Glazer: Scribe Cops to Biggest Blunder in Journalistic History!

This just in…I was wrong!

The Chiefs are the real deal. Matt Cassel rung up a 90% completion rate against the red hot Colts. Running back Jackie Battle cannot be stopped. D-Bowe made circus catch after circus catch.

These are the Kansas City Chiefs we’ve always wanted and finally we’ve got them.

Great Defense. Hard charging quarterback. Top notch receivers. Well-coached. Guts. Pride. Winners!

My Las Vegas bet is in big trouble.

I know nothing about the NFL or for that matter anything. What a fool I was to think the Chiefs stunk. They are outstanding – I mean the best. Matt had what? Four touchdowns. Biggest Chiefs comeback, EVER! Wow. Now we can hang onto Matt for years and maybe Haley too. Thank God.


The Chiefs do stink. We were handed the game. I wonder why? You mean that 21 point lead wasn’t real? The Colts all of a sudden went cold and couldn’t stop a fart. Their young hot quarterback went from the next Payton Manning to the next Brodie Croyle. Weird how the Colts went from the air to the ground, huh?

And they needed just one score to end the game, odd…..


One team gets it and the other team – as in us – is a bunch of – you got it – morons. But hey, we’ve got Matt Cassel what more do we need? Four touchdowns and a quarterback rating of one million – he’s tops!

Now let’s try and be honest.

Matt is a B- quarterback in the NFL. And to win a Super Bowl today you need at least an A-. Or hopefully better.
It’s our "good guy" city approach. Always a bridesmaid, never a bride. One day we’ll be average. Great.

SUPER CHIEFS! SUPER BOWL BOUND – 12-4 – just wait, you’ll see. We’re the best around.

The Colts throw a game to get Luck? Nah!
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21 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Cops to Biggest Blunder in Journalistic History!

  1. Orphan of the Road says:

    I think you are mistaken
    Colts team is built to get a lead and sit on it. Easy to do with Peyton, not so much with a guy who never got a snap until Peyton was out.

    Teams build leads and then try and sit on them. It usually allows the other team to catch up. Today the Colts tried to do that and it bit them in the ass.

    The Chiefs are what they are and that is a run-of-the-mill team. Dolphins game is the only one in which the Chiefs might be favored as things stand now. Jets are flaming out. You never know what will happen with division games. San Diego is again playing to the level of their competition.

    You forget why the NFL was formed. It was because of the Black Sox scandal and point shaving/fixing in the college ranks. The bookies were taking a beating.

    So enter Al Capone and his bagman Bill Bidwell. With $500 they set out to form a league which would be off-limits for fixing games. That’s why the NFL is the only league which has mandatory injury reporting.

    Bowe made some plays which were unbelievable. Breaston is becoming a go-to-guy as well.

    Looks as if there are number of good QBs in this year’s draft. Not getting Luck might not be the worst thing which could happen to a team. RGIII and Fowles are only a half-step behind Luck. At least so far.

    Well at least the Chiefs are guaranteed not to lose next week.

  2. Henry The Sports Czar says:

    No way fixed. However, maybe just maybe, the Colts took a look at their quarterback for a half, liked it, but then why lay down? To get Luck? I have to admit the game did seem odd at times in the second half. Like the Colts could move the ball if they really wanted too, but a fix, no way. Like I said I am not sure the Colts aren’t happy with the new guy they already have. As for the Chiefs, yeah they are playing hard to save Haley and themselves. I can see maybe 3 or 4 more wins, not 6 or 7.

  3. harley says:

    My take on the game
    first game i watched the entire time. Was impressed with the accuracy of cassel. He was sharp and pinpoint with most of his
    passes. Remember this was still a big time defense they played against. The recievers did play exceptional. Bowe looked really
    good. And they finally started throwing to breston. Cassel look very very good and comfortable for the first timee.
    As I watched at 810…there were many comments that maybe the way the training camp was held and because of the
    lockout that maybe this team was not prepared to play on opening day. That appears to be the case. They way haley ran the
    camp and the pre season could have cost this team 3 losses. And even glaze has to admit that the injuries to 3 of their
    most important players has also caused serious problems.
    We have to wait and see. Maybe as the season progresses they get much better as a team. But without moeaki…berry and
    charles and those 3 key players there might not be too many teams that can do well losing that kind of talent to
    but the problem still exists with clark hunt and pioli. They didnt spend their cap money to really bring in some big time
    receivers or rushers. Why cut 30 million dollars out of payroll when you’ve got a good team that could start to beging
    to be a really good team with the addition of 3 or 4 big time starters. uNLESS clark opens the wallet next year we can
    expect more of the same….if he’s not committed to putting a championship team on the field then the fans should
    stop buying tickets. We can’t afford another david glass in this town.
    I hope they come back and win some games this year. What would the oct/nov/dec without some excitement from the
    As far as glaze’s “interpretation” of the fal of baseball he is right but there’s another factor to consider.
    Baseball has one team in each town. If that team falters interest goes down. In football, kc has multiple teams to
    root for…mu/ku/kstate/etc plus the chiefs…so if one is having an off year there’s still plenty of teams left to keep the
    interest in the sportup. The networks put too much emphasis on the coast teams and hence teams like kc get left out
    of the national picture. The only way to get that interest up is to field a good winning team. Til that happens nothing changes.
    Way to go glaze on your picks…you are hot…hot…hot…..

