Glazer: Scribe Salutes Fallen Fellow ‘Bad Boy,’ The Raiders Al Davis

Nobody can argue that Raiders‘ boss Al Davis, along with men like Lamar Hunt, created the modern NFL..

Both men had teams in the first two Super Bowls. Both lost those games. Yet the Chiefs and Raiders would soon follow up those losses with Super Bowl victories. In fact it was the Vikings who fell to both teams just a few years apart.

And it’s no secret that Chiefs fans hated Al Davis who died this past weekend.

Davis wore black and was the head Raider. The Raiders dominated the Chiefs for the most part through the years under both Davis and Hunt. True, in the Marty Schottenheimer era the Chiefs came back and handled a lesser Raider group for nearly a decade.

TheChiefs  were also as the FIRST wild card team and defeated Oakland in 1969, sending KC to its first and only Super Bowl win in 1970. However that’s where our good fortunes mostly ended.

The Raiders have been far better than KC over the long haul.

The Oakland Raiders won three Super Bowls to our one. They lost two others to our one. Maybe more importantly, under Al Davis the Raiders won 15 Western Division titles to the Chiefs 7.

"Just win, baby" was Davis mantra and boy did they. The Raiders also dominated Monday Night Football. At one point they were 18-1-1 and had the best all time Monday Night Football record.

I hated the Raiders because they were usually the better team. I wanted to beat them so badly every year until the rivalry lost its meaning as both teams became average or worse by the late 90’s.

Al Davis did it one more time with our quarterback, Rich Gannon. They got to the Super Bowl again in 2003. The Chiefs have never been close since the Dawson era. We did make one AFC title game with Joe Montana in 1993, but got smashed by the Bills. And that was that.

So yeah we hate the Raiders and Al Davis.

But Al Davis was a rebel with a cause. He was a tough guy – on the outside anyways. He stole good players and cut every corner, but his teams were winners. We were the good guys in red and white and they were the bad guys in silver and black. They were the Outlaws, while we wore the white hats.

In the end though, the bad guys kinda won.

Davis did it with several different groups from Kenny Stabler and Daryl Lamonica to Jim Plunkett and Rich Gannon. We only did it with Len Dawson. And that was it.

I never met Al Davis. Everyone I know that knew him, seemed to like him though. Even my pal actor Sonny Landham was a Raider fan. Sonny and I attended Chiefs/Raiders games in the 90’s when we were the better ball club. We saw them in KC and in LA (they were the LA Raiders at the time).

And my friend Marcus Allen hated Al because he cut Allen from the team and gave him to KC. Allen played his best football in Kansas City, but moved back to the LA area afterwords and has few to no ties to KC. Marcus still dislikes Al.

Still I can relate to Al Davis…

He was kinda an outlaw and wore dark sunglasses ala Jack Nicholson and me. Oh yeah, Davis was seen as the bad guy almost everywhere.

Sound familiar?

But Al got a ton done, was a sharp guy and maybe a little misunderstood. I don’t know if he was a lady’s man, but my guess is maybe he was in his younger days. He didn’t have my good looks, but he was kinda cool.

I hated him back in the day, but have learned to respect the man now.

"Just Win, Baby"sounds pretty good to me right now. Maybe it’s something KC should consider a bit more.
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6 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Salutes Fallen Fellow ‘Bad Boy,’ The Raiders Al Davis

  1. Orphan of the Road says:

    Where did the Chiefs finish the regular season in 1969?
    They finished second to Oakland in the AFL West. So they were the first team not to win a division to play in the championship game.

    Jeremey Stahl wrote In life Davis was rightly seen by the media as devious, vindictive, mercenary, and

  2. Craig Glazer says:

    Yes Well Aware of That
    Hearne got it flipped, I just emailed him to fix that and believe me I know, I have argued for years it was the Chiefs who were the first wild card to win the Super Bowl, though it was not called that yet in 69…well aware.

  3. Big Dave says:

    Yes He Was Darth Vader
    The dark knight. Always hated Al.

  4. Downtown Davey says:

    Raiders Were The Better Organization
    He may have been a major a-hole but yeah the Raiders have the big name teams, we never did, hate to admit it.

  5. Fred Broski says:

    Hi Craig: Love your pieces on this site. Keep up the good work.

  6. Henry The Sports Czar says:

    Never Had Much Use For Al But..
    He was special. Yes we all hated Davis in KC and he was not well liked by most owners, I hear. However the guy knew how to build a winner. The Raiders I think are the 5th or 6th most Super Bowled Team ever. He did a ton for the NFL and its popularity. Can’t deny that, and yes I am sorry he passed away. Still hate the Raiders though.

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