hee ha ha Craig is funny.

    And what you are saying is you are a friend of Teds. He lived with you. You are best buds. But it doesn’t sound like you know about the ring???? So now since you were busted you are going to take your ball home and will no longer respond.

    What say you Mr. Lay??? And does that name help u with the ladies?

  60. Cool Tool says:

    Man You Guys Are On His Butt
    You all have more action on each other than the four clubs I just went to tonight. Boy they were sorry. Slow, dead. We need some new clubs Glazer write about that. You wrote about Westport coming up. This city is do slow for action after ten at night, damn. We may as well be in Nebraska. Open some new stuff KC.

  61. Robert Lay says:

    What say Mr. Lay???
    Name doesn’t help. I just tell people that I’m friends with Craig Glazer and that gets them in bed or me shot.

    Craig admitted it in his final post in regards to the ring “I’m not sure” he says. The large rings and his deep voice are the first things you notice when you meet Ted as I did about 17 years ago. But Craig who claims to have lived with him doesn’t know.

    Craig says I must not be his friend because if I was I would know about him. Duh…..what do you think this has all been about knucklehead. I do know about you. Why do I think I told you Ted wouldn’t appreciate you using his name, that you ask for crap from him. You are a minor source of conversation and amusement for us all. Usually it starts with people that won’t grow up or guys that still wish they were 20.

    And Craig if you are such good friends with Ted why didn’t YOU CALL HIM and ask about the ring. Oh yeah just another time you have been busted for telling stories.

    And yes Craig you are well known in the community for being a wanna be never was that still clings to your deep seated insecurity.

    Now tell us about how you are on Johnny Dare or some other silly crap. The fact that you list Hearne as a friend and he publishes fat guy pictures of you shows how bottom of the barrel you are. Flash some more money and maybe you can get some more friends.

    DING> Glazer knocked out 5th round. Come on Cowboy what do you say to that???

  62. COWBOY says:

    I wish….
    I was on Craig’s butt. He would be a great friend to me I’m sure… Many of you are just haters. Craig is WELL KNOWN!!!! Every doctor in town that treats Sexually Transmitted Diseases knows the name Craig Glazer. He also is a comic genius even if he has spelling challenges.

  63. chuck says:

    This shit is way to funny. Dont stop!

  64. He said says:

    M Jackson Said
    Micheal Jackson said Don’t Stop Tell You Get Enough. But then he got to much Profel and died.

  65. chuck says:

    he said will not
    be able to work for Chuck Lorre like the rest of you people writing comments. Very funny comments! Keep em coming!!!

  66. He said says:

    for the record
    Just for the record I wouldn’t want to work for the current most successful comedy producer. I saw 2 Broke girls and changed the channel when I heard this line “You make my vagina dry”. Nasty… And 2 and half men is like comedy porn. I’m in more 40’s so not a real old fart. But give me Happy Days over this crap any day.

  67. chuck says:

    he said
    Im going for hookers on Main Street on 2 and a half men. I will take Amos and Andy. Your on the show 80 something.

  68. harley says:

    glaze gets ko’d
    glaze…when you want to be the face guy…ya gotta be ready to be knocked down by guys smarter than
    me and smartman.
    robert lay obviously has a problem with you andso does ted mcnight…no problem bro…just hang in there..
    get off the flloor…dust yourself off and get ready for another tussle.
    no big deal…but glaze…when you put stuff out like you do you need someone to guard your back..
    and it seems that doing this writing stint isn’t making you any new friends…you’re making a whole lot of
    enemies and that ain’t good.
    good luc…keep the faith.

  69. Craig Glazer says:

    This Guy Likely Does Not Know Ted
    I am a big boy, I have no new enemies. Remember I have played this role on radio for a few years now…Ted and I have no issues, none. We spoke last week, he called me about an issue with his job and insurance, which he does…someone did him wrong, he wanted my opinion about it…he is fine…we are close friends….we have never had one argument. Back in Westport we shared a gal or two, no big thing. I think Ted is a great guy, and a great person. He is community minded and so am I….as I said we both sit on the same board of directors and have for years…As you saw on this site it was Ted who took me and Mermaid to the Chiefs banquet in August…so enough on Ted…really there are only maybe four or five real haters in this, some use different name to say stuff, no big deal….really some of these people would be very bored without me….they enjoy all this…I like to say what I want about KC and other things so there you go.

  70. Westport Lover says:

    You Have To Be A Friend To Have One
    Treat others as you want to be treated. That is the point, not who did what for whom.

  71. Yippie Yippie says:

    Just Got Home
    Strip clubs suck

  72. Can't say says:

    I thought Glazer wasn’t going to comment any more.

    This says it all about Craig Glazer from his own post “I have no new enemies” That’s like him posting on another post that almost all of his hair is real. Glazer doesn’t understand nor can he comprehend the truth. It’s just beyond him.

    Speaking of comprehension. No one said Ted was his enemy. Craig was simply asked to stop dropping his name to impress people. Craig being the “good friend” he is said he wouldn’t do that.


  73. Craig Glazer says:

    Moron Can’t Say, Triple Moron
    I fuckng don’t have to drop his name fucko…I think I have about 100 plus friends and associates who are kinda famous, so I don’t need to DROP anyones name as a one off, Ted is and has been a longtim pal. He doesn’t pretend to be at the level of some Hollywood give it a rest never haven done anything in your life that matters moron.

  74. The Truth says:

    Craig, when you say “never haven done anything in your life that matters moron.” Are you implying he has not committed some felonies, gone to prison, or banged some bimbos half his age. The bottom line is Ted obviously does not want you referencing (dropping) his name. Just deal with it and move on. Or better yet, get some help……

    Narcissism – In psychology, the term is used to describe both normal self-love and unhealthy self-absorption due to a disturbance in the sense of self.

    You use “I” more than anyone in the history of writing.

  75. Craig Glazer says:

    Ted Never Posted That A-Hole Same Guy
    Ted has never posted anything here. Even when I wrote a nice story on him, other than thank you.

  76. harley says:

    who cares who your friends are…
    glaze…you don’thave many real friends on here…all the same fake posts. So stop trying to impress people by using other peoples names.
    It makes you look bad. And responding with your messages is unprofessional for a writer. Let it go. We know what type of guy you
    are…so stop….it makes you look bad.
    You need tough skin to write on here….so theres no need to respond to what i see as ridiculous posts about whtether ted wants you
    to use his name when naming your friends. If he’s your friend drop it…if not…retract his name….and finally move on.
    By the way…congrats on the picks in college ball this week….you are…hot….and to be honest I’ve never seen anything
    like it.
    But there have been few upsets in college ball…as the schedules get tougher your picks might take a hit….but up til now i’m giving big
    congrats on hitting all those games. Now please calm down!

  77. can't say says:

    U heard them
    Glazer. Listen to your readers. Your ass has been kicked again.

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