  4. Jack Bat says:

    Good Win
    The city needed that. Hey I know this team isn’t great, but they could win a few more and make the town smile. So thats a good thing.

  5. Honky Tonk Man says:

    No Credit
    See what you mean Glaze, you are an ace at picking those games. I know its hard I lost enough money trying. You get little credit just attacks, life just ain’t fair is it?

  6. Man Hole says:

    Yes thats very true Tonk Man.

  7. I saw black hellie copters circling Indy says:

    Maybe the QB fell apart from lack of actual playing time
    Painter is the 3rd string guy with career stats of 701 yards passing.
    But Im sure you are right, it was a fix and not just lack of playing time.
    The chefs suck. Without Manning the colts suck worse.
    No big mystery.

  8. Monkey Man says:

    There Goes That Vegas Cash
    Chiefs are for real now Glazer. You gonna lose that cash.

  9. Free Bird says:

    I Doubt It
    Chiefs aren’t that good, they might win two or three more, thats all. At best 6-10.

  10. Dog says:

    Chiefs go 9-7. They are getting better watch out.

  11. Chico says:

    Oh NO Not Little Wayne?
    Now we might get stuck with Matt Cassel. Say it ain’t so. Haley, Matt and Little Wayne. Move to Chicago. Please.

  12. Voice Of Reason says:

    Hey They Are Showing Some Pride
    What I like most here about the Chiefs is this, they have not quit. Yes there are many players on this team that will not be here in a year or two when hopefully they are a contender. Many of these names will quickly be forgotten, like Jackie Battle,Pope and even Cassel, but for now they are showing what men they truly are. These guys do care and don’t want to be remembered as one of the worst. That won’t happen now, love the toughness.

  13. Henry The Sports Czar says:

    Have To Have A Better Quarterback
    While I like that Matt Cassel is working so hard to be a good leader, he isn’t the guy to take this team to a Super Bowl. When he plays at a higher level, as he did with the Colts, it only makes the fans think, “maybe.” Haven’t we learned its all about the quarterback. With the talent the Colts have now, a good quarterback makes them an AFC champion contender, but they have a rookie third string guy, gone. Matt is not the man.

  14. Cool Tool says:

    We’ll See
    Oakland is a key game win and we are in this lose and its over.

  15. Westport Patron says:

    What Happened To Red Friday Craig
    Man those were so great. Why don’t you do them at Legends? I went to all of them. Fun times. Sure miss all that action down here. Maybe next year. So hope the Chiefs turn it around so they will do Red Fridays again.

  16. Legal Eagle says:

    Cheifs Still A Dog
    They are going nowhere, maybe they win 5 or 6 so what. They still suck.

  17. Paul Worm says:

    Don’t Start Spending That Money Glazer
    Hope we win 8 just so you will shut up.

  18. KU Forever says:

    Next Two Games
    Beat Oakland and The Chargers, than we will talk. Until than, I’m not buying in at all. We beat two 0-4 teams big deal, sorry Vikings won a game after we beat them, my mistake. Improved yes. Time will tell.

  19. Tiger Tail says:

    My Tigers Are Done
    So upsetting to watch. Now I have nothing to cheer for, what a boring season. Go Chiefs.

  20. Harlow says:

    Monday Night Football
    Can’t wait, I got tickets, 40 yard line. Hey I want the Chiefs to win, but if not, fun, party time and booze. Love it. OH yes barbque.

  21. PB says:

    Yes, beat two 0-4 teams
    but lost to two 4-1 teams and a 5-0 team. Manning’s out, but so are Jamaal Charles and Eric Berry. Can’t have it both ways. Excuses are always bullshit, when it comes to sports, only results (W & L) count. They are what they and the majority of the NFL is set up to be…mediocre. In this league, you win 4-8 games simply by showing up each week. But just like with politics and everything else, extremes catch the attention…the Chiefs are the worst team ever after TWO fucking games, the Packers are the 70s-era Dolphins/Steelers/Cowboys all rolled into one and Obama is a Muslim Lenin.

